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I’m a Pirate

Pairing: Vane / Reader

Warnings: Swearing… I think that might be it. 

Request: @selldraug I miss Vane (I know that’s not a secret). So if you want and have time, could you write VanexReader where she’s Max’s sister (or best friend, whichever you like the most) and she breaks things off with him after what The Ranger is doing, but he then does all in his power for her to forgive him because he truly, truly loves her? ILY ♥

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“I don’t think he understands the meaning of breaking up” Max was laughing as she reclined on your bed with very little clothing on and a massive smile on her face. She was dangling the newest necklace that had been delivered to your room between two fingers, examining the somewhat luminous quality of the gems in the setting.

“This is not funny anymore” crossing your arms over your chest you smacked at her legs forcing her to make room for you to sit on the end of the bed. “I broke up with him for a reason and that reason hasn’t changed or gone away”

“But look how pretty this is”

“Max” you snatched the necklace out of her grasp so she had no choice but to look at you. “You’re meant to be my sister; will you please stop eyeballing the necklace and come up with something useful”

She pushed herself up onto her elbows. “I don’t know what you want me to say ma petite, he won’t change you know that. If you can’t accept who he is now then you must be more forceful. Tell him that and insist he keeps to it”

She was right, you knew that. Going over to your dresser you opened the small jewellery box putting the last of the piling up trinkets that Vane had been giving you into the box. You never wore them, didn’t dare to. That didn’t stop you occasionally opening the box and staring at them though, admiring the many shiny stones.


“I know Max” when you finally managed to drag your eyes away from the sparkly baubles once more Max had moved to the edge of the bed, rearranging the draping of her limited clothing to cover as much as she could. “I’ll tell him”

“Whatever you want ma petite” she agreed with a smile coming over to wrap her arms around your neck hugging you tight. “you know that whatever you decide I’m going to be there for you”

“I feel like there’s a but to that sentence”

“There is” taking your face in her hands she stared at you seriously. “I know you don’t agree with what he does, that you taking a stand against it is of course morally correct, but that man loves you Y/N and you shouldn’t just throw love like that away”

“He loves me?”

“In the only way he knows how”  

From downstairs someone shouted Max’s name loudly she was wanted back at the Avery. She gave you a quick kiss on each cheek before leaving. You watched her go your mind just going in circles.

You had ended your relationship with Vane some months before because you couldn’t agree with what he was doing on the Ranger. Obviously you’d known he was a pirate before your became involved with him but it seemed recently that the Ranger had done nothing but amped up the violence and severity of their attacks.

Of course this was Charles Vane you were talking about and he couldn’t just accept your decision to end your relationship. Instead he’d taken to leaving gifts for you in random places. Different pieces of Jewellery, little hand held mirrors and even a fancy silk dress that you didn’t want to even think about where he’d gotten it from. You had to put an end to it though, had to stop this.


You’d gotten down to the beach in record time, maybe because you’d wanted it to take longer. You didn’t bother asking anyone if Vane was in his tent, they all knew who you were which also meant they knew better than to try and stop you. There were some perks to still being known as Vane’s woman.

“Charles?” you pushed open the tent finding him sat cross legged on the floor with a cigar in his mouth sorting through a pile of papers.

“Y/N? To what do I owe the pleasure?”

“I’m bringing these back to you” from your purse you opened the draw string top and poured out the pile of things that Vane had given to you. “You have to stop bringing me these Vane”

Raising one eyebrow he took a long drag from the cigar “why is that?”

“Because we don’t have a relationship anymore” you euniciated each word carefully so he had no choice but to hear them. “we are nothing to each other anymore, and you can’t give me these things anymore”

“They’re mine to give to whomever I please”

“I highly doubt they’re yours” you mocked as Vane picked up the small pieces of jewellery from where you’d tipped them onto the bed.

