When using powder eyeshadows ALWAYS apply translucent powder before application, even if you're using an eyeshadow primer. Powders cling to moisture so if you apply eyeshadow straight away the colour may apply unevenly and be hard to blend.

just a heads up!!!! ulta’s doing a thing right now that when you buy $19.50 worth of ulta products you get a free makeup bag full of stuff worth $88 dollars!!! it comes with face primer, eye makeup wipes, eyeliner, lipstick, eyeshadow and a bunch of other stuff! it’s so worth it tbh….just wanted to let y'all know if you haven’t seen anything about it yet!

Badass Makeup Witch Tips

I’m a makeup and skincare lover. I’m also a witch. So I’ve went through my makeup bag and given each of my items a particular glamour enchantment, which I’m so happy to share with you all! Feel free to do the same, share your ideas, or generally do something along the same lines!

Cleanser: Wash away all negativity
Toner: Act as an active agent to scour away any evil or mischief
Moisturizer: renew me, charge me with life and beauty
Primer: Coat me in a sheet of enchantment, make me magical
Eye-shadow Primer: Help me see, and allow that which is psychic and prophetic stick to my eyes
Concealer: Cloak me and my mistakes, help me hide my blemishes
Foundation: Help me build a beautiful day and create a masterpiece. Be the beginning of a glamour spell
Contour: Sculpt my face, make me a statue of grace.
Highlight: Bring out my features and my attributes and traits.
Blush: Bring life into me, revitalize every cell of my being.
Powder: Veil me in secret, keep my thoughts well hidden.
Eyebrows: Stay my expressions, make me hard to read.
Lipstick: Make my words magical, lips desirable, and soft as can be.
Eye-shadow/Eyeliner: Enhance my sight, bring me information from my plane and others.
Mascara/Fake Eyelashes: Give my sight a radar, expand my horizons.


*let my preface this by saying that false lashes are used in some of these pics but I am trying to give a general idea of shape*

Mascara application can be a look’s game changer. a small change can give eyes a new look. try them all and see what you like. try them with different looks and see what pairs best. 

primer from baby powder: baby powder can add length and thickness to lashes. apply 1 quick layer of mascara on lashes then using a old mascara want apply a coat of baby powder. once baby powder is coated on the lashes (like powder sugar on a donut) apply another layer of mascara. **do at your own risk. be careful with powder around your eyes, especially if you wear contacts**


How To Choose an Eye Shadow Primer

There are 2 things that eyeshadow primer does for you:

  1. Provide a tacky base for powder pigments to cling to so the colors and textures look more intense and true
  2. Keep eye shadow in place and protect from fading, creasing, smudging, and smearing through normal wear and tear

When choosing your preferred primer, it’s important to bear both of these in mind.

There are many products on the market that are used as primers even though they aren’t necessarily called that. You can break them up by:

External image


  • Sheer/skintone/colorless ones like Too Faced Eye shadow Insurance, Urban Decay Primer Potion, and Lime Crime Eyeshadow Helper. These tend to go with any shadow shade. Too Faced and Urban Decay also have shimmery versions but I personally prefer the originals as they go with any shadow.
  • Strong colored ones that are pretty much eyeshadows in their own right, like MAC Paint PotsMAC Paints or e.l.f. Essential Duo Eye Shadow Cream. These add intensity and dimension to shadows because you have two layers of pigments instead of one. But these won’t make your shadows color-true because they either have shimmer (matte shadows don’t look good over shimmery primers) or color (if you pack a pale blue over a black base, it will not be color-true).


  • Silicone-based: Dries down quickly and is hard to blend or budge after. (Most bases and primers in the market fall within this category.) These will last for hours but you need to apply your shadows fast or they will not grab pigments as well once they are fully dried and set.
  • Cream-based: Does not set so you can take your time blending for a perfect finish, but will still smear and shift if rubbed (MAC Cream Color Base). These grab shadow pigments more evenly and intensely, but may be less long-lasting if you have oily lids.


