In which pie is complicated

Patton gets a bit too enthusiastic during Thanksgiving when he discovers that Virgil likes pie.

AN: Um. This is the fluffiest piece of fluff ever and it makes me happy so here you are and I hope it makes you happy too.

Pairings: platonic Moxiety (again, lol)

Warnings: None :D

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This was the first Thanksgiving. The first one they would have all together. As a family. It was the first one that they weren’t casting nervous glances down Virgil’s hall, hoping to God the ‘little jerk’ wouldn’t show up and sabotage everything.

It was the first Thanksgiving that Patton set out four plates in the mind palace dining room. And it was the first Thanksgiving that Virgil hesitantly poked his head out into the hallway.

“Are you… are you going to make a pie?”

Patton jumped and swiveled around. He had on his favorite apron and was knee deep in mashed potatoes and turkey for Thanksgiving tomorrow. He struggled to keep a neutral face on but quickly slipped into a grin. “You came out of your room!”

Virgil rolled his eyes and slipped into one of the bar stools at the breakfast table. He grunted. “Yeah. Whatever. It just… smelled good.”

Patton’s heart shrilled. His friend, his buddy, his little dude wasn’t actively avoiding him! He’d hoped, oh he’d hoped, that Virgil would want to join them, but he knew that Virgil might choose to duck out in favor of stewing in his room, or worse, joining Thomas in the real world. But here he was, the day before Thanksgiving, asking about pie.


Patton stilled. He had no idea how to make a pie. Logan and Roman had always been more fond of ice cream sundaes and so Patton had never made the effort to learn. But Virgil said pies. And if Virgil wanted pies, he was getting pies. “T-thanks,” he stuttered.

Virgil quirked an eyebrow. “You okay, Pat?”

He was great! He was over the moon! Everything was awesome!

“I’m just dandy, kiddo,” he managed. He turned back to his potatoes, which were making weird popping noises, and stirred it around. He could sense Virgil just behind him, playing with the placement of the cornucopia in the center of the table.

Patton opened his mouth to speak, but at that moment, he felt Thomas tugging at him. He paused and took off his apron. “Right back, Virgil. Can you make sure this doesn’t burn?”

Virgil nodded and Patton quickly sunk out.

And by the time Patton came back to the kitchen, Virgil was gone, leaving a finished pot of mashed potatoes on the counter. Patton smiled.

Okay, so he needed to figure out how to make pies.

Patton had no idea how to work a computer, so down it was to Logan’s library to see if Thomas had picked up anything subconsciously about how to make pies. He found a recipe book quickly and skimmed through the sort-of instructions, nodding all the while. Okay, he could work with this. How many hours did he have? Not nearly enough.

He sunk back into the kitchen, book in hand, and slapped onto the counter.

It couldn’t be that difficult, could it?

Several hours later, Logan was the one that found him. He wandered in, intent on locating the metal notes he’d accidentally left in the living room, only to stop and stare at the kitchen in horror.

Flour was everywhere and there were pans piled in every which way. Pies of all sorts, burnt and less burnt. A cloud of smoke hung in the air and Patton was crouching on a counter, repeatedly slamming the rolling pin into what appeared to be a rock. No. It was dough.

It might as well have been a rock.

Logan stared, stunned and speechless until Patton wiped around and scrambled off the counter. He rushed toward Logan and grabbed him by the shoulders, rolling pin still in hand. “I didn’t ask him what type of pie! I don’t know what type of pie he likes! Pumpkin, apple, berry, cherry, chocolate, banana cream-”

“Patton!” Logan took the other side by the shoulders and detached him from his (now covered in floury handprints) button down. “What on earth has gotten into you?”

Patton took a deep breath. And all at once, he deflated. “V-Virgil-”

But before he could continue, Thomas grabbed Logan by the scruff of his neck and pulled him out of the room (rude).

And so Patton stood there alone in the kitchen, panting. He huffed in frustration.

He was never going to finish them in time!

He was going to ruin Thanksgiving and Virgil wasn’t going to want to spend the holiday with them and if he didn’t like Thanksgiving, then he might not want to have Christmas with them and then and then and then-

The oven timer beeped.

Patton scrambled over to it.

His hands were shaking and he had no idea how long it had been since he’d properly eaten or slept. Time was odd in the mindscape and a day could stretch for several if he was so inclined. Carefully, he took out a pie from the oven. It was supposed to be a pumpkin pie.

It looked like a mud pie and Patton could feel tightness in his throat bubbling up. You’re not going to cry about pies, silly.

But he just couldn’t do this. He didn’t know how!

All at once, all of his energy left him. His shoulders slumped, he dropped into a chair, and he rubbed his eyes, swiping flour onto his forehead. A sniff. A small one. Don’t cry.

Virgil’s going to hate it.

And that was all it took. Patton coughed and sniffed and cried as clouds of flour settled around him. The room was quiet for the first time in hours but for the sound of Patton’s quiet, tired sniffing. Stop crying, you baby.

He almost didn’t notice the person. In fact, he did not feel them until a soft hand touched his shoulder and slowly lifted his chin. His touch was cool, but not uncomfortably so.

“Hey, Pat. What’s going on?”

Patton’s eyes went wide. He tried to scramble up but he kept him in his seat with another touch. “Virgil, I-I, I’m s-sorry.” His eyes were filling with water and he could hardly see Virgil’s face.

Virgil frowned. “Sorry? Why are you sorry? Patton, look at me. What is all this?” He gestured at the bombsite of a kitchen around them.

Patton’s chest tightened. He couldn’t possibly tell him. He couldn’t ruin it more than he had. But… Patton was never good at keeping secrets. He swiped at his eyes again. “I’m t-trying to make pies. C-cause you said you want pies and I-I wanted you to spend Thanksgiving with us,  but I don’t, I don’t know how and- and-”

Virgil’s eyes flickered with shock, followed by guilt. “Oh jeez, Pat. I didn’t, I didn’t mean-”

Patton had failed him. “And now I’ve ruined everything!” He didn’t want to look at him. He couldn’t look at him…

But instead of walking away, instead of grumbling, instead of snapping, Virgil did something very unexpected. He crouched down so that he could look Patton in the eyes. “Patton, don’t be ridiculous.”

Patton blinked. “What?”

“I should have realized you’d take me seriously. I just…” Virgil chewed his lip and suddenly started speaking quickly. “I don’t really know a whole lot about Thanksgiving outside of what I’ve heard, and I’ve heard pies are a thing, so that’s what I said. I mean, I love pies, but it wasn’t- it wasn’t a deal breaker or-or… anything. I… this is my fault. I’m sorry.”

Patton wiped his eyes one more time and cocked his head. “Oh,” he said. Virgil smiled at him hesitantly. And it wasn’t a smirk, it wasn’t a grimace or a snark. A real smile. Patton swallowed thickly. “So you’re not… mad?”

Virgil snorted. “Course I’m not mad. I never imagined you would, or anyone would care that much about… Look, let’s just…”

But before he could finish, Patton jumped forward and wrapped him in a hug. Tighter than he usually hugged because it was necessary. He felt Virgil stiffen under him, but he slowly relaxed. And carefully, hugged him back.

Quite suddenly, the whole situation felt ridiculous. It was hilarious, actually. Patton chuckled into Virgil’s hoodie and Virgil started to laugh as well. And soon they were both laughing.

Once they caught their breaths, Virgil chuckled and gestured vaguely at the kitchen. “How about we fix this disaster, yeah?” He stood and offered a hand down for Patton to grab.

Patton smiled sheepishly and took it. “Okay.”

They surveyed the flour covered mess and Virgil glanced at Patton. “How many pies did you try to make?”


Cruelty Free Makeup Review! 💄👄

I recently went to ULTA to buy some new makeup as I stray away from products that are tested on animals. Here is a written review of the products I purchased!


