{Requested} EXO Reaction to their girlfriend walking out in only a towel

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Minseok would have currently been cleaning while you were taking a shower. But while so focused on sweeping, he hadn’t heard the patter of your wet, bare feet on the tile floors. Turning around to look at you when you called out his name, his eyes would widen slightly, regardless of having seen you nude many times. 

“Minnie, did you happen to throw my sweatpants in the wash?”

“So beautiful” he’d mumble, completely ignoring your question. 

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Things that frustrate me in the SPN fandom:

Not in any particular order

1) Shipper “wars” (which seem to be declared only by Destiel shippers of a certain ilk…but I could be missing a few others admittedly)

2) Sam-stans who think Dean is always wrong and completely belittle everything about Dean no matter how many times Dean is proven right. Even if you point out to them “Sam is wrong to say X to Dean in this scene” (which is not vilifying Sam or hating on Sam) they immediately make approximately a dozen excuses for why Dean was so out of line that he made Sam treat him like shit. Their arguments just make people dislike Sam (equal and opposite reaction), so it annoys the fuck out of me.

3) Dean-stans who think Sam is abusive. Sam can be a total shit to Dean, and he completely disregards Dean’s intellect and instincts regularly (see 13.02 for most recent example) in favor of portraying Dean as essentially feeling things wrong simply because he disagrees with Sam, but there is no one and nothing on the planet that Sam loves more than he loves Dean, and aside from S4 (my least favorite Sam season) and a pretty well-deserved middle of S9 he has never intentionally hurt Dean. Being dismissive too often is still not abusive. Also, I love that Sam is completely blind to his own flaws in how he treats/relates to Dean because it is so very real. I love Sam for his flaws. Also, sometimes Dean really is the one at fault or who hurt Sam first. Don’t make the Sam-girls hate Dean (see the above), it annoys me.

4) Castiel fans who haven’t apparently been watching the same show as everyone else since his second episode. He’s pretty much universally been an asshole to Dean since S4. It’s not always been intentional, and sometimes it’s even understandable, but he’s still been a total fuck and regularly a betrayer.

5) Lucifer apologists. HE’S FUCKING EVIL! Also, HE LIES! It’s what he does! 

6) Having a conversation with someone and thinking “fuck, haven’t you ever had a literature class and discussed complicated narratives and unreliable narrators” and realizing no, she hasn’t because she’s fucking 15 years old and too young (and possibly too dumb) to have had proper literature courses.

7) People who hate on Jared and Jensen for being normal guys. I love that they are normal guys, hell, it’s what I love most about them.

8) People who hate on Jared and Jensen at all.

9) “Fans” who think that “interpretation” is more important than fact/canon.

10) Stupid people. If your IQ is below 100, please vacate my corner of the universe. We cannot see eye to eye because I can’t lower myself that far. Not even sorry.

11) Shallow people. If you’re only here because Jensen and Jared are gorgeous (which, obviously, they are) I’m not interested.

12) Blind people. If you’re only here because you think Misha is gorgeous…well, enough said. He’s far from ugly, but really?

13) “Fans” who dislike both Winchester brothers and all the brothers’ scenes. What are you even watching - approximately 45 seconds of each episode?

14) People who police others and say “you can’t be in the fandom if you don’t like my favorite”. I’m not saying anywhere in the above you can’t be in the fandom, I’m just saying fuck off out of my corner of it. The two are entirely different things. Even the Destihellers are fine, if they’d just tag their shit with ONLY the ship tags not the general tags so the rest of us don’t have to be exposed to the homophobic bullshit, the rest of us wouldn’t care that they exist.

15) People who go into anti tags of things they love. Why? Do you just want to be upset or are you looking for a fight? 

16) The stans who try to pass off as BiBros. Uhm…no. If you only ever have good things to say about one brother, you’re a stan, or at least a Dean/Sam girl (or guy). Admit it. Stop lying to others and/or yourself.

17) Idiots who think criticizing a character’s actions in a particular scene, episode, or season equals “hate”. Every character on the show has been a jackass at least a few times. Saying that he/she was a jackass in X scene or Y episode is not “hate”. 

18) People who can’t or worse won’t tag properly. 

19) Ageism. This is my fandom, you stupid little teenie, I was here first (trust me, 12 years ago you weren’t even in school yet, let alone a fan of SPN) so it’s really annoying to have you try to claim the fandom from “old people” who are younger than most of the cast (except Alex…he’s young). 

20) The creepy girls who think the cast are actually interested in them, that way. Jensen is nearly 40, Misha is well clear of 40, and Jared is 35 - your age ends in teen. Even if they wanted to step out on their wives, normal men at that age are well past their “teenage girls” phase. There’s a reason people find it skeezy, because it is.

21) Everyone who wants to act like the “bad guys” aren’t bad. Aside from the Darkness/Amara, there is no canon to support this interpretation. 

22) Anyone who says that I can’t be a feminist and not want to watch the Wayward spin-off. Sorry, a show about teenage girls is not that appealing to a woman in her thirties. Wait, no, I’m not sorry. There’s a reason that SPN is the only WB/CW show I’ve ever watched more than one season. 

23) People who use the LGBTQ+ rights campaign to “defend” their bullshit which violates every single tenet of the LGBTQ+ movement. 

A lost, star gazing boy and his red paladin~~

Here’s the second, more cover-like artwork I did for my Sheith Big Bang entry, because guess who loves watercoloring galaxies and stars and crying over fictional ships and their BB writers’ perfection and stuff.

AO3 link to the fic: “Remember What Drives You”

writers: @leonineheroes and @paladinpuppypile