Bowtruckles are tiny creatures made of sticks and leaves. They protect trees and are known to try to gouge the eyes out of anyone trying to cut down their home. However, Bowtruckles can be distracted from protecting their trees if you offer them some insects to eat. The Ministry of Magic classifies these creatures as harmless, and that’s why Newt is often able to carry Pickett the Bowtruckle in his pocket.


  • jack and shitty are BFFS FOREVER
  • jack and bitty werent even FUCKING SUBTLE bitty straight up said he and jack were boyfriends in front of ransom and holster
  • but they didn’t confront him about it because THEY CARE ABOUT HIM
  • and they wanted bitty to tell them on his own time
  • they all love each other and its BEAUTIFUL I SWEAR TO GOD
  • shitty apologized for the crap he pulled THANK FUCK
  • lardo is the head of the senior trio MY GUY
  • LOVE
  • HAS
  • JACK

Between 1984 and 1985, a ruthless serial killer that became known as the “Night Stalker” instilled fear into the hearts of Southern California residents. He entered homes at nights where he would dispose of any men in the house before sexually assaulting, and quite often killing, the women and ransacking the house. Age was of no consideration to this ruthless killer: he raped and killed children and he raped and killed decrepit elderly ladies. Not following much of a particular modus operandi, he used a wide variety of murder weapons. He slashed throats, he bludgeoned, he shot, and he stabbed. On one brutal occasion, he gouged the eyes out of one of his victims.

The downfall of the Night Stalker commenced after the August 25 murder of Bill Cairns and the sodomy of fiancee, Inez Erickson. As he was fleeing, a neighbourhood boy spotted him and reported him to the police, taking down the registration number of the car in which he fled. Three days later, the aforementioned car was discovered discarded in Los Angeles. A run of the registration confirmed that it was a stolen car. The car was delivered to the Orange County Sheriff’s Department where it would be vehemently combed for evidence. 

Chemical fumes were pumped into the car and as a result, hidden fingerprints reacted to the fumes and turned white. After the fumes dissipated, the fingerprints were investigated with a high-power laser ray. The fingerprints were then analysed and flown to Sacramento, where an Automated Fingerprint Identification system had just recently been installed. The fingerprints uncovered from the car were run against the database of previous offenders.

Moments later, they had a match: Richard Ramirez.

Every time I see a Killing Stalking post that says Yoonbum and Sangwoo aren’t meant to be shipped, or what an unhealthy relationship it is, or that it’s not a yaoi I want to gouge my eyes out…

It’s as if people have completely forgotten that Yoonbum was infatuated with Sangwoo, stalked him obsessively for X amount of time before breaking into his home to dry hump his pillow. Yes Sangwoo turned out to be a serial killer and a psychopath but like… can we please have some sort of concept of the context things are happening in?

The manga is as interesting as it is because of their relationship and how well written they are. Instead of all this bitching about how problematic everything is, I want to see actual proper meta! I want to see discussions about how Bum’s pre-feelings have influenced his actions (remember when Sangwoo literally had to peel Bum off him during their first kiss, or how he came pretty hard just from finally being able to touch Sangwoo) Or how Sangwoo’s feelings are now overtaking Bum’s. I mean, for someone who only murdered women, after a prolonged amount of time with Bum, the boy went cruising in a gay bar! Yes it was all part of a game to mess with Bum’s head but I feel like the choice of location is significant.

Sangwoo and Yoonbum are in no way relationship goals their relationship is twisted but it’s interesting and it’s incredibly well written. There’s so many things going on that need to be talked about and discussed, rather than whatever hot mess the tag is today.


Naughty - “not human” 

“naughty used to be a much more serious word than it is today. In King Lear, when the Duke of Gloucester is getting his eyes gouged out by Regan, he responds by calling her a ‘naughty lady’. So many parents have since called their children naughty that it has drained the power from the word. It comes from the same root as naught or nothing” - the etymologicon

Fantastic Beasts Headcanon

Newt is a part of another very dangerous situation in which his life could end and he has no more creatures left to help him–or does he? 