  • Lights, Camera, Lashes Mascara - I hadn’t worn mascara in years because it always irritated my eyes. I can safely say that this mascara goes on clean with no clumps and no irritation. 10/10.
  • Sex Kitten Eyeliner - Again, eye makeup almost always makes my eyes water or smudges after a few hours of wear, but this stuff goes on clean and lasts for hours with no smudging or smearing. 10/10.
  • Amazonian Clay Waterproof Brow Pencil - As someone who practically has to draw their eyebrows on, I’m picky about the kind of pencil I use and haven’t had much luck finding one I liked, until I tried this. The pencil is self sharpening and somewhat thin for precision but it lasts all day and I even have a hard time washing it off, meaning it stays true to its claim of being waterproof. 10/10.
  • Confidence Creamy Powder Foundation - I have always hated wearing liquid foundation. It would leave my face feeling oily and heavy, not to mention the irritation I faced with having such sensitive skin. This powder foundation is thick enough to provide good coverage yet light enough for all day use with no problems. I even like that it came with a flat sponge applicator instead of a powder puff. 10/10.
  • Amazonian Clay 12 Hour Blush - This blush is amazing, hands down. I chose a color that was light enough not to be too drastic but it still provides a lovely rosy color on my cheeks. Paired with the powder foundation, it’s an unstoppable combo. 10/10.
  • Tarteist Quick Dry Lip Matte Paint (Obsessed) - Not gonna lie, it doesn’t last as long as other liquid matte lipsticks I’ve tried, but it does dry quickly and the color I chose is beautiful. It looks great so long as you aren’t eating something, otherwise it comes off pretty instantly. 8/10.

Too Faced:

  • La Creme Lip Cream (Ursula) - This comes in the form of a lipstick, but is so soft and easy to apply. Plus the color looks great. Again, not super long lasting if you plan on eating something but otherwise, dries at a decent rate and is very moisturizing. 9/10.
  • Milk Chocolate Soleil Bronzer - I’ve never really used bronzer before, so I was a little concerned, but it honestly looks great. The shade is light but definitely noticeable and works great for contouring my cheekbones. 10/10.
  • Primed and Poreless Primer - A light and moisturizing product that definitely improves the look and ease of application for any other product you want to use on your face. It is slightly tinted but I don’t notice a huge difference when applied by itself. 10/10.

Makeup Revolution:

  • Liquid Highlighter (Unicorn Tears) - I got this because I was told it was a knock off of the same product made by Cover FX, which my local ULTA did not carry. I wanted to try out a cheaper version in case I hated it so that I did not waste $40+. I’m not a huge fan of liquid makeup on my face, so it didn’t feel great when applying it, but after it dried, it looked great. It gave my face a wonderful shimmer and glow and the color I chose is absolutely stunning. 9/10.

Anastasia Beverly Hills:

  • Sugar Glow Kit - I got this as a backup for the liquid highlighter and honestly, I’m glad I did. Each shade it comes with can be applied for different occasions and can be as minimal or drastic as you want. 10/10.
  • Lip Gloss (Kristen) - This was a sample I received and although I’m not a huge lip gloss fan, I actually really like it. The color is gorgeous yet not too flashy and is great for every day use. It’s a bit sticky, but that’s to be expected with a gloss. 9/10.

Urban Decay:

  • All Nighter Setting Spray - This product definitely increases the length of wear for all of the products I mentioned above. It keeps my face looking fresh for hours and there’s no harsh scent so that’s really nice. It has kept my makeup looking fresh through 12 hour work days, nights out on the town, and even naps. 10/10.
  • Troublemaker Mascara - Another sample I received. I can definitely understand the hype around this product - no clumping, waterproof, and luscious lengthy lashes. 10/10.
  • VICE Special Effects Lip Top Coat (Litter) - I’ve only had the chance to use this once. The color is outstanding, adds a wonderful glimmer to any lipstick you are wearing. The only thing I don’t like is that it comes in the form of a paintbrush type applicator instead of the classic “doe foot wand” which I would have preferred. I feel like the paintbrush makes it a little difficult to apply evenly. I think that in the future, I will opt to get “Luna” by Black Moon Cosmetics, for a similar effect. 7/10. 
|The Boy & The Wolf|

|Warning: Contains sexual content|

Wolves were Liam’s favorite animals since he was 5 years old. Maybe because he thought that they were huge dogs that he can play with. That fact simply amused his parents. Liam was hypnotized by their delightful fur, he soon found out that he couldn’t stop staring at photos of wolves. At the time, his dream was to have a wolf has a pet. Yeah, now that he was thinking about it, he felt pretty stupid. But hey, the teen couldn’t blame himself, he was a child at the time.

But that dream wasn’t impossible.

When he was 5 years old, Liam had a wolf as a best friend. He just found it in the wood, happily playing with his tail, trying to catch it with his teeth. Liam froze, his heart nearly stopping while he was watching the stunning canine. Then the wolf stopped playing and slowly turned around, sniffing the air. Little Liam took a step back, hoping to do go back home quietly. He whimpered when he stepped on a branch, the sound indicating where he was. The wolf raised his ears and started growling lightly in Liam’s direction.

Liam could feel the familiar burn of tears at the corner of his eyes. He closed his eyes, currently frozen in fear. His heartbeat was going crazy inside his chest and he was starting to shiver in terror.

His parents told him that wolves where dangerous, he actually never thought that he would encounter one while playing outside his house. But once again his curiosity got the most of him and followed his guts.

He jolted when he felt a muzzle under his fingers, softly caressing him. He slowly open his eyes and gasped at the wolf that was shuffling between his legs, asking to be pat.

It looked into Liam’s eyes, sitting on the ground and tilted his head slightly.

In a trance, Liam sat down on the ground and slowly raised his hand in the wolf’s direction, asking for permission to pet him. The canine sniffed his fingers then started walking slowly towards the boy. Liam looked into the wolf’s eyes. They were so magnificent, he forgot to breathe. His blue orbs couldn’t help but stare at them. The wolf’s eyes were a deep green and became yellow- almost gold- in the center. Its eyes looked like emeralds, he couldn’t stop staring. When his fingers came in contact with soft fur, Liam let out a breath he didn’t know he was holding. Little Liam giggled when the wolf purred under his hand. The canine rubbed his furry head under Liam’s arm, leaning besides him in a happy sigh. He giggled once more, realizing that the wolf wanted to be his friend. Even as a kid, he felt an attraction to the wolf. It was like a magnet. He was incredibly hypnotized by his beautiful grey and brown fur, his emerald eyes and the lively twinkle in his pupils that looked almost human. The next day, Liam woke up and saw a strange pattern on his arm. It was subtle, but he could see it. It was a moon. Since the strange tattoo appeared on his arm, he felt something inside him.

They grew inseparable over the years. They played with each other, walked together in the forest and cuddled when the cold weather came. They were best friends.

Then one day out of the blue, his parents announced him they have to move out. He would be away from his best friend.

That broke him inside.

When he went in the forest, the wolf wasn’t there waiting for him.

Liam’s heart nearly stopped when he felt that familiar tingle in his chest as he was leaving Beacon Hills High School. He let his gaze wander around him, his heart beating rapidly. He could feel his arm pulsing. It’s been so long since he felt that overwhelming sensation in his whole body.

It turned out that his guts told him to go in the forest behind his house. Perfectly creepy, Liam thought.

At each step he took, he felt his heart beating faster. His body was pulsating with need along with his tattoo on his arm.

Liam stopped walking. He felt something staring at his back. He slowly turned around. His gaze landed on a familiar figure.

His friend.

His huge friend. That wolf was fucking huge. He instantly recognized that grey and brown fur and these beautiful emerald eyes.

Liam walked towards the canine. He dropped to his knees and extended his arms. The wolf ran towards him, jumping happily on Liam. Liam putted his arms around the wolf, his eyes watering.

“I missed you.” Liam murmured after a while.

The wolf licked his cheeks in response.

He smiled when he saw the same tattoo on one of the wolf’s back leg.

“So we’re connected for real, huh?” Liam said in a smile. The canine shook his tail, looking at him. The wolf pulled back, walking slowly away from him. Liam raised his eyebrows in surprise. The wolf sat down, staring into Liam’s eyes.

“You want to show me something?” He asked to the wolf. His friend nodded, shaking his tail.

Then the impossible happened. He shifted. Liam watched in awe his wolf friend turn into a human. He wouldn’t lie, the boy in front of him was quite handsome. Liam hid his face with his hands when he realized the other boy was naked.

“What the fuck?” Liam said, his face reddening.

“That’s the first you say to me?” The boy replied, amused.

“Dude, you’re literally a wolf that shifted into a human. I think everyone would have that reaction.” Liam said, rolling his eyes.

“You have a point.” The boy said, shrugging in response.

Liam peaked through his fingers and closed his eyes when he saw that he was still naked.

“Put some clothes on!”

“Huh, I can’t. I left them in my truck.” The boy answered.

“You’re an idiot.” Liam said in annoyance.

“Huh, you’re the one that followed me in the woods.” The boy replied in a chuckle. Liam ignored the backflip his heart made at the sound.

Liam gulped.

“So you’re?” Liam asked.

“I’m what?”

“What are you exactly ?”

