eye types


hey guys i need your opinion on some eye types.. for my new update, and i want to know witch one is a favorite, i cant decide between 2-4 witch one should i do? also like, shiny/not shiny, i need to know details if you don’t mind :3 ?

I’ve never been so lost, your eyes are the type i’d never get tired of looking at, your heart gives me warmth I’ll always need, your mouth speaks words I’ll always want to hear and your mind is one of a kind, a kind that never fails to amaze me with every thought you say out loud so talk to me, stay with me, for I never feel the same when I am with you, for I have never loved, the way I love you. -l.m

Captive Prince playlists are always so nice and pleasant and smooth. Meanwhile, All For The Game playlists are full of pop punk and screamo.

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My cat Albus is a 10 year old Siamese mix and one of the sweetest cats you'd ever meet. He recently developed glaucoma in one of his eyes and the vets and specialists aren't sure if it's caused simply by inflammation or a cancerous tumor, so it needs to be removed. The surgery is around $1200 whi...

Hey everyone! We are SO close to halfway to reaching the goal for Albus’s eye removal surgery! Thank you so much to all of you who donated and have reblogged the original post

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“There are lessons to be learned
Consequences for all the stupid things I say
And it is no big surprise you turned out this way
The spark in your eyes, the look on your face.”

Twin Size Mattress // The Front Bottoms