Imagine Having a Fight w/ Jimmy

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  • you come home and he’s just sitting on the couch
  • sighing, but not wanting to start anything
  • “babe what is it?”
  • “It’s just, i wish you’d do something since your mom passed”
  • his eyes watering
  • you start to cry too but it’s time you got your feelings out, “Jimmy, you haven’t been yourself… i’m here for you but you need to feel things again and eventually you need to LIVE, not just be alive but LIVE”
  • his face turning red, “Y/N what are you talking-”
  • “no, you haven’t done anything for me in weeks, i’ve tended to you and tiptoed around you and the most i get is a nod!”
  • he gets angrier and his hands begin to shake
  • standing up  angrily “DAMMIT, you know how much i miss her! how would you know how this feels?”
  • stepping back because he was now pacing in front of you, waving his hands furiously
  • turning away from him
  • “wait-”
  • going into the bathroom and crying
  • jimmy banging on the door, “Y/N, Y/N, please… i’m sorry”
  • finally you hear the front door shut
  • washing your face and going to take a nap and sleep it off
  • when you wake up you find a nervous jimmy
  • splotchy red face, and wringing his hands nervously
  • “i got you some roses…”
  • he lifts up a bouquet and a bunch of chocolates, “I’m sorry, you’re right.  I need to grieve my mom but i also have to move on, you are the most important person in my world… i love you so much and i’m sorry i lashed out at you…”
  • grabbing his face in your hands, “i know”
  • kissing a lot and then eating a ton of chocolate :))
Everyone needs a little help

Erie sat in the meeting room, surrounded by members of the board as they begin finishing up the work for the day and she couldn’t wait to leave. She rubbed her eyes and drank water, kept to herself and breathed deeply as she looked around the room, some of the faces that she saw not faces of the people that were actually in the room. She was seeing them again, faces of fallen comerades and unlucky civilians that fell at the hands of her and the army she had marched in. This happened from time to time even when she took her medications but she never told anyone, knowing it sounded crazy as hell. When meeting finally ended she stood and left the room quickly, locking herself in the bathroom alone to calm herself down, shaking tremendously as she leaned against the sinks, panting heavily. Her neeves were shot but at least it was the end of the day and she could go home.


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The air puffer leta them check the pressure of the fluid in your eye! They puff air onto your eye then measure the speed/strength at which it bounces off with infrared detectors. It can help detect some diseases early, like glaucoma!

Yeah, she told me a little bit about it when I went in! It made my eyes water a little, and it was hard to keep my eyes open, but all in all it wasn’t a bad experience!

Sneek Peek Chapter 22

Nick ground his teeth leaning forward “If you think for a second Jack- ass, that I will, athghi-…”

Without any warning Jack leaned back while Nick was talking; shoving his handgun into Nicks mouth and pulling back the hammer, choking him and making him gag at how far he had forced it down his throat, cutting off his sentence.

“You will stay, where I tell you to stay Wilde, I have had enough of this shit” explained Jack his eyes not straying from the road. Nicks eyes were watering and he felt a hard lump pass over his throat.