eye que

Me speaking the colonizers language the Spanish language of the white race in Spain to other decolonized Latinx who also just speak spanish: ey que tal hermanx

Just chillin’ (Tyler x Reader) fluffy short

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Request:  Could you do a Tylerxreader where teamiplier is doing an icebath challenge, and when it’s readers turn something goes wrong with the camera and they need to take a timeout to fix it, but reader is already in the bath like oh well and has no self preservation. So team goes to fix it while she chills (ha) in the bath, and it takes longer than they thought. So when they come back, reader isn’t near death, but definitely has hypothermia, and everyone’s like oh shit get out. Cue Tyler being the hero!

Warnings: none? swearing? fluffy heck?


“Guess who’s turn it is~!”


“I already went-” Mark laughed.


(Y/n) flickered her eyes around the faces closest to her, also letting them pierce the camera’s lens.

“I have balls of steel!” she declared, pulling a funny face. She flexed her arms and channeled a low voice “I will fight this challenge.”

“Please don’t.” commented her knight, offering (Y/n) a kind stare.

The girl threw at him a dopey smile, blowing the tall male a kiss. Tyler ony rolled his blue eyes, and hushed himself from smiling. Instead, he narrowed his gaze at his girlfriend.

“And here we see a front line nurse leaving her husband to serve in World War Two. Nineteen forty- colourized.” joked Ethan, hauling up the camera to meet (Y/n)’s face which looked absolutely devastated. The girl walked slowly backward- away from Tyler and to the tub.

“Remember mE-!” (Y/n) shrieked, dropping a bit of her foot below the water’s surface.

The boys laughed, almost masking (Y/n)’s comment of how the temperature didn’t actually bother her much. Hastily, she submerged herself- propping up her arms lazily on the edges of the bath with her legs crossed.

“I fully expected her to scream.” admitted Mark. Tyler giggled before Ethan spoke up in shamefully confusion.

“Mark, the camera keeps glitching… still. Do you want to switch it to the one in the studio?”

Mark double glanced at the blue haired male and nodded “Yeah. Before we start reading off the questions; that’d be smart”

As the trio pooled around the door, Ethan didn’t forget to ask (Y/n) if she was okay with them leaving for ‘like three seconds’. She said:

“Yeah, I’m totally okay with that- this shit is relaxing.”

The group thought of her as being sarcastic and offering up a joke- they promised the girl they’d be quick and pushed themselves out of the bathroom.

(Y/n) chuckled thickly, looking back ahead of her. The painted wall sent her blank stares.

Alone, she sighed, dipping lower into the liquid. (Y/n) gently shut her eyelids, absorbing the cool caress of the water from around her. She knew she wasn’t joking- this was extremely relaxing. Having idle ice cubes tickle past her clothed and not clothed skin.

The soft noises of a grandfather clock hummed about, showing endless support. Time skipped past her mind in a rush.

They were taking a while.

With blocked vision, (Y/n) couldn’t see how pale her skin was getting. Or how it was beginning to cascade quaint blue on all ends.

They were taking a while.

Looks like she couldn’t feel it.

“Okay- okay, we have the better camera.” finally called Ethan, re entering the restroom; his friends following.

“Wait, (Y/n)- (Y/n)!”

Mellowdramatic whines charmed the walls, conveying certain concern for the girl in the ceramic tub. She opening her eyes to their words.

“Que?” she jokes, lifting her head briefly.

“Get out of the fucking water-!” the shorter brunette demanded dumbly, on the stand of laughing.

“But we have the shit to–” (Y/n) came to her own defence.

Futile, though, her words were. They were physically cut short by a literal chest.

Tyler had wasted little to no time with words- knowing it only to be an effort that would have gone unrecognized. He had, in a more literal sense, swept (Y/n) off her ass.

Plucking her from the cold fluids, all at once she rested easy; cradled in Tyler’s arms. The course of action was quick, and sweet.

“Ty?” (Y/n) inquired, allowing herself to be held. The boy walked, with the girl as his cargo, over away from the bath. They watched when Ethan and Mark spilled giggles, making quick work of setting up the camera.

The broken camera laid somewhere upon the counters.

“Yeah?” responded Tyler, gripping his arms tighter.

“Can’t you give me like a blanket or something? If it’s really this bad.”

“I think this is fine.” Tyler stated.

“I can warm you on my own.”

That phrase did a jolly good job at silencing (Y/n).

“So stop being stupid and let me~” the male laughed. Funnily, he buried his warm face in the bend of (Y/n)’s stomach. At least he knew he was blushing- the sudden heat residing in his cheeks was harnessed to his advantage.

She couldn’t see it, similar to her own colour, but Tyler and herself were contrasting. Blue to red.

The sound of a snapshot rang clear. It was pointed in the couple’s general direction.

“This camera maybe can’t record, but it can take wicked photos!” Ethan cheered.

The girl of blue and man clad with red positioned in the photo bleed playful joy. Perfect hero for a dumb would be travesty.


