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…..a melodic harpsichord and synth-driven look into what sounds like a bleak future. This dystopian look at what could very well be America’s next phase conjures images of a Hip-Hop version of A Clockwork Orange,1984 or one of those dark, technologically-fueled tomorrows – something which we are on the fast track to.

IllumiNessence helps embody that new version of being “gangsta” – Saul Williams said it best when he described Hip-Hop as being Republican. Even in recession-plagued times, niggas think its nothing to floss chains, money and cars. The real gangstas, the real revolutionaries, they are the ones turning the mirror on ourselves, making us look inward to figure out how we should progress to keep our communities and societies thriving when the bottom drops.

What do you see your future holding? Will you be following the trail of satellites in the sky, or will you be hatching plans to find a way on one of those mechanical beasts, turning it on its ear, and redirecting that fucker into your (least) favorite trendy department store? Food for thought… -Flawless Hustle


Digital World by EYE2025* feat Raye 6

Off his first solo project IllumiNessence gives us EYE2025*CHAPTER1. He takes us on a dark, rhythmic exploration of our modern “Digital World.” The viral piece was shot in Harajuku Tokyo and edited by Rob Lee. This version of “Digital World” can be downloaded at https://www.onerpm.com/eye2025