Send Me a Number and I’ll Tell You...

2. Just Right or Hard Carry
3. Overdose or Monster
3. Fantastic Baby or BANG BANG BANG
4. Ring Ding Dong or 1 of 1
5. Chained Up or Fantasy
6. My Type of #WYD
7. Hit Me or Full House
8. DamnRa or BOMB
9. Congratulations or I Wait
10. Very Nice or Boom Boom
11. I’m Him or Body
12. Jackpot or Very Good
13. Wow or I’ll Be Your Man
14. My House or Promise (I’ll Be)
15. Hide & Seek or Confession
16. Zero for Conduct or Make it Rain
17. Lonely or A Lie
18. Overcome or Love Paint
19. All In or Fighter
20. Bad or The Eye
21. So Dangerous or Attention
22. One Shot or Skydive 
23. The 7th Sense or Limitless
24. Pray or Take Me Now
25. Danger or Press Your Number
26. Pour Up or Bonnie & Clyde
27. Knock or U
28. 9 to 5 or Woo Ah
29. Sentimental or Baby Baby
30. Sorry Sorry or Mr. Simple

30 basic Mandarin Chinese words (related to people)

1. 人 rén- person; people

2. 女人 nǚrén- woman

3. 男人 nánrén- man

4. 口 kǒu- mouth

5. 手 shǒu- hand

6. 心 xīn- heart

7. 生 shēng- give birth; life

8. 你 ní- you

9. 你们 nǐmen- you (plural)

10. 他 tā- he; him; also used when sex/gender is unknown

11. 她 tā- she; her

12. 位 wèi- classifier/measure word for people (honorific); location; place; rank

13. 我 wǒ- I; me

14. 我们 wǒmen- us; our; ourselves; we

15. 我的 wǒde- my; mine

16.  孩子 háizi- child

17. 朋友 péngyou- friend

18. 张 zhāng- common Chinese surname; measure word for flat objects (beds, paintings, newspapers, etc.) 

19. 名字 mingzi- name

20. 目 mù- eye

21. 血 xuè- blood

22. 王 wáng- king; common Chinese surname

23. 后 hoù- queen

24. 首 shǒu- head; first

25. 面 miàn- face

26. 大人 dàrén- adult

27. 男孩子 nánháizi- boy

28. 女孩子 nǚháizi- girl

29. 男朋友 nánpéngyou- boyfriend ;)

30. 女朋友 nǚpéngyǒu- girlfriend ;)