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…..a melodic harpsichord and synth-driven look into what sounds like a bleak future. This dystopian look at what could very well be America’s next phase conjures images of a Hip-Hop version of A Clockwork Orange,1984 or one of those dark, technologically-fueled tomorrows – something which we are on the fast track to.

IllumiNessence helps embody that new version of being “gangsta” – Saul Williams said it best when he described Hip-Hop as being Republican. Even in recession-plagued times, niggas think its nothing to floss chains, money and cars. The real gangstas, the real revolutionaries, they are the ones turning the mirror on ourselves, making us look inward to figure out how we should progress to keep our communities and societies thriving when the bottom drops.

What do you see your future holding? Will you be following the trail of satellites in the sky, or will you be hatching plans to find a way on one of those mechanical beasts, turning it on its ear, and redirecting that fucker into your (least) favorite trendy department store? Food for thought… -Flawless Hustle


Digital World by EYE2025* feat Raye 6

Off his first solo project IllumiNessence gives us EYE2025*CHAPTER1. He takes us on a dark, rhythmic exploration of our modern “Digital World.” The viral piece was shot in Harajuku Tokyo and edited by Rob Lee. This version of “Digital World” can be downloaded at https://www.onerpm.com/eye2025


The People aRe Restless...

There’s alot going on right now in New York City and around the world….pay attention… get involved… change is happening….

Freedom In Our Lifetime


bars on set…. behind the scenes… Welcome to 2025* ladies & gentleman



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For All My DJ's Down in Miami for WMC... EYE2025* Digital World (Jack Deezl) feat. Raye 6


EYE2025* (a.k.a. IllumiNessence)
(SoFlo Entertainment/Guerilla Art)



Fresh back from touring Tokyo, Japan,illuminNessence takes us on a dark, rhythmic exploration of our modern “Digital World.” The remix, cooked up by Jack Deezl out of Philadelphia, features the other-worldly vocals of Brooklyn based sensationRaye 6.

The dark minimalistic electro Deezl brings, perfectly captures illuminNessence’s ominous message of the future – a future around the corner where we are completely entrenched in the digital world we’ve created. We rapidly lose our ability to truly feel, truly love and truly live. Raye 6’s eerily beautiful hook compliments the apocalyptic feel of “Digital World”. 
Lyrics like “Spend hours on the internet/everything is at your fingertips/’Stead of telling her you love her you textin’ it/Living in a Digital World.”

Perfectly illuminates the age we’re living in and are quickly driving towards. 

Once again, illuminNessence shows us the bleak yet beautiful world of 2025, a future just around the corner. “Digital World” is available now on iTunes.


EYE2025* - “Digital World” Ft. Raye 6
(Jack Deezl Remix) 

Download: Download HERE

BPMs: 126 BPMs 

(In order to download, simply click link and you will be taken to a private page on our website with the downloads. If you prefer an MP3 attachment, please reply doing so. ) 



Coming from the revolutionary hip-hop group A-Alikes, IllumiNessence is no stranger to the game. For years he and his partner A-Black, along with the rest of the RBG/People Army family (dead prez, Divine of the Dey, etc) have been on a mission to bring to light the world of the have-nots, and send out a call to arms to rise up, educate and build community.

Illuminessence is currently in the studio working on forthcoming chapters to the EYE2025* epic, co-writing the script with Director Paul Biedrzyck to an as yet untitiled futuristic poli sci-fi film that inspired the soundtrack, and putting the finishing touches on the A-Alikes next LP Us Against Them. As well, he is breaking out into graphic/visual side of things with multi media works of ART, videos, T Shirts, and more.


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