“I’m a chimera.” The boy answered.

“What the fuck is that?”

“I’m part werewolf and part werecoyote.”

“I don’t believe you. These things don’t exist.”

“Then how can you explain that I can turn into a wolf?” The boy asked with a smirk.

“Touché.” Liam said in a sigh.

“What’s your name?” The boy said, breaking the silence.

“Liam. What’s yours?” Liam asked in return.


“Theo.” Liam repeated, the name rolling on his tongue like honey.

Theo walked to him, stepping in his personal space. He softly cupped his cheek with his palm, sighing in contentment. He caressed Liam’s skin with his thumb when he saw that Liam didn’t pushed him away.

“I was waiting for you. For so long.” He whispered softly, his breath ghosting on Liam’s flushed face.

“Me too.” Liam replied, closing his eyes. Their tattoos were pulsating together, like a heartbeat.

“I feel so drawn to you.” Liam breathed.

“We’re drawn to each other since that day.” Theo replied with a smile.

Liam nodded, taking Theo’s free hand in his.

“At the time, I never understood what that tattoo meant.” Liam whispered, glancing at Theo’s lips.

“Now I know for sure.” Theo gasped at Liam, his eyes twinkling in the moonlight.

“Yeah?” Theo said against Liam’s lips.

Liam nodded.

Theo brought their lips together, sighing against Liam’s mouth. Liam responded immediately, his lips moving along Theo’s.

Liam leaned on his bed with Theo on top of him, burying his fingers in Theo’s hair and slightly pulling at it. The other boy moaned in response. Liam kissed him, exploring Theo’s mouth with his tongue. The younger boy let his hands wander on Theo’s body, shivering with want. They started grinding against each other, a few groans and moans getting out of their mouths.

Theo looked into Liam’s eyes, panting slightly against him.

The chimera tugged on the human’s shirt, asking him to take it off. Liam happily complied. Theo unbuckled the other boy’s belt, throwing it across the room. The older boy unbuttoned Liam’s jeans, taking them off. He tore Liam’s boxers off, licking his lips in anticipation. Liam moaned when he felt his pulsating cock being released from his boxers.

“I’ve been waiting so long to finally see you again.” Liam whispered in Theo’s ear. Theo kissed him for a brief moment, then leaned down to lick the sweat off his abs. He moaned, arching his back at the sensation. When Theo’s lips came in contact with Liam’s cock, he leaned his head back on his pillow, shouting in pleasure. He tightly gripped the sheets with his hands, moaning loudly when Theo took him in his mouth. And damn, Theo had a creative tongue. While Theo was sucking him off, Liam was shamelessly letting whimpers, moans, shouts and groans coming out of his mouth. He was seeing stars. The younger boy bucked his hips, thrusting inside Theo’s mouth in pleasure. The chimera bobbed his head up and down, sending shivers down Liam’s spine.

In a shout, Liam came and Theo swallowed everything he could. He licked the tip of Liam’s dick, cleaning his cum and then licked his lips looking straight up at Liam while doing so. Liam gulped in response, looking at him. His eyes were blown with lust. Theo climbed on Liam’s body, pulling his lips into a heated kiss. Their hands explored every surface of each other’s body, sweat glistening between them. Theo bit Liam’s bottom lip, earning a groan from the other boy. The chimera licked Liam’s lips, his body melting against him.

“I need you.” Liam panted in the older boy’s mouth. Theo pulled the sweaty locks away from Liam’s forehead, leaving little kisses across his face.

Liam gripped Theo’s wrist and stared intensely into his eyes.

“Theo, please.”

I want you.

Theo traveled down Liam’s body, rubbing a little against him. The older boy spread Liam’s legs, caressing one thigh with his hand. Liam was nearly whimpering in impatience.

Liam widened his eyes in surprise as he felt Theo’s tongue penetrating his hole. As his tongue darted in and out, Liam wasn’t even controlling what was coming out of his mouth, Theo turned him into a puddle only with his tongue. His brain was swimming in pleasure. When he felt the absence of the chimera’s tongue inside him, he almost cried. Theo raised his head between Liam’s legs.

“Lube?” He simply asked.

“Bottom drawer” He replied between pants.

Theo stood up and searched for the bottle of lube. When he found it, he opened the cap and smeared the lubricant on his cock. Liam watched him, a moan coming out of his mouth.

Theo crawled on top of him, bringing their lips together in a messy kiss. They were shamelessly biting, licking, sucking and nibbling at each other. Liam never this aroused in his life.

“Oh my god.” Liam mumbled when Theo broke the kiss. Liam panting against his mouth, his body shivering with need and his mind swimming in ecstasy.

“I need you to relax, okay?” Theo softly said, looking into Liam’s gorgeous blue eyes.

He slowly nodded in response. His left hand was holding Liam’s hip and he used his right hand to line up his cock to Liam’s entrance. Theo looked into Liam’s eyes who finally nodded, his lips slightly parted. Theo pushed inside, groaning at the warmth enveloping him. Liam let out a whimper. Theo was so thick. It hurt, but it was totally worth it. Theo stopped pushing inside him and cupped Liam’s cheek.

“Are you okay?” Theo asked softly, pecking Liam’s lips.

Liam nodded.

“I just need… time.” Liam replied, closing his eyes.

Theo kissed his forehead in response. The younger boy breathed in. The sensation of being filled with Theo’s cock was actually pretty arousing. He moaned at the thought. Opening his eyes, Liam stared into Theo’s stunning eyes.

“Move.” Liam said in a breath.

The boy nodded, pushing further inside him. Liam closed his eyes and thrown his head back in a moan. Theo pulled out and slowly pushed inside once again, making Liam moan louder. This slow pace was a torture. He was taking everything in, savoring him. Liam was shamelessly moaning against Theo, who was slowly and delicately thrusting inside him with a groan. Liam was scratching Theo’s back with his nails at every thrust.

“Faster. Harder.” Liam moaned, panting against Theo’s mouth.

Then with his hands on the younger boy’s hips, Theo pulled Liam up against his chest. Liam crashed their lips together, moaning in his mouth at the change of Theo’s angle. The chimera started fucking inside him, the boy meeting his thrusts halfway. When Theo found his sweet spot, Liam shouted in pleasure in Theo’s ear. Liam fucked himself on Theo’s dick, sitting on his lap. Theo watched as Liam pleasured himself on his dick, his cock pulsating at the gorgeous sight. Theo gripped the boy’s hair and yanked their mouths together, melting inside his mouth. They explored each other’s mouth, their tongues dancing together.

They found their perfect rhythm, their bodies slamming against each other’s.

“Bite me. Make me yours, Theo.” Liam whispered into his ear.

Theo widened his eyes at him. Does he understand what that meant?

“Since I’m a kid, I knew that I was connected to you. Our marks are infinite proof of that.” Liam said, kissing Theo’s neck.

“Do you know what that means?” Theo softly asked as he stopped thrusting inside him. Liam whined at the lost.

“I’ve got a pretty good idea of what it means.”

“So do it. Do it.” Liam purred in his ear.

“You know that you won’t be…?” Theo started, but his lover stopped him.

“I won’t be human anymore. Yeah, I figured.” Liam said, interrupting him.

“I want it, Theo. Do it.” Liam said, staring into Theo’s eyes.

Theo closed his eyes and reopened them, his eyes glowing a deep shade of red.

Liam gasped at him in awe. The boy cupped Theo’s cheek in a happy sigh.

“God, you’re so breathtaking.” The teen said, amazed by his lover’s red eyes.

Theo opened his mouth, letting his growing fangs be seen by Liam.

“Do it.” Liam repeated, burying his face in Theo’s neck.

The chimera licked Liam’s neck before biting him. The teen thought that it would hurt, but it didn’t. He only felt pure pleasure burning through his veins. He moaned in Theo’s neck in pleasure.

Theo slowly started fucking into him again, Liam eagerly responding to him. They both drove each other to the edge, Theo came inside Liam while shouting his name. They stayed in their embrace, holding each other tight and they shared another kiss.

“Oh my god. You just fucked my brains out.” Liam said, panting against Theo’s shoulder.

“You were not so bad yourself.” Theo replied with a smirk.

In response, Liam squeezed his ass around Theo’s cock, earning one of the most sexiest groans from Theo.

Liam chuckled, pecking the chimera’s lips.

“I will take that as a compliment, cause you’re stuck with me now.” Liam said, pointing at the bite on his shoulder.

Theo smirked, admiring his work.

“You’re mine now.” Theo said in a deep voice. Liam shivered at his tone.

