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Flirting/Signature moves: Featuring TLC characters
  • Cinder: Awkward "flirting"(*cough* not really). Pushes her hair back a lot, tends to have grease or something on her.
  • Kai: Mixes intelligent banter with sass and beautiful hair.
  • Scarlet: Shoots you. Uses her curves to confuse you.
  • Wolf: Scary looking cinnamon roll. Doesn't know how to flirt but when he tries is strangely good at it.
  • Cress: Blushes. Is really subtle and can be a flirty sort of shy. Comes equipped with banter and nice eyes.
  • Thorne: Master flirt. Wiggles eyebrows a lot. Knows he's beautiful and isn't afraid to use it to his advantage.
  • Winter: Pretty and kind and crazy. Trifecta of endearing. Cinnamon roll, too pure, too beautiful.
  • Jacin: scowling and silent and broody but in the pretty boy kind of way.
  • Iko: Head flirt. Loveable and cute. Flirt goals.

Imagine Sakura being surprised out of her damn mind when Sarada, who is just learning how to talk, happily blurts out, “I love you!” one morning while she prepares to give her little girl breakfast. She’s so stunned because although she’s said it around her/to her a few times, it’s not like she’s said it enough times for Sarada to learn it just like that. She’s actually been trying to teach her simpler stuff like hi/hello.

But then Sasuke walks into the kitchen all mussed hair and sleepy eyes, and Sarada wiggles around excitedly and exclaims, “I love you, I love you! Papa, I love you!” and Sakura thinks he HAS to be baffled… but instead finds her husband slowly smiles, all proud and soft, before he walks over to his daughter and smooches her cheek, murmuring a sweet and clear, “I love you,” to his little girl.

And when Sarada giggles in reply, repeating another, “I love you!” Sakura understands exactly who has been teaching her the words. :’)

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Ohh I see Tom got an A on his paper? could it be that he wants to impress his hot teacher orrr Tord is just giving him an A because- *eye brow wiggle*

Tord doesn’t play like that. He would rather see Tom succeed on his own rather than just letting him pass. He cares about Tom c:


…the man who talked me into giving a shit about this crew, why, he could talk those people out there into anything. If he wanted to.

Okaaaayyy, but imagine J-hope coming out of the room after a night of dirty dirty ( *wiggles eye brows*) and the boys tease him about how loud you two were.

(My hope, my angel, my bias wreaker. J-hope. I accidentally posted this on my main and I almost freaked out in the middle of summer school 😭😭😭😭😭😭 - Y)

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♡: how does my muse act, consciously and/or subconsciously, around people they are romantically interested in? (leo please)

“Oh Vicky my dear have I not shown you how I feel?” Leo asked caressing the side of her face, “but if you insist I answer I will, For me when I’m attracted to someone romantically I touch the more, wanting to feel their skin against my own. I inhale deeply when not seeing them for a long time wanting remember how they smelt.” Leaning in close he brushed his nose close to her ear, “otherwise I am always transparent with how I feel I would hate to miss out on the opportunity.” Leaning back he wiggled his eye ridges suggestively.



Kim Junmyeon/Reader
Warnings: Smut/Minor breath!play
Word Count: 2,165

You were vaguely aware that you’re lying on your side when you were woken up by feather like kisses along your shoulder and your neck. You squeezed your eyes and wiggled slightly trying to wake yourself up when you felt a hand sneak up the large T-shirt you were wearing and gently squeeze your waist. 
“Hey, princess”

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Dating Taehyung

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  • okay y’all are so cute together
  • actually y’all are the messy couple
  • you communicate with just eye gestures
  • *large eyes*
  • *brow raise*
  • *brow wiggle*
  • *three blinks*
  • ”what are you weirdos doing?”-yoongi
  • ”y/n said she wanted a hamburger.”
  • you’ll have to convince tae out of adopting a puppy he saw walking by a pet shop
  • ”hear me out babe, he fell asleep in my arms”
  • ”taehyung, you’re not fit to be a parent yet.”
  • but then like 2 weeks later he’s going to have to talk you out of adopting the same puppy
  • ”taae~ he looks like you..”
  • ”y/n, you can’t even take care of yourself.”
  • he’s the one who suggests couple match items
  • messes with you
  • teases you
  • but mostly cause he likes to see you giggle
  • he’s super playful with you
  • when he wants your attention he’s clingy
  • you, and maknae line always up to no good
  • another candid aesthetic man
  • ”y/n can I braid your hair?”
  • ”no.”
  • ”why?”
  • ”you knotted it up last time I had to cut my hair remember.’
  • sends you long texts on what he did that day
  • includes pictures
  • cuddle sessions
  • will want to meet your parents the second you start dating
  • ”I gotta make sure your parents like me”
  • if your parents speak a different language he’ll try to speak it
  • even if he only knows how to say “hello I’m taehyung/v” in said language
  • you take pictures of him when he’s not looking
  • you play with his hair
  • he finds it relaxing
  • *5 blinks, 2 eyebrow wiggles, and one wink*
  • ”that means I love you.” 

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