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Mukami reaction to s/o which has an cry attack and cant control herself?

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Ruki Mukami

“Calm down, livestock. There’s nothing to worry about your master will care for you…unless you doubt me?”

  • Comforts his lover immediately. 
  • I’m talking physical contact, soothing words, reading to you, ect.
  • If you won’t stop he’ll take whatever measures to get you to.
  • …Even if that means scaring you. Like traumatizing you.
  • Will take care of and prevent it from setting you off again.
  • …After all a master takes care of his livestock.

Kou Mukami

“M-Neko-chan! Stop Kou-kun is here and will make it all better!”

  • Swoops in like a super Kou!
  • Whatever you want you get! 
  • Snuggles, whatever you choose!
  • But he’ll be expecting payment for his servicescough.

Yuma Mukami

“Oi! Sow, Shut up! I can’t think whenever you cry like that!

  • Isn’t the best at comforting you.
  • Panics and just starts yelling at you which doesn’t help.
  • Finally pulls into a bruising hug while he continues to yell.
  • Whatever you got into that state is…d e a d.

Azusa Mukami

“Eve…would hurting you help? Tell me what…to…do.”

  • Is soooo lost.
  • Just stand there helpless while you sob.
  • He wants to help but he is standing there totally lost.
  • If you manage to tell him what to do. He’ll do it. No questions asked.
  • If you don’t he’ll run to his brothers for help making a spectacle of it. 
  • Just hug her please, Azusa.

I think the funniest thing on this blog atm is how everyone is losing their shit over the Berkut/Rinea C-S support chain and then there’s me, who stopped playing SoV after like 3 or 4 chapters, and I’m just like


Tfw you get a comment on one of your fics and you’re not sure if they’re insulting the fic or not.

*squints at it again*

Alright, peeps, voting time. Is this comment insulting or do I just require proper snooze time:

“No. No. Bad Teldy. You shouldn’t start reading another Star Wars fic. No. I don’t care if it’s Obi-Wan. No, it doesn’t matter if Obi-Wan is a Sith, you read three of those yesterday. I don’t care that it’s only one chapter for now.
…. Wait. Qui-Gon is alive… Hmm… It’s QuiObi? … Fine.
-pouts- Apparently it’s a silver fox thing.”