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Auntie Kylie is apparently unaware that there are other humans roaming this Earth with the name ‘Kylie’.  She unsuccessfully tried to trademark her name for the purpose of selling high priced lip glosses and eye shadow palettes. The same lip glosses and eye shadow pallets that singer Kylie Minogue says are damaging her brand. 

Must be nice. I wish I could sue every family member that’s currently damaging my brand, especially Kylie.

😍MORE SWATCHES of the Upcoming Serpentina eye shadow palette by Kat Von D.
Limited edition
Will be available July 5th online at Sephora!
100% vegan
Includes• All new shades, 6 shimmery, 2 matte and 1 loose pigment.

Trans Support

  • Angel knew from the very beginning that (s)he didn’t belong in this body
  • but (s)he also knew that the goals (s)he has set would be next to impossible to achieve if (s)he showed who (s)he truly is
  • so (s)he hid it 
  • (s)he’s use to people using male pronouns
  • even though (s)he wishes more than anything that (s)he could correct them 
  • (s)he’s never told anyone 
  • not a soul
  • but there is one person who figured it out
  • Shura. 
  • the girl had to manners, no respect - especially when she’d first joined 
  • she constantly got on Angel’s nerves
  • but one day really changed the two of them 
  • Shura had felt from the beginning there was something more to Angel
  • how could she not snoop on him?
  • so, that’s exactly what she sat out to do. 
  • She followed Angel back to his home and watched and waited 
  • she watched as (s)he entered what she assumed was his bathroom? maybe? 
  • and when (s)he emerged she was wearing a hi-low dress that honestly looked extremely soft
  • it was in an off white/creamy color 
  • and Angel’s hair was down
  • she lounged on the couch, turning the television on and brushed out all the knots and tangles she’d gotten in her hair throughout the day 
  • after some time had passed and it was obvious Angel was caught up in whatever it was she was watching on the TV - Shura needed answers
  • she went to the window and knocked, perched on the ledge peering in, startling Angel whose heart started racing out of fear of being revealed and shamed 
  • stiffly Angel opened the window with a cold: “What do you want? What are you even doing here?!” 
  • “Why are you wearing a dress?” 
  • Shura wasn’t judging Angel, she just didn’t know that Angel wore dresses - she was just… curious (Remember: Shura has been de-aged a bit in this)
  • “Come inside.” Angel said through gritted teeth - her hands trembling as she shut the window behind Shura 
  • Shura wandered over to Angel’s small kitchen and helped herself to one of the cherry yogurts she found in the fridge door, looking about the place as she headed back to where Angel was waiting on her 
  • they both stared at each other for a moment, Shura opening the yogurt and Angel huffed with an eyeroll 
  • “I.. am in a dress because I am.. most comfortable in one.” Angel tried her best to explain without actually explaining in fear of revealing herself 
  • Shura sat down on the couch and watched Angel expectantly - needing a better answer than that 
  • “When did you discover you liked wearing dresses? How did you get put in one? What’s the story baldy?” 
  • Angel sighed and sat on the couch - her face in her hands
  • “Shura…please. No one else can know.” 
  • “Why not?” 
  • “Because… I’ll lose the rank I have in the Vatican.” 
  • “Why?” 
  • “Because. I’m trans.” 
  • “I don’t know what that means.” 
  • “It means…that I identify as a gender I wasn’t assigned at birth.” 
  • “Meaning?” 
  • “Meaning I’m a girl!” Angel snapped at her angrily 
  • Shura held her hands up in surrender before continuing to eat the yogurt
  • “So… you can’t tell anyone you’re a girl?” 
  • “No.” 
  • “I won’t tell anyone. That’s your business dude. Oh shit - wait. Can I still say dude?” 
  • “Do you call other girls ‘dude’?” 
  • “Sometimes. Mostly I say bitches.” 
  • “Dude is fine.” Angel said with a laugh
  • time passed and Shura asked more questions about being trans and Angel was honestly just happy she had someone she could open up to
  • “I guess its good that everyone calls you Angel.” Shura said thoughtfully as she was heading back to Angel’s window 
  • “Why’s that?” 
  • “Cause Angel is a girl’s name. So they’re still calling you a feminine name while you get to keep your secret.” 
  • Angel fought off the urge to smile, but Shura could see it 
  • “Maybe one day you won’t have to keep it a secret anymore Angel.” 
  • “Maybe.. I can only hope so.” 
  • Shura perched herself back on the ledge, waving a brief goodbye to her newfound friend and Angel shut the window when Shura disappeared from sight 
  • the next morning, Angel woke up and, slipping on a house coat and slippers, went to get the morning paper
  • instead she found a present at her doorstep 
  • A bouquet of roses and, in the box, a variety of cosmetics 
  • from face masks to contour kits to eye shadow pallets to perfumes 
  • Angel was so…touched. 
  • She’d never thought anyone would accept her - let alone help her get things she’d want/need
  • Years later - on the same date - Shura still leaves presents on Angel’s doorstep. 