“Actually they are” he held up the small tarnished broach from the pile. “this is the only thing I’ve gotten from my mother. One of the other slaves hid it and passed it onto me when I’d grown up enough to hide it”

Your stomach cramped at that. He’d given you the only token of his mother that he had and you’d just thrown it back in his face. Maybe Max was right, maybe he really did love you.

“Vane? Why didn’t you tell me that?”

“Didn’t seem important” he got up to his feet making the tent feel tiny as he loomed over you. He took your chin in his fingers turning your face up to meet his own eyes. “and this relationship isn’t over”


“Really darling” he leant down and kissed you roughly dragging your body into his own. “I’ve let you think it was for long enough”

“Why did you give me that broach?” when he didn’t answer you you bit your lip “Please Charles, I need to hear you say it”

“One time only” he agreed voice rough.

“One time”

“I gave you the broach because… because I love you”

Your heart soared at those words. Even if he never said them again it would be enough. Enough to know that he did that was it turned out all you’d ever wanted.

“I love you too” still wrapped in his arms you glanced down at the pile of jewellery still on the bed “so what about the other pieces?”

A quick smirk took up residence on his face. “I’m a pirate love”


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Do you know any way to make a DIY scented vial necklace? I've searched for it myself, but the only versions that I can seem to find are solid instead of the type that stimtastic sells. (I'd buy them there, but I have an extremely sensitive sense of smell and I don't buy smells over the internet because I can't actually. y'know. smell them.)

Yes, I do! I actually made my own because I happened across small glitter bottles (a little larger than the Stimtastic ones) at a dollar store.

[image description: three clear plastic miniature bottles with white plastic stoppers, a hole running through the top of the stopper. The bottle is filled with white glitter and the purple label attached to the bottles reads “PortaCraft 3pk Fairy Dust” with a price tag of $2.50 AUD.]

Firstly, I don’t precisely know how the Stimtastic ones are made. I eyeballed my necklace and decided that the components are, most likely, rock salt, food colouring, essential oils or perfume oils, a miniature bottle or vial, and rattail cord (although you could use a leather thong, a chain, etc).

Secondly, I’ll bore you on oils: perfume oils are artificially-made oils designed to mimic scents that can’t be reproduced naturally or are difficult/not cost-effective to reproduce naturally. Raspberry, cake, chocolate. These will contain chemicals that won’t bother most people but can bother (anything from dislike to headaches so severe one cannot function) folks with sensitivities. Essential oils are extracted from natural products by a variety of means and contain no artificial chemicals. Rose, lavender, lime, lemon, peppermint, lemongrass.

You can find low-grade perfume oils at any dollar shop and higher-grade perfume oils at some art shops if they have a candlemaking section. You can find a limited selection of essential oils at a pharmacy/chemist, but better selections at natural health and new-age-type stores. You may find basic oils - here in Australia the common trifecta is lavender, tea tree and eucalyptus, as the latter two are used in cleaning and disinfecting - in supermarkets.

(ETA: @stevenuniversequartz recommends PipingRock for essential and fragrance oils!)

Avoid getting pure essential oils on your skin and wash immediately if you do.

Thirdly, be mindful of the bottle. You can buy cheap miniature bottles in most dollar and craft stores with cork stoppers; it isn’t difficult to screw a hook into the cork, thread a cord or chain through the hook and call it done. But the oils can seep up through the cork and it will not stop the fragrance from being smellable outside the bottle, meaning you’re subjecting people to unwanted fragrance (which is a problem if they’re sensitive like you and me). The cork may also slide easily from the top of the bottle! My plastic-stoppered bottles take a lot of pulling, so they’re safe, but screw-cap bottles will be the safest of all and my best recommendation for this project.

Because I’d love to make many necklaces with my favourite custom oil blends, I’ve been looking for other bottle suppliers. On Etsy, this seller has large (1 ¾ inch) bottles with screw caps; this seller has fabulous different shapes with screw caps for under $2 USD each; and this seller has long screw-cap pendant bottles for under $2 USD each. You might also like to check out ebay, as there’s a lot of different listings for all sorts of necklace vials. I’m interested in this listing for light globe bottles with screw caps (under $5 USD, free international shipping) and this selection of various-sized bottles (under $9 USD, free international shipping).

