eyeball cookies

Kawaii Zodiac Aesthetics
  • Aries: Shooting stars, capsule machines, Pochacco, chiptune music, ring pops, kandi bracelets, space hoppers
  • Taurus: Bento boxes, Totoro, strawberry prints, pearlescent blush, kigurimis, frilly headbows, bell collars
  • Gemini: Decoden phone cases, bunny prints, animated emoji, Little Twin Stars, maid cafés, disney balloons, seifukus
  • Cancer: Sleepy moons, cat cafés, galaxy prints, Nyan Nyan Nyanko, chocolate bar purses, frothy milkshakes, puffy stickers
  • Leo: The nyan pose, pom-pom hair ties, Hello Kitty, nail deco, fairytale castles, mochi, animal-ear hoodies
  • Virgo: Magical girl wands, cookie prints, tamagotchis, My Melody, macarons, heart aprons, oversized jumpers
  • Libra: Tea cups, plushie backpacks, dangle charms, Purin, juice boxes, poké balls, ice cream sundaes
  • Scorpio: Lace parasols, Badtz-Maru, doll head necklaces, anime figurines, eyeball bows, panda cookies, circle lenses
  • Sagittarius: Dolly lashes, forest prints, Arpakasso, princess crépes, stripey thigh-highs, plastic ponies, antler crowns
  • Capricorn: Plaid miniskirts, jelly shoes, Rilakkuma, cupcake motifs, frilly ankle socks, vintage toys, marble soda
  • Aquarius: Bubble tea, purikura machines, lollipops, Cinnamoroll, pastel tutus, popping candy, rainbows
  • Pisces: Unicorns, seashell handbags, mermaid prints, jellyfish umbrellas, Mamegoma, peep-toe wedges, syrup dripping motifs

“You’re making what?”

Hannibal smiled, rolling out dough.

“I am making Christmas cookies.”

Will sat at the counter, hand on his chin as he watched Hannibal work. The quickness of his hands, the powerful muscles in his forearms moving as he rolled out the dough.

“Sugar cookies?”

Hannibal nodded, “I added my own ingredients, since it is such a simple recipe. I thought I would improve upon it.”

Will took a deep breath, inhaling a slight scent that made him smile. “Who are we eating?”

Hannibal shared a smirk with him.

“I thought I would include just a bit of that rude man at the grocer? The one who made the comment when you kissed me?”

Will blushed, remembering when he’d been overcome in public enough to kiss Hannibal and the passerby who had the nerve to comment on the “fascine,” Will not knowing enough Italian yet to get the meaning but he guessed by the murderous look in Hannibal’s eyes.

“So I’m gonna be eating mushed up eyeball cookies? Um…yum?”

Hannibal threw flour down and tossed some at Will, surprising him into a laugh.


Hannibal ran a finger over his mess and made a heart. “Your asshole, beloved.”

Will wiped the flour from his nose, shaking his head. “Lucky me.”

Hannibal made several different shapes: wreaths, trees, stockings, snowflakes. Will watched him putting each one on the tray with care, feeling himself almost overcome with feeling as Hannibal made a heart one that he saved for last making eye contact with Will.

Will waited until the oven was closed to jump off the chair and rush to him, turning Hannibal around and kissing him with a sigh, his hands caressing Hannibal’s forearms as he felt Hannibal take charge to pull him closer.

They were both breathless when they parted, Will panting into his mouth, “I love you so much, God I can’t even…”

Hannibal kissed the tears on his cheeks and whispered, “Merry Christmas, Mylimasis.”

good samaritan;

❅ Day 14 of the Christmas Writing Event ❅

member/group- wonwoo/Seventeen

prompt- “you walked here in the cold while it was snowing and accidentally left your wallet at home but dont worry i got u" 

listen to- this


You grumbled and kicked your way through the wet, sticky snow that covered the sidewalk. Just minutes before, you had gotten into a fight with your roommate about paying for bills and utilities. She kept skipping out, and you had to say something to her before you went completely broke. But of course, your simple reminder turned into a overblown fight that left both of you fuming.

Still huffing, you shoved open the door to your favorite cafe that conveniently sat a block from your apartment. The heat from the store instantly warmed your cold bones and you hummed gratefully. As you shook off all the bits of snow that clung to your clothes, you took a moment to breathe in the strong, satisfying scent of coffee and baked goods. This place was basically heaven.