anonymous asked:

Hey dad! Can you do more of your actor/tae and beautyguru!yoongi au, like just hcs of their life and domestics and all that kinda stuff thankss

Another anon asked i put warning on this Au so: 

Warning for a bit of feminization, Taehyung uses a lot of nicknames for Yoongi. 


Look the only headcanon that matters in this Au is when Yoongi starts getting some trolls on his YouTube videos and makeup tutorials telling him his highlight is too much he begins pouting like the precious baby he is. Taehyung at first thinks it’s so fucking adorable to see Yoongi with his lips, shining from his gloss or lip tint, pushed together as his eyebrows furrow while he holds his tablet in his hands. 

Taehyung giggles and sits next to Yoongi while pulling him into a tight hug. 

“They say my highlight is too much.”

Taehyung has no idea what that means or anything but he knows it means something to Yoongi so he sighs and kisses Yoongi.

“I don’t think it’s too much. You look cute, my precious little glazed donut.” 

Yoongi laughs and kisses Taehyung again because his boyfriend is a dork but also really the best boyfriend ever bless. 

Their mornings are literally so soft and cute. Yoongi has to be up everyday by eight in the morning to get ready for his college classes, though they don’t start until ten (it takes him that long to get ready wow) and Taehyung has gotten so used to waking up to rap music playing from the speakers in their room as Yoongi hums along to the beat from his vanity. 

Taehyung smiles softly as he turns to lay on his stomach and hugs a pillow closer to his body. He can’t help just watching Yoongi work on his hair and makeup, really he thinks Yoongi is always so fucking gorgeous and even with the sleep in his eyes he can’t help but swoon at the way Yoongi carefully draws on his eyeliner. 

Yoongi hears the sounds of the sheets moving and looks up through the mirror to lock eyes with Taehyung. The elder returns Taehyung’s smile and lets his eyes roam over the back tattoos Taehyung has on display. (bless the way the sheet are only at Taehyung’s hips)

“Stop staring or you might start drooling.” 

Taehyung’s voice is deep and rough with sleep and Yoongi shivers a bit at the sound.

“I can’t help it when you look so good.”

Can you imagine if Taehyung got casted in Goblin as Gong Yoo’s role? Yoongi at first is so happy for his boyfriend and makes like tons of snapchats and post about how proud he is of Taehyung getting such a cool role.

When the actual recording begins though Taehyung suddenly gets under a lot of stress and it’s often that Yoongi finds Taehyung with his eyebrows furrowed as he sits on the couch reading his script. It’s clear Taehyung is just so overworked and bothered, Yoongi hates seeing Taehyung so stressed out and sits besides the younger while running his fingers through Taehyung’s hair. His long nails scrape gently against Taehyung’s scalp trying to sooth him and Taehyung happily hums as he pushes his head more into Yoongi’s hands (like a cute lil pup) 

“I just wanna do a good job.” 

Taehyung sighs and Yoongi brings his hand down to rub a thumb against Taehyung’s cheek. 

