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and another thing: people who look down on Solasmancers for wanting more romance content - a friendly reminder that the romance had by far the least content in game (half of all the other romances) and it was the only one without a satisfactory conclusion. i think people have a right to want some more

Re: work stuff
  • I had a busy day this afternoon in clinic.
  • One of the patients that I saw, this was her second visit.
  • The first time was three weeks ago.  
  • At that time, she was seen by one of my friends, who happens to be our new chief resident.
  • The patient wasn’t happy at all with that first visit; she felt like nothing was done to help her.
  • (She was one of those patients who had a LOT of trivial-ish issues.)
  • (But obviously they’re not trivial to her.)
  • Anyway, I knew she was my last patient of the day so I wasn’t rushing.
  • So I took her top three concerns, 
  • explained to her (at least twice) what I’m going to do for each of them, 
  • promised that I will call her when I get her lab results, 
  • discussed her other anxieties,
  • and asked her to come back in two weeks to work on her other issues.
  • And just with that, she (and her husband) were so happy, asked for my business card, and said, “Ok, from now on, you’re my doctor.”
  • (Which was a very nice ego-stroke.)
  • The thing was— I didn’t do anything amazingly medical.
  • I just took the time to listen.
  • My point is, sometimes all the patient really wants is just that.
18 and Counting | Open

James had been surprised, well for the most part. He had pouted a good amount in the Hospital Wing that day, about Sirius remembering his birthday. James knew that their parties were legendary throughout the castle. He then found a table to stand on, in typical James Potter fashion and yelled over the crowd. “Someone needs to hand me a drink .I’ve been here over an hour and have not had 18 yet.”  This was the most like himself he’d felt in weeks and well, he quite liked being the center of attention.