The line was short, only two people ahead of you, so you quickly scanned the handwritten menu that hung on the wall behind the cash register. Everything seemed appealing to you, but you decided on your favorite seasonal drink- peppermint hot chocolate. And it just so happened that this place made the best you could find anywhere.

You stepped up in line with a tight smile. “Yeah, one medium peppermint hot chocolate please,” you ordered in the nicest voice you could force out. The cashier nodded with a smile, pressing a few buttons on the register before looking back at you with a smile.

“That’ll be $2.70 please.” You dug into your pockets to grab your wallet. Realization struck you in a matter of moments when your fingers didn’t brush the worn leather. You had forgotten your wallet.

“Are you fucking kidding me?” you whispered under your breath and ran a hand through your hair. You looked back at the cashier, straining to not shout in frustration. “You can go ahead and cancel my order, I seem to have-”

“Here, two dollars and seventy cents.” A boy stood by your side with his hand clutching a few bills. He handed them over to the patient cashier before turning back to you with a small smile. The first thing you noticed was how adorable he was, with a striped beanie that covered his ears and a thick over-sized grey sweater that gave you generous glimpses of his collarbones.

“Oh my God, y-you didn’t have to do that,” you blurted out. You were sure you looked fairly unappealing compare to him. You, being the idiot you were, had stormed out without a jacket and instead only wore a plain black long sleeve shirt and jeans. Thankfully, you had remembered to put on a toboggan and a pair of boots, but you were convinced you looked like a fool without any type of coat.

“I know, but you walked all the way here in the cold and the snow and you deserved a drink to warm you up,” he replied and stuck his hands in his pockets sheepishly. Meanwhile, the cashier handed you a steaming cup of hot chocolate that you took graciously.

“That’s so kind of you, really.” You patted your pockets. “Uhm, I can walk back to my place real quick to get the money to repay you,” you offered as you both wandered away from the line together. He chuckled and shook his head.

“No, no, don’t do that.” He paused as you both stopped walking. “How about you repay me by having a drink with me? I was sitting right over there.” He points to a booth just a few feet away.

You give him a once-over before nodding. “That sounds like a deal.”

He leads you over and you both slide in across from each other. He has a hot chocolate in front of him too, along with a huge sugar cookie. When he notices you eyeballing the cookie, he chuckles and tears off a piece. “Here, try it. It’s really good.”

You blush and take the sweet from him with a soft thank you before popping it into your mouth. He was right- it was really good.

It’s quiet for a few minutes as you two awkwardly sip your drinks and shuffle your feet. You don’t think you have ever had the pleasure to sit with someone as attractive as this boy was. His dark hair swooped across his forehead, the color matching his alluring eyes that were simultaneously welcoming and reserved.

It was you who spoke up first. “I’m Y/N.” For some reason, your body decides it’s appropriate to stick your hand out to introduce yourself and you don’t realize how silly it is until you hear Wonwoo’s laugh. Nevertheless, he sticks his hand out too and gives you a sturdy shake.

“Nice to meet you, Y/N. I’m Wonwoo,” he says and laughs lightly. You feel your heart flutter the tiniest bit from the simple action.

“So, Wonwoo, is buying drinks for broke girls a normal thing for you?” you tease and he shake his head with a chuckle.

“Only for the pretty ones.” He catches your eye and winks, which makes you feel even more flustered than before.

“Well you’re being quite charming,” you comment, trying your hand at flirting. It was a foreign game to you, but if he was putting himself out there, then so were you.

He playfully pretends to flip his hair over his shoulder. “I get that a lot.” He then shakes his head. “I really don’t get that a lot, I was just trying to be funny.”

Time seems to pass by quicker than ever before as you sit adjacent from your new friend, laughing and drinking and sharing phone numbers. It seemed like minutes had only passed when a worker approached your table and told you they were closing the shop up for the night.

Wonwoo lead you outside into the freezing night air and stuffed his hands into his pockets. You wrapped your arms around yourself and kicked at the piles of snow that covered the sidewalk. It was obvious that neither of you really wanted to leave.

“Well, I guess this is goodbye.” Wonwoo gave you a grin as he scratched the back of his head.

You nodded and sniffed, the cold making your nose run. You couldn’t help but sound congested when you spoke up. “Yeah, I guess it is.”

“‘But I’ll see you soon?”

You giggled. “Of course.  Besides, I owe you a drink.”