“You’ll do a great job, baby. You’re the best actor i’ve ever seen.”

Taehyung grins when Yoongi kisses him and leaves a dark red print of his lip tint he wears. 

When it comes times for dates Taehyung goes all out for his baby. Honestly people think it would be like only one or two dates but nope Taehyung literally spoils Yoongi EVERY date. 

It starts with surprising Yoongi with his favorite flowers, bright yellow dahlias like the ones tattooed on Taehyung’s neck, where ever Yoongi may be. Taehyung has a dozen of them delivered during Yoongi’s lunch and will later grin when he sees Yoongi posted a picture of himself holding the flowers on Instagram. The caption reads “@//Actor_TH spoils me~~” and Taehyung comments “Only for the best baby.” 

(fans cry because they are so cuteeee)

Later Taehyung picks up Yoongi from his classes/work and you all know Yoongi post that picture of Taehyung’s hand gripping his thigh while he drives. He loves to show off just how hot Taehyung is and makes sure everyone can notice the rose tattooed on Taehyung’s hand as he holds onto Yoongi a bit higher on his thigh.

The actual dates range from Taehyung renting out Yoongi’s favorite restaurants to taking him on expensive boats so they can make love as they listen to the water.  Every date is difference but what never changes is the way Yoongi post a picture of sleeping Taehyung cuddling him while his hickies and bite marks are showing. 

(He just can’t help it tbh Taehyung is sexy af.)

Their fans seem to coo when Yoongi post a video on Youtube titled “Our new baby.” The video is a vlog and starts off with Yoongi grinning as Taehyung drives to some shop in town. Literally it’s the happiest Yoongi has ever been and he is just almost shaking with excitement as he talks. The last time he was so excited on a vlog was when he was unboxing a new eye shadow pallet. It’s just so adorable to see that gummy smile shining. 


The vlog shows them head into a pet store, holding hands and matching their jackets together because #goals. Yoongi is near buzzing as he shows off all the animals and the moment he sees the tiny brown poodle he stops and pulls Taehyung closer. 

“That’s the one babe!” 

That same day Yoongi has over ten new pictures up of them cuddling their new fur baby Min Holly.  Taehyung is now complete trash for both his boyfriend and puppy. 

On some mornings, mostly the weekends, Yoongi sleeps in until Taehyung wakes him with the smell of food. It’s some of the rare moments when Taehyung isn’t rushing to a set and Yoongi is bare faced and just in one of Taehyung’s too big tee shirts.  Yoongi comes down stairs with Holly also sleepily trotting behind him and he smiles when he notices a shirtless Taehyung at the stove flipping pancakes. The sweatpants Taehyung is wearing hang low enough to show off the crescent moon he has tattooed on his hip and Yoongi  brings his fingers to brush against the half sun he has tattooed on his own hip with a smile on his face. 

He walks into the kitchen and hops onto the counter. 

“Good morning baby.” 

Taehyung turns to press a kiss to Yoongi’s lips and Yoongi pulls him closer to trap him between his legs with a playful smirk. 

Good morning, handsome. Today we’re shooting a makeup video together and i need you to let me paint your face.” 

Taehyung acts like he hates it but of course he’s weak for his boyfriend.He groans but then nods and nips at Yoongi’s neck with a smile.

“Fine but afterwards we’re shooting another video. A private one.” 

Yoongi can’t wait :)

"RFA + Saeran if MC asks them to do her makeup/ asks if she can practice putting makeup on them"

@amberdusk thank you for sending in this request. 😁 i love writing these kinds of heaadcannons.

- V -

- Makeup?
- He’s never really thought about it much.
- it seems fun though.
- says hell let you do his if he gets to do yours.
- he actually does a good job
- accidentally pokes you in the eyes with eyeliner
- you can bet he takes a bunch of artsy photos of you guys together.
- GoD V, sTOp iT

- Jumin -

- he will buy you makeup, but he won’t do your makeup.
- you learned early that this man has no artistic skill what so ever.
- thought your eyeliner was just a black coloured pencil.
- the only thing he knows about makeup is that there’s a trend called “cat eye”.
- Thats all he knows. Don’t even ask him what lip liner is.
- will only let you do makeup on him if its a cat eye.

