eye stuffs were happening

Circa 1940ish
Steve Rogers: Imma do the thing
Bucky Barnes: don’t do it punk
Steve Rogers: *does the thing*
Bucky Barnes: *smacks hand to face and jumps after him*

Tony Stark: Imma do the thing guys
Steve Rogers : Tony NO
Everyone else: Tony NO
*Tony does the thing and looks super fly doing it*
*Steve prepares to lecture Tony*
*Bucky Barnes comes outta nowhere, slaps hand over Steve’s mouth*
“shhh shhhhhhh Shhhhhhhhhhhh. You have NO ROOM TO TALK PUNK”


“Is that dirty enough for you?”

Haikyuu!! Week 2016 Day 7: Crossover / AU

I decided to write something for the superhero AU created by @suguru. The newest update got me screaming so here’s my take on how things led to that point.

Warning for blood and gore and stuff under the cut.

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“They took off in airplane so they could organize the new optics of the big city. Typically on a big model, you push around with the optics until bingo you had something that looks like some wonderful composition. Brasilia, the capital of Brazil, is a great example. From the air it’s very interesting. It’s interesting for a bird or eagle. From the helicopter view, it has got wonderful districts with sharp and precise government buildings and residential buildings. However, nobody spent three minutes to think about what Brasilia would look like at the eye level. That was typical – planners were to look after the plan, the architects were to look after the buildings. With modernism, they were free of the context of the city. They placed it on open lands surrounded by grass. Nobody was responsible for looking after the people who were to move in these new structures… 

You would think that the landscape architects were the ones. At least they were down at eye level and were moving around. But as far as I’m concerned, some landscape architects have done great jobs for people, but most of the work is not great, just silly benches. They’re more occupied with plans and form. There’s a general pursuit of form in the area of architecture and also in the profession of landscape architecture. So, what really happened was that the eye level stuff were handled by the traffic engineers. They are the ones who mostly shaped our environments in our cities…

…I sum up that in 50 years nobody has systematically looked after a good urban habitat for Homo sapiens.”

Jan Gehl on cities, Brasilia and the perils of designing in plan.

Interview with ASLA: http://www.asla.org/ContentDetail.aspx?id=31346

Reasons you shouldn't judge shadowhunters based on the 7 minute clip

-McG said the pilot isn’t even done yet
-Matt Daddario said that they had stuff “complete enough” to show people which means as far as he knows they still have work to do
-that was literally the very first scene they ever shot so yeah they are still getting a feel for the show/each other/their characters
-the cgi will never look 100% “real” because the stuff they use the cgi for in the show isn’t stuff that ever actually happens
- did you see Magnus’s eyes????? THOSE WERE AMAZING
-watch Dom in the trailer he’s a perfect Jace okay
-the demons looked awesome!!!!!
-Alberto Rosende is perfect fight me
-the promo was really cool and really pretty so of course they’re going to make show just as good

Best intentions - part 2

Calum (Frat boy! Calum)

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 - Will you please do a second part to best intentions I just read and it was amazing!!:)

 - Will you do a part two to best intentions.

 - are you going to do part 2 of old friends? it was so good!

Part 1

Girls POV

The world was ending. Well, perhaps not, but I was feeling like it was in a way I really should have considered last night – downing those drinks were not the slightest in my favour.

I might have well have been sick on my brain, my thoughts groggy as I grimaced, squinting in the dimmed room. It took a minute to recognise, I had no clue where I was and I could be in China for all I knew as I began to stir – my whole body protesting as I groaned internally. I laid there for a few minutes, trying to make my world stop spinning until I realised. My head was moving up and down. The thumping was not in fact my brain trying to punish me for drinking. I slowly turned in horror, realising I was sleeping with someone, on someone. My heart dropped as I let out a surprised yelp and scrambled away from Calum as he jolted awake. I landed with a thump on the floor, pain spreading around my lower as he sat up and rubbed his eyes.

