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Cybertronian Vocab List For Beginners

I was making my friend a “cheat sheet” of Cybertronian vocabulary and…things got way out of hand. Maybe it can benefit someone here too? It’s not an all-inclusive list and some parts are probably inaccurate or just my personal opinion. I tried to keep it open to interpretation, because honestly that’s my favourite thing about the TF fandom. Seeing all different takes on Cybertronian biology and culture is the best!

Welcome to the fandom, here’s your information brochure:

-  aft -  butts

-  audial, audio receptor - ear

-  berth, recharge slab - bed, a place to recharge

-  bond - marry. Involves  "spark merging" and possibly a ceremony, or at least personal vows of devotion.

-  cables - muscles. Sometimes refers to an interface cable.

-  calipers - (look up a diagram) a channel of internal “muscles” inside of intakes and valves.

-  chassis - main body, torso

-  CPU - attention span, memory capacity

- coolant - runs through fuel lines (or something?) to reduce overheating. -  cooling fans activate when flustered, like blushing. Used to expel excess heat from the frame and moderate internal temperature.

-  circuits/circuitry - circulatory or cardiovascular system

-  communication link (“comm link” or “comm”) - wireless communications system in which mechs choose a specific radio frequency and use it like a phone line. Can be privately or inclusively broadcasted.

-  cord - a cable with a jack at the end, used for interfacing.

-  digit - finger

-  dentae -  teeth

-  derma, dermal plating - skin, outer armor

-  electromagnetic field (EM field) - (definitely research this, its cool stuff!) An aura. Simply put, it’s the charged particles (electrons) surrounding an object which conducts electricity. When different EM fields come into contact, they slightly alter each other, causing interference of sorts. Using your imagination, you can presume Cybertronians use fields to communicate. Different levels, intensities, amount of charge etc are likely associated with different moods and emotions. EM fields likely expand and contract depending on social and emotional situations. They are essentially someone’s “bubble.” One can feel disturbances in the air around them if another mech brushes against or stands in their field. In a way they are like whiskers, judging spacial awareness and reading energy currents/air currents. It’s fun to make them into a method of emotional communication akin to body language.

-  engine - will rev when excited. Can also growl when angry, sputter when exasperated, etc.

-  frag - v. or n. (opposite of “defragment”) Crude word for “interface.” Also an interjection.

-  frame - whole body

-  frame type - overall shape and style of the Cybertronian’s model. Examples include jet, race car, truck, helicopter, etc

-  fuel pump -  Pumps fuel throughout the body the same way a heart circulates blood.

-  glossa - tongue

-  helm - head

- host/carrier - a frame type which relies on a symbiotic relationship to other mechs (i.e, Soundwave and Blaster).

-  intake, fuel intake - throat

-  interface - v. Two or more mechanisms connecting either physically or mentally, in a manner that is generally perceived to be sexual. (Depends on personal interpretation!)

There are 3 main categories for interfacing, “sticky,”  "plug n’ play,“ and "tactile”.

Sticky interface uses concepts analogous to human anatomy (spike, valve, fluids)

Plug n’ play focuses on a cord/port connection, along with the transfer of energy, files, emotions, and memories.

Tactile interface focuses on physical (and sometimes electrical) touch

Personal suggestion: combine all three!

Colloquial terms for interface include: jack in, plug in, link up, fileshare.

-  interface housing - an area of the body (your choice!) that houses interface equipment, be it cables/ports or spikes/valves). Generally the equipment is kept safe behind separate panels (one for spike/cord, one for valve/port)

-  olfactory sensors, chemoreceptors/chemosensors - sense of smell. Detects chemical stimuli in the environment.

-  optics/optical sensors - eyes

-  offline - unconscious, asleep. Sometimes means “dead.” (I don’t use it that way).

-  online  - conscious, awake, alive.

-  oral cavity, oral component - mouth

-  oral lubricant - saliva

-  overheating - body becomes uncomfortably warm, possibly to a harmful degree. Causes of overheating include embarrassment, anger, arousal, etc

-  overload - the climax of interfacing (orgasm), achieved by excessive electrical charge within the frame. May involve shorted circuits, being knocked offline, systems crashing, blacking out, temporarily shutting down, rebooting in some form.

-  panel, interface panel, interface hatch/manual hatch - the panel behind which lies the interface equipment. May be automatically or manually operated (or both!)

-  pede - foot, leg

-  port - receptive end for an interface cable.

-  processor - brain

-  recharge  - sleep

-  sealed/factory sealed - Essentially a virgin. One who retains the protective seals over their interface equipment they were constructed with. Most will agree that seals should be medically removed, but some mechs romanticize “breaking their lover’s seals.”

-  sensory input modules - nerves (things that relay information to the processor)

-  slag - basically “shit”.

-  spark - heart/soul/lifeforce. Located in the chest.

-  spark merging - a profusely intimate act in which mechs open their chest compartments, revealing their sparks, and press together until the sparks resonate at the same frequency, pulse in synchronicity, etc. Likely this leads to overloading. Generally spark merging is an act reserved for bonded mechs, as it involves one to expose themselves to absolute vulnerability.

-  spike - phallus component utilized in sexual interface. Upon arousal, spikes will “come online” by heating up, extending from interface housing, stiffen by means of magnetism or hydraulics (probably?), and likely will self-lubricate. Connecting to a valve forms a circuit between mechs and energy can be shared in a feedback loop. Thrusting in-and-out movements stimulate internal tactile and electrical sensors, accumulating electrical charge.  

- struts/spinal struts - back

-  symbiote/symbiont - a mech smaller than a mini which lives on or inside its designated host/carrier mech. (i.e., the cassetticons)

-  valve - interface equipment resembling a vagina. Internal components include calipers, a ceiling node, various tactile sensory nodes, various electrical nodes. Outer components include a rim and at least one external node resembling a clitoris. Valves will “come online” and start to heat and self-lubricate upon arousal.

-  ventilation - breathing

When in doubt, look up car/plane diagrams, read other people’s fanfiction, or make stuff up! 8D Alien robots, yeah!!

MST3K/Dracula AU where Mina and Jonathan are two Gizmonic secretaries who get shot into space by mad scientist Dracula and his henchman Renfield. They discover three robots stowed aboard created by the mad scientist Van Helsing: Jack, Arthur, and Quincey. Jonathan, Mina, and the bots are forced by Dracula to watch terrible movies, so he can study their mental breakdown.