“Yours, forever and always.”

|The End|

chansoos eng ver of for life has got to be the best part of today it got me eyes watering my chin trembling i even had to cover my mouth otherwise i would’ve screamed and his high note blew me the fuck away also his english is so good im so proud of him rn he really did own the day 1 of elyxion 

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Drinking/drunk headcanons?

Let’s get turnt!

These might just be centered around Cuphead since he’s the only one seen pouring moonshine into himself.

  • Cuphead got into moonshine at the age of 10, when he was hanging around a bad crowd at that time and when the Prohibition movement was official in 1920. He was disgusting and it burned and made his eyes water at first, but because he wanted to come off as cool and tough, he kept on drinking it. 
  • Although he left that crowd behind as he got older, and when said “friends” had picked on Mugman and that was what broke the camel’s back, Cuphead could never give moonshine up and got a hold of it whenever he could, and sneaked it behind Elder Kettle’s back.
  • Because of this early start to drinking, Cuphead has a strong stomach and a high tolerance to alcohol– while Mugman has zero tolerance and can barely stomach even a sip of the stuff. 
  • Cuphead smells like mint chocolate and moonshine.
  • Cuphead will sneak a shot of moonshine during the winter times to get warmed up to his core.
  • When Cuphead does get tipsy and drunk– he’s super clingy and physically touchy, especially around Mugman; he’ll hang on his brother, rub his back, rub Mugman’s hand on his face lovingly, run his gloved hands underneath Mugman’s black long sleeve, give bear hugs, and sloppy kisses on the cheek and lips, nuzzle Mugman’s neck.
  • This can drive Mugman crazy because Cuphead doesn’t care if they’re around other people, he’ll still do all these things to Mugman, and Mugman can only whine for Cuphead to stop it, push him away, remove his hands, wipe away the wet kisses– all while red faced and steaming embarrassed. 
  • Drunk Cuphead will drag his brother into a bathroom or vacant room just to feel him up and kiss him deeply– disregarding Mugman’s soft protests and weak shoves. He’s clumsy when he kisses, carelessly sticking his tongue into Mugman’s mouth, almost hungrily devouring his little brother’s lips– and Mugman, with light tears at the edges of his eyes and the threat of bile making it’s way up due to the strong taste of moonshine from his brother’s mouth, will just accept it and kiss back weakly– until he’s just as hungry and dizzy with need.
  • Cuphead only likes Moonshine, any other alcohol makes him sick and vomit a few hours later. 
  • If Mugman does get drunk– and it doesn’t take a lot –he’s clumsy and awkward, always giggling, his cheeks are a reddy red color and he hiccups a lot, slurring his words and behaving so bashful. Cuphead finds it endearing, especially since Mugman becomes so needy to cuddle and be held by his older brother when he’s drunk, purring with drunken content when he’s wrapped up in his brother’s warm arms. 
  • Sadly, Mugman usually vomits before going to bed– and Cuphead is there to rub his back, speak soft, comforting words as Mugman yaks up the small amount of alcohol he had, tears streaming down his face, snot coming from his nose– and he’s apologizing to Cuphead for behind such a baby and being so gross and how Cuphead can just leave him– but Cuphead just waves it all off, saying how he loves him even if he’s gross right now, even if he smells like bile– as the big brother, he’ll fix it, he’ll make him feel better with a hot bath and warm soup.
She Keeps Me Warm

Hot Pants side-eyes her boyfriend. “You’re an idiot.”

“I am not,” Diego protests through chattering teeth.

“Then stop being stubborn.” She shoves her coat into his arms. “You know you’re like a lizard. Walking around in weather like this without a jacket will kill you.”

“I told you I’m-” his entire body jumps when he sneezes.

“Were you about to say ‘fine’?” He nods sheepishly. “Then you’re a liar. Why won’t you just wear my coat?”

“Because,” he scoffs, shoving his thin hands under his armpits, “I don’t need it.”

“Fine. Freeze for all I care.” Hot Pants snatches back her coat and continues down the snowy sidewalk. Diego hustles to keep up with her long strides. The brisk wind makes his eyes water.

“Hey HP?”


“Do I look good in pink?” She slows to let him catch up.

“Are you serious?” A smirk curls at her lips. Diego casts his gaze away.

“Of course not. I was making a joke.” He sneezes.

“I think you look very handsome pink.”

“I told you I was joking!”
“Yeah but it’s true. It compliments your eyes.”

“Hmph.” But Hot Pants can practically see her boyfriend’s ego inflate.

“Hey HP?”


“Can I wear your coat?”

She throws it at his face.

I was looking at some of the video my mom took of me right after surgery and in one of them my cheeks are puffed, my eyes are watering and I slurred:

‘You know, since I woke up in a different room that means someone must’ve carried me. I hope it was the cute guy pushing the wheelchair back and forth. It was probably him. But you know, sometimes it’s nice to be carried by a lady. If she’s a strong lady. That’d be nice.’ 

I don’t fully remember saying that but, uh…yeah. I agree with my drugged self.

I hope you guys all had a good Thanksgiving if you celebrate it and if you don’t, I hope you had a wonderful day anyway :)  

I’m getting super woozy again so I’m heading to bed

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They're on the beach and no one is around ;) Sandy ass cracks

Well, if this isn’t perfect for my Modern AU Finn/Julian I don’t know what is.

Not as NSFW as I feel you may have wanted ;) 

I’ve started posting my Modern AU separately from my other ficlets on AO3. You can read it here.

It was Summer, and all Julian could think about was Finnegan Lightwood, especially as he watched him emerge from the sea like some kind of dreamy movie star. He sighed, keeping a close eye on the water droplets that cascaded down his muscled abdomen as he walked towards him. 

He dropped down beside him onto the towel, smelling like salt and sand and heaven. “You sure you don’t want a dip?” 

Julian smirked, shaking his head. “It’s getting dark, the sea at night gives me the creeps.” 

Finn rubbed a towel through his wet hair, draping it over his shoulders. “I’m here to protect you,” he grinned, bumping their shoulders together. 

Julian’s heart skipped a beat… or two. He leaned over, unable to resist pressing a quick kiss to the boys lips, the taste of salt slick on wet skin. 

Finn exhaled sharply as they parted, his lids hooded. He glanced around, turning back to Julian with a wicked grin. “You know… we appear to be alone. What do you make of that?” 

Julian looked around the beach, Finn was right; they were alone. He swallowed thickly, watching the rise and fall of the other boy’s chest, a stray droplet of water trailing down the hard line of his throat. “I think, uh… I think that’s pretty perfect.” 

He licked his lips, Finn’s silver eyes watching the movement intently. He moved quickly, straddling Julian’s hips, his wet shorts soaking Julian’s dry in an instant. Julian’s hands wrapped around him, cupping his backside. Finn placed his hands around Julian’s neck, his fingers clasped. 

“I have classes tomorrow, early classes… you’re going to keep me out late again, aren’t you?” Julian chuckled, his voice catching as Finn shifted upon him. 

Finn quirked a dark eyebrow, his bottom lip pulled between his teeth as he nodded. “Are you going to stop me?” He leaned in, his legs tightening around Julian’s waist, an unmistakable hardness pressing against Julian’s belly. He groaned, his thumb hooking into the waistband of those wet shorts. 

“Absolutely not.” 

“Good,” Finn grinned, catching his mouth in a heated kiss, his tongue slick, salty against Julian’s. 

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Batfam Embarrassing Moments at Galas


Let’s out a loud cackle in the middle of a speech praising the work of earths Green Lantern(Hal Jordan). The crowd all turns to see Bruce Wayne laughing his fool head off at the prospect of Hal, the guy who regularly runs into buildings and hums the theme song to Star Wars in the middle of battles, being given such credit.


This was when he was still a teen… he accidentally burped really loud and let out an “oh fuck I’m sorry” right in front the mayor of Gotham. The look Bruce sent him could have turned him to stone.


Popped five hot chili peppers in his mouth. He then preceded to yell my mouth is on fire, fan his watering eyes, and stumble to the drink table to chug an entire jug of water.


Tripped, grabbed the first thing nearest to him, which was a ladies skirt, and tore the dress down the back as he fell to the floor.


Was caught, by Dick, staring at a woman’s butt in a tight dress.


Gagged on an orderve and choked up the entire thing, which landed with a loud slop on the floor.


At one of the Wayne banquets, Bruce asked his kids to join him on stage. She fell asleep durn the speech and tipped against Damian, who let her fall to the floor. The crowd went silent, a look of utter exhaustion flashed across Bruce’s face, and he turned to see his kids beginning a silent argument of glaring at each other(Robin was spotted falling off a building later that night).


