eye whisker


My little handmade Luna MouseMoth!
He has embroidered wings and antennae, a sewn body with beans inside for weight, a needle felted head, glass eyes and real cat whiskers! 
*EDIT: The whiskers are from my cat, Minnow, and are naturally shed! (I always save the whiskers I find on my carpet for purposes like making this doll!) <3 *

There’s been a lot of posts on what if the ability to bond was humanity’s special deal among all living creatures out there in space but… What if it’s not specifically our bonding (which imo is hardly likely to be unique in the universe) but the extent of our altruism?

What if it’s the strength of our drive to help and save and protect that makes us unique? Especially because we will direct it not just at our own species but also at others as well?

Imagine humans becoming known for investing a lot of time and effort into altruistic acts towards any species, sentient or not, where pretty much every other species would have long given up or not even considered it.

Imagine tales of humans-led ships flying into war zones to rescue civilians. Tales of human ships going out of their way into danger zones to rescue another ship and its crew, even though it’s a completely different species.

Imagine an interstellar version of the Red Cross or the WWF. Imagine humans not standing by idly when wars are hitting the weakest in an alien population.

Imagine Earth, despite being small and basically a Death Planet, becoming also known as a refuge, a place to go when nowhere else in the universe is safe, because there’ll always be someone there willing to open their doors for you.

Imagine humans getting other aliens to cooperate or help them in their efforts. Imagine humans rallying great numbers for big rescue projects, like evacuating a planet’s population to another bc the first planet is about to blow up or so.

Imagine humans doing things expecting no reward or benefit, just because it is “the right thing to do”, using the strength of community that brought us so far as a species, and doing if for anyone, anything we encounter, no matter how many eyes or tentacles or whiskers or jaws, and this to the great bafflement of many, many species.