eye que

Ey, hola

Joder en verdad te extraño.


Me faltaron cosas por decirte.

Quizá si las lees cambies de opinión y decidas quedarte conmigo.

La verdad justo ahora tengo mucha rabia, porque yo contigo quería ser muy feliz, porque se cuanto has sufrido, porque se que no te han valorado como te lo mereces. Quería ser tu todo, quería ser por quien sonrieras, quería que fueras mía y yo tuya. Sin embargo no es bueno que mi aprecio o amor o lo que sea que sienta por ti sea egoísta, por ti sería capaz de dejarte de ver si eso te hace feliz. La verdad es que no te quiero para mi, te prefiero feliz. Porque prefiero verte feliz antes que infeliz al lado mío.
¿Sabes? Decidí perder lo poco que me quedaba de orgullo por ti, porque la verdad, han sido una mierda estos días sin tu compañía. 


There are rumors of mutants hunting other mutants for Sentinel Services. Pulse might not be the only one. We are barely staying ahead of humans. If they turn us against each other, we’re done.

Dicen que el alma pesa 21 gramos,ya que cuando una persona muere llega a pesar esta cantidad. Es solo un dicho tonto y sin lógica que el alma pesa 21 gramos.Pero,ahora que estoy mirando las estrellas extrañándote, me pregunto si a nosotros nos habrán hecho como una sola alma.Ya sabes,un alma de...42 gramos. Ey no pienses que soy tonto,son las dos de la mañana es normal que piense estas cosas.Dos almas en una sola...no dos separadas hechas por igual,sino una sola, unida. ¿Será posible?¿Acaso es muy tonto pensar así? No se. Pero con mi triste corazón , te digo mi vida,con toda la certeza del mundo, que somos almas hechas en una sola.Nos hicieron siendo 42 gramos amor.
Just chillin’ (Tyler x Reader) fluffy short

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Request:  Could you do a Tylerxreader where teamiplier is doing an icebath challenge, and when it’s readers turn something goes wrong with the camera and they need to take a timeout to fix it, but reader is already in the bath like oh well and has no self preservation. So team goes to fix it while she chills (ha) in the bath, and it takes longer than they thought. So when they come back, reader isn’t near death, but definitely has hypothermia, and everyone’s like oh shit get out. Cue Tyler being the hero!

Warnings: none? swearing? fluffy heck?


“Guess who’s turn it is~!”


“I already went-” Mark laughed.


(Y/n) flickered her eyes around the faces closest to her, also letting them pierce the camera’s lens.

“I have balls of steel!” she declared, pulling a funny face. She flexed her arms and channeled a low voice “I will fight this challenge.”

“Please don’t.” commented her knight, offering (Y/n) a kind stare.

The girl threw at him a dopey smile, blowing the tall male a kiss. Tyler ony rolled his blue eyes, and hushed himself from smiling. Instead, he narrowed his gaze at his girlfriend.

“And here we see a front line nurse leaving her husband to serve in World War Two. Nineteen forty- colourized.” joked Ethan, hauling up the camera to meet (Y/n)’s face which looked absolutely devastated. The girl walked slowly backward- away from Tyler and to the tub.

“Remember mE-!” (Y/n) shrieked, dropping a bit of her foot below the water’s surface.

The boys laughed, almost masking (Y/n)’s comment of how the temperature didn’t actually bother her much. Hastily, she submerged herself- propping up her arms lazily on the edges of the bath with her legs crossed.

“I fully expected her to scream.” admitted Mark. Tyler giggled before Ethan spoke up in shamefully confusion.

“Mark, the camera keeps glitching… still. Do you want to switch it to the one in the studio?”

Mark double glanced at the blue haired male and nodded “Yeah. Before we start reading off the questions; that’d be smart”

As the trio pooled around the door, Ethan didn’t forget to ask (Y/n) if she was okay with them leaving for ‘like three seconds’. She said:

“Yeah, I’m totally okay with that- this shit is relaxing.”

The group thought of her as being sarcastic and offering up a joke- they promised the girl they’d be quick and pushed themselves out of the bathroom.

(Y/n) chuckled thickly, looking back ahead of her. The painted wall sent her blank stares.

Alone, she sighed, dipping lower into the liquid. (Y/n) gently shut her eyelids, absorbing the cool caress of the water from around her. She knew she wasn’t joking- this was extremely relaxing. Having idle ice cubes tickle past her clothed and not clothed skin.

The soft noises of a grandfather clock hummed about, showing endless support. Time skipped past her mind in a rush.

They were taking a while.

With blocked vision, (Y/n) couldn’t see how pale her skin was getting. Or how it was beginning to cascade quaint blue on all ends.

They were taking a while.

Looks like she couldn’t feel it.

“Okay- okay, we have the better camera.” finally called Ethan, re entering the restroom; his friends following.

“Wait, (Y/n)- (Y/n)!”

Mellowdramatic whines charmed the walls, conveying certain concern for the girl in the ceramic tub. She opening her eyes to their words.

“Que?” she jokes, lifting her head briefly.

“Get out of the fucking water-!” the shorter brunette demanded dumbly, on the stand of laughing.

“But we have the shit to–” (Y/n) came to her own defence.

Futile, though, her words were. They were physically cut short by a literal chest.

Tyler had wasted little to no time with words- knowing it only to be an effort that would have gone unrecognized. He had, in a more literal sense, swept (Y/n) off her ass.

Plucking her from the cold fluids, all at once she rested easy; cradled in Tyler’s arms. The course of action was quick, and sweet.

“Ty?” (Y/n) inquired, allowing herself to be held. The boy walked, with the girl as his cargo, over away from the bath. They watched when Ethan and Mark spilled giggles, making quick work of setting up the camera.

The broken camera laid somewhere upon the counters.

“Yeah?” responded Tyler, gripping his arms tighter.

“Can’t you give me like a blanket or something? If it’s really this bad.”

“I think this is fine.” Tyler stated.

“I can warm you on my own.”

That phrase did a jolly good job at silencing (Y/n).

“So stop being stupid and let me~” the male laughed. Funnily, he buried his warm face in the bend of (Y/n)’s stomach. At least he knew he was blushing- the sudden heat residing in his cheeks was harnessed to his advantage.

She couldn’t see it, similar to her own colour, but Tyler and herself were contrasting. Blue to red.

The sound of a snapshot rang clear. It was pointed in the couple’s general direction.

“This camera maybe can’t record, but it can take wicked photos!” Ethan cheered.

The girl of blue and man clad with red positioned in the photo bleed playful joy. Perfect hero for a dumb would be travesty.


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lanitaaasherlyn  asked:

Black te reto a besar a zack en frente de todos 7w7

*Black seeing the message*

All:Hello my name is All nice to meet you

Zack: Hola (ahre no) Hi! my name is…. 


All: Oh! cute name ZACK…..and say me… how are you?

Zack:I’m fine… here I’m stand

All: me too…look what I can do with my hands!

Zack: I can’t… because i have my “eyes” closed(?

Black…..que raro que no le puse apodos: I’m going to steal!

All: that was strange…

Zack: yeah…. but….  that was cute

All: I think that was gay