  • Always start with clean lids if you want your primer to go on smooth and your shadow to last all day.
  • Use a flat synthetic brush if you want precision and more even coverage. Uneven primer = uneven shadow later. Spread on as thin and even a layer as you can.
  • **IMPORTANT: It’s better to apply shadow before your primer has set and dried completely. The bit of remaining moisture is what will grab your shadow pigments and give them that really intense finish, and your shadow will meld with the primer and lock into place much longer.
  • If you like to take your time, apply primer to one eye and do that one eye before you move on to apply primer onto the other. Otherwise, the primer will have been sitting for 5 minutes before you applied any shadow to it, and one eye will look more intense than the other. Of course this doesn’t work for complicated looks where you need to check one side against the other at every step.

Other tips:

  • To get maximum depth and intensity for a particular color, get a base that is in a very similar color tone. (E.g. I used Copper metallic pigment above over various bases. The most intense looking one is over MAC Constructivist Paint Pot, because I’m layering a metallic brown over another deep metallic brown.)
  • If you’re using multiple colors and need all of them to pop and look vibrant, your best bet is to get a white base. NYX’s Milk Jumbo pencil is a popular choice as a base for bright shadows, but it is very creamy, and can shift and crease if your lids get oily through the day. You can try a white liquid foundation like one from Stargazer, because they have the right amount of slip to grab onto shadow, but dry down quickly after that. (Plus, it’s so cheap and you get TONS of product in each bottle.)


I did a simple smudge test where I used a clean finger and ran it vigorously over the eye shadow swatches to see how much they smudged or transferred. If you are using a primer that is not included here, remember this is just a reference as to the general performance of each TYPE of base against the other!

1. Bare skin:

Color-intensity is low. Smudges, spreads out easily when rubbed. Transfers onto finger very quickly. Will smear and fade easily. Really don’t suggest wearing your shadows this way as they aren’t going to look good by the end of the day, unless you bring your shadow out to touch-up, which is such a chore.

2. [Best for balancing color intensity and wear] MAC Paint Pot:

Color-intensity is moderate if you buy a flesh colored one, but you have the option of buying paint pots that match particular shadows in order to get an intense look. This does last quite well though. No/Minimal smudging outside of the swatch’s borders, but had moderate transfer onto the finger when rubbed, so this means it will fade a bit over the day.

*Also note that Paint Pots tend to dry out in the pot and you will need to add a bit of glycerin or silicone oil (which I prefer as it won’t breed bacteria) to soften and reactivate it.

3. [Best for Long Wear] Lime Crime Eye Shadow Helper:

Color-intensity is moderate. No/Minimal smudging outside of the swatch’s border, and surprisingly, very little transfer onto the finger when rubbed. In fact, after I applied a facial scrub to my arm to wash off the makeup, this was the only swatch that stubbornly remained after TWO rounds of scrubbing. I had to use an oil-based remover to break it down. I’d heard gossmakeupartist (Wayne Goss) on Youtube raving about this before but since I don’t have oily lids, I never figured out what the deal was. If you struggle with fading and creasing, this one is definitely worth trying!

4. [Best for color intensity] White foundation:

Color-intensity is high and pigments stay color-true. But smudged moderately when rubbed, and transferred onto finger. Better for those who do not need a primer to control oily lids, and just want maximum color intensity.

WORTH THE HYPE: NARS Pro-Prime Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base

For many years I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect eyeshadow primer. I’ve tried just about every single eyeshadow primer you can think of. From Urban Decay’s cult Primer Potion to ELF’s $1 Eyeshadow Primer and whilst they weren’t bad they could never keep my eyeshadow on for anymore than six hours. I have super oily, hooded eyelids which means my eye makeup is prone to fading, creasing, smudging and moving all over the place so when I tried NARS Eyeshadow Base I was relieved. This is a gift from the eyeshadow gods, it appears white, but applies translucent on the eyelid and it keeps eyeshadow ON and I mean ON. When I wear this on a day to day basis my eye makeup stays in place and looks freshly applied until I take it off. If I’m racing around or it’s super hot it still keeps my eyeshadow in place for at least eight hours. This baby means I have no eyeshadow creasing, smudging or fading and my eyeliner doesn’t budge. It’s the bees knees and the best of the best when it comes to eyeshadow primers.