 “Oh, morning!” He said, his tone still startled and his voice thick with sleep.

 “M-morning.” I stuttered, hastily beginning to pick my things up, including my dress, causing me to look down in surprise and confusion.

 “I- uh, it’s mine.” He scratched the back of his head as mine pounded.

 “Well, um, thanks for the party.” I mumbled as I made a beeline towards the door.

 “Wait! Don’t rush off!” He was on his feet in seconds, by the door as he caught my arm. “You can stay for breakfast if you want.” His grip softened as I tried not to look at him. I didn’t need a mirror to know what I looked like, knotty hair with mascara smeared down my cheeks.

 “Thanks but I really should, I don’t want to,” I caught sight of him properly, pausing as I breathed heavily and got caught up in his gaze. His eyes were still half open with sleep, his beautiful curls rumpled messily. His white t-shirt was crumpled, the left side of his tanned chest showing more than the other due to the lopsided nature of the v-neck. I forgot my train of thought, instantly lost in his chocolate eyes as we stood and stared at each other. “Impose.” I breathed out the last word as I shook my head to break the contact.

“Thanks again.” I rushed down the stairs and was out of the door before he could do anything; hearing a slight “Y/N, wait!” and silently cursing myself as I walked back to my house. It was too early for the campus to be awake so I thanked that.

Why do you always have to make a fool of yourself? I thought angrily as I entered, heading straight for my room as I threw myself onto my bed, head buried in a pillow and desperately tried to remember any main events from last night.

And two hours later, there was still nothing. I sighed in defeat, sitting up as my head rushed again. After pints of water and paracetemol, I was back on my feet and finally looked in the mirror, confirming what I earlier thought.

I headed for the shower, deciding it was the best thing for me right now as the water ran down my body, washing off last night. It was instant relief, brushing my teeth as I rinsed the shampoo out and humming to my music. I didn’t have to focus on anything else.

 Calums POV

 All my nerves settled in the centre of my stomach as I walked slowly up to the door. Hesitating first, I knocked loudly as I tried to run over what I had to say to her, again.

I knew that last night shouldn’t have happened, the kiss and all. I knew she’d regret it and even if I only managed to stutter out “I’m sorry.” It was better than the oblivious silence we both seemed to have assumed.

A girl I didn’t recognise answered, sneering at me as I asked to see Y/N.

“No boys, sorry.” She began to shut the door as she said it, obviously not meaning it.

“At night, actually.” I said back, stopping the door with my hand as I gently pushed past her. She protested but I was tired, and I just needed to tell Y/N what I had to say before it was left for too long and it was unsalvageable.

I knew where her room was, having entered it once at a party of theirs, back when we’d both moved in, newbie’s, as I had laid eyes on her and heard her voice and learned her ways and developed the completely infatuated state I was now in.

I knocked gently, the girl at the door having given up as I scaled the stairs in seconds. I heard a slight noise inside, slowly opening the door to see her back to me, blow drying her hair. She stopped it a few seconds later, standing to plug in her straighteners as I coughed slightly, causing her to scream a little and jump. I smiled apologetically as she looked down, embarrassed.

“Sorry, I, um, I knocked on your door-“

“It’s ok.” She smiled, still not meeting my eyes.

“Look I’m really sorry about last night and everything-“ I began as she also started.

“Calum, I’m so sorry.” We both stopped abruptly, gesturing for the other to go on. She eventually did.

“I wasn’t trying to be rude this morning. I really appreciate it, everything, but I just wanted to – um – look better before I had a real conversation with you.” Her sheepish smiles made me want to pull her close and chuckle deeply but it wasn’t the time for my clouded thoughts.

“No, it’s fine. Not that you. Looked bad or anything. In fact, you looked great this morning. Not in a weird way or anything. I just. Wanted to check you were ok. Not in a creepy way-“ I rambled whilst my thoughts went wild. Never in your life have you rambled. What is this girl doing to you? You sound like an idiot. Stop talking. Stop it. STOP IT. You’re embarrassing yourself, for god’s sake. Breathe.

