too much and i am lost

the cost of just enough
is living freely

the wild cards
that deal me
set the wheel spinning

a gambler’s debt is breathing
so breathe easy, easy

let it ride, don’t hide

the heart is made for beating
the heart is made for singing

when in the world
there were still ways
to eat and to be eaten

the body was-

a salt lick stone

a honeycomb,

an open place
for dreaming.

amidst the bolting flowers
strung all through the grass

earth was step
and breath
and step

nothing moved too fast.

source heiress

root rustled,
trussed up,
where the rose cusp
folds under peaked lips.
the trembling drift
and the songs of bending-
perch plucked from
dogwood blooms,
blood moons,
the still snow of Spring.
hands into the cold
mountain living
a vessel softly drummed
shivering lunar silvers
which suck the wind to warm
turning burdens into bird calls
and corners into curves