Have you ever… felt so tired…. of everything. Like you’re literally empty on the inside, you can literally feel the thousand years of eyebags forming, and it’s all in third person. I don’t feel real. Is this what it’s like to be dead inside? I’m literally slaving away at my own life. I feel like a prisoner in my own life.

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Are they fucking kidding me? K//en looks so dead & distraught on the inside. Every little fuckin' thing "OOoh, this is the most romantic thing I've seen?!" Next thing we'll all hear shit like "Those are eyebags of love." "She punched him through the door out of love." "That little speck in the top left corner symbolizes a heart, showing how much they're in love." He looks nowhere near content, I'm fucking done

types of students

a. coffeshops, highlighters, little post-it notes, wanting to be perfectly organized
b. 2 am, eyebags, stacks of papers, the deadline is in half an hour
c. messy bullet journal, messy desk, messy life but still trying
d. night: telling yourself how productive you’ll be tomorrow, day: let’s binge watch another netflix series
e. buying tons of cute stationery, having only one pen left by the end of the school year
f. working really hard to achieve your goals only to be asked why you’re so smart
g. ancient libraries, the smell of new textbooks, wanting to acquire all the knowledge
h. studying to help people, to save the environment, to change the world

can we just like romanticise being bare faced?? like really bare faced, not this “no makeup makeup look” sort of thing like pls lets romanticise dark circles and acne and discolouration and redness and skin conditions and eyebags and oily skin and just regular old eyebrows and looking tired because I am tired stop treating these as things that take away from beauty and just celebrate them like jesus pls 


Part Two, I guess. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Part One ✮

Part Three will be out and will be the last one! Shit getting real is all I’m promisin’. 

Sangwoo doesn’t give a fuck about her eyebags and wears a lot of mascara, has messy hair and is the type of person that could put on anything and look gorgeous without trying

Bum, on the other hand, is a shy person that hides her face in her long, black hair. Bum is now wearing black lipstick for the first time thanks to Sangwoo, who will also cut her hair in the future to humiliate her and call her “a horrible excuse for a “boy””. (Basically, female bum will look exactly the same as boy bum in a few weeks and that’s the whole point)

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how come you art looks nothing like the actual characters of haikyu? Was it meant to be on purpose that their eyes are different or nah? (this is a genuine question I always had so I do not mean to offend you if I did at all)

I gotten asked this a few times/// I have my own style??? Im not Furudate and I dont draw like Furudate so if I try to draw his characters theyre going to look like them but in my own style?

their eyes are the same… I just put my own style too it? it would be different if I drew Akaashi with big Ugu anime eyes when he actually has sharp piercing eyes

characters that have big eyelids I usually draw them red and puffy [ex akaashi and kuro but people usually think its eye shadow] … I also draw eyelashes cuz I like eyelashes its my style! sometimes I add things to characters eyes that match there personality! Like Kenma I usually draw with red under eyebags !


the resemblance is uncanny 


for my human healing pod au

So… the healing powers slowly start to carve little veiny scar lines into Lance’s hands. they start at the tips of his fingers and slowly work their way up his arms as the years go on eventually they’ll extend all the way to his chest (ending at his heart). He things they’re rather ugly (but Keith sure doesn’t)

He also get’s perpetual eyebags which sUCKS because he spends so much time trying to keep his skin nice