The bots all have not-so-well hidden crushes on the ship’s on-board computer/Magic Voice Lucy, but she only has eyes visual sensors for Arthur. From his base on Earth, Van Helsing concocts various madcap schemes to get the Harkers and the bots back to Earth, which constantly fail, but help the castaways keep their spirits up. Dracula is frustrated at his continual failures to break their wills, often taking his frustrations out on Renfield, but refuses to give up.

Prompt fill: Shot Through the Heart

Quite a while ago I asked for people to send me asks for short fic prompts. I got three, wrote some of each of them and then broke my phone. Long story short, I lost ALL MY SAVED WORD DOCUMENTS and I was devistated. Today I had a bit of time in between business, so here is the first of those prompts!

@ct-hardcase, you asked for Rex teaching Anakin to use guns. Here you go. I hope you like it😀. There’s no cut, as I’m on mobile. Sorry.

Shot through the heart:
(Because I couldn’t resist)

“No Sir. No! You can’t hold a pistol the same way you handle your lightsaber. She has to be handled with care and respect”.
“I was respecting her!” Anakin pouts. “I just think she doesn’t like me very much. Show me again how I’m doing it wrong”.

Padawan Skywalker has just taken control of the 501st company under the authority of General Kenobi, and he thought it was important to get to know his captain better. They were currently in the combat arena at GAR headquarters getting to know each other’s fighting styles. Rex definitely appreciated a commanding officer who understood the need to work as a team. Skywalker was brilliant with a lightsaber, taking out targets with precision and ease, but had apparently never been trained to properly handle a blaster.

“My master always says blasters are uncivilized”, Skywalker states matter of factly. Then, “lightsabers are a more elegant weapon,” he says as if he is quoting something.

Rex had been nervous at first, not really knowing how to engage in conversation with someone who wasn’t a brother, let alone his Jedi superiors, but Anakin Skywalker was remarkably easy to get along with. He claimed command of the 501st without even being a General and seemed to honestly care about the clones. It was just as confusing as this training session, but the commander had asked that he be trained as if her were any other. Rex was starting to like the commander. He didn’t seem stuffy, like he thought the Jedi would be, and he didn’t think he was better than Rex or any of his brothers. Anakin Skywalker seemed to be a genuine guy.

“A blaster, unlike your elegant lightsaber is not so much a part of yourself, but more… More like an extension of your ability with the force” Rex tries. When I watched you training, your lightsaber was being used to block and damage an opponent at close range, but a blaster can be very useful to a Jedi for longer range attacks. Like the way you used the force to destroy the droid before it even attacked when we were training earlier”.

“Oh,” Skywalker shakes his head “I get it. It’s not that I’m not doing it wrong, it’s more that I’m approaching it wrong. Ok”.

The Jedi stands up straighter, holding the blaster out in front of him, just like Rex had shown him, and fires at the target droid straight between it’s eye sensors.

“Good work sir. Excellent shot. I knew you could do it,” Rex smiles. “Now lets see how you do with a moving target.”

As it turns out, Skywalker is as much an excellent shot as he is with his lightsaber. The two of them play through several combat scenarios before the Jedi is able to take out all the targets using only his blaster, but Rex noticed his accuracy increasing with each shot.

Both men are sticky with sweat when they finish their fifth practice round, Skywalker having been challenged to rely on the force as little as possible. He is smiling brilliantly though, and Rex feels a surge of pride rush straight through him. It is surprising, this whole working for the Jedi thing is not at all like he was taught.

After a moment, Rex smiles back.

“Nice work Sir”.

“Yes Anakin, You’ve done a fine job”.

Startled, both Rex and Skywalker spin around to see General Kenobi walking towards them. Skywalker’s smile grows impossibly wider at the praise, and Kenobi claps him on the back, smiling a brilliant smile of his own.

“Captain, I thank you for teaching my padawan the finer skills of blaster pistols.”

Rex glances at Skywalker, surprised by the praise. “Thank you Sir”, he says after a moment.

“Would you gentlemen care for a competition?” Kenobi says with a small smile playing on his lips. “Blasters only.”

“Absolutely Sir,” Rex replies, eager to discover just how inelegant Kenobi is with a blaster.

“Never underestimate my master Rex, he plays dirty.” And with that Anakin Skywalker sprints over to the training mat ready to take on the world.

“Come along Captain,” Kenobi lilts, grabbing Rex

Here’s the Boyd/Hsin story from stream today

Ok guys – so, some of you may have missed the stream but wanted to read what we have so far, and others of you may have been in the stream but forgot to read what we were writing because you were distracted by the chat.

So we decided to share what we wrote today so if you can make it to the second stream with the second half of the story, you’ll know what’s happening.

Hsin/Boyd story is below the cut. IMPORTANT NOTE: it’s not at all edited and is not done! It will be finished in the next stream.

It probably has typos and inconsistencies and etc, because we wrote it while streaming for the first time ever so we were distracted figuring everything out and talking on chat + we switched back and forth between both of us writing it. I haven’t reread it at all tbh. We will edit it later when the whole thing is finished. This is just so you know what happened if you make it to the next stream. Also FYI for anyone who needs to know spoiler info:

It’s set after Evenfall but before Afterimage.


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No better love

No better love


Summary: They always say Christmas is the time for miracles.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: cussing, blood, fighting, angst,

Word count: Part 1 = 2,118  

Rating: PG-13

Note: sequel to “Ruin” takes place about three months later.

Tag list: @sebbytrash @winters-buck @smoothdogsgirl @marvelfanfichq @marvel-lucy @aquabrie @angryschnauzer @creideamhgradochas

@feelmyroarrrr @hellomissmabel

Part 1

Middle of Germany December 20


“Sam take point eyes from the sky, Clint back door with Scott, while Bucky and I take front,” removing his shield from his back, Steve slid it over his arm like a friend coming home, welcoming the weight.

“Sure that’s wise Cap, the front door?” eyes on alert, scanning the trees and surrounding forest covered in three feet of snow. Glancing over at the Star Spangled man seeing that he too is on alert. “They might be waitin’ for the attack.”