Got drunk. Stumbled around mumbling “Howdy, sexy lady” to everyone.


Non. He’s British perfection.

Monsters and Mythological Creatures

So, someone asked about monsters, and since I’ve been hoarding this long list of mythical beings for one of my own stories for the last like, three years, I decided to finally share it! This list is divided into categories for specific types of creatures. Each creature is accompanied by a definition or description, where it’s from, and other useful information.

Here we go:


  • Arae(Greek Mythology): Female spirits of curses, particularly curses that are placed by the dead, on the person responsible for their death.
  • Banshee(Gaelic Lore): A female spirit who brings death to her victim by screeching or wailing. Often depicted wearing green or red robes, with hair being described as either orange, red or yellow to mimic the flicker of flames. Can appear as a young beautiful women, or an old and frightening ‘hag’
  • Black Dog/Hell Hounds: Usually depicted as large, ghostly looking black dogs that come from hell. Typically, they roam the streets at night looking for pray to drag back to hell or devour. 
  • Bogle(Gaelic Lore): A ghost like being whose sole purpose is to frighten and confuse humans and other creatures.
  • (El) Coco/  Cucuí (Typically Hispanic or Latin american Folklore) : A ghost like monster, much like the american boogeyman, used to strike fear into children. The description changes among different cultures. Sometimes described as ghosts with pumpkin heads, as large rattling skeletons, a female humanoid alligator like creature, or even a dragon like creature. (as a child, I imagined them more like skeleton ghosts) 
  •  Demons : Malevolent spirits from Hell 
  • Fox Spirits (Popular among Asian Folklore) : The Fox Spirit or the Nine Tailed Fox is a common spirit among east Asian cultures, usually depicted as a familiar with great magic power. They are often devious or mischievous, with a bad habit of tricking people. Usually, they are also capable of shape shifting into beautiful women. They can be a good, or a bad omen. Known as the  húli jīng (fox spirit) in China, the kitsune (fox) in Japan, and the kumiho (nine-tailed fox) in Korea.
  • Gashadokuro(Japanese Mythology): Spirits of people who died of starvation or in battle, and did not receive a proper burial. They take the form of massive skeletons, apparently 15 times taller then the average human. They roam the world after midnight, capturing lone travelers, and biting off their heads to drink their blood. They are said to be invisible and invincible. Though they can be warded off with  Shinto charms, and it’s said you can sense their presence if you hear a loud ringing in your ear. 
  • Ghosts: Spirits of the undead that are trapped in the world of the living. Often resemble what they looked like alive, can be good, bad or neutral. 
  • Grim Reaper: The Physical embodiment of death, arrives to take your soul to the after life. 
  • Hulder or Huldra (Scandanvian Folklore) : Beautiful, seductive, female forest spirits that are primarily human with the exception of having a cows tail. Apparently come from beneath the earth, sometimes claimed to be a forgotten child of adam and eve. They are known as coal kindles, they would watch the fires of travelers while they slept, and ensure they would not go out. Males of this species are said to be hideous, with grotesquely long noses. 
  • Ifrit (Middle Eastern): A death spirit believed to be drawn in by the life force or blood of the murdered. They tend to be fiery in nature(literally), and are said to either take the form of the deceased they were attracted to, or the form of Satan himself. Can be good or evil or neutral, but mainly considered to be malevolent, vengeful, evil, ruthless, or wicked. 
  • Ittan-momen (Japanese Mythology): Now, this one sounds pretty harmless, but do not be fooled. Ittan-Momen is a sentient roll of cotton that flies through the air at night, and attacks and kills people by smothering them. 
  • Incubus: No, I do not mean the Rock Band. An Incubus is a male demon that lies upon it’s victim, and supposedly steals their life force by having repeated sex with them. Their female counterpart is called a succubus. 
  • Jinn (Arabian and Islamic mythology and theology) : Jinn, or more popularly known in western culture; the Genie, is a powerful spirit with free will, and thus can be good, evil, or neutral. Usually depicted with no spiritual form, or as humans with different animal parts, or as shadowy ghosts. Jinn play many different roles in different cultures. They are often seen as living in a parallel world to the human world. 
  • Keres (Greek Mythology) : Daughters of the goddess Nyx, spirits of violent or unpeaceful death. 
  • Kobalos (Greek Mythology) : Depicted as small, mischievous creatures that took to messing with people. They often pranked, frightened, or stole from people. In myth, they stole from Heracles while he slept. In one version, he gives them away as a present to the Lydian Queen. In another version, he forgives them, and lets them off the hook simply because he finds them amusing.  Greek myths depict the kobaloi as “impudent, thieving, droll, idle, mischievous, gnome-dwarfs”, and as “funny, little triksy elves” of a phallic nature. So they’re essentially annoying yet sort of funny gnome/elf/dwarves that resemble erect penises. Isnt mythology fun. 
  • La Llorona aka The Weeping Women (Popular in northern and southern american folklore) : Usually the Ghost of either a women who was scorned by a man, and now she hunts for other awful men. Or, the Ghost of a women who cries as she searches for her dead children. The most traditional or typical story tells of a women who drowns her children in the river out of spite when her husband leaves her for a younger women. After realizing her children are dead, and she can not find them, she drowns herself as well. In the after life, she is not permitted to move onto heaven. Her soul will not be able to find peace until she finds her children, and thus she is doomed to wander the earth in search of them. In some stories, she will take lone children that resemble her own, and drown them in the river so they can take her children’s place. 
  • Lamia(Greek Mythology) : A beautiful queen of Lybia. It’s said that she was a mistress of Zues. In one version, Zues’ Jealous wife Hera steals all of Lamias children, and turns her into a demon that hunts and devours others children. Other versions say that Hera killed all of Lamias children, and driven by the grief and suffering of her loss, goes insane, and starts stealing and eating others children out of envy. The repeated horrid act turns her into a monster. There is also a myth that Hera forced her to eat her own children, then cursed her to never be able to close her eyes, so that the image of her children's death will forever haunt her. Zues later grants her the ability to remove her eyes to appease her grief. In some descriptions, she has serpent like features, or the lower half of a snake. In others, her face is distorted. No matter the story however, it’s Hera’s fault. 
  • Lares (Roman Mythology) : House hold or guardian spirits that each family traditionally has around their grounds. Statues of domestic Lares were typically placed at the table for family meals. Their presence and worship seemed to be very important. 
  • Mare(Germanic or slavic Folklore) : a Ghost/ Spirirt or Goblin that sits on the chest of sleeping victims, and forces nightmares upon them. Other legends depict them as beautiful women that go into the dreams of men and seduce them before killing them. I personally prefer the sitting goblins. 
  • Neck or Nokken (Germanic and Scandinavian Folklore) : Water Spirits usually depicted as a a shadowy monster lurking in the water, it’s eyes just above the surface. Other times, it’s described as a beautiful young man playing the fiddle or violin while resting in the water. Their enchanting songs drew women, men and children to them. Sometimes they are said to be peaceful, and will simply play for the humans, or possibly even move into the home of one who has fallen in love with them (though they often do not stay long), and sometimes they are said to lure people to their death with their beautiful song. Don’t know about you, but I would totally take a cute guy playing the violin underneath a water fall over a creepy water submerged shadow, any day. 
  • Nymph (Greek Mythology) : Minor Nature Gods or spirits that tend to animate nature, and are viewed as beautiful, and free young (typically) women. There are several different types of Nymphs; Celestial Nymphs, Land Nymphs, Wood or Forest Nymphs, Plant/Flower Nymphs, Water Nymphs, and Underworld Nymphs. The most common are Dryads, that are Nymphs of the trees. Naiads, which are fresh Water Nymphs(ponds, fountains, springs, etc), and Auras which are basically air nymphs, or breezes. 
  • Poltergeist: (German for Noisy Spirit or Noisy Ghost) A Ghost that is capable of physicaly capable of sitrubing the human world. They are known for hitting, biting, pinching, scratching and tripping humans. They are also known for moving or levitating objects, and making loud knocking sounds. 
  • Sprites: Elemental, fairy like beings that are invisible to humans. Can be good or evil or neutral. Sylphs are sprites dedicate solely to the element of Air. 
  • Tikoloshe (Zulu Mythology) : A goblin, or dwarf like water spirit that can become invisible by drinking water. It is regarded as mischievous and evil. They can be called upon to cause trouble or to harm others. Best case scenario, they scare kids. Worst case scenario, they can bring you serious illness or even death. It’s usually described as a gremlin like demon with gauged out eyes. 


