This is Layla. She’s about 8 months old and we have no idea what breed she is. She is stubborn as an ox and wickedly intelligent, but also super loving and mushy when she wants to be. She’s an excellent bird dog except for the part where she wants to eat them for lunch. She is a huge jumper (like impressively high) and only barks when she hears funny noises or sees another dog on the street. She has a curly tail and funny looking eyeballs with the sclera exposed so they kind of look like they point in opposite directions. Any ideas of what she is? All guesses are welcome!

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im super late to the elf au party, so i have a question that you probably answered earlier on. why are dan and phil's eyes different? in most of the art i've seen, phil's eyes look normal whereas dan's eyes are more, for lack of a better word, more demonic looking. are they different types of elves or something?

Yes - Dan is a dark elf. He lives in a very darkly lit area so his pupils take up his entire eyeball, to take in as much information as possible (that’s my reasoning lol)

“The number of internal disciplinary charges you have laid against your men,” and here the Patrician picked up a much thicker document, “seems somewhat excessive. I see no fewer than one hundred and seventy three offenses of eyeballing, earlobing and nostrilling, for example.”
“Nostrilling, Acting Captain?”
“Oh. And I see, ah yes, one charge of ‘making his arm fall off in an insubordinate way’ laid against Constable Shoe. Commander Vimes has always given me glowing reports about this officer.”
“‘E’s a nasty piece of work, sah! You can’t trust the dead ones!”
“Nor, it would seem, most of the live ones.”

– on discipline | Terry Pratchett, The Fifth Elephant

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Can I sell my soul for a hug from a heavily demonic Cruxia? Those big eyeball arms look really good for hugs n' snugs...

Don’t get too attached


MTR Fun Fact

During the making of “Meet the Robinsons”, voice actors were asked to portray their characters while being asked interview questions. The following information was learned during Gaston and Art’s interview:

  • Uncle Art’s full name is “Arthur Major Framagucci”
  • Gaston’s full name is “Gaston Fitzgerald Framagucci”
  • Their mother’s name was “Minnie Framagucci”
  • When asked why he liked to shoot himself out of cannons, Gaston answered “it’s the… speed! I’m always trying to time myself. It’s the… excitement! The… adrenaline! It’s pure exhilaration! There’s no feeling in the world like it. When you’re going so fast that you feel like the skin is gonna peel right off your face and your eyeballs are gonna go flying out of your ear canal… everyone should experience that at least once.”
  • Uncle Art claims that intergalactic pizza delivery is “tougher than it looks” due to the fact that aliens are “picky” and if it’s “too cheesy” or “not hot enough”, you run the risk of being vaporized.
  • Gaston and Art interrupt the interview by racing each other to the moon. Gaston wins
My Steven Universe/Beauty and the Beast AU

Lapis as Belle, Homeworld’s beautiful but funny girl. Likes to read, swim, play musical instruments, and watch Earth TV, all considered inappropriate activities for a gem. Also likes fart jokes. 

Greg as Maurice, her supportive but goofy musician dad. 

Jasper as Gaston, the buff, perfect amethyst, and a war hero of Homeworld. Wants Lapis to be her mate and fusion partner because she “deserves the best.” 

Eyeball Ruby as LeFou, Jasper’s loyal henchman who’ll do anything her socially superior boss wants. 

Peridot as Prince Adam/The Beast, a rich, brilliant, and seclusive engineer. Starts off as cruel, selfish, and ignorant until her gem is corrupted by an Enchantress. The servants in her temple are corrupted as well. The only way to break the spell and heal everyone’s gems is to find true love. In her Beast form, she resembles Centipeetle. 

Amethyst as Lumiere, the extroverted and rebellious maître d’. 

Pearl as Cogsworth, the strict head of the household who frequently clashes with Amethyst. 

Rose Quartz as Mrs. Potts, the head of the kitchen. 

Steven as Chip, her fun and bouncy son who becomes Lapis’s best friend. 

And finally, Garnet as the Enchantress, who places a horrible curse on Peridot until she gets her shit together. 

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Ash I get my wisdom teeth pulled out today and all I'm hoping for is that while I am under I have great hallucinations of richonne and to make sure I do I'm gonna read a bunch of your fanfics and read that last chapter of Palm Trees over and over until it's engraved in my eyeballs

This is such a weird, awesome compliment. I love it. 

But good luck! Mine wasn’t as bad as everyone told me it would be (it was weird more than anything), so just relax, and have fun sleeping and eating ice cream and mashed potatoes for a few days! 😘

This is literally so nasty. And it’s popped up in my dash like 6 times. Every time I see it I throw up a little. Like I’m just so sick of seeing this nasty ass creature. All oppossums or possums or whatever the fuck they are can go extinct for all I care with their disgusting fucking too close together eyeballs and damn pouches filled w

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Ahem, Nonnie. Excuse me while I flail around wildly like a penguin attempting to take flight and make sounds rather similar to a mortally wounded pterodactyl.

Okay, I’m back. Yes. Yes. YEs. YES. YES. A billion times YES. RPF, tinhatting - dude I am eyeball deep in both weeping the tears of beauty and pain that is J2. UGH. They’re just so… UGHHHHHHHH. 

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Thank ya Nonnie!

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