“So we’ll knock see if they wanna go out for pizza,” Scott offered sealing up his mask reading for action himself.

Back ridged, eyes hard as ice, Bucky turned, “None of you should be here in the first place.”

“We’ve talked about this Buck, I’m not letting you in there by yourself,” exasperation leaching from his tone gloved hand tightening over the strap of his shield.

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“Sometimes, when two worlds collide, a better one is created.” - Susan Gale

A story in which Scott is an idiot, John is an idiot, and Virgil is Switzerland, as always.

When they fought, it was the unstoppable force and the immovable object. It was the strongest shield and the sharpest spear. A paradox, Virgil thought. Unwinnable. And yet, the collision was happening right in front of his eyes, right here in the lounge, and there was nothing he could do.

“I told you to abort your landing,” John said, still in his uniform and frothing at the mouth.

Scott shook his head and held up a hand.

“And I told you that I knew what I was doing,” he replied. “You have to learn to trust me.”

Snorting, John took a step forward. The gap between the two brothers closed. Virgil lingered on the periphery, ready to leap in if necessary. Scott and John fights were rare but, regardless, they were explosive.

“And you need to learn that you don’t know everything,” John said. “You can’t see what’s going on beyond the length of your own nose, never mind what’s happening outside One’s cockpit.”

Nostrils flaring, Scott planted his hands on his hips.

“Oh yeah? Well, you need to understand that being up there,” he said, jabbing one finger at the ceiling, “and being out there,” he jabbed the same finger at the broad sweep of glass that looked out onto the ocean, “are not the same thing. Just because you have sensors and eyes on everything doesn’t mean that you can see what I see.”

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anonymous asked:

I have a genuine question about robot fucking. Do you imagine the robots' parts being, like, fleshy? Or are they metal? Isn't it sort of off-putting that the robots are ... solid? I'm trying to get it.

If you’re asking about Transformers fandom specifically, we were most likely talking about Cybertronians fucking each other. Which is… actually a topic of debate, or at least used to be.

The robots themselves are depicted as human-like, in ways that a real robot wouldn’t need to be (why two legs and two arms? why two optical sensors like eyes, rather than one, or twelve, or sensors in places other than their heads, etc.) which is generally the rationale for “well why couldn’t they enjoy fucking?”

In years past a lot of fans didn’t like the idea of them having human-like sex, so there were a couple different alternatives. I’d say the most popular was that canonically, Cybertronians are basically a metal frame animated by a living “spark,” usually depicted as an orb somewhere in their chest, kind of like a heart made of glowy electric essency stuff. Sex and intimacy would involve exposing the spark and “spark-merging” with the other Cybertronian. This would suffuse the sparks with one another’s energy, ultimately causing them to overload, which is the analogy to orgasm.

Other fans would write their sexual encounters as “plug and play,” basically… plugging cables into one another and uploading and downloading sensation-inducing data. “Overload” still being the concept of and word for eventual intense yay.

Then there’s “sticky,” which is basically “the robots have orifices and sticky outy bits to penetrate those orifices with, internal ‘lubricant’ for obvious reasons, etc.” While at first people thought this didn’t sound right because robots don’t reproduce like sexual animals, eventually the desire for MORE PORN won out. Cybertronians are generally described as having both a “spike” and a “valve,” able to use either at will, according to preference or mood. Some fic also includes an analogy to an anus as well–”exhaust port,” usually–but that’s rarer. Usually it’s “all the robots have robot penises and vaginas.”

Some of us do write about robots and humans together but that’s a lot rarer, and usually the person writing the fic comes up with their own unique way to handle the mismatch between squishy and solid.

(if you want to read things, my fic is here: https://archiveofourown.org/users/Fierceawakening/works)

The snow is a surprise. 

Genos hasn’t really been paying attention to the seasons. Of course not. There are more important things to do, like saving the world and caring for his sensei as well as improving his strength and abilities for revenge, oh and finding new delicious recipes to cook! So when Genos is stuffing the trash into the garbage can before the house, the soft fluff of white hitting his nose is more than just a little baffling. A snowflake, his sensors and eyes tell him. Wait. 

A look at the calendar sheet when he’s back inside has him speechless for a second. Oh. So that’s what it is. 

“Sensei,” he says, migrating into the living room where his sensei is lounging before the TV, eyes firmly glued to the screen. “It’s Christmas tomorrow.” 

Saitama glances over his shoulder. “I know.” He doesn’t move his body, only tilting his head a bit to give Genos a questioning look. “So?”

“Don’t you celebrate?” Genos can’t hold back a smile. Christmas is warmth and happiness, nice food with beloved ones and decorating the tree with his family -

“I used to.” Right. They’re not here anymore. He’ll never forget. Genos sits down at the table and takes out his notes. His sensei keeps watching him, and for a long while, nothing else but the TV’s noise interrupts the silence. 

“It means a lot to you, doesn’t it,” Saitama then mumbles. “Sorry?” Genos asks, he couldn’t hear what his sensei was saying. 
“Nothing.” - “Sensei?” - “It’s fine, Genos. I’m going to sleep. Don’t stay up too late.” - “Yes, sensei. Good night.” - “…night.”

The new morning is uncomfortably loud. Genos’ senses tingle him awake with an alarming shudder running down his spine. He jolts up from his resting position, heat gathering in the palm of his hand. Last night, he’s fallen asleep on the small table, and now a monster or something is attacking his sensei - the noise is coming from the kitchen! 

Genos bursts into the room with all his weapons ready. “Sensei, I’m here - “ 

But there is no monster. 
A green plastic tree gleams in golden and red lights on the stove top. It’s not taller than two feet, and there’s a makeshift star out of gold spraypaint and cardboard sitting on the top. The Christmas tree’s baubles are blown-up plastic bags that look like they’ve been plastered with old newspapers and coloured with beetroot juice. A row of cheap fairy lights is stuck around the tree’s artificial branches and plugged into the outlet where the mixer usually stands. 

And next to the stove, his sensei stands, wearing a santa hat and holding a small plate of what looks like Genos’ favourite store-bought cookies. The tiny radio plays Christmas music, some English song about going home for the holidays. 