He’s about killed or tortured by someone (presumably Grindelwald or one of his fanatics) and he’s literally about to die when BAM, Pickett busts out and gouges the person’s eyes out. 

Bowtruckles are known to attack those who cut down/harm the trees they live in, most often using their claws to gouge out eyes. Pickett is so attached to Newt, he sees Newt as the tree he must live off of and protect. 

If someone physically hurts Newt, Pickett will literally gouge out their eyes. 

The Torture of Kelly Ann Bates.

Kelly Ann Bates was a cheerful, friendly fourteen-year-old when she met grim, violent James Patterson Smith while babysitting at a friends house. Despite Smith being over twenty years her senior, they began a relationship which Kelly kept concealed from her parents, and disguised the beatings she recieved as accidents from work.

After a rocky two years, Kelly moved in with Smith at his flat in Manchester, after fighting with her mother. As soon as her daughter left home, Kelly’s mother lost all contact with her. In March 1996 she attempted to see Kelly at the flat but was told by Smith that she was ill, and told to go away.

Kelly was in fact tied to the bathtub by chains, and Smith had gouged her eyes out. Over a period of four weeks he had beaten her, burned her arm so badly tendons showed through, and crushed her hands under blocks of cement. Her body was covered in bruises and cuts, and after removing her eyes Smith had stabbed the empty sockets with a pair of scissors. In addition to this horrific abuse, Smith starved Kelly for days on end and denied her water.

On the 16th of April, 1996, Smith walked into Greater Manchester Police Station and told officers his girlfriend had accidently drowned in the bathtub. When police arrived at the flat they discovered Kelly’s terribly mutilated body lying on the bed. The medical examiner noted 150 separate injuries to her body, and determined her eyes had been gouged out three weeks before Smith finally drowned her in the bathtub. “I have seen over 600 victims of homicide, and never witnessed injuries so extensive. Her death must have been a merciful end to her torment” the M.E said in a statement".

49-year old Smith denied murdering Bates and claimed she inflicted most of the injuries herself to “wind me up”. He also claimed Kelly would taunt him over his dead mother and disfigure herself to make him look bad. The judge sentenced him to life imprisonment and said in his closing argument “You are a highly dangerous person. You are an abuser of women, and I intend to use all my power to ensure you abuse no more.”

ishida on twitter: (‘∀’●)♡(*’∀’人)♥♥(ˆ⌣ˆԅ)(*´▽`*)(*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑

ishida writing tokyo ghoul: you can eat your mom’s intestines, you can have 103 bones broken, you can have your limbs cut off, you can have your balls smashed with a hammer, you can be sliced in half and thrown off of a building, you can be stabbed and then beheaded, you can have both of your eyes gouged out through the brain, you can be vertically sliced in half with a chainsaw, you can eat your best friend, you can confess your love and then fall to your death, you can have your whole family die overnight, you can have your ribs ripped out by hand, you can be sliced in half in front of your friend, you ca

Honestly I don’t get why people who like legit monster girls don’t seem to talk too much about Skullgirls. I mean, sure most of the characters are made to look kind of cartooney-cute or anime sexy, but look at their actual character roster I mean
You’ve got two girls who have monstrous parasites burrowed into the backs of their heads, one acting as sentient hair, the other literally a snake like dragon.
A girl who basically has to shove metal up through her own skin to cut her opponents with her weapons in a fight.
A cat girl who bears the scars of having been cut to pieces all the way through all over her body, and regularly pulls herself apart again and again as part of her fighting style (tendons and all).
A girl right out of some twisted looney tunes production who has two gaping eyesocket holes where her eyes were once gouged out and has her arms and presumably other body parts replaced with robotic limbs.
A nun who is basically a malevolent, shapeshifting mass of flesh, eyes, and teeth.
A maid-looking girl whose chest cavity is mostly empty, visible ribcage
A songstress who not only has a parasite for a SKELETON, but her whole body outside of that is basically all blood which she regularly consumes to keep herself alive like a 10x badass vampire.

I mean come on guys, I know it looks kind of anime, but there’s serious potential for genuinely cool monster girl fanart and stuff in this game. And those players I mentioned are only the currently playable characters on the roster.