eyeball clips


B is for bat ^o^

Bag1 $74.95 / Necklace1 $27.59 / Pin $18.95 / Ballet Flats $26.93 / Bag2 $56 / Bat Toy $11.99 / Scarf $15.99 / Cup $11.99 / Bag3 $44.99 

Mask $3.99 / Bag4 $59.85 / Necklace$29.95 / Sweater $68.22 / Heels $54.99 / Phone Case $13.99 / Eyeball Hair Clips $13.49 / Bag5 $23.99 / Pendant $12.79

Alright this had been sitting around unfinished on my computer for a couple of months now so I decided to get off my ass and finish it. (it was all lined and the flats were done but I just did not want to do the shading)

Idfk why I wanted to do this except the fact that @therealjacksepticeye and @wiishu are the most precious, adorable couple ever and I wanted to draw fluff! Plus I couldn’t get the idea of Jack with one of those cool eyeball bow clip things in his hair out of my head. It’s even a septiceye!

TL;DR Septiishu is the cutest thing ever and I needed to draw it so here have this.

Also I’m gonna be dumping at least five pieces of art on here around Christmas day because I absolutely loaded myself up with Secret Santas to keep myself busy this year during winter break between semesters at school. It’ll keep me from falling into a creative slump, at least. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED


when it happened, my first reaction was, “oh my god, my eye is gone.” It hit so hard.. there was so much blood that I wasn’t sure if it had clipped my eyeball or what had happened. I wasn’t sure. I definitely feel very blessed that the skate didn’t hit my eye. I was very lucky. I wanted to come back for the third. It took a while to get stitched up. I was back there for a while but the doctors – and my wife – came to the conclusion that I probably shouldn’t go back out just for the sake of not ripping the stitches.

❥Pastel Goth is a new, rapidly emerging style and has been dubbed the “dark version” of Fairy Kei.

❥Pastel Goth focuses on chalky washed out hair colors, skeleton / bat prints, strong lip color / gothic make up, studded everything, sheer clothing, flower crowns and plastic princess tiara’s (made famous by the most famous teen blogger Tavi, aka..ROOKIE. INSTAGRAM / TWITTER]

❥This style is a mix of punk and grunge, focusing on more grotesque things such as bats, skeletons, vomit and gore. But in these things, blood is replaced with rainbows, glitter, or made pastel to seem less gross. (photo below)

❥The style has a lot of DIY (Do-it-yourself) things in it. Girls often make their own jewelry, shoes, even clothing.

❥Obviously in this fashion, pastel is a big must, including colors such as light pink, light purple, mint green and pale blue, mixed with black. (photo below)

❥As for clothing, loose sweaters are very common as well as patterned tights. Patterns usually include bats, skeletons or crosses. (photo below)

❥Shoes are usually Creepers or goth boots.

❥Accessories are most commonly long, mid-torso length necklaces with large crosses on the end. (usually pastel and made of plastic and glitter). Hair clips with eyeballs on them are common as well.

❥Pastel hair is another important part of the Pastel Goth look. (but it is not mandatory) The most common colors are pink, purple and occasionally mint green.

❥Another popular trend in the Pastel Goth world is the use of “pastel goth quotes”. They are usually insulting and placed over pastel clouds with runny, gory text. They can use digital text, emoticons and saying to promote themselves / their group of friends as we. (photo below)

❥Pastel Goth stylists are usually heard quoting / blogging about the movie Mean Girls.