Tiny but Mighty

Anon ask: Reader has a crush on Diana and the reader is really awkward and is a terrible fighter and Diana becomes her trainer

Warning: I think I swear once or two times, sorry

(A/N): So I know I change it a little bit, sorry for that. I hope I got the request right. I’m thinking of doing a series for Diana since so many people out there love her, so if you wante me to keep this little story between Diana x reader and I keep throw into the mix Aketa (Katie Mcgrath) , you just have to send me Ideas for a second part or a third part I will keep writing it!. Have fun reading!

Words: 2422 

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Raphael x Reader (2k12 version)

A/N: Hey, so here’s one of the fics I promised, and for some reason I just chose to do a Raph x Reader… This is my first fic I’ve published and if it’s not very good, I’m sorry, please forgive me! Also request me an imagine or headcannon or x reader for any fandom. ENJOY! Photo credits to owner.


You walked down the grimy New York sidewalk, on your way home from a study session with your friend April. You thought it fairly odd that she had pushed you out the door so forcefully, telling you that it was important that you took this exact route home. But oh well, it was April, she was an odd one, you thought.

You turned into the alley that would take you only a few blocks from your house, thinking nothing of the Your back hit the brick wall as a hand clamped over your mouth, the attacker keeping you pressed tightly to the bricks. They bent closer to you, their companions snickering in the background. “Ooh hello there darling,” the Foot Clan Ninja holding you hummed. “How are you tonight?” A thought hit you. These are men. You are in a dark alley. You are alone. Naturally, fearing your for your safety, you what every person knows when presented with a male attacker; you kneed him in his gonad berries. Letting out a yelp, he released you and bent over groaning. 

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They were in the new loft they rented after they got back together again.

Felicity said that leaving him twice in that place was enough and she wasn’t going to push her luck for the third time.

When Oliver heard Felicity huff and puff she knew it couldn’t mean anything good.

“Honey?” He called her the question whether she was okay hearable in his voice.

“I am fine!” She answered.

Oliver waited for any other noises but instead of that he heard footsteps.

He was in the kitchen making dinner. When his fiance joined him.

Her eyebrows were crinkling, something was definitely up.

“What’s wrong?” He left the cooking as it was almost finished and pulled her close to him.

Felicity sighed. “Do you think I will have to put up with your exes for the rest of my life?”

Oliver just arched his eyeborw not sure how he should respond to that.

“I get Laurel of Sara cause of the friendship but that one time Helena came back again and McKenna cause they were short of detectives and when we had to work with Cupid.” Felicity grimaced at the memory.

“I never dated Carrie.” He said in defense.

Felicity just gave him a look. “And now just try to guess who is going to interview me…”

Oliver closed his eyes and sighed.

“Yep another of your exes…I should never agree for this interview. Most succesfull buisnesswoman.” She wrapped her hands around his middle.

“Do you always have to date when we break up?” She teased him. “I wonder how many more exes you will have.”

“None.” Oliver answered immediately. “ I want to remind you that we are getting married in two weeks.”

He pressed his forehead against hers.

“I remember but I also remember us getting married or trying twice before that.” She grinned lightly at him.

Oliver let out a breathy chuckle. “This is the last time Felicity. Trust me I will marry you no matter what this time.”

Felicity moved her hands to his neck and wrapped them around it.

“So no more exes?” She asked.

“No more.”

He sealed the promise with a hard and deep kiss.

And true to his promise two weeks later they were finally a husband and wife.


Request: Can you do something based on Halsey’s song control?

A/N: Okay, so I’m sorry I took a while to write this one but it was pretty hard to come up with a really good concept for the song as it kinda perfectly fits Ben Solo/Kylo Ren and I really wanted it to come out good…so here it finally is, anon! Sorry it took so long! Enjoy! [GIF NOT MINE]

Warning: Mentions of Death

Word Count: 1.6K+


There was a morbid ambience that flowed through the air, filling up your lungs and suffocating you with fear. You weren’t sure exactly what it was, it felt completely…disturbing. The energy was too much to keep you asleep, tossing and turning in your bed as you could feel the Force in your veins bubble up with panic. Forcing your eyes open as you panted heavily, the sweat forming on your forehead trickled down as you sat up. It smothered you, the feeling of death roaming out through out the atmosphere–you weren’t exactly sure as to what it was–but it was dark and evil and you grew anxious.

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anonymous asked:

can you write about when zach and frankie get out the house and they make cute videos for YouTube and they admit their feelings on camera and they kiss ok bYE

Ooh what a lovely prompt. I’ll try for sure :) Wow this got kinda long, I hope you like it! Also I did get some more prompts and I’ll try to write them tomorrow (it’s almost bedtime where I am), so don’t worry if I haven’t posted yours yet.

Zankie Fanfiction - Youtube offical

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