  • Aeternae: Creatures who supposedly attacked Alexander the Great, and killed many of his men with their bony, saw like protuberances that came from their head. 
  • Asanbosam (West African Folklore) : Hairy, ogre like vampiric creatures with iron teeth and iron hooks for feet. They live in the trees, and attack their victims from above. 
  • Adze (Ewe Folklore) : Another vampire like being in the form of a firefly, but will transform into a human if captured. In human form, they will possess people. People who are possessed are thought to be witches, and the people around the possessed with be affected negatively. As a firefly, they can phase through doors, and will suck the blood of sleeping people. The victims will eventually fall ill and die. 
  • Bisimbi Bi Masa (African Folklore) : Water Nymphs that reside in the Congo. They’re described as beautiful and seductive spirits that live in natural watery areas. They are known to cause awful skin diseases, which only their own haunting cries can cure. Which is weirdly twisted and cool? 
  • Brownies(Scottish FolkLore): Small, humanoid like creatures that sneak into peoples houses at night to do chores in exchange for their favorite foods. They will stop tending to a house if the owner misues them, or if their gifts of food are instead called payment. 
  • Changeling: A fairy infant left in the place of a human infant that was kidnapped by fairies. 
  • Centaur (Greek Mythology) : Upper half of a man, lower half of a horse. Wild and free creatures, that tend to be good in nature. The most popular is Chiron, who was refered to as the wisest and most just of all centaurs. He trained the some of the most famous greek Heroes, such as; Achilles, Jason, Perseus, Theseus, Ajax, and some stories portray him training Heracles as well. There are several different types of Centaurs;  Ichthyocentaurs, which are centaurs who have the tails of fish, Winged Centaurs, Onocentaur which has the bottom half of a donkey, rather then a horse,  Cyprian Centaurs, which are bull-horned centaurs,  Lamian Centaurs, which had Ox horns. 
  • Cyclops(Greek Mythology) : Giant One eyed humanoid monsters that typically captured and ate people. Legend says no one was able to escape or hurt them. 
  • Dwarf: A Short, stocky, scraggly looking humanoids that typically live underground in mining communities. 
  • Elf: A race of humanoid creatures who typically have pointy ears, and excel in magic. 
  • Empusa (Greek Mythology) : A demigod or monster that drinks the blood and eating the flesh of sleeping men. They are depicted with flaming hair, and are said to have one bronze leg, and one leg of a donkey. 
  • Erinyes or Furies (Greek Mythology) : Female deities of vengeance, there are typically three of them;  Alecto or Alekto (“endless”), Megaera (“jealous rage”), and Tisiphone or Tilphousia (“vengeful destruction”). They are depicted in several different ways. Sometime they are said to have snakes for hair, or dogs heads in place of human heads. Sometimes their skin or eyes are said to be as black as coal, and sometimes they are portrayed with bat wings. Their victims die in torture, and they are more ancient then most of the Olympian gods themselves. 
  • Fairy: Humanoids with great magical abilities. Legends and myths about fairies vary greatly from culture to culture. They are not always good. They have free will, and are often mischievous. Never trust a fairy. 
  • Futakuchi-onna (Japanese Mythology) : A women with two mouths. One where it normally should be, and a second, fully functioning mouth on the back of her head, beneath her hair. It’s said that the hair parts, and the skull splits open into a mouth, and demands food. If it is not fed, it will shriek, and cause the women awful pain. This myth is apparently derived from ‘how little women eat’. 
  • Gegenees (Greek Mythology) : Six Armed Giants
  • Gnome :  A small, humanoid creature who lives and moves beneath the earth. I once had a whole book on gnomes, and this thing was written like they were observing some kind of animal?? Like they talked about Gnomes like they were real creatures and I was entirely shook. Did you know Gnomes only gave birth to twins? Cause I didnt. There was a whole section on the sex lives and birthing system of gnomes. I’ll never unsee that section. I gave the book to my friend, cause I’m 99% sure she’s a gnome. Never piss off a Gnome. 
  • Goblin : A  grotesque, troublesome little creature with a strong greed for gold and jewels. Very Mischievous. Goblin is probably still one of my favorite words. Say it ten times, really fast, do it. 
  • Golem(Jewish Folklore) : A humanoid(ish) like creature made from clay, mud, or stone that is magically animated. 
  • Gorgon (Greek Mythology) : The snake haired (and sometimes snake-bodied) women who could turn people to stone just by looking at them. The most Famous being Medusa. 
  • Graeae (Greek Mythology) : Three old women who shared one tooth and one eye among them. They took turn using it. In mythology, Perseus held their eye for ransom until they told him the whereabouts of the items he needed to kill Medusa. 
  • Harpies( Greek Mythology) : Half bird, half human, embodiment of storm winds. They typically swooped down and dragged away (bad) humans, and carried them to their punishment. 
  • Hecatoncheires (Greek Mythology); Because those guys with the six arms just arent enough, let me introduce you to Hecatoncheires, aka the hundred handed ones. That’s right. One Hundred Hands. They also have fifty heads, and have unimaginable strength. Thankfully, there are only three of these guys. 
  • Hobgoblin : A type of Brownie who is inherently less helpful and more mischievous, even to the point of causing harm if antagonized.
  • Imp : Small, mischievous creatures who liked to play pranks on people.
  • Jorōgumo (Japanese Mythology): A spirit that can shape-shift into a beautiful women. Often Depicted as being half pretty lady, half terrifying spider. She’s sometimes shown controlling small, fire breathing spiders. This is the thing of my nightmares; a hot lady who turns into a partial spider, that controls other, smaller spiders that breath fire. Because pretty girls arent intimidating enough, you gotta go and mix them with spiders, right?
  • Manticore ( Persian Folklore) : Head of a human, body of a lion, tail of a poisonous porcupine, or a scorpion. 
  • Mermaids  and Sirens : Sea creatures with the head and torso of a woman and the tail of a fish. Sometimes good, sometimes evil. The evil ones are known for (sometimes singing) and luring sailors to their deaths, and dragging them down to the bottom of the ocean to devour them. 
  • Minotaur  (Greek Mythology): The creature with the head and legs of a bull and the torso of a man, who guarded the exit to The Labyrinth.
  • Moirai (Greek Mythology): The Fates. There are three of them, typically seen in white robes, and are the incarnation of Destiny. They control the thread of life for everything. They ensured the birth, life, and death of everything. Every being was at their control. 
  • Ogre : An ugly, oversized humanoid creature with great physical strength and little intelligence. No shrek jokes, please, None. 
  • Orc : A large, ugly humanoid similar to Goblins. They tend to be evil, brutish, aggressive and repulsive monsters. Though they are based off many other mythical beings, Orcs stem more from J.R.R Tolkeins books, and rise in fantasy games like Dungeons and Dragons and World of Warcraft. 
  • Penanggalan (South East Asian FolkLore) : a detached female head that fly’s about on its own. As it flies, the stomach and entrails dangle below it, which apparently are apparently hit by the night light in such a way that makes them appear like fireflies.. During the day, it appears as a normal, human women. It’s said to usually be caused by witchcraft of pacts with demons. 
  • Pixie :  A small humanoid creature with pointy ears who likes to cause mischief.
  • Sasquatch : Large, hairy, man-like beasts that live in the woods. Types of Sasquatch include Bigfoot, and the Yeti. 
  • Satyr :Half-men, half-goats who were wild, lustful, and all around fun. The god Pan was one of these. Pan was the god of the wild, and apparently liked to scare the crap out of people in the forest, and that’s where the word panic comes from. 
  • Scorpion Man : They have another name, but it’s way long, and I can’t find it right now. But they’re men who have the head and torso of a human, and the lower half of a scorpion. They are featured in the Babylonian version of The Epic of Gilgamesh. 
  • Shapeshifters :Humans who can willingly take the form of any animal. Honestly, the idea of shape-shifting has always weirded me out. Because honestly, it sounds painful. Like, if you shape shift into something much smaller and structurally different then you, say, a bird for example, where do your bones go? Like, i figure some of your bones shrink or stretch with you to fit the animal, but some animals don’t have the exact same amount of bones as humans, so like, where do the bones go?? I’ve been asking this since I was like then, I have received no answers. I am concerned. 
  • Sirens : Man-eating beautiful women whose song compels men to them. Not always mermaid like creatures. Sometimes depicted as fully human, or as partially bird like. 
  • Sphinx(Greek Mythology) : The half-human, half-lion that forces those it meets to answer its     riddles, or die. In the story of Oedipus, the riddle it gives is “What is the creature that walks on four legs in the morning, two legs at noon and three in the evening?” the answer to which is Humans. As we crawl on all fours as infants, on two legs for most of our lives, and with a cane in our old age. 
  • Valkyries (Norse Mythology) : female divinities who choose people who died a heroic death in battle, and then guide them to Valhalla. 
  • Vampire: Probably one of the most famous of monsters. The undead human like creature that drinks the blood of the living.
  •  Wendigo/ Windigo ( Algonquian folklore) : A monster or spirit that is associated with Cannibalism, murder, and greed.  They are often seen as either Humans turned into monsters by their sins, or humans that are possessed by evil spirits. Wendigos are associated with winter, wilderness, cold, cannibalism, greed, murder, famine, and starvation. They are often depicted with human, deer, or tree like features to imitate the wilderness. 
  • WereWolf: Yet another Classic. A human being who transforms into a wolf, or a wolf-human hybrid creature either by night, or by the full moon. 
  • Wraith(Scottish/ Gaelic folklore): Evil Spirits who can not pass on, and torment the living. Usually depicted as Shadow like figures.  
  • Zombies: The animated undead, rotting corpses who consume the flesh of the living. 


