Crystal Card of the Day: Sodalite, “I am guided by logic and intuition.”

Sodalite is also very helpful for those who seem to be encountering many difficulties in their life, as it can bring unhealthy, ingrained patterns to the surface to be released, and it can promote deep self-examination to reveal underlying causes to one’s problems. When dealing with such covert issues, one should work with the stone consistently, by meditating with it and possibly sleeping with it under the pillow to help bring productive dreams.

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<3  Robin

I can’t stop thinking about Stan in the latest episode for a few reasons. Thinking about his character arc in this episode hurts a lot and makes me sad with the possible writing implications. I mean…

He’s feeling overshadowed by his brother as though Ford is the “cooler” one (Mabel even calls Ford a hero). Stan went through all of these troubles to get his family’s approval, to have some love and care returned to him after all that he’s done for the twins.

This episode, the dialogue is really telling on how aware the writers AND Stan are of his age. “I’m old, and I’m not getting any younger.” Stan talked about his gravestone freaking twice if not a third time I missed in this episode alone.

He looks so dang sad when he’s talking to the kids about running for Mayor. So sad that it’s when he talks about his age in a negative way and talks about his gravestone for the first time as far as I remember. You know what really hurts about this? He doesn’t want to be known as the “grifter” when he’s gone. He wants to be worth something before he dies. He wants to be deemed important and loved by his family. They’re the only family he has left after all, right?

Stan spent 30 years getting the portal back up and running without the other 2 journals. 30 years he spent until he got the other two journals and got everything else he needed to finally bring his brother back. The portal caused so much damage… It was dangerous… But he just wanted to save his twin.

And now? This poor man hasn’t been thanked or rewarded with the same love and selflessness in return for all he’s done and been through. He risked his life and everybody else’s lives to get his brother back…. For whatever is going on now.

Where Mabel feels like she doesn’t have much time left to continue being a kid, Stan believes he doesn’t have much time left in his life on its own. I can just imagine him thinking every night that this is the last summer he CAN see and spend time with the twins. Maybe the whole “there aren’t that many [months/years] left” instead of Halloweens like Mabel said in Summerween.

This is a time he finally got his brother back and he can’t even feel close to him like old times. His brother hasn’t shown much interest in spending time with him. Ford mostly seems interested in spending time with, AND impressing the twins. That’s great and all, I guess, but don’t leave your own darn twin brother out of the family picture, Ford…

So… Then I get to the part of this episode that really gets me. There are firework explosives all over the inside of that monument. Stan is rescuing his only family and in the moment the fireworks are about to explode, he talks about his gravestone again. He talks about this as though it IS his last moment alive and he just wants to make sure the twins survive if he doesn’t. Stan also wants that grifter status to not be on his grave. He committed heroic actions in this moment - GENUINE hero moments compared to Ford just putting in the new lightbulb that Mabel called heroic - and he probably would’ve wanted to be remembered for that instead. He’s more and more accepting of his potential death… Just wishing for others to see more in him.

And that’s what really bites and hurts. I’m sure many of us want to accomplish something we’ve dreamed of before we move on from our lives in this world. We want to feel worth whether it’s by our standards or not. When the time comes, we want to be remembered for what we’ve done even in the little ways.

Stan… He’s done so much for his family. He really has. He goes through all this garbage of being kicked out by his dad, feeling unloved by his own brother, and now he seems to feel like his only family is being taken away from him as Ford seems “cooler” than him. All he probably ever desires is to just feel that in return. To be certain that his family is aware of his worth and his importance before he’s not there anymore.

When I think of this more and more, I just hurt more for this poor old man. It worries me that the direction of the writing for his character arc isn’t going to conclude with him remaining alive if the show is to kill off characters later on… To the extent that Alex makes a big deal of future character deaths saying something along the lines of people dying and the audience will cry. What character deaths would make us cry? Not the past mayor. Not some background character with few character arcs, screen time or lines.

The character would have to be a character that’s had an impact on the audience. A character whose arc and development are grand and seemingly coming to a close. It would have to be a character with great opportunity, from an emotional writing standpoint, to tear the audience’s feeling apart. It could be an outright painfully sad death, or a bittersweet death.

Painfully sad death: The character that’s gone through so much, likely sacrificed so much, dies without much reward for his actions and without goodbyes, etc.

Bittersweet death: Same as the other kind of character death, but with a little positivity in the mix. The death is caused by the character’s sacrifice, they probably get to have their goodbyes, and they’re finally recognized for everything that wanted to be recognized for - at the cost of their life. It’s horribly sad that they die either way, but the fact that get rewarded and recognized for what they wanted makes life in the fictional universe seem more hopeful and well-concluded.

So… These are my thoughts… And if we indeed lose a main character, I fear that the direction of writing for Stan is definitely coming to a close sometime soon.

I’ve suspected this for a while because it DOES make story-writing sense to lose Stan, but this episode has only further convinced me that it’s highly probable to happen.

