Don't You Forget About Me

Author’s Note: Heyyy!!! This is my entry for @kittenofdoomage Summer Lovin’ Challenge!! Gahhh!! I hope you like it!! I loved writing this one so much!!!

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Fluff, Slight Angst, Impala Backseat Smut

Prompt: Going for a drive

Special Note: This is set pre-season one. Before Dean gets Sam at college.

The sound of “Hot Blooded” by Foreigner filled the small diner as a pair of green eyes stared me down from across the booth. It was a battle of wills, to see who would blink first.

I smirked. “You can’t handle this.”

Green eyes smirked right back. “Sweetheart, this game started the moment you walked through that door. Now, if there’s something I’m good at, it’s winning.”

I laughed, my eyes watering slightly. “Really? And what did you win here?”

Green eyes’ smirk widened. “Your heart.”

I blinked.

Green eyes chuckled and sat back in the leather seat. “Told ya.”

I managed to clear my throat before leaning back in the seat as well. “I-I never said you did.”

Green eyes leaned forward again. “You don’t have to. Because if I haven’t won it already, I’m going to.”

I stared at him in awe. I had never met someone so sure of themselves in all my adult life. And it wasn’t unflattering. It was quite the opposite actually. I admired him for being so confident. Something I clearly didn’t have.

“What’s your name, Sweetheart?” he asked, breaking me out of my reverie.

I blinked. “Y/N. Y/N L/N,” I said almost instantly.

Green eyes smiled before reaching out his hand over the table. “Pleasure to meet you, Y/N. I’m Dean. Dean Winchester.”

I met his hand with mine and the soft pressure added when we clasped hands had my heart stutter in its wake. I took a sharp intake of breath. “Pleasure’s all mine, Dean.”

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Basically I had originally planned on making Klance week drables but my brain was like “no” so i still have somewhat planned out fics (like 5) that’ll i’ll never write so here it is (@ me if you plan on writing it)

  • Keith always, always were red why is he wearing blue?
  • *way too detail description of Keith’s and very provocative blue clothing*
  • Then Lance asks Keith, Keith says “It looked so good on you that i had to try it out.”
  • Then Lance accidentally says out loud  “Holy shit that’s hot.”
  • Keith blushes a bit and says “Don’t be stupid.”
  • Lance smirks at his blush rolling with his mistake  “Were you trying to get my attention?”
  • Keith “Obviously you shit face, and it clearly didn’t work.” He stands up and tries to march away.
  • Lance grabs onto his wrist, “Keith…” Keith had turned around and was facing Lance eyes watering.
  • Keith “whatever i get it you’re straight but you want to be friends blah blah blah.”
  • Lance “No, what? Straight? Gross, i actually want to kiss you”
  • Keith “Kiss me?”
  • Lance “Yeah… can i?”
  • Keith aggressively nods his head, followed by Lance cupping his face and kissing him.
Carmilla Season Three Predictions

Carmilla’s crying as Laura is seriously injured by the Dean. She has a gaping bleeding wound in her side and she’s slowly and painfully dying. Carmilla and Laura passionately kiss for the final time. Laura’s breathing and heartbeat slows and Carmilla’s eyes start watering. Then in the midst of everything, Laura’s last words could be heard.

“Goodnight Carmilla.”

And with that, wraps up the final season of Carmilla.

Drabbles - 51

I’m your husband. It’s my job.” - G-Dragon

“Ugh,” you groan, closing your eyes against the headache pounding at your temples. You try to breath in, but your nose is stuffed that your eyes water at the attempt. Your throat aches like you’d swallowed sandpaper, and all you want to do at this moment is sink into your mattress and just become one with the sheets forever. “Why do humans get sick? I mean, this just seems completely unreasonable.”

“Sure it is, baby,” Jiyong says, clearing the thermometer before offering it to you. “Now open up. Let’s see what the damage is.”

“Why do viruses and germs even exist?” You ask from around the thermometer, grimacing as the metal tip digs into your tongue. “Like, their purpose is just to fuck people up. What kind of existence is that?”

“I don’t know, Jagi. We can go see the doctor later, and you can ask him that yourself.” Jiyong smiles down at you, brushing your hair away from your sweaty face. He’s already dressed for work, artistic blue and white shirt with black slacks, one silver cross hanging from his left ear. He takes the thermometer back when it starts beeping loudly and sighs. “Good news. Your fever’s not that high. Bed rest and medicine will probably be enough.”

“That’s good… I hate going to the doctor,” you mutter, leaning back against your pillow and frowning sadly. 

