Actual Dialogue from the One Punch Man Autumn Festival Event with Genos and King's VAs
  • Genos (Ishikawa, Geno's VA, volunteers to play a ball scoop festival game during the event and raises his hand):I want to scoop some balls!
  • King (Yasumoto, King's VA and the MC for the event):You really love scooping those balls, don’t you?
  • Genos:*suggestively* Ohhhhh yeah, I really like scooping those balls. In fact, I’ll even try to scoop TWO balls.
  • King:Which ball are you eyeballing?
  • Genos:I’m going to try to scoop the yellow ball.
  • Audience:*dying*

Charles Albright explaining the 1984 Stephen King novel “Thinner”. Albright developed a deep obsession with eyes during his childhood, specifically women’s eyes. The Eyeball Killer would grow up a career criminal that murdered three women by shooting them and then precisely removing their eyeballs which were never recovered. 

The removal was done to such a degree of accuracy that forensic pathologist Dr Elizabeth Peacock who performed the autopsy believed it to be the work of a surgeon. She stated “I would have to say there would be some skill involved. There was no disruption of the eyelids overlying the eye sockets.” Albright would have used a knife and slid the blade beneath the eyeball itself and cut the major muscles connecting it to the socket. A very difficult task to do without damaging the socket or eyelids in any way.

how dare tumblr put a register to vote button on the side of my dash. how can i, a salty canadian, possibly benefit from this.

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Honestly, I wouldn't mind a flood of doodles, I always wait for you to post (i even got notifications on) I don't think anyone would either your art is fucking great!!!

HAHAHA! OMG! YOU’RE ADORABLE. Dammit Anon, I don’t have time to be charmed to death right now!!! OK, take some canvas excrement, scraped fresh from my cluttered desktop.

I’ll do my darnedest to keep these clusters of doodle dumps organized if you’re still interested in soaking your eyeballs in more buckets of nonsense BWHAHHA

(Some of these have been done with friends like @toxicgummy with their Bishie sans up top and @kaweii with G & Blulu;; GIVE ‘EM A HOWDY, THEY’RE A BUNDLE OF FUN!)

for Jaspball bomb - day 1: First Meeting

(Sorry but I couldn’t not include all of them!!! Headcanon: the Crystal GERMS brought all them back to earth, then managed to heal Jasper; our team is SO HAPPY to see her uncorrupted, they forgot any formalities… )

SO I was being a cliche and writing a screenplay in a Starbuck’s when I noticed these young women at a table nearby, sort of furtively eyeballing me and whispering in Japanese. This continued for a couple of minutes, and the only words I could make out, repeatedly, were “Nick Miller.” It struck me that, while I don’t think I look A LOT like Jake Johnson (Nick Miller on New Girl), I AM an almost-attractive scruffy white guy with a couple of days stubble on his face and permanently sleepy-eyed?? So when I got up from my table to grab a refill I awkwardly moonwalked out of the room Nick Miller-style and they LOST THEIR SHIT.

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Jaspball Bomb Day 1: First Meeting
Eyeball and Jasper's first meeting. Determination, Agony, Loyalty, Treachery, Duality, Duplicity, Ending, Surviving, Corruption, Restoration, and Heat. Those few things define Eyeball meeting an corrupted Jasper on Earth for the first time. #JaspballBomb September 26-30 For the Jaspball Tumblr Shipping Bomb: http://jaspballbomb.tumblr.com/

It’s Day 1 of the Jaspball Bomb. Today’s theme is…

First Meeting!

I hope you enjoy this 8track music playlist I made in that theme. Their first meeting would be quite emotional, and with that in mind this playlist has overarching themes of their trauma from the gem war, corruption, being stranded, but they won’t stop fighting for closure. They will find closure.


Day 1: First meeting.

Thank Rose for Steven’s healing powers! Now eye and jassy can get to know each other.

Models by: Iikeabaka and Joeysandbag

Model links: http://joeysandbag.deviantart.com/art/Jasper-Ver-3-0-DOWNLOAD-635288732?ga_submit_new=10%253A1474247899, http://likeabaka.deviantart.com/art/Rubies-v1-02-download-621380993, http://likeabaka.deviantart.com/art/Steven-v1-01-download-591031494?q=TiramisuTwo%2F53824477&qo=0

Stage by: xxminishaxx

Stage link: http://xxminishaxx.deviantart.com/art/Steven-Universe-Stage-update-2-MMD-548823094

I find it hard to digest mysteries/crime thrillers in which the detective obviously has superpowers, but the show pretends they don’t. ‘Observation’ and 'reasoning’ and 'intelligence’ are great, but when the detective’s powers are so overblown that the explanations are clearly afterthoughts… I’ve already lost interest.

If you can’t make the detective’s reasoning actually logical, just make them a damn psychic with zoom-and-enhance eyeballs.

It Came in Waves

First Day of Jaspball Bomb: First Meeting


Link to AO3

Summary: Their first meeting? Stars, that’s hard to say… Because how do you really explain that it wasn’t like most meetings? Most meetings, you take the step quickly - one minute you don’t know each other, you’re not a part of each other’s lives. And then BAM! The next minute you are, and everything is suddenly different because of it.That wasn’t the case for them. But the beginning, I suppose, would have been something over 5,000 years ago, in a small bunker located in Facet 6…

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love carvings

I carried her eyeballs in my palms.
her intestines

I carved them out / then diligently
put them inside

two silvery suitcases with her name
written on them.

what was left of her / I fed it to the
insatiable wind.

perform a miracle she had told me
before she died

without irony. but I’m out of miracles.
all I have is this

scalpel / it feels like love in my hand.
let me love her.

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Jasper, Lapis, Peridot, Eyeball, Yellow Diamond, Blue Pearl for the "send me 6 characters" thing

give a CapriSun and lay down for a nap: Lapis (napis)
enlist to help build a pillow fort: Peridot
slingshot into the deep recesses of space: Jasper
sing bad karaoke and play DDR at 3am with: Eyeball
smack with a rolled up newspaper: Yellow Diamond
let borrow the aux chord on a road trip: Blue Pearl