“Calum,” She giggled quietly, cutting me off as I smiled gratefully. She pointed to her bed. “You can sit down, if you’d like.”

She began to straighten her hair.

“I’m sorry about your shirt too, I was going to wash it and bring it back, you know, it just smelt like alcohol – not great if you know what I mean.”

“Keep it.” I smiled warmly, watching her as she did her stuff.

“So, last night huh. Did anything happen?” Her eyes were trained on herself in the mirror, luckily as a moment of confusion passed on my face.

“Uh- no.” I started as she turned around alarmed.

“Liar liar.”

“You don’t remember anything?” I asked, slightly in disbelief.

“I feel like if you told me something had happened, I would remember it happening, but no.” Her hair began to fall sleek down her back.

“You asked me to stay with you – otherwise I wouldn’t have slept in the same bed as you but I just fell asleep.”

“It’s ok,” she had hard concentration on her face as she tried not to burn herself. “Why did I ask you to? Did I say?”

“Um, Jason.” Her face fell immediately, remembering as I asked curiously, “You didn’t just see him – did you? What did he do? You said you didn’t want him to come back and do anything.”

“He, came and said hello.” She said as I looked at her, eyebrows cocked as I knew there was more. “He tried to kiss me, ok? He had me pushed in a corner, kissing my neck and I clearly wasn’t enjoying it. Luke pulled him off, though he didn’t recognise me. He just saw an uncomfortable girl.” I growled, hatred growing as she turned around to look at me properly instead of in the mirror.

“But Calum? Calum.” She repeated it as I was lost in angry thoughts, reacting to let her know I was listening. “I didn’t tell you this because I wanted you to go and kill him, okay?”

“Why did you then?” I asked, breaking through my red vision to focus on her again.

“Because I trust you and because I know I can tell you stuff. Don’t do anything. Seriously.” All fury disappeared in a second as my body warmed. She can tell you stuff. My heart beated fast every second as I nodded furiously.

She finished, turning the straighteners off as she sat down next to me.

“But there’s something else. What else did I do?” I furrowed my brows as I looked at her. “Come on Calum, just tell me. I know there’s something else.”

I looked down guiltily and didn’t answer. She gasped her eyes wide as she guessed.

“I kissed you, didn’t I?” No answer. “Oh my god. I tried to have sex with you.” I nodded bleakly as she shoved a hand through her newly washed hair. It glinted in the light.

“Fuck. Fuck. I’m so sorry.”

“It’s fine, honestly.” I tried to comfort her, putting a hand on her shoulder as it moved with every quick breath.

“Yeah, actually, you might be used to it. Girls are always throwing themselves at you anyway.” I froze, words coming up like vomit as I blurted out.

“Maybe, but none of them matter like you do.” She turned around, her eyes huge as she whispered,

“What?” I looked down, fear overcoming me. That was not the plan.

“I- uh, you, um.” I stuttered, red rising up my cheeks as she clambered in front of my crossed legs, her face completely opposite.

“Calum?” she dragged out my name in question as I fought to meet her gaze.

“You might as well know, ok? Really.” I threw up my hands, running them through my hair and leaving a messy trail.

“I really like you, Okay? No, just listen.” She tried to interrupt as I shushed her. “I think you’re beautiful, really beautiful, especially this morning when you woke up in my clothes in my room, and you’re always so smart and I know all the boys want you and  you could easily have your pick, but I don’t want you to pick them I want you to pick me and I want you to know I wont ever treat you like Jason or those other assholes, I’d treat you like a queen and I’d always protect you from people like them-“ I was cut off suddenly by her soft lips. They were different from last night, precise instead of sloppy as she brought her hands behind my hair, tugging on it slightly as I moaned. She pulled away slightly, resting her forehead on mine and whispering as I gasped for breath.

“I know. You always will.”

I hope you enjoyed it :)

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