[image description: two necklaces made from the above-mentioned plastic miniature bottles, filled with white salt crystals and glitter or red and orange salt crystals and glitter. Both have a narrow rainbow rattail cord running through the plastic stopper, knotted at one end to form a loop.]


  • Take a small amount (a teaspoon or two should be ample for most vials/bottles) of rock salt crystals (the brand name in Australia is Saxa and they’ll look something like this, available in supermarkets) and place in a cup or bowl. Add a drop or two of food colouring and stir it through the crystals with a spoon. Leave to dry for an hour or so.
  • Add desired scent to the coloured salt crystals. Again, this will only be a few drops. Again leave to dry, as this will make handling the salt much easier and stop oil oozing out the top of your bottle.
  • If you want extra sparkle, mix glitter into your salt!
  • Spoon coloured and scented salt into bottle or vial. You may need to DIY a paper funnel (by rolling a sheet of paper at an angle so one end is narrow and the other wide) to do this, because I didn’t own a funnel small enough.
  • Close stopper or screw cap. Thread cap with chain or cord. If your bottles are like mine with a very narrow hole, you may need to push the rattail cord through the stopper with a needle.

That’s it! Finding the components is far more involved than actually making the necklaces. You can do what I did with my right-hand bottle and mix different-coloured rock salt crystals together in the one pendant; I think it looks super pretty.

If you have any more questions, please feel free to ask away.

So I get really self conscious about posting stuff on tumblr that I make/create but after debating on it I decided to post some shots of a eyeball pendent necklace I made. (This is not a jewelry piece for every one I realize it requires a certain taste for the odd, and I by no means expect any one to like gory stuff.)

I sculpted the skin/eye socket out of polymer clay and did my best at texturizing for a more flesh look. I hand painted the bruising and blood and used a false eyelash for more detail. I embedded real quarts crystal shards to kinda look like glass. I think it came out pretty well for my first attempt at making anything like this. The most sculpting experience I have is making clay pots in art class in kindergarten. I see more creepy jewelry to be made by me in the future maybe.

Abandoned Chapter 3

INTRO | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18 |

The bright headlights shined through the thin curtains, revealing two black vans, parked in front of the orphanages front building. Peeking through the curtains once more, and immediately recognizing the cars. Scanning the strange man coming out of it. Black suit, gold chain and an expensive Rolex to top it all off. Turning her head away, thinking about her next move, it had to be fast and clever.

Crouching on the floor, avoiding to be seen, she reached over for the phone. Her fingers shaking frantically as she dialed,

“He’s here. Burn the documents.” Breathing out her last words as the door slammed open. Black figures making their way through the office. Quickly ending the call, and deleting the number she just called, before coming, face to face with him.

“Kwang Dae” closing her eyes, as his face came closer to her’s. His breathing rasping against her face.

“I’m glad you still remember me after all these years. Not every day you meet a murderer coming in. Oh, wait… Now that I think about it, you have, the day I murdered Hanbin’s mother.” His evil grin unraveling under his lips. Flashing his infamous joker smile, before dragging her away, he wanted information and he was going to get it.

Dragging her down the dark hall, past locked rooms, upon reaching the kitchen. Kicking and pleading for him to let her go. Only agitating him more, causing him to roughly set her on the chair, propping himself against the kitchen table, pulling his gun out on her.

“Don’t give me that bullshit…. I know it’s here. I know it.” Sarcastically chuckling, while scratching his head with his gun, before turning it back on her. Her voice becoming sterner with each response. She was dead already, but she was going to protect Hanbin’s identity at any cost.

“Hanbin was never in our care. And you know that. She lied to you. Everything she told you was a lie.” Eyes watering as she talked. Bringing her back to the moment, of meeting Hanbin’s mother, the officer from Seoul, and the sweet little boy, who would be orphaned hours later.

