eye searing color

this is what my art block looks like now. i just draw mccree


Morioh is lucky to have such great kiddos living in it. (To, you know, counterbalance the serial killers.)

I drew these over the course of about a month, which explains the stylistic differences– click for better views and captions.

chillin-like-villains  asked:

temperature dads and their flaming son go to pride. they are decked out in eye-searing pride colors and flaming dad won't stop pulling the heat gun on protesters. they walk past david singh who is probably breaking public decency laws with hartley and rob, and at one point they spot ray in thigh high boots giving sara a piggy back ride. It should be noted that sara is wearing the bisexual flag and not much else



good aesthetic for the summer: 

columns and statuary and tiled pools and bright sunshine. So sort of vaporwave, but without all the eye-searing neon colors and glitching and stuff.