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Camila, i just realized something! Gaster has an blue and a red eye, right? Blue + red = purple In the images you showed us about the Prequel of Glitchtale, Gaster has 2 purple eyes. Does this mean thay when Gaster is at 100% power he has purple eyes?

here’s your golden star  🌟


I looked so good today someone wife me up

Happy @gutter-girl-100 day (probably.)

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March 29

In 845, Viking raiders sacked Paris.  Yes, the one in France.  Which is nowhere near the ocean.  Those mofos sailed right up the Seine, killed and stole whatever they felt like, and then exacted a huge ransom from the city to leave.

That’s right.  They gave so few fucks that they would come in, steal your shit, and demand that you pay them to go away.

You might think that’s pretty metal, but then you realize that the leader of the raiding party was a fellow named Ragnar Lodbrok.  And you might think that’s metal as fuck, but THEN you learn that Ragnar had sons named  Ivar the Boneless, Björn Ironside, Halfdan Ragnarsson, and Sigurd Snake-in-the-Eye.

Right now, somewhere in Valhalla, Ragnar Lodbrok is being serenaded by Lemmy, with Dimebag Darrell shredding kick-ass riffs on a guitar made from the bones of ogres and using a dragon scale as a pick.


Hey everyone!

So I’ve spend the last few days having tests done at the hospital, including an MRI, the conclusion of which is that the ocular nerve in my right eye is infected. It’s not too bad, though, and should heal on its own within a month. If not, I may have to go back for further tests and medication trials, but at the moment it looks like it’s getting better. The doctor said I should try to take it easy, though. While I am allowed to draw and stuff, the doctor thinks it might be a good idea to avoid stresses and anxiety.

So this means that for the next 2-4 weeks I’m not going to be doing any commission work or even looking at new commissions. After the nerve has healed and my vision is better, I’ll try to get back on that ASAP.

If anyone has any questions or such, please let me know! =)

- Tas

♦ EYES : Blue | Green | Brown | Hazel | Grey | Other (amber)
HAIR : Blonde | Brown | Black | Red | Ginger | Grey/White | Multi-color | Other (…)
BODY TYPE : Skinny | Slender | Slim | Built | Curvy | Athletic | Muscular
SKIN : Pale | Light | Fair | Freckled | Tan | Olive | Medium | Dark | Discolored | Other (…)
FACIAL FEATURES : Scars (one across right eye) | Markings (facial markings) | Scales (…) | Fur | Beard | Ears (floof!) | Other (mole on the left below his mouth)
♦ BODY FEATURES : Scars (large claw marks on his back, one scar on the left side of his hip) | Markings (…) | Scales (…) | Fur | Tail (flooooof!!) | Paint | Other (blue tattoos resembling Henna on his nape, right hand and right thigh)

GENDER : Male | Female | Trans | Cis | No Gender | Other (mainly male but identifies as both male and female)
SEXUALITY : Heterosexual | Homosexual | Bisexual | Pansexual | Asexual | Demisexual | Other (…)
SPECIES : Hyur (…) | Elezen (…) | Miqo’te (¾ Seeker, ¼ Keeper) | Lalafell (…) | Roegadyn (…) | Au ra (…) | Other (…)

EDUCATION : Can read | Can write | Tutor | Mentor | School | Other (…)
LIVING SITUATION : Lives alone | Lives with parents/guardian | Lives with significant other | Lives with a friend | Lives with a group of people (…) | Drifter | Homeless | Other (…)
PARENTS/GUARDIAN : Mother | Father | Adoptive | Foster | Grandparents | Family friend | Other (…)
RELATIONSHIP : Single | Crushing | Dating | Engaged | Married | Separated | It’s complicated | Other (…)

I’VE BEEN : In Love | Hurt | Sick | Abused | Other (…)
I HAVE A(N) : Learning Disorder | Personality Disorder | Mental Disorder | Anxiety Disorder | Eating Disorder | Substance-related Disorder | Other (…)
THUNGS I’VE DONE BEFORE : Drank alcohol | Smoked | Done drugs | Stolen | Self harmed | Starved myself | Had sex | Gotten into a fist fight | Was severely injured | Gone to jail | Used a fake ID | Gone to a party | Killed someone 

POSITIVE TRAITS : Affectionate | Adventurous | Athletic | Brave | Careful | Charming | Confident | Creative | Determined | Fearless | Generous | Honest | Humorous | Intelligent | Loyal | Modest | Patient | Selfless
NEGATIVE TRAITS : Aggressive | Bossy | Cynical | Envious | Fearful | Greedy | Gullible | Jealous | Impatient | Impulsive | Insecure | Irresponsible | Possessive | Sarcastic | Self-conscious | Selfish | Unstable

Rules : BOLD what applies to your muse, ITALICIZE what applies under specific circumstances. Remember to REPOST. Feel free to add to the list. Blank sheet can be found > HERE < !!!
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im not sure who lune is but, maybe them and eyes?

[eyes]: not just the colour, but the shape, the length of their eyelashes, whether they’re alert or usually half-closed, large or small, sunken into the face, ringed by bags, etc.

lune is my dnd oc <:-) i havent been able to use him for a campaign yet but hopefully.. Soon,

he’s blind & his eyes are slanted down with a milky grey color and short eyelashes.. he has a scar over his right eye that prevents it from being able to fully open

Just take one look in my eyes
You’d see right through my disguise
She says that when I’m nearby
That she can feel my every move
When I fell apart
Yeah, something changed in my heart
As you can tell from these scars
I’m not the man that you knew before.

Snowbert’s song. I’m not too interested in the ship but I can’t deny this song fits them crazy well. Cait’s POV.

For those without spotify.

my sister recorded hoseok giving me a hand heart kiss (i was 2 distracted by this literal angel to even try to record it) and let me tell u he shines a million times brighter in real life and will save ur life by just looking into ur eyes i was a broken down mess after this i have waited 10000000 years