- Yoosung -

- this boy does not understand all of the hard work it takes to put on makeup every day.
- when you ask to do his, he agrees and tells his LOLOL friends that he’ll be back in ten minutes.
- ten minutes my ass.
- it takes him that long to choose what he wants
- by he time he gets back to LOLOL (over an hour later) his entire guild is dying and they’re all freaking out.
- At least he looks like a princess.
- Dont let him do your makeup, ever.

- seven -

- Damn son
- This boy is skilled
- he’s a successful Cross dresser and Cosplayer. Of course he’s good with makeup.
- “ Babe, that’s not how you do wings. Let me help you.”
- loves helping you with your makeup.
- will get lowkey offended if you deny his help.
- can do Eyeliner like a pro.
- “Baaaaaaaaabe, can I borrow your nude eye-shadow pallet?”
- always looks beautiful

- Zen -

- “Pssshhht. I’m a actor, of course I can do makeup.”
- No he can’t.
- Sure, he’s worn it before, but he’s never put it on himself or anybody else.
- don’t let him even try.
- you will lose an eye.

- Baehee Kang -

- she doesn’t wear makeup much.
- but DAMN she’s amazing at it.
- Maybe because she has such a steady hand
- or because she’s a perfectionist.
- I don’t know, but she’s hella good at it.
- your eyes will thank her. No more getting jabbed.

- Saeran -

- “Saaaeeeeraaannn, did you take my eyeliner again?”
- This edgelord™ is amazing with makeup. I mean, have you seen his eyeliner skills?
- He knows what’s up.
- has a habit of ‘borrowing’ your makeup.
- is perfectly fine with you doing his makeup, as long as it isn’t overly colourful.
- will do your makeup if you ask.

/ Sorry this is short. I wanted to get it out for you as soon as possible. /

anonymous asked:

Do you think Bella is bothered that she doesn't get to walk for Dior? She really seems to like being apart of the makeup side

She hates walking the runway so probably not. She gets to go to the show’s after party’s and do her events so I think missing them isn’t that big of a deal in general, even when she walked the shows before it wasn’t like she was opening/closing for them. I’m sure they’ll try and get her on their runway again though because they film some of her videos backstage and part of her mascara campaign and the eye shadow pallet ads on instagram were shot backstage.


Die hard Tarentino fan? Always wanted Uma’s glossy red pout from Pulp Fiction?

Then get excited for the new Pulp Fiction fall mini-collection from Urban Decay debuting July 16th!

The collection includes-

  • 5 color eye shadow pallet
  • 24/7 Lip Liner
  • Heavy Metal liquid glitter liner
  • Revolution lipstick
  • Nail Polish

I’ll be rushing out asap to get all of them.

No information on prices, locations, or names are available yet.

For some reason, I really want to make a Queen inspired eye shadow pallet.

I’ve got it all planned out.  The packaging will be inspired by Queen II and there will be a “white side” and a “black side”.  The white side will consist of six matte colors including:

White Queen–A milky white shadow perfect for the browbone and inner corners.

Flash–A hyper-pigmented neon/mustardy yellow.

Red Special–A blue shadow–just kidding, it’s red.

Hot Space-A neon, hyperpigmented, hot pink.

Rhye–A deep, chocolatey brown.

Great King Rat–A light brown/tan, transition color.

Conversely, the black side will feature six shimmery/glitter shades such as:

Black Queen-A pitch black shadow with specs of blue and silver glitter in it.

Mercury–A shimmery silver with silver and gold glitter in it.

My Fairy King–A shimmery gold with silver and gold glitter in it.

Rogerina–A peachy, shimmering pink.

Killer Queen–A decadent, shimmery champagne color.

Bohemian Rhapsody–A shimmery, dark, purplish burgundy.

MAC should really hook up with me already….