“Fine.” Putting his gun down, before walking out of her view, and into the shadows. Wiping her tears away, looking once more around, before noticing him re-emerge from the shadows,

“On second thought. Say hi to her for me.” Bringing the gun back up to her, before pulling the trigger.

Gunshots echoed through the house, making everyone drop to the floor. Junhoe let one more shot out before throwing Taehyuns body out and into view.

“Parties over! If this is your buddy. Pick him up on your way out.” his deminer becoming colder as people didn’t move.

“Did I fuckin stutter. Get the hell out.” Yelling at the top of his lungs, before waving his gun once more, pointing it at everyone in the room, letting a chuckle slip under his chapped lips.

“Put the gun down Junhoe.” Jinhwan picking himself off the sofa, cautiously walking himself over to Junhoe, with his hands up in the air. All he could do was chuckle at Jinhwans sudden bravery, turning the gun to him.

“Sit your midget ass down.” Moving himself closer towards Jinhwan. Noticing the fear written on his face. Swallowing his salvia back, eyes closed, pleading one last time to Junhoe.

“Put it down. Everybody is leaving.” Opening his eyes, looking over his shoulder, noticing Chanwoo with Jai in his arms.

“What did you do?” Eyes gazing back at Junhoe, reading his confused look. Before realizing Taehyuns stiff body on the floor. Before Jinhwan could say anymore, Hanbin comes into view, wobbling his way over, the stench of alcohol on his clothes, with his arm wrapped around a hooker.

“Look what you did, everybody is gone.” Pointing around the room, propping himself on the girl next to him.

“You’re a dipshit Hanbin.” Junhoe smirks before kicking Hanbin onto the floor. Watching as Hanbin tried to recover from his kick. Turning his back on him, tucking the gun behind him.

“Give me Jai.” Junhoes fingers sliding under her back, taking her body out of Chanwoo’s grip. Pushing back her bangs, revealing her pale like completion. Glancing once more at Chanwoo, before walking himself out.

“Hyung! Where are you going?” Trailing behind Junhoe, before stopping.

“Stay here Chanwoo. I’ll call you when I get back. Meanwhile, gather up the girls. I need to sell one.” Repositioning himself before walking out of Chanwoo’s view.

Glancing back at Hanbin who was still on the floor. Jinhwan recovering from a faint heart attack. Bobby knocked out on the countertop, half naked. Donghyuk skinny dipping with a girl in the pool. Yunhyeong passing through his view, a towel wrapped around his waist. Sighing to himself, kneeling down to pick up the bits of the trash scattered through the room.

“Ahhh. Fuck this, Junhoe wait!” Throwing the trash back onto the floor, standing himself up, sprinting after him.

After running as fast as he could, he finally caught up Junhoe. Out of breath, as the two walked through the pure silence of the city. Passing little shops, people eyeballing at the girl in Junhoe’s arms. Whispering growing louder, as the people started to hide away, avoiding to get involved.

“What am I doing Chanwoo.” Fixing his grip on Jai’s fragile body. His eyes still looking ahead, avoiding any eye contact with Chanwoo.

“Taking Jai to the doctor, I assume.” Glancing up at Junhoe, while kicking away at the tiny rocks on the pavement.

“No not that. I mean what I am doing helping another person. This isn’t me. I’m the villain, not the hero.” Gazing down at Jai, letting a smile out, be stopping in his tracks to look over at Chanwoo.

Silence, as the cold winter breeze hit them. Both standing awkwardly in the middle of the alley, looking ahead, not a single word being said, just the sound of breathing could be heard, before Junhoe admits under his breath about his true feelings.

“I think I like Jai.” Dropping his eyes down, noticing the shocked face Chanwoo gave him. Suddenly glancing down at Jai, her eyes half open, eyesight disoriented as she looked up. Then closing them, as slipped back into unconsciousness.

The two continued their walk down the allies of Seoul, before stopping in front of a red building.

“Where are we?” Giving Junhoe a confused look.