“Merry Christmas,” Saitama says. “It’s not much, but I thought we could-” 

Genos knows that he will have to apologize for spilling oil all over his sensei’s shoulder later. But right now, he doesn’t care. His arms wrap around Saitama, his body shuddering from something that would have been sobs if any noise came out of his mouth. “There, there,” Saitama mumbles and lets him be, one hand sliding onto Genos’ hip to hold him, gentle and a bit awkward. “It’s not much, I know. I’m sorry. I hope you still like it?”

“It’s everything,” Genos whispers and smiles. Oil falls from his cheeks. “M-merry Christmas, sensei.”

Where the Line Blurs: Trust is an Odd Thing (Chapter 6)


I continued to walk past Steve when I spotted a red light in the corner. My eyes went wide at the realization that this to was a trap but I kept my cool and kept glancing around as if I did not see it. I stopped and waited for Steve anxiously. I licked my lips this place was probably all rigged and I should have checked that first. I mean what kind of idiot am I? I know exactly who we are dealing with and I slipped up. It would be faster to go through where he was standing versus walking through the entire building. I turned back around quickly and grabbed Steve’s arm, catching him by surprise.

“We have a problem.” I say in a low voice.

If I wanted him to trust me I was going to have to put as much faith in him as every one else did. I locked eyes with him. “We need to get out now. This whole place is rigged.” I whispered and prayed that he would not argue with me.

I looked around and felt the uneasy feeling increase more the longer we stood inside of the warehouse. I narrowed my eyes at the sensor that was poorly hidden and realized it was blinking faster. The choice to trust me had to be his.

Steve looked from me to where I was staring and I could tell he knew something was up. Before I knew it Steve had grabbed me from around the waist and jumped through the large hole in the wall. Steve landed on his feet before setting me on my own. We both quickly ran away from the warehouse. Mere seconds later the whole warehouse explodes behind us causing us both to fall to the ground because of the impact.

“Shit.” I mumbled. I was really tired of people trying to kill me.

“Nice job.” Steve says as he stands to brush himself off.

“You don’t have to be such a di-“

Steve gave me a small smile. “I was being serious Y/N. You just saved my life.”

I groaned as I stood up in pain. At least he could act hurt. “I’m sure you would have done the same thing.” I say finally getting to my feet. “We should move.”
Steve nodded before looking at me worriedly. Without even speaking Steve picked me up bridal style and began to carry me around the building.

“I can walk.” I argue without really making a move to get down.

Steve laughed. “I’m sure that you can Y/N but I walk faster and we really need to get out of here.” He points out.

I rest my head on his chest. I am pretty sure I have a concussion and pretty bruised ribs from landing on the ground.“We really need to talk about who you get your information from Rogers because it seems they want me dead.” I joked but could feel Steve stiffen a little as we rounded the now desecrated warehouse.

“Believe me I have noticed.” He says as we approached the car. He sets me down and eyes me. “I am sorry about being a di-“

I laugh slightly but stop because I heard a noise. “Steve shut up.”

Steve looks offended but notices the same sound. There were cars approaching, at least two, and I would bet all my money that they were here to finish the job if we had made it out.

“Incoming!” I say as I move to get into the passenger seat.

Steve quickly rounds the car and gets in the driver’s seat. He buckles, seriously dude? We are about to be in a car chase and you buckle? Steve starts the car and puts it in gear before turning to look at me. Oh my god. I rolled my eyes and buckled while motioning for Steve to get a move on. Steve reversed and went in the opposite direction of where the cars where coming from. I pulled out my gun from its sheath behind me and my knife from where it was hidden in the ankle of my boot.
Steve eyed me before turning his eyes back on the road. “How did you spot them?”

I looked at him odd. Was that an-

He shook his head. “I was not accusing you. I was just wondering how Sam and I both missed them.”

I nodded not really believe him as we drove. “When I turned to walk away I saw the red light and well…”

“They were probably throughout the building.” He says as he glances in the rearview mirror.

I nod. “Yeah and thankfully someone was sloppy or we would both be dead.”

“Sloppy?” He asks.

“Yeah I mean it was pretty much in plain sight.” I point out turning around to see the cars behind us had figured out Steve and I had made it out. I sigh.

“It’s going to be okay Y/N I p-“ Steve said before stopping talking.

“What? What’s wrong?” I asked worriedly.

“Shit.” He says hitting the steering wheel.

My eyes widened something must be really wrong if Steve was swearing. “Want to clue me in here Steve?”

He shakes his head. “They put a tracker on the car. I can hear it beeping.”

I waited a moment and sure enough I heard the beeping noise. I lean my head back against the head rest of the seat. “I just can’t deal with this.” I say laughing.

“We are going to have to ditch the car.” Steve says making an abrupt left and heading back into the heart of the city.

“Yeah and we are going to have to make a run for it.” I say. I hope to god my stupidity was not going to lead back to Bucky. How could I be so careless? I was a mercenary for god’s sake!

Steve nods before glancing at me. “It is not your fault.”

I looked at him weird. “I never said it w-“

“You did not have too.” Steve says before glancing in the rearview mirror. “We will have probably five minutes.”

“I would say two.” I replied glancing back to see that they were indeed catching up to us quickly. I quickly unbuckled and released Steve’s buckle seeing as that would only slow us down when we went to get out.

Steve quickly slammed on the breaks and slammed the gear shift into park. We both quickly climbed out of the car but not before Steve retrieved his shield from the back seat.

We both broke out into a run, well I am pretty sure Steve’s was more of a light jog. As we made our way through the crowds I turned to see them running after us.

“They will not hesitate to kill innocent people Steve.” I pointed out.

He nods before looking around.

All of a sudden a black SUV cuts us off. I pull out my gun and shot out the headlights hitting the airbag deployment sensors.

“Run!” I shout at Steve.

Steve waits and knocks the guys out with his shield before grabbing my arm and forcing me to run.

“Nice thinking.” He says.

I groan. “Every time you compliment me I feel like it sounds like an insult.”

Steve laughs. “That’s because I haven’t done it before.”

I laughed and turned my head catching the glare off of a sniper scope as the red dot lands on his left shoulder where his heart lay. I stopped laughing and shoved

Steve far enough that I took the bullet on the top of my shoulder. Shit.

“Y/N!” Steve shouts catching me as I stumble.

I groan and grind my teeth together. “I’m fine. We have to keep moving.” I say.
Steve nods as an odd look crosses his face and begins to once again lead me through the crowded streets before halting abruptly.