  • Airavata (Hindu Mythology) : The Mythical white elephant that carries the Hindu God Indrua. It is said to be spotless white, have five trunks and ten tusks.
  • Basilisk : A legendary reptile who could kill a man with its stare, it’s said to be hatched by a chicken from a reptilian egg. 
  • Bake-kujira (Japanese mythology) : The ghostly skeleton of a dead whale that surfaces the water. It’s said that it’s presence brings a curse to either the area it’s seen, or to anyone who spots it. 
  • Catoblepas (Greek Mythology/Ethiopia) : A creature from Ethiopia, resembling that of a buffalo or a wilder beast. It’s always looking downward, because it’s head is too heavy. In some descriptions, it’s gaze could kill you, and in others, it only ate poison vegetation, that made it’s breath poisonous as well. 
  • Cerastes (Greek Mythology) : A serpant so flexible, it had no spine. It’s depicted as either having two large ram horns, or as having four small horns. It’s said to hide in the sand, with only it’s horns peeking through the surface, waiting for unsuspecting Prey to approach it. 
  • Chupacabra (Latin American Folk Lore) : A monster known for feeding off of livestock, especially goats. It’s name translates to ‘Goat Sucker’. The two most common descriptions of El Chupacabre are that of a strange wild dog that is mainly hairless, with a prominent spinal ridge, sunken in eyes, and large fangs and claws. The other descriptions shows it as a large reptilian creature with leathery or scaly green/gray skin, and sharp porcupine like needles going down it’s spine.  Unlike most predators, El Chupacabre drains it’s pray off their blood, and sometimes their organs, rather then eating the flesh. 
  • Cerberus(Greek Mythology) :The three-headed dog that guards the entrance to Hades. It’s name is supposedly derived from the greek word for ‘Spotted’ or ‘Spot’. The capturing of Cerberus is claimed to be the final, and most difficult task of Heracles 12 trials. 
  • Chimera (Greek Mythology): A monstrous hybrid that was Part-lion, part-goat, part-snake. In some descriptions, it has the head of all three, in others, it has the head of the lion and the goat, the lions body with the goat hooves, and a snake for a tail. In another description, it might be the head of one, the body of another, and the tail of the other. It’s really one big game of mix and match. Sometimes they also breath fire or have wings. 
  • Cockatrice :A flying creature that is part-rooster and part snake that could supposedly kill with it’s stare. It’s said to be hatched by a reptile from a chickens egg. Pretty much the opposite of the Basilisk. 
  • Dragon : Giant, flying, fire-breathing reptiles that are known for stealing and hording treasure. There are many, many different types of dragons that range from culture to culture. I could probably make a whole different post, just on the different types of dragons. 
  • Griffin  : A creature with the body of a lion and the head and wings of an eagle. Sometimes, it also has the tail of a snake. Griffins are popular among several different cultural mythologies. 
  • Hippalectryon (Greek Mythology) : An odd hybrid of a horse and a chicken. It’s front half is the horse, its back half is the chicken, including tail and wings. There is no solid idea of why such a myth exists. Some say it’s a creature of Poseidon, and meant to protect ships, others say it’s just a grotesque hybrid to amuse children. Some say it’s a pointless creature with no real purpose other then for decoration. Why else would someone make a rooster horse? 
  • Hippocampus (Greek Mythology) : A sea creature with the upper body of a horse, and the lower body of  a fish. So, it is yet another odd horse hybrid from greek mythology. 
  • Hippogriff (Greek Mythology): Because there’s no such thing as too many weird horse hybrids, meet the Hippogriff. Which has the front half and wings on an eagle, and the back half of a horse. 
  • Huallepen (South American Folklore): A weird creature that lurks in lakes and ponds. It has the body of a (usually hairless) sheep, the head of a calf, and the twisted feet of a seal. It only comes out at night, and it’s said that if a pregnant women sees one, her child will come out with a muzzle and twisted limbs. 
  •   Hydra (Greek Mythology) : The giant nine-headed serpent who grew two new heads for every one that was cut of. The task of killing this beast was given to Heracles during his twelve trials. The only way to kill it, without it’s head growing back, was to smash the heads, and then catch them on fire. 
  • Ladon (Greek Mythology)  : The large snake like dragon that wrapped itself around the tree of golden apples in the garden of the Hesperides. Apparently slain by Heracles. 
  • Isonade (Japanese Mythology) : An enormous, shark like sea monster that hides beneath the waves in the oceans of Japan. It’s massive hook like tail and it’s fins are covered in sharp barbs. 
  • Nemean Lion (Greek Mythology) : The giant lion with impenetrable hide. This creature is killed by Heracles during his twelve trials, he later wears the skin of the creature as an indestructible cloak. 
  • Kamaitachi (Japanese Mythology) : Also known as the sickle weasels. These mischievous creatures are thought of as either wind spirits, or spirits that ride in on dust devils. They slash as people with their long, sickle like nails. 
  • Kappa (Japanese Mythology) : Typically means ‘River Child’, these creatures are demons or imps that reside in the fresh water. They are often described as having a pool of water above their hand, that reflects their habitat and their own life force and their power. They are said to be about the size of a child, and somewhat human like in figure, with reptile like scales, a shell,  a beak, and webbed hands and feet. They are usually either green, yellow or blue. Kappa are used to warn children about the dangerous of wandering near the water alone, as legends say the creatures will lure people to water before dragging them in and drowning them. They’re also said to peak up women’s skirts, play pranks on human, attack humans, and even eat human flesh. All around, probably safe to stay away from Kappas. 
  • Kraken (Norse Mythology) : A famous gigantic sea monster that’s known for attacking and sinking ships. It’s often depicted as a massive octopus or squid, sometimes with terribly sharp teeth. 
  • Orthros (Greek Mythology) : The lesser known, but probably just as adorable, monster sibling to Cerberus. Orthros is the dog with two heads, instead of three like it’s more famous sibling. It guards the giant Geryon ‘s cattle. 
  • Odontotyrannos: A beast that supposedly killed or incapacitated many of Alexander the Greats men.  it had a black, horse-like head, with three horns protruding from its forehead, and  it exceeded the size of an elephant. Locals apparently called this beat the ‘Tooth-Tyrant’
  • Ophiotaurus (Greek Mythology) : The Cow Serpent.  So the Greeks gave horses a rest, and made up this thing, which has the upper body of a black bull, and the tail of a serpent. It’s said that whoever could kill this beast and sacrificially burn it’s entrails would gain the power to destroy Olympus and it’s gods. 
  • Pegasus: The Winged Horse. 
  • Phoenix :The golden bird who, at the end of its life, burst into flames only to be reborn again from it’s own ashes.
  • Thunderbird : The giant bird that creates storms by flapping it’s wings. 
  • Tikbalang (Philippines Folklore) :  A tall, bony humanoid creature with the head and hooves of a horse and disproportionately long limbs, to the point that its knees reach above its head when it squats. It’s said to lurk in the forests and mountains of the Philippines. They like to scare or play tricks on travelers. They can apparently be avoided by wearing your shirt inside out, verbally asking for passage, or being as quite as possible so as not to disturb them. 
  • Unicorn: A magical Horse with a single horn protruding from it’s forehead. 
  • Uchchaihshravas (Hindu Mythology) : A snow white, flying horse with seven heads. It’s said to be the best, or the king of horses. 
  • Yacumama (South American Folklore) : A massive sea serpent believed to live in the mouth of the Amazon river, and near by lagoons. It would apparently suck up and devour anything with in a hundred passes of it. Local natives would blow a large conch shell before entering the water, believing the sound would force the monster to show itself if it was present.