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Trying to think up unique content for PD using products I already have – shopping my closet, if you will. So I thought I’d introduce a new series– PD Favorites. Every so often, I’ll go through everything I own or have sampled from a brand and introduce you to them. I’m starting with Urban Decay because they were the first makeup brand I purchased from, and I have most of their products. I also have a lot of favorites! And I’ve visited their headquarters, which is beautiful. 

  • Urban Decay Eye Primer ($20) - I feel like this is probably in the makeup stash of any makeup fanatic at one point or another, and with good reason! It’s fantastic. Specifically: it’s a good primer for my eyelids. If you have oily eyelids, not so much, there are others out there. I’ve gone through many genie bottles of this stuff. 
  • Urban Decay Eyeshadows in Chopper and SWF ($18) - I’ve swatched these both here (and many more of UD’s singles. I dunno, whenever I want a subtle, pretty eye makeup look, I turn to these. I feel like they are very versatile and flattering on all skintones, are buildable, smooth, etc. Out of all their shadows, I like these the best to balance out a pop of color. 
  • Urban Decay Super Saturated High Gloss Lip Color in Crush and Punch Drunk ($19) - When these came out, I literally wore these two colors to work like, every day for months. That’s a big deal for me because I will happily wear a different lipstick every day for months and have no loyalty at all. Moisturizing, super pigmented, glossy. They’re always in my makeup bag.
  • Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in 69 and Anarchy ($22) - I reviewed them recently here, not much to add to that. I think these are my favorite lipsticks I’ve tried in months if not a year or so. I am a LIPSTICK FREAK and have many favorites, so that’s saying a lot. 
  • Urban Decay Palettes in Fun, Naked Basics, and 15th Anniversary ($36, $27, N/A because L/E) - I’ve got many of their palettes, these are my favorite. I like them for different reasons: fun has a perfect blend of colors to me that I can mix and match for colorful looks and it’s super cute, NAKED Basics is my favorite neutral everyday palette and I use it pretty much constantly, and the 15th Anniversary Palette is both eye candy, and a great palette to keep in my dorm and to leave the rest of my palettes at home, since it has a BUNCH of different colors and it’s own mirror. Most people who like UD probably have a Naked Palette, I think, and I have them, but I prefer matte finish eyeshadows so this particular palette was always going to be my favorite and it was worth the wait for me personally. I do wish they had it in more shades (I.E for a larger range of skintones) though. 
  • Urban Decay Optical Blurring Brush ($25) - I dunno what it is about this brush but it makes even powder instantly like, full coverage and blend in my makeup perfectly. It’s the best brush I’ve used for buffing in my makeup and it’s super soft, gorgeous (I like my makeup brushes to have some heft in them) and feels really luxurious. Now, I have brushes across all price points, but this is my favorite out of all of them. 

There you have it! I hope, if you’ve been curious as to which products to try out from this particular brand, that you have more of an idea now. let me know if you have any questions. To clarify, this isn’t a sponsored post, I’m not getting paid to push these products, though some of them were sent to me to try out. They are my genuine favorites and I hope if you try them out yourself you’ll fall in love with them as well!

sippngwaterfalls said: do you have tips for under eye concealer and creasing? I’ve tried multiple primers, using a setting powder, etc but it still seems to crease :(

Creasing is one of (in my opinion) the worst traits in makeup, and there’s nothing more annoying than perfectly applying eyeshadow only to find that it’s a hot mess within a few hours or covering your dark circles so they’re nowhere to be seen, only to end up with what looks like intense wrinkles underneath your eyes. Creasing is a pain, but some of these products & techniques could be your saving grace.

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