“Y/N, stay behind me.” Steve says.

“The hell I will.” I growl out.

All of a sudden four guys with knives attack Steve. One of the guys comes after me and swipes his knife against my leg. I growl before I pull my gun up and shot short guy dead center between the eyes and watch as he drops to the ground. I then turn and notice the other guy had left a lot of marks on Steve. Nothing that would kill him but enough to cause damage. I quickly shot him in the heart and watched him drop. Steve quickly picks up his shield and knocks the last of guys to the ground.

“You okay?” I asked. Not noticing that fact that I two had been stabbed.

“Jesus Y/N. You okay?” Steve asks.

“Nothing that I have not experienced before.” I say. “We need to keep moving.”

Steve nods and wraps an arm around my waist. “We should just go to the tower.”

I nod as we walked the twelve blocks in silence. I kept searching but it did not look like we had a tail but it looked like they only sent the one team after us. Twenty minutes later Steve and I were standing out side of Stark tower dripping in blood waiting for the doors to open.

“Have a party and not invite me?” Stark asked leading us to the infirmary.

“Well then you would have all the fun.” I quipped back to Tony.

Tony laughed. “See this is why I like you.”

I laughed trying to ignore the pain.

We arrived on the floor and were met by a doctor.

“Take her first.” Steve says as he glances between Tony and I.

The doctor nods and leads me to one of the beds, well the only one that was set up at this time. I close my eyes as he patches me up, it was painful but it was well below my pain tolerance threshold. He cuts off my pant leg and sterilizes my leg wound from the knife. He gave me thirty six stitches in my leg before moving over to my shoulder. I slip my shirt over my head barely wincing so he can better inspect the wound.

“You’re lucky it was not any lower.” The doctor says as he pulls the bullet out and puts it in the tray. He then begins to clean my wound.

I let out a laugh. “He was actually aiming for a larger target.” I say glancing over to where Steve and Tony were talking animatedly. Steve looked angered about whatever Tony was saying. What were they talking about? I watched as the doctor gave me nine more stitches before stepping away to inspect his work. “Am I going to live?” I asked sarcastically without glancing away from Tony and Steve.

“Yes.” He says pulling off his latex gloves.

Tony walked over carrying a shirt and sweatpants. “Here you go.” He says smiling.

I stood up grabbing the shirt from him. “Thanks Tony.” I carefully slipped the shirt over my head. I stood and then unbuttoned my pants before slipping them off as well before carefully putting the sweatpants on.

“I want to run an x-ray the ribs seem to be severely bruised and a CT scan for your head you may have a concussion.” The doctor says.

I rolled my eyes. “No need. I know the I have bruised ribs and as for my head I have not lost consciousness sense it happened so I think we are good.”
“Rogers you’re up!” Tony said before heading to the elevator.

“Stark I really thin-“ The doctor said again.

“She’s fine.” Tony said leading the doctor towards the elevator with him.

I inspected Steve. He didn’t look too terrible, a few deep gashes along his arms, and what looked to be a particularly nasty slash slowly spreading crimson across his chest but all in all he still looked better than me. I watched Steve take my spot on the bed and wince as he tried to peel his shirt off. I walked up to Steve and reached for the scissors the doctor used to cut my own clothes off. “It will be easier to just cut them off.” I say moving to do so.

Steve nods as he eyes me as if to see if I had an ulterior motive.

“I’m just helping Rogers, unless you want to do it yourself.” I say offering him the scissors.

“No you can.” He says still studying me oddly.

I nod and move the scissors and begin to cut from the bottom of his shirt to were the nasty gash lied. I grabbed some of the antiseptic that the doctor used on me along with a gauze pad. “This may tug a little.” I say as I began to pull on the shirt gently to detach it from the drying blood. Eventually I was able to free the shirt. I took it from him and placed it on the end of the bed. Before inspecting him.

“Thanks,” he said again apologetically.

I shook my head. “I’ve seen worse off.” There was really only one big gash that looked like it might need stitching, the rest of the wounds were mainly collected on his arms and seemed mostly superficial. Which meant either HYDRA agents didn’t know how to do their job or they were just sent as a warning. “It looks way worse than it probably is.” I offer stepping away from him.

“Feels worse than it probably is,” he groaned.

“I don’t doubt that,” I say as the doctor approached.

“I still think you should have a CT Scan.” The doctor says to me.

I couldn’t help but smile. “I’ll pass.”

I watched as the doctor began to work on Steve. The acrid smell of antiseptic filled my nose as he continued to thoroughly inspect and cleaned each laceration. Bruises started to appear across his skin, standing out sharply in patches of blue, purple, and yellow. I watched as the doctor finished the last stitch before he glanced down at his pager.

“Go I’m sure Y/N can finish.” Steve says noticing the panic in the doctors eyes.

He nodded and excused himself.

I eyed Steve before picking up the gauze and applying it gently to his skin and taping it to his chest. I stepped back inspecting my work as the doors to the elevator once again opened to reveal Sam, Nat, and Sharon.

“Thanks.” He said grabbing a shirt that Tony must have given him and slipping it on over his head before we were approached by them.

My plan? I really could punch her. I was not the one who gave him the information about Bucky being at the warehouse. Hell Bucky was not even there.  I kept my mouth shut and my face blank not wanting to deal with her or any ones accusations.

“It was not her fault Sharon.” Steve says standing from the bed.


Steve shakes his head. “No. She had no idea where we were going. She saved my life so I would appreciate it if you stopped accusing her of trying to take it.” Steve says.

I looked at him in surprise. Since when was Steve an advocate of mine?

“Steve lets be rea-“ Sharon started.

"Sharon I would stop while you’re ahead.” Natasha says as she eyes both Steve and I.

“No. She was the o-”

“Let me ask you something Sharon would you take a sniper bullet for someone who you wanted to betray? Would you kill someone for someone you planned on destroying?” Steve questions angrily.

Sharon paused and seemed to process his words.  “You took a bullet for him?”  

Actually I have been shot at twice for Steve. I think bitterly as I shake my head.  "I learned a long time ago Carter that if you want someone to cover your back you have to cover theirs.“

Sam nods. "I was there Carter someone else knew we were searching that warehouse.” Sam says.