That’s all I’ve got! I hope you liked it, and I hope people find it useful, because honestly, this thing took wayyyyy more time then I thought It would! 

If anyone would like to add on any creatures I missed, or if you’d like to add something to any of the creatures that are already on the list, feel free too! 

Note: I’ve gone ahead and edited, and added a couple new creatures from African Mythology that someone recommended! 

Lowest of Lows | Steve Harrington

Summary; Steve Harrington is a sweetheart (as per usual) after the events in Season 2. Minor spoilers.

Steve Harrington x Henderson!Reader

A/N; Yes, another Henderson!Reader Steve fic…I love the idea what can I say 🤷‍♀️… I’ll mix it up soon but for this idea it had to be done.

The fact that your cat, Mews died, didn’t really set in until a week following the events in the Upsidedown. You were still on edge, constantly in fear that things weren’t actually over. That Will wasn’t actually okay, and that he, or any of you really, could be taken at any second.

In your head there were much more important things to worry about.

When your mom got the cat a few years back you were sceptical to say the least. She got him as a coping mechanism for your dad leaving, at least that’s what you thought.

You weren’t big on animals, cats especially. You contemplated pretending that you were allergic, but your mom needed it.

Eventually the little fur ball wormed his way into your heart. You did have one, afterall, and he was freaking adorable. Your only complaint was the ample amounts of orange fur that you would always find all over your black clothes.

The loss of your feline friend didn’t even really take its toll on you, until all of a sudden on Friday night you were struggling to breathe from sobbing so hard.

Your nose was raw from rubbing it, and your eyes were practically swollen shut. To conclude; you were an utter mess.

Luckily for you, you were home alone. Dustin was sleeping over at Mike’s with the boys, and your mother was off doing who knows what. The fact that you didn’t have Mews to cuddle up to when you got lonely really took its tole.

Steve knew you were home alone, and from experience he knew how lonely it got. He wanted to provide company for you, even if it was just in the form of a phone call.

You, however, were too busy sobbing to pick up the phone. And that worried Steve. His mind couldn’t help but go back to the previous weeks and the danger that everyone was in. You especially.

So he did what any concerned friend would do, at least that’s what Steve told his self, and drove over to your house.

By the time he got there it was past 10 and pitch black out side. You were probably just asleep. He tried to reassure himself. Yet he hopped out of his BMW anyways and knocked on your door.

When you didn’t respond after a few seconds Steve decided to knock again, putting his ear against the door to listen in. He could hear your sobs and hiccups. Relief filled the man. At least he knew you were alive now, granted you were crying which still wasn’t the ideal circumstance.

“Y/N/N? Is everything okay in there?” He questioned from the other side of the door, his hand gripping the brass doornob tightly.

“Steve?” You questioned softly, not believing your ears. You were probably dehydrated from all of the crying. There was no way in hell Steve would drive all the way to your house just ‘cause you didn’t pick up the phone.

“Yeah, it’s me. Could you let me in?”

“Just go home, Steve. I’m okay. I’ll be okay.” You responded, pulling the fluffy blanket tighter under your chin.

“Now that doesn’t sound like a very good idea at all. I can’t leave when my best girl is down.” Steve grinned.

Even though you couldn’t see Steve’s face, you could imagine his expression. His eyes were probably soft as he watched the door for movement, a sympathetic smile painted on his lips.

“If you don’t answer the door I’ll find another way in. I’m a ninja, remember? I could do it.” He warned, taking a few steps back from the door.

“Have it your way.” He mumbled softly to himself, ready to kick the door down if necessary.

You stood up slowly, a small smile finding its way onto your lips at the theatric boy’s antics. Leave it to Steve Harrington to cheer you up in less then 200 words. Even in your lowest state.

You wiped your raw nose with a discarded tissue and threw it into the trash can, dragging the blanket behind you like a cape. Hesitantly you placed your hand on the door nob, unlocking the door slowly.

You pulled the door wide open to reveal Steve Harrington, looking a bit disheveled but of course still handsome. Even after his face was bashed in by Billy Hargrove he managed to look handsome.

“Were you about to try and kick down the door?” You questioned in disbelief, staring at the sheepish boy with wide eyes.

“I-I wanted to make sure you were okay.” He replied with a light blush. “And obviously you aren’t. What the hell happened to you?”

You scoffed. “Way to kick a girl when she’s down.” You walked back into the livingroom, plopping yourself back down onto the brown loveseat.

Steve followed closely behind, taking the seat by your side. “You know that’s not what I meant. You could have two black eyes and be missing your front teeth and I’d still find you fucking gorgeous.” Steve reassured, linking your hand with his.

“You’re gonna think it’s stupid.” You pouted, disconnecting your hands.

“Nothing that has you this worked up is stupid.” He reassured, placing a gentle hand on your cheek.

“Mews is dead.” Your eyes watered just thinking about it so you closed them, hoping to stop anymore tears from falling.

“Hey, hey, hey.” Steve whispered, pulling you into his chest.

You gripped his blue shirt tightly between your fists, trying to hold your sobs in. “I miss him so much.” You cried shakily.

“I know you do.” Steve ran his fingers through your messy hair. “It’ll get better. I promise.”

The next morning you were even more exhausted. Steve had left a few hours after your miniature breakdown. Your eyes were practically swollen shut, and your voice was almost gone.

When you left your bedroom you were greeted by the smell of pancakes, which admittedly made your stomach turn a bit. Your mother was an awful chef.

“Woah, you look like shit.” Dustin yelled, scaring you slightly. You hadn’t even known he was home yet. How late was it?

“Gee thanks.” You smiled sarcastically, flipping the boy off and walking in the other direction.

“I’m just being honest.” He shrugged as if he didn’t do anything wrong.

“Screw you, asshat.” You yelled back in response, slamming the bathroom door shut. You could use a hot shower for sure.

You were snapped out of your hot-water induced haze by your mom screaming your name. “Y/N/N! You have a visitor!”

“I’ll be right out mom!”

When you imerged from your bedroom, fully dressed in the most comfy pajamas you owned, you were met with your mother and brother crowded around Steve Harrington on the couch.

“I thought you said I had a visitor.” You questioned, raising an eyebrow.

“Don’t be jealous sweet cheeks, Dustin and your mom were just keeping me company while I waited.

You grinned at the brunette boy, ignoring your brothers groan in disgust. “Gross.”

“Oh, this one is a keeper, Y/N/N.” Your mom declared dreamily. You know that she knew you weren’t dating.

“I keep trying the tell her that.” Steve winked at your mom.

“For Christs sake, I’m sitting right here!” Dusting gagged, “Screw this.” He sighed, hoping up from his spot on the couch and running off to his bedroom.

You rolled your eyes at the boys antics. Your mother followed behind him except she went off back into the kitchen. Something about meatloaf (which you hated).

“Why don’t you come take a seat.” Steve grinned, patting the seat next to him softly.

You didn’t trust it at all. “What the hell is going on?”

You noticed that Steve was blocking something from your view as you sat down. He looked up at you with soft eyes and an even softer smile. One thing was for sure. He looked proud as hell of himself (though what was new).

“Close your eyes.”

You hesitantly agreed, tensing when you felt something light being placed into your lap.

“Okay, open them.”

Your gaze was met with that of the cutest kitten you had ever seen in your entire life. He was small enough to hold in one hand and had a soft black coat.

Yours began to water as you looked up at Steve. He had a pink blush on his cheeks and was watching you wide wide eyes.

“You-you did this for me?” You questioned shakily, a tear falling from your eye onto your cheek.

Steve nodded, reaching over to pet the kitten on his little head. “His name is Dart.” Steve winked.

“Dark.” You laughed, petting the tiny animal’s cheek.

“Do you-do you like him?” Steve asked you in a small voice.

“I love him Steve. Seriously. This is the sweetest thing anybody has ever done for me. Thank you.” You smiled, leaning over to embrace the man. He held you tight against his chest, neither of you wanting to let go.

You placed a soft peck of thanks on his cheek once you pulled away. You smiled at how warm the skin was from all of his blushing.

“I think you missed.” Was all Steve said as he leaned in again, this time tilting his head so he could properly lay his lips over yours.