eye searing color


Morioh is lucky to have such great kiddos living in it. (To, you know, counterbalance the serial killers.)

I drew these over the course of about a month, which explains the stylistic differences– click for better views and captions.


Frisk and Chara have pretty different tastes, but they can still manage to coordinate and be on point. B) Chara prefers giant, baggy clothes that swallow them and shield them from contact with other people in crowded areas or something loose that sways in the breeze for those warmer days along with a wide brimmed sun hat for shade. Frisk is a bit more hip and adventurous than Chara and will usually dawn bright, nearly eye searing colors in the form of shorts, high tops, and trippy cat shirts. Chara likes to make some of their own clothes while Frisk likes to borrow pieces of their friends’ wardrobes to add to their own (also they shoplift). They both have an embarrassing amount of novelty cartoon and pun shirts.

This is (was for) Day 5: Fashion

8m boy I just sort of hung on to this while trying do a bunch of other things it kind of suffered for it. :’n


March Artsnacks: Camouflage!

Okay so, the challenge here was in dealing with what was frankly an eye-searing combination of colors. I decided to just run with it instead of trying to somehow manage subtlety, and make the wild color combo part of the point of the piece. So, have a silly birb who has finally found a place to live where he blends in. :)

As an aside: what smooth, awesome paint pens, holy crap. 

It is no fun mcgee trying to find tights in colors that aren’t grey apparently?  I’ve been searching for desaturated aqua color for Lapis, but to no avail (and to all the folks suggesting welovecolors, yes that is the first place I looked).  And now tumblr is taunting me by sticking tights ads on my dash in the wrong color.  Thanks, tumblr.

Ngl, if Terezi had a tumblr it would probably be a horrible, incomprehensible mishmash of social justice, shitty memes, and the most bizarre aesthetic posts on the internet. She probably wouldn’t tag, except for occasional trigger warnings, and her blog would just be the default tumblr theme in the most painful eye-searing colors.

And meanwhile Kanaya would tag extensively on her sleek, aesthetically pleasing fashion blog and add little comments in the tags and use a separate email address for her vampire smut blog so no one could find out about it and she wouldn’t accidentally like something from the wrong account.

Rose would occasionally post pictures of her knitting projects or updates about her life, but her blog would mostly link to updates on her multiple wizard fics, with occasional writing prompts and character analyses. She’d respond to every ask with polite, arch comments and have a shit ton of loyal followers.

And Vriska? Sher blog would have autoplay and a skull and crossbones cursor and she’d add pointless comments to almost everything she reblogs. She would also be the subject of more callout posts and “ur fave is problematic” posts than anyone could count, and probably get boatlods of anon hate and drama literally every day.