Yeah someone like you Carter. I think to myself. There was no way in hell I was going to voice that thought unless I had proof.

Natasha nods. “We will look into that. For now Sam’s old pal found a lead.”

That source would probably be a hell of a lot more reliable than Carter’s.

Steve nods waiting for an explanation but Sam glances at me. I mentally shake my head. “I have a CT scan to get.” I say leiing and heading out. Apparently the trust Steve exerted earlier was gone.

“Y/N..” Nat says. Knowing that I was lying.

I pushed the elevator button. “Sorry docs orders.” I wait for the elevators doors to open and quickly pushed the lobby button. I was not even going to bother saying goodbye.  I lean my head against the now closed doors as Bucky’s last words ring through my head.

“Show him the you I know.” He says before disappearing out my front door.

Yeah Bucky I will get right on that. I think bitterly.


Nostrils flaring, Scott planted his hands on his hips.

“Oh yeah? Well, you need to understand that being up there,” he said, jabbing one finger at the ceiling, “and being out there,” he jabbed the same finger at the broad sweep of glass that looked out onto the ocean, “are not the same thing. Just because you have sensors and eyes on everything doesn’t mean that you can see what I see.”

At the word you, laced with fury, Virgil swallowed. He tensed. Scott had punctuated the simple word with that same finger, this time jabbing it forward and landing with a quick blow to John’s shoulder.

Oh, shit.

John tilted his head down, oh so slowly, looking at the fading imprint of his brother’s finger. Then he slid his eyes up, green and glinting and furious. Scott raised an eyebrow. There was a quirk at the side of his mouth. Virgil closed his eyes for the brief millisecond he had before the explosion. Christ, he thought. This is it.

There was no apology in Scott’s eyes. There was unadulterated rage in John’s. Virgil opened his eyes to see the two collide. It was like watching slow motion, like seeing a sprinter take off at the sound of the gun. John moved forward, the tendons in his neck bulging and stretching with the set of his teeth. The muscles at his jaw flexed. Wiry as he was, he wasn’t weak. Both gloved hands reached out, grabbing onto the collar of Scott’s blue shirt. Virgil heard a few stitches pop.

Archangel Flare

Ichiruki. AU with a lot of space, and a bit of angst and liberally applied tropes about confined spaces and near death experiences. Thanks to @gunnerpalace for the kick start on the idea, and @hashtagartistlife for the brilliant beta.  This part is ~3.5k. I’m thinking two more parts, we’ll see how wordy I get.

Space is generally pretty boring in Ichigo’s opinion - mostly empty with the occasional planet and sometimes, something hostile to kill, but generally, there’s very little to do out here out on the far reaches of the Central Systems. 

This mission was supposed to be a quick in and out to reconnoitre this system regarding the viability of an H3 mining operation and get back to The Seireitei for a couple of weeks of downtime. However, they’ve run into trouble - the kind of trouble that shows up with weapons powered up, and seems to be able to outmanoeuvre even Commander Kuchiki - Rukia Kuchiki, pride of her house and one of the best pilots in the corps, save himself.  

Ichigo swears as tracer fire lights up his tactical grid. He zeroes in on his own target, lining up and firing with a flick of thought while the remainder of his attention is focused on watching Rukia. 

She’s in Sode no Shirayuki, ducking and weaving as she leads the group of enemy craft through the maze of tumbling ice and rock that makes up this planet’s ring system. Another target pops on Ichigo’s display and he takes his eyes off Rukia’s spiralling trajectory in order to shake off his own tail.

When he turns back, Rukia is nowhere to be seen. Ichigo calls up his sensor array, layering it over his tactical grid and it pings almost immediately with her comm signature. He looks up in time to see Rukia peel away from her pursuers as they come around the far side of a particularly large ball of ice-packed rock. The silver-white skin of her mobile suit flares as it catches the reflected planetlight. 

“They’re still on your six,” Ichigo mutters over their commlink, and he hears Rukia’s acknowledgement before he notices the the telltale energy signature on his tactical grid. There’s a breath of time before they fire, and then Sode no Shirayuki is obliterated in a hail of gravity charges and the flash of her pulse drive overloading.  

“Rukia!” Her name jumps out of his mouth. All he can think is that he has to get to her, he has to get there before her suit runs out of air, she has to have ejected - she had to have seen that coming.

Ichigo swerves towards the explosion, pulling desperately on his control stick, and pushing his suit to its limits. The HUD flashes dire warnings about g-forces, energy reserves and proximity across his eye line and Ichigo dismisses them with a thought, throwing himself and his armor through debris-riddled space to reach her in time.

“Goddamnit,” he snarls, sending his suit into a spiral to avoid a shredded piece of Rukia’s hull. It knocks against his flank and Ichigo feels the crunch of it through the shielding before he slips past it and on to find her. He’s shouting mental commands at the nav panel, demanding that it search for her comm signature in the debris field and ignore everything else.

There’s a ping to his left and Ichigo pulls up short. He turns, both his eyes and sensors scanning, and there she is, suspended in space, the light of the fiery remains of her suit reflecting across the closed visor of her helmet. 

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where have you been? b.b imagine

A/N: I’ve have this idea a couple times, now I’m actually doing it lol. This is a Bucky Barnes imagine by the way! (Also, This is unedited and I suck at making up superhero names, so don’t judge my lack of creativity and badassness)

Warnings: fluff, kinda sad I guess, kissing, small civil war spoilers?

Words: 1,496

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Guide Light | Photographer Raja Ramakrishnan

“ Everytime I post a Milky Way shot, someone in my friends network ask how it looks to the naked eyes..Camera sensors are able to capture the colors in stars and galaxies while our eyes just see the white dots jotted all over the skies..of course after our eyes adapt to the night sky, sparkly blue, yellow, red and purple colored stars show up!
I visited this lighthouse with my friends on a repeat milky way shoot last night. So decided to do a different kind of processing that resembled close to our human vision and not the one from the eyes of the camera! Hope you like it..please feel free to drop your thoughts/feedback in the comments section”

Moths are always seen flocking towards light bulbs or street lamps, flying around in circles until they start looking more confused than creepy. Dustox is no exception, but why is it attracted to light?

Dustox is nocturnal, meaning it sleeps during the day and comes out at night. Being attracted to light is called being positively photoactic. A negatively photoactic animal would run away from light, like Gengar or Sableye. 

