All day.... totally fine.... living my life... carrying on.

then i come home,i see something and i start thinking about my brother and the tight chest starts. the eyes water. the stomach hurts. the legs get weak.
fuck it hurts.

Why does Investiture seem to affect the eyes so much?

I mean, hemalurgy has a very powerful bind point at the eyes. Sand mastery sucks water from the eyes to the point of them basically not existing with overuse. Shardblades burn them out. Soulcasting makes them seem gem like after extended use. Surgebinding changes eye color to the extent that one could never tell the original color.

Why always the eyes? I wonder if there’s a constant here I’m missing…

Physics Class Lives to Kill Me

We’re studying sound waves right now, and it’s awful! I usually love physics, but with my sensory issues, this chapter is hell.

My teacher was using a spring to simulate a wave, and the sound of it on the concrete floor was absolutely torturous. I had to cover my ears.

Today, he played different frequency sounds and again, it hurt really bad since he was playing it loudly from the speakers. I eventually asked to go to the other room, and I could still hear it. It hurt so badly that my eyes were watering. I had a headache after that class.

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Anonymously or not, ask me something you’ve always wondered. - What other versions of your relationship with Ara could you have seen? Any regrets? Any missed opportunities?

The rogue looked whistfully to the horizon, letting his gaze linger as he exhaled. It looked as though his eyes even began to water slightly, a sight to behold from such a hardened man. “Yeah, well… I do have one regret. I never asked her to run away and join the circus with me. We were going to do this high flying act with tight ropes and loop-dee-loops and throwing knives and it was going to be really badass… but you know, I got cold feet when I went to ask her. I often think of how different my life would be now if I had.” Wiping said tear away from his eye.

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Last night i dreamt the nuclear apocalypse
it came over the hills
woke up because of a stroke
it all repeated it self
it came over the hills, through the windows
fire in my eyes, water in my mouth

please pick up the phone, there’s only xviv minutes left
I need to tell you i love you before
it all ends
I love you

it came through the windows
fire in our eyes, water in your mouth

then nihil