Plus, what’s a big part of growing up and handling the harsh realities of the world? Life endangerment. Believe me when I say that losing grandparents as a kid is the most painful thing to go through. It still hurts when you’re older, but as a kid you cannot grasp the reality of death that easily. It’s new territory, it’s terrifying, and downright depressing. The grandparents that took care of you, babysat you, spoiled you, cease to exist in this world.

This show is about family, and it’s also about growing up. Whether or not Disney allows it doesn’t matter. They’ve let Alex have more freedom, and one of the storyboard artists has claimed that the show gets much darker than they expected to get away with at all.

And… Well… I’ll conclude with that…

How the Triumvirate first met (or how they should)

Kirk: hello Mr. Spock, i guess you’re my first officer. this is our new CMO, Dr. McCoy

McCoy: you got anything worthwhile on board this ship besides the evils of space?

Spock: space is not a entity capable of possessing a personality, therefore it cannot be evil as it-

McCoy: yeah yeah, that’s your theory.

Kirk: well actually Bones, you’re misusing the term ‘theory’. a theory is a scientific law that’s been tested thoroughly and never been known to fail, isn’t that right, Mr. Spock?

Spock: *stares at Kirk with heart eyes* most logically stated, Captain. 

McCoy: *looks between Kirk and Spock* *realizes he will spend the next five years, or possibly forever, around two giant nerds secretly in love with each other* God help me…

wanted: fire emblem saltmate

requirements (warning: potentially unpopular opinions herein)

- healthy appreciation for kjelle and severa

- not here for inigo’s weird sexist world

- does not approve of gangrel’s redemption arc

- mildly annoyed by owain

- misandry-friendly

- acknowledges that bad future tharja was an abusive mom

- likes: to be gay or to be around the gay

pretty vs. confident:

I read that “pretty” folks have an easier time getting through life than most. They are quicker to receive assistance, get the job, get the promotion, be accepted, etc.

I have also read that confident folks (though not necessarily easier) are quicker to receive assistance, get the job, get the promotion, be accepted, etc.

I wonder if pretty people REALLY get that much more preferential treatment? Or is it rather that they are just more likely to be confident?

Now that Kouha and Koumei are going to be exiled I had a lot of thoughts about them. One thought was to see them exiled in a country where slavery is legal. There they could spend some years as actual slaves and then we’d see whether they would continue support slavery in their own country (although, to be fair only Koumei has expressed his support on this matter).

incidentalpiratess replied to your post:

I hate the standard AUs like HS/ABO/coffee shop but I like modern and sometimes zombie apocalypse AU and often pirate AU. Or AU where a good guy is a bad guy, sometimes.

I hate them all (with a few exceptions). Except abo in the context of alien biology. Like Loki has no idea what his species is like. Cont

herroyaldarkness replied to your post: find what you were looking for?

same tho

I find it vaguely funny that at least a small handful of those visits were links followed from your blog and not Taylor’s. There’s probably some logical thought process behind it, but…wait, no. Never mind, I forgot who we were talking about for a moment.

When you take out the colors and unfilter the photo you can tell how glaringly obvious that this cab is fake. Shippers. Use your eyes and logic for once.

En Kopp Til? - Brett/Mai

Coffee. Coffee was something that Brett was very familiar with. He had practically grown up drinking coffee and he was sure if it could run through your veins, he would be the first to have that. He didn’t sleep properly as it was so coffee was his go-to beverage when he could barely keep his eyes open anymore. Logic would dictate that he should go to bed when he feels like this, but keeping an eye on his physical wellbeing was not his strongpoint. Mental, maybe a little better at dealing with, but not by much.

He was glad that he was going to be spending time with someone where he was going to be in total control of himself, though he wasn’t sure how good that was in theory. After all, the meeting with Marley had gone extremely well once he had gotten drunk, but the after-meeting with Eloise hadn’t gone quite so well due to how drunk he actually was. He made his way inside of the coffee shop, finding an empty table and waiting for Mai as he sat down, mind not sure what exactly to call this meeting.

beijingchild OMG i remember that!! and they were also like “only ethnicities in which monolids are common can use ch*nk” and i was like u do realize that we get called that not bc of monolids but bc of epicanthic folds right.. even if you have double eyelids but still have epicanthic folds you still have “ch*nky eyes” according to racist logic

yea that worries me too… they’re also really US-centric in all of their answers. idk why they would create an sj blog if they aren’t qualified to run one, but they did


Rowan yelped in surprise like a day-old wolf pup, nearly springing right out of his pale skin at the sudden clamor ringing through his chambers. Farkas was much slower to respond, stretching languidly with a deep, angry scowl on his face and dragging the blanket over his eyes in a fully logical attempt to be rid of the noise.

“HAVE YE GONE DAFT, MAN?” came the vampire’s furious denouncement, glaring daggers at the werewolf who’d caused their rude awakening.