As to why Dustox are positively photoactic, there’s a few reasons. The most common explanation being that Dustox uses transverse orientation to navigate. Dustox doesn’t have a GPS, a map, or even a compass, so the only way for it to tell where it is going it based on solid, easy to find sources in the night sky–namely, the moon. Dustox evolved before there were cities or streetlights, and flew by the light of the moon to know which direction it was going.

Then, when it sees a streetlight, it will automatically assume that the light is the moon. If it flies past it, suddenly the angle to the light will change, causing Dustox to become disoriented. Because the moon is so far away, the angle will not change. It will as the moon moves across the sky, of course, but that happens too slowly for a moth to tell. If it flies straight past a near streetlight, suddenly the light is behind Dustox instead of on the left–causing Dustox to think that it has accidentally turned right.

Naturally, Dustox gets confused because it didn’t think it would arrive at “the moon” so soon (or, at all). But once its there, it stays for a number of reasons.

First, light might act as an escape route for moths. If they’re sitting in a bush and a predator comes along, they will all fly upwards–towards the sky’s light. Or if its trapped inside a box, it will fly to the hole in the cardboard, another escape route. So the disoriented Dustox might feel scared and try to escape, by flying closer towards the light.

Next, moths’ eyes have sensitive light sensors just like ours do. If you’ve been to the eye doctor and had your eyes dilated, you know how Dustox might feel. The sides of their compound eyes (called ommatidium) adjust to the amount of light around them, enabling them to see better in the dark, or the bright, and etc. Our eyes do this fairly quickly, but Dustox’s eyes are slow to adjust. When you look at the sun, you are blinded for only a second after, but when Dustox looks at a bright light bulb, it’s blinded for much longer, therefore making it unsafe to return to the dark, causing Dustox to stick by the light longer.

Or, they might think the bright light is the sun, signaling them that its time to go to sleep.

Dustox naturally uses the moon to navigate, and gets confused and disoriented around bright lights. It sticks around the lights because its eyes can’t easily readjust to the dark, or because it thinks the light is an escape route.

Dustox must be very sensitive to orientation in order to be attracted to cities: While a distant city certainly gives off plenty of light, the angle would only change a tiny amount as Dustox flies around.


Capturing the Stars with @astro_hugh

To discover fainter objects of the galaxy through Hugh’s lens, follow @astro_hugh on Instagram.

“There is such an amazing diversity of things to see, from the moon and planets of our solar system to incredible nebulae — some where stars are being born and some where they have died — all the way out to other galaxies, themselves full of billions of stars,” says Hugh Carrick-Allan (@astro_hugh), describing his fascination with astrophotography. “There’s something pretty amazing about light that’s left another galaxy, travelled through space for 15 million years and then hits the back of your eye or camera sensor.”

Although he was intrigued with the night sky at an early age, Hugh didn’t point a camera at the stars until about eight years ago. By day, Hugh is a visual effects artist living in Sydney, Australia. At night, he uses professional astrophotography gear like telescopes and high-sensitivity digital cameras to take stellar shots of the galaxy, Saturn and Eagle Nebula being his favorite subjects. “I feel humbled by the scale of it all,” he says, adding that there’s something very relaxing about astrophotography. “There’s no rush to see and capture it all.”

cartoondogjpeg  asked:

i love maggots, specifically ones that burrow in rotten or living animal tissue, any intresting knowledge on these adorably creepy critters?


A lot of different animals have been described as “ultimate” or “pure” “eating machines,” but there’s really almost nothing embodying that more than a maggot. Unlike many other insect larva, it has no trace of legs, and no chitinous skull-like case around its head.

It’s just a soft cone, like a drill. Its only hard parts are the two tusk-like “mouth hooks” it uses to grasp and pull at its food, regurgitating digestive enzymes to suck of organic matter.

What look like “eyes” are actually chemical sensors, like “noses,” so it knows which way to go towards the food.

Every segment of its body has a rough ring of “welts” which give it traction as it bores into meat or vegetation.

And so it never has to stop eating and eating, it breathes through spiracles on its butt end. It’s a funny coincidence you have me pointing this out now but I’m not gonna say why.

People don’t often stop to realize that a rotten corpse or garbage are liquid environments, and a maggot’s anatomy is basically that of an aquatic animal. A very large number of them do live in water, even, sometimes with long modified butt-snorkels.

Some of the weirdest and most interesting fly larva include:

  • helaeomyia petrolei, which lives only in natural pools of crude oil.
  • Auchmeromyia, the “congo floor maggot,” which sucks blood from sleeping animals, including humans, like a bedbug!
  • Drosophila endobranchia are basically a species of fruit fly, except they only breed in the dirty mouths of live land crabs! They don’t even harm them in any way, and possibly help keep them cleaner, though nobody is sure.
  • Vermileonidae are predatory sand-dwelling maggots that build pits exactly like those of an antlion.
  • Microdon, heavily protected slug-like maggots which live only in ant nests, preying on their eggs and larva.
  • Lucilia Bufonivora is a maggot that only lives in the heads of toads. The adults lay eggs in the toad’s nostrils (somehow without getting eaten themselves) and the larvae eventually hollow out the amphibian’s head!!

Of course there are thousands and thousands of others. There’s maggots that live only in half-submerged wood (requiring one side to be exposed to air so they can breathe), maggots that live only in spittlebug nests eating the extra “spittle,” maggots that only live in the shed antlers of deer and maggots that only live in bone marrow.

All of them are very important to the environment. Those that decompose matter help control massive outbreaks of disease and process inert biomass into nutrients for new plant and fungal growth, while those that are parasites help control the populations of other animals, and lots of other maggots are outright predatory!


Name: Eye Sensor

Vocaloid: Gumi

Producer: buzzG

Nico Upload Date: Oct 3, 2011

lecaptaindom  asked:

Okay, so I do wanna ask you because I've been following for awhile and I like your blog. So do you have any good resources or ideas on puzzles? My group doesn't use modules, our campaigns are custom built, and I'm trying to incorporate puzzles more.

So I hit up the G+ think tank about puzzles in D&D, and got some useful insights and perspectives. Many of which line up with my own. 

