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Eye of the Pyramid - Will Champlin

One of the first things I thought when I heard the beginning of this song, was that it seemed to have and Indian influence. This whole songs sounds like a combo of rock, rap, and Indian (primarily rock though). Such a strange combo, but with Will Champlin’s voice, he definitely pulled it off well!

This song is really intriguing and there’s never a time when I don’t wanna just pretend to perform the whole song (don’t lie….I know you do it!). The strings in the intro are used a lot in Indian music. I also hear some similarities between this song and a couple of Linkin Park songs. The percussion in this song is super vibrant and along with the intensity of his vocals and the strings makes it easy to see that this is a really high energy song! I would love to see how this plays out live; I really hope it’s as good as the studio version! I have no doubt that Will will somehow make it all work. There are so many components to this song all going on at the same time, I understand how some people would find it overwhelming, but I personally think it’s amazing how Will managed to put it all together and make it work. 

I’ve been a fan of Will since the blind auditions on the Voice and I’m so happy to see Will release a song of his own so quickly, even if he didn’t win. Really fantastic!

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Will Champlin Releases Amazing New Album, 'Borrowing Trouble'

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Jonathan Frahm
Staff Writer

Much to the fanfare of his thousands of #Champs, Will Champlin has released his debut post-Voice album entitled Borrowing Trouble!

In it, the 31 year-old Californian singer-songwriter takes leaps and bounds in terms of artist development since his run on The Voice.  There’s a fully-realized vision here and it’s as well-constructed…

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