eye shaped

ngl tho working on this pv is legit giving me major ghostie-vibes like

particularly because back in the Day, around the time face less and serial contraption of malice were uploaded, i was working on a yohioloid song that was also gonna have a multi-picture pv, and the character from that one looked and was drawn really similar to the one in this pv im working on right now

i was using the same pencil-lookin brush, the character was in b&w while the background was themed in black + one main color, and the characters have the EXACT same hair style. that old pv from 2014 also had the same art style as dance with the dead (the rhombus-shaped eyes, blush circles, generally kinda blockier than my normal style), which is really similar to what im doing with this song

and theyre both sung by yohioloid

and im just over here like hello 2014 how are you today

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the og point was ur ocs & art look pretty much the same with every post, despite the slight differences. same "sexy" pose, body type, face shape, eye shape, etc. U could overlay 2 different pics of ur ocs & get the same face/body. Also big tits & ass/thighs isnt the same as chubby/fat women which you Don't draw. U don't have to please everybody but like fuck dude, take some criticism? its interesting u chose to latch onto the whitewashing thing tho 🤔 have fun w ur horndog followers

DAMN. Maybe, cause, uh, that’s my style? Ever heard of that word? I’ll take criticism, but only when it’s constructive, honey.Also, I wasn’t aware that you were the one who can classify what a “chubby/fat” woman is. Have fun staying on anon! ฅ(≚ᄌ≚)


I literally own so many Draculauras that I cannot fit them all in one picture. A DOZEN DRACULAURAS! She is absolutely my favorite character to repaint– I find her face to be extremely versatile, so that a tiny change in eye shape or brow thickness or lip color can make her look completely different. Then add wigs and new clothes on top of that, and you have a dozen different personalities– all from the exact same doll model. Which one is your favorite? :)


Why do pupils come in so many different shapes? A new study suggests it all has to do with the animal’s size and whether they are predator or prey.  

For example, longer pupils are found in predators that lie in wait for their prey, like small cats. These predators need to accurately judge the distance to their prey, and the vertical slit has optical features that make it ideal for that.

But that rule only holds if the animal is short, so its eyes aren’t too high off the ground. Larger cats like lions (who chase down their prey) tend to have round pupils.

And why do goats have horizontal pupils? Find out here.

Image sources

Lion by saritNigerian dwarf goat by Yoopery, Gargoyle gecko by v1ctory_1s_m1neKitten by Kévin V. PxlCuttlefish by Alexander VaseninHorse by Michael WifallFantail stingray by Philippe Guillaume

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so I've been having a really hard time with heads and faces recently, especially the head shapes and eyes. Ive been trying to change it up a bit but I just can't get it how I like it and I was wondering if you had any piece of advice? Idk if its a style thing or what but its starting to really frustrate me (for some dumb reason ;u;) Thanks in advance!!

there’s such a good exercise for that, actually! It works especially well with differing the head shapes, but can work for eyes as well! You take your hand a draw a random shape. Then filling it with features. Say, you draw a potatoe-shaped object. It doesn’t have to be precise of anything, since it’s just your carcass. 

then, whatever comes to your mind about that shape. You can change it slightly if you want to, or you can leave it the way it is and just draw features (and extra volume to the head if necessary)

here’s just a few examples i could come up with 

they are fast so don’t look for too anatomically correct stuff, but you get the idea! Draw a lot of shapes and fill them in.. SOmetimes you should draw many to figure out what fits your character best.

I had the file with quite many shapes somewhere but I’m not sure if it’s on the laptop or pc so..without that. But generally, try it out! It’s not only fun, but can help you decide on the features and differ the shapes. You can do the same thing for eyes as well;) 

ok but imagine if Lysandra got pregnant
(as herself… i’m pretending the ending of eos didn’t happen okay)
and when her child first opens its eyes, she remembers.
she remembers the color of her true eyes.
because her child looks just like her.
as her child grows, Lysandra will begin to gradually transform back into her true self. 
it’ll be the curve of their cheekbones.
it’ll be the tawny color of their skin.
it’ll be the way their dark hair curls. 

she will remember. 
she will be herself once again.
and she will no longer be trapped in another’s body.


Understanding Shapes and Images with Your Third Eye

We will focus on deciphering shapes and images with this particular exercise.

Some people feel more relaxed with music playing, others prefer silence to focus.

These images are always present as your consciousness is usually occupied in more than one reality of thought. Most people don’t pay attention to the images because they are not programmed to analyze these images in a higher frequency. Waking from a dream not imply that your soul has stopped experiencing that level of reality.

Consciousness is multidimensional and ceaseless. It is about learning slowly in third dimension, but gradually increasing the pace as it spirals upward in frequency.

Prepare as you did in Lesson 1.

Focus on the screen in your mind behind your forehead again.

You will soon see a shape or an image appear.

Make a mental note of the shape as it may be an archetype that your cellular memory has set in for you at this time, one without physical analogy.

Few shapes may remain stationery, while others become animated and holographic. Observe as if watching a filmstrip, reality is nothing more than projected illusion, a consciousness hologram - in which souls experience virtually.

If you see nothing, practice with meditation, or the like. It will help you tune into to the images. It’s like any other skill, the more your practice, the easier it becomes.

Blockages may come from mental illness, substance abuse, fear, lack of understanding what you see or seeking an answer that is not shown.

Examine the images and later record what you have seen. They may mean one thing to you at present, and something else in the future.

By K.Nagori

i dont even like drinking anymore
i dont like smoking either
i just want to find my person
grow with them
get in shape
start my career
learn french
get a cute loft with said person
with exposed brick
and a spiral staircase
and one of those old fridges with a latch as a handle
surrounded by succulents
i want to write my novel
in my dads sweater
with the typewriters I collected in my 20s
i want to be 40 with my person
and our son Jude
he has his mothers nose
i have my fathers eyes
they’re distinguishing