Clarissa Boyde – Student & Mama

Day 11 of W’s 29 Days of Sim Making: College Student

A mother of two, Clarissa spent much of her young adulthood taking care of everyone but herself. Now a full-fledged adult, she’s heading back to school to complete the business degree she always wanted. Will she achieve her dream of running a retail shop of her very own?  

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Sana kapag kukunan na kami ng Graduation Picture, sabihin nila habang maaga pa. Mga two to three weeks before. Hindi yung iaannounce na sa susunod na araw na. Para naman makatulog ako at mawala yung eyebags ko kahit papano. Lugi eh. Pero bakit yung ibang school may mga pinopost na na Grad Pic.

anonymous asked:

Applying a lot of makeup underneath the eyes creates those eyebags.

Eyebags can be caused by many different things. In my case, it’s a hereditary trait. A lot of my other family members have them too. I’ve had them all my life whether or not I wear makeup. Check out makeup-less baby lor photos:

I’m really sick of people telling me about them or what I’m doing wrong.I get enough sleep and I drink a lot of water.

This random older woman told me I look ill today because of them. They’re part of my face, can everyone just get over them because I have.

smallsleepingroyal asked:

I don't get the people being rude about your eyebags. Personally, I think you look cute with them.

It’s CONSTANT not only online but in person too. They don’t bother me. If they did, I’d save up and change them. What annoys me is people telling me I need to fix them, that I am unhealthy because I have them or that I need to change *sigh* I try to ignore it but I’m especially annoyed today haha Thank you for your support though <3 it’s really nice to hear people understand