He heads into the bathroom for several minutes before coming back with a cup of water and two cold pills. “Here you go, Y/N.” Jiyong watches as you take the medicine before he pulls the covers up and tucks you back in. “You go back to sleep, baby. I’m going to work from home today, so I’ll be here if you need me.” He presses a kiss to your forehead before standing up and walking to the door.


“Yeah?” He turns to look at you, his hand on the light switch. 

“Thanks for taking care of me and being so sweet.”

Jiyong smiles softly. “I’m your husband. It’s my job. And my privilege. And my happiness.” He turns off the light, and you fall back asleep.

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Why do girls smell so good
Like whenever I’m around women I get a whiff of sweet vanilla or fresh lavender and when I’m around men my eyes start to water from the stench of a thousand armpits

every time i watch a hayao miyazaki movie i feel like i’m going to cry. like my eyes water up a little because i’m so in love with his movies. this happens when i watch any movie i love though like…movies good

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If you're still taking writing prompts, can you write something based on that Hardenshipping/"Jungle Book" crossover fanart? I still remember it; it's so funny and cute!

(I watched the original animated Jungle Book the other day again and there was one scene that I really wanted to adapt for this ship!)


When the dust settled all that remained were three. Yet, only two gazed on with tears building in their lashes.Though only the small human girl would admit to her crying. The panther that stood rigid beside her ignored his watering eyes, perhaps if he didn’t admit to them he could claim nothing was wrong. 

“Maxie?” She sniffed, leaning on the panther’s slumped shoulder, “Is he?”

They continued to stare ahead at the still body of a bear and Maxie could only solemnly nod before his voice spoke with shakiness, “I’m afraid so child. Archie made a great sacrifice to save us all.”

The wild girl’s crying continued while the panther spoke on,each word not easier than the last, “Archie was brave in his fight against the horrid tiger, Giovanni. He will always be remembered for his…” A pause, some less than desired memories returned to the panther. Many memories that detailed just how annoyed Maxie always became with Archie around. He was such a bumbling, loud, obnoxious bear and yet, Maxie found himself in deep mourning that he may never hear his raucous laughter or feel his heavy paws slap over his shoulders, “He will always be remembered for the smiles he shared and the love he felt in his heart for those around him…”

Unknown to the pair was the flutter of lids from the bear, a sniffle, a paw brought up to wipe a tear, “Aw, Max.” He whispered, “Ya big softy.”

“The jungle will be darker without his light.” Maxie continued, “I…”

“It’s ok, Maxie,” The young girl said through her weeping, “You can say how you felt for him.”

“Yeah Maxie, don’t stop. You have me in tears over here! Tell me how you really feel!”

As if a switch was flipped everything changed.

“Archie!?” Both voices yelled together, both with very different tones.

After struggling to his feet the bear was met with the desperately hugging arms of the wild child, “Whoa there lil’ scamp, be easy on me now.” There was a chuckle in his words.

Maxie approached, his tail twitching with irritation and yet he didn’t have any venom to speak to the bear. With the way his heart was pounding in his chest it was clear, he was scared that he had lost Archie forever.

“Alright, come here!” Archie announced pulling the panther close for a hug, “I don’t want to see no more tears from you two.”

Even though Maxie may have liked to say that he wasn’t crying, he knew his eyes would betray him. No matter what he had to admit that he was scared that he had lost the bear forever.

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as you seem to like them, how about spaceflower with "Please don't say that."

“Please don’t say that.”

Her eyes were watering, tears stinging in the corners of her eyes, but she wasn’t going to cry.

“You deserve all of that, and more,” he whispered to her, pulling Hana into a hug and pressing a little kiss into her hair.

Touching Moment

(Continued from here with @belovedcerulean.)

It actually surprised Totoko to see Kara’s eyes water up. This wasn’t like the dramatic crying she was used to seeing and being annoyed by. No, this was..different.

“O-Oi, don’t turn into a fountain on me, you NEET..!”

She waved her hands as if it would do something to stop Karamatsu from crying. The last thing she needed was any of the other brothers seeing this and seeing her being a softie for once…kind of.

“W-Why are you even crying? I just said you didn’t need to be hurt like that..!”

Have you ever did something that you love SO MUCH that it makes you all warm and fuzzy inside just because you’re doing it?

That makes your eyes water, that makes you feel like your soul is moving?

Something that you wanna do forever, you can’t think about anything else, you don’t feel cold, you don’t feel hungry.

It’s happiness, pure bliss.

It makes you soar, makes you want to sing!

Makes you feel like you’re high!

That’s writing for me.