“Puzzles” is a very specific term, with very specific connotations. You say Puzzles, I think “Pushing crates, moon crest, sword key, tiger eye gems, V-Jolt, Resident Evil”. Or, to a similar degree, “Hookshot, Pegasus Boots, breakable floors, eye sensor, silver arrows, pressure plates, Zelda”. Those are all fun, but they’re primarily single person obstacles, which amount to little more than roadblocks.

Puzzles are problems with limited solutions, or sometimes, just one solution. You have a specially locked door, which requires a special key. Or maybe that door’s locking mechanism is tied to a nearby pressure plate: You can push the nearby statue onto it to make it open, you can just pile up a bunch of goblin corpses on it. Same problem, different but similar solutions. 

The thing is, I kinda don’t like puzzles in D&D. Specifically, puzzles with only one solution. 

These are things like: Riddles, logic puzzles, tile puzzles, special key doors, and the like. Because they only have one solution, and that solution isn’t immediately apparent, they slow down play. They lock off portions of your game behind something that will frustrate your players at best, and bore them at worst. 

But D&D is a freeform game. A game that, depending on how you play it, is ultimately about weird, abstract problem solving. 

Consider this Resident Evil puzzle: 

There’s a crest inside of locked cabinet, and a button in the centre of the room, along with two grates. You push the button, the cabinet unlocks and you can get the crest…BUT, poison gas comes out of the grates. You’ll die before you can leave the room with the crest. 

However, there’s also two big statues in the room. You can push them around. Solution: push the statues to cover the grates, push the button, get the crest now that the gas can’t flow out of the covered grates. 

That’s a pretty good puzzle. Nothing groundbreaking. 

But D&D offers the ability to solve it in other ways:

  • Smash the glass of the cabinet to get at the crest. 
  • Pick the lock of the cabinet. 
  • Use a spell or potion making you immune to poison gas. 
  • Don’t bother with the room at all…fake the later door mechanism with a false crest of your own invention. 

Puzzles in D&D end up being little more than gatekeeping devices. Don’t use them. 

Instead, think about Problem Solving

Give your players insurmountable problems. Creatures that are way too powerful to kill in head on confrontations. Trapped rooms designed to kill the players slowly. Gates barred by intimidating orcs or monsters. Creatures that can’t be damaged by ordinary means. Physics obstacles that involve weight, balance, and containers. Problems where you can think of one, maybe two solutions to them, but you’re fairly certain there may be other ways past it. 

Pull no punches, throw no soft pitches. Make your players understand that these problems can be solved by combat, but it’s almost suicidal to attempt. Let them use all the their tools, all their wits, and all their spells to carve out a solution…and understand that there might be many ways for them to make a solution. 

For example, consider this encounter and how it could have been solved, and then how it was actually solved. 

For new-school people: If you’re playing a version of the game with a Perception skill, or a Search skill, or any other mechanical roll that allows you to spot traps/solve problems by rolling dice, consider ditching it. Consider your players only being able to discern things about their environment, and act in that environment, by verbally describing what they do and how they react.

As a game master, you must be asked questions in order to give up information. Tell your players no more about a locked chest or secret door or trapped gem-eyed tiger head statue than what they’ve asked about. If they don’t ask about part of the thing, or do something with part of the thing, then they don’t get to know about that part of the thing. 

If you want to use Perception/Search/etc, have it only be able to be rolled once, and provide only a single clue.

This will encourage your players to interact more thoughtfully with the environment. They’ll look less to their character sheets, and more to you, the GM, for a solution. 

In addition: don’t discount how helpful your players’ inventories can be. Flasks of oil, pitons, rope, daggers, blocks of lard, animals, acid, dumb circumstantial magic items that you gave them over a dozen sessions ago that they still have but have never used.

Make ‘em use all of it. 

Have these items be destroyed or broken in the process. Rope frays, pitons bend, daggers snap, oil can fill a room with smoke when lit. Make your players burn through their items to solve a problem. 

So, uh…in conclusion, don’t use puzzles. They’re dumb. Give your players problems instead. 

Hopefully that helps a little. 

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1. Perfume Man
A quick shot of a shop owner looking out the window towards city hall. I believe this photo to be good because the subject’s face is well lit and looking in my direction, also because my reflection makes it look as though I am standing next to him.

2. The Derry House
While walking with my parents along the shores of Lake Ontario, we stopped at the Derry House which is part of the Adamson Estate (now the Blyth Academy). A walking path crosses the front of the house and while my father and I were discussing how it could be properly maintained by means of a little paint and elbow grease, I slowed the shutter down to 1/8 seconds to capture someone walking by. Having blurry, half ghost people walking through my day light shots is very satisfying for me.

3. Leaving the Estate fruit house
Visiting the Longwood gardens was a fest for my eyes and sensor. With so many plant species to see and shoot, I was in heaven. This shot is a little more about the architecture of the green house than of the plants.  The opening of the shrubs leads the eyes into the space, the radiating lines of the suspended purlins takes the view to the centre of the room, the woman walking toward the door and line on the floor leads you beyond into the next space.

4. Fountains and lens flairs
Also from the Longwood gardens, this back lit fountain sprays mist and scatters the light in a way that photographers dream of. It was near the end of the day and the sun was setting quickly, I was running and snapping as quickly as I could to capture as much golden light as possible. Out of all the great shots I took that day, this was one of my favs. I just love the motion of the spraying water and pop of magenta at the bottom of the frame. Even the lens flare nicely complements the vertical line of the jet of water.

5. SR-71 Blackbird
Seeing the Blackbird at the Udvar-Hazy Center in Virginia was an extremely memorable moment for me. As a child I spent hours reading about and drawing the SR-71 spy plane. For me it was the equivalent of meeting a personal hero. Although I consider myself as pacifist at heart, the little boy inside of me cannot deny the engineering beauty that is the Blackbird. Designed and built by Lockheed Martin in the 1960’s, the spy plane flew thousands of missions over the 30+ years of service. This particular instance of the ‘bird holds the trans-American record for fast flight of 64 minutes from Los Angeles to Washington DC, averaging a speed of 3419 kph.
Anyway, this photo shows the very unusual shapes and contours of the plane. I took dozens of photographs of it that day; sides, top, rear and details. However, from this angle it doesn’t look like an airplane and you are forced to consider its form without the preconception of looking at an aircraft.