starnightpenguin asked:

Write 10 facts about yourself and send this to 10 of your favorite followers c:

Thanks for this~

  1. I’m an expert at finding illegal downloads
  2. I type at 100 words per minute when I’m hyper
  3. I have a small collection of three pokeballs - original, heal and safari
  4. I would be a 3 point shooting guard for basketball (aka midorima) if I were to play on a team
  5. I own a myfigurecollection website just to ogle at other peoples’ possessions
  6. The first live action/drama I ever watched (and completed) was Yukan Club and it was a casual mystery series
  7. The only reason why I started watching Brothers Conflict was because of the twincest ‘kiss’ (ep 1) people were talking about and after completing it, I got into the reverse harem genre
  8. I found out about Eyeshield 21 through One Outs forums, because people were comparing Tokuchi to Hiruma and it became one of my favourite series now
  9. I have tried out at least six different brands of clarinet reeds in my lifetime
  10. My favourite pocky flavors are (in order): Milk, strawberry