“Doesn’t matter. Now prop open the door open for me, would you.” Nudging Chanwoo’s body towards the door.

Opening the door for him, the two disappearing into the red building. Taking the elevator to the 3rd floor, knocking on the chipped black door. There stood a nurse, with a mask on, inviting them in. Chanwoo was hesitant to go in any further.

“Come on Chanwoo.” Junhoe nudges him, which eventually Chanwoo gives in.

Her lifeless body fell harshly on the floor. The bullet lodged in her forehead. Kneeling down, to close her eyes, then standing himself up. Scanning every inch of the house, scattering paperwork on the floor. Enraged at not finding a single document regarding Hanbin.

Seating himself down in the women’s office. Feet reclined on top of the desk, hands gripping onto the chair.

“Fuck.” Slamming his gun down on the desk. Noticing one of his henchmen walks into view,

“Sir. The police are on their way here.”

“Burn the house down.” Standing himself up, walking over to him. Giving him a light pat on his shoulders before walking out of the place.

Seconds later, watching as the house rose up in flames. Content at the sight, he gets sets himself back into the car. Pulling out the necklace from before. Twirling it around in his hands, smiling to himself before placing his hands on his driver.

“Take me back to the warehouse. It’s been a long day. What do you say?”

“Sounds good sir.” Holding his lips back, avoiding to ask about the necklace. Kwang Dae recognized the guilt in his face. Leaning himself closer to his driver, scanning him head to toe.

“Your eyeballing the necklace?” Calmly saying, while shoving the necklace in his view.

“No sir. Not at all.” Stuttering through his words, avoiding eye contact with the necklace.

“Don’t be scared, I wouldn’t kill you for your curiosity. This is the last gift Hanbin’s dad gave her. Before that stupid bitch ratted me out. She told the police everything. The day the police picked me up, they just walked into another crime scene. Adding more to my light sentence.”

“Where is Hanbin’s father sir? Did you finish him off?” Avoiding eye contact with Kwang Dae.

“I just never got around to finding his father. But this necklace will bring them both to me.” Patting his driver on the back harshly as he seated himself again.

“Let’s go to the warehouse now.” Pointing his fingers straight, signaling for him to leave already.

Creeping slowly out of the shower, into the main room, looking at he Chanwoo picking bits of trash before sprinting off. Making his way through all the mess on the floor, up the stairs and intohis room. Throwing the towel off his nude body, making his way over to the outfit laid out on his bed. Changing into it quickly, rushing himself out of the room. As he walked out of his room, Hanbin was coming up the stairs with his hooker.

“Yah! Yunhyeong where are you going?” Tilting his head up, leaning himself against the hooker.

“Nowhere. Just needed to change. Yeah. You. Know Haha” nervously saying, avoiding to look at Hanbin.

“Let me guess? You’re going to see someone special?” Smiling through all his pain, he experienced in his stomach.

“No who said that haha.” Sweat rolling down his forehead, his famous trademark when he lied.

“Its ok I understand.” Getting closer to Yunhyeong, slipping two hundred dollars into his pocket.

“Have fun at the strip club. You deserve it. Now don’t spend it all you hear.” Punching Yunhyeong’s arm playfully, before walking himself out of his view.

Wiping away the sweat off his forehead. Running down the stairs and out the door. His feet leading him down allies, bus stops, and crowds of people. Taking a break to catch his breath, looking around him once more, before taking off again. Taking a sharp turn, a short cut through the alley, looking up at the windows above, stopping once he found the window he was looking for.

Noticing the light turned off in the room. He leaned himself on the wall, grasping for air after. Hands on his waist, looking around before noticing a girl walking towards him. She had grown up so beautifully, smiling at her simple appearance, before running up to her. Holding her tight in his hug, tears falling from each others eyes.

“I missed you so much big brother.” Tears falling onto his sweater, leaving water marks on it. Glancing down at her, wiping away the tears away from her face, smiling at her ugly crying face.

“Don’t wrinkle your face. You look like mom when you do that.” Laughing as he commented on her look. She couldn’t help but laugh, she looked at him, pushing his hair back and hugging him tight once more.

“Mom really misses you, even though she doesn’t want to admit it. Come home soon.” Breaking the hug, looking at him as she talked him. A frown as she analyzed him.

He kept his head bowed down, after hearing that. It made him think about the day, their mother kicking him out, finding about his fast money deal. He remembers his mother’s look, as she wept, disowning him in front of everyone in the neighborhood. No matter how many times he had begged, she would slam the door or slap him across the face, and disown him again.

“I can’t. I no longer belong here.” Wiping away his tears. Head still bowed down, avoiding to look at his sister.

“Please. We can find a way. Just come home Yunhyeong, give up your crazy lifestyle with those gang members.” Tilting his head up, wiping away his tears, his puffy eyes so sincere.

“Here take it.” Handing the two hundred dollars towards her. She shook her head in disapproval. Pushing it back and forth with each other. Before anything could be said, Yunhyeong head a familiar voice yelling, a voice he missed so much. Turning his head to see his mother, she was enraged to find her daughter with a son she disowned.

“Get back in the house. Neighbors are going to talk.” Completely not recognizing the guy, until she recognized Yunhyeong’s face.

“Get out of here Yunhyeong. I will call the police!!!!” Yelling at him. Grabbing his sister’s hand before leaving, slipping the money into her pocket. Nudging her to leave them two alone.

“Mom please.” Rubbing at one puffy eye while trying to talk to his mom.

“No, get out. I have no son. I don’t want a gangster hanging around my daughter. You and you’re dirty lifestyle and money.” Sneering as she talked, enraged by his appearance.

“I won’t come around any more mom. Excuse me.” Walking away from her. Tears rolling down his cheek, as he heard his mother, yelling his name. Picturing his mother after 4 years of not seeing her. Maybe it was time to accept his fate, he didn’t belong anywhere, nobodies son, or brother.

He belonged in that house. Where women flocked to him from every angle. Guns protecting him from his fears. Drugs to numb away the pain. Alcohol to express his true feelings while talking to complete strangers. Unlimited money to spend. But at the end of the day, he belonged to Hanbin, the boys, no longer someone, just someone’s puppet.

Walking themselves, into what seemed like a clinic inside of a spacious apartment. The lady took Jai out of Junhoe’s grip, advising him to stay in the living room. Junhoe tried to trail behind, but was stopped, once the door closed in his face,

“Let me in.” banging his fist on the door, practically breaking it down with every throw. Pleading, hoping the lady on the other side would let him in.

Chanwoo watched as Junhoe’s body and fist slid down from the door. Watching as Junhoe, was becoming soft for someone, practically weeping over a girl he hardly knew. It made him wonder, was Jai, Junhoe’s kryptonite?

  • Seregil: "Ah, fair maiden, I shall slay a thousand evil dragons for you, and lay their steaming black livers at your dainty feet, if only you will restore me to your favor."
  • Illia: "Livers! You wouldn't bring me livers, would you, Alec?"
  • Alec: "Of course note. What a disgusting present. I'd bring you the eyeballs for a necklace, and all their scaly pointed tongues to tie your braids with."

Eyeball Necklaces: $35

Each of these necklaces has been hand painted and cast. The eyeballs currently come in blue, brown, and green irises and other colors may potentially be on their way in the future.

The eyeballs themselves are nearly 1 across or about 2  in circumference, with a bronze topper. The included chains are a rustic steel color for a vintage look, and approximately 30″-32″ in length.

At long last, another necklace for those who enjoy Halloween, general spookiness, or the macabre!

There are currently 3 slots open for each color of eyeball. 

That means there are 3 Blue ones available to buy, 3 Green ones, and 3 Brown ones.

Please read the FAQ page before making a purchase.

To buy this or any of my other necklaces, go to the “Purchase Items” page of this blog. Shipping and handling costs are already included in the over-all price.