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Mi Corazón (Peter Parker x Reader Drabble)

Anonymous asked: hi!!! i wanted to request a cute, fluffy piece where the reader knows spanish and peter tries to flirt with her in spanish (they’re already dating) and he like fails miserably or she just teases him and it’s just outright adorable?? please and thanks!!

Summary: Peter tries to flirt with you in Spanish after seeing you freak out over tickets for one of your favorite Latinx performers - Prince Royce.

Warnings: None, pure, embarrassing but cute floof

Word Count: 554

A/N: I changed the request just a lil bit but I hope y’all enjoy!! I’m loving the fact I can’t go more than like a day without posting a new fic but its cool, all good. Also, I’ve listed (not direct) spanish to english translations at the bottom, in order of appearance :)

“No lo puedo creer!!” Peter hears you frantically speaking over the phone in Spanish, unable to contain your excitement. He laughs, enjoying the sight. You’re running around your room, practically bouncing up and down every other second, waving your hands around as you talk with your best friend.

Peter’s just surprised you with concert tickets for you and your best friend to see one of your favorite singers - Prince Royce. He remembered how you fangirled over him months ago, even playing some songs of his for Peter, while you tried to teach him the lyrics, to no avail. While you were a native speaker, having grown up in a Spanish-speaking household, always listening to music in Spanish, Peter had only taken classes, since middle school. Even after 5 years, Peter was embarrassed of how little he had retained, and even more so of his accent, even when you assured him he sounded fine.

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Eres un desastre al despertar y sueñas con príncipes y dragones. La chica que nadie notó, hasta hoy. Esa que se viste como quiere mientras las niñas fresas, van y vienen.
Qué rebelde no? Mientras tú pienses en blanco y negro, otros te pintan en su cuaderno. Todo lo guardas para ti, mientras tu sonrisa sola te hace descubrir. Aunque no quieras, no puedes esconder lo bello que hay por vivir.
—  Sad Eyes, “La chica que nadie notó"

Marauders + house share head-cannons 

  • So they are done with Hogwarts, the world is their oyster, freedom ect 
  • and then
  • shit
  • “Pads we have nowhere to live” 
  • “I’ve got a real big cardboard box you can share Prongs mate you don’t have to live with your parents.” 
  • James and Sirius have a panic because they are adults and do they know how to adult? No. 
  • Lily and Remus are watching like ??? 
  • Purebloods are not good at getting on the property ladder due to an abundance of ancestral family homes. 
  • Lily and Remus mention that they are renting a flat together. 
  • “Great! We’ll live with you!”  (This is Sirius. James is still a little scared of accidentally scaring Lily away with his over-eagerness.) 
  • Lily says it would make rent cheaper (and she’s head over heels for James and now she doesn’t have to ask him to move in so it’s all great.) 
  • “There are only two bedrooms.” - Remus and his A* maths skills have realized this isn’t going to work as smoothly as they all think. 
  • “Lily and James, you and me, Moony. Perfecto.” 
  • Sirius realizes what he has implied and blushes a lot. Remus blushes a lot. James has a realization. Lily is rolling her eyes. 
  • “Erm. Or you know, I could take the couch.” 
  • “Don’t be stupid, Pads. We’ve shared a room for years. Besides, we don’t want you always hogging the sofa and claiming it as your own.” 
  • Remus adds this a little hastily because yes he absolutely does want to share a room with Sirius he just doesn’t want to admit it. 
  • Sirius nods, still a little embarrassed, maybe thinking about seeing Remus shirtless and sharing a room with no James and no Peter. 
  • Where is Peter you ask? I don’t know. On holiday in Australia. I don’t freaking care. 
  • “You and Lily have to keep the sex to a minimum OK my innocence can’t deal with it.” - Sirius, again, mainly because he doesn’t think he’ll be able to have sex ever again whilst sharing a room with Moony unless it’s with Moony and that would be crazy wouldn’t it yes. 
  • Lily elbows Sirius rather hard. 
  • Anyway they agree on this and they move in 
  • but
  • the flat is tiny
  • like super tiny
  • there are technically two bedrooms
  • but
  • each will only fit a double, not two singles
  • unless they go with bunk beds
  • no one wants bunkbeds have you ever slept in a bunk bed
  • it’s hell
  • the other person twitches their big toe and it’s like you are on a rolling ship in the ocean
  • idk maybe I had shitty bunk beds
  • anyway back on topic
  • Sirius and Remus don’t really talk about it, they just get on with it
  • and if they wake up snuggling well no one needs to know
  • and they both kind of like it so
  • they don’t kiss or anything they just snuggle in bed
  • Lily and James catch them one morning, snuggled up, arguing, and ask if they are dating
  • and they are like ??? no! of course not! this is platonic morning snuggling what are you talking about 
  • then Lily and James leave
  • and Sirius is like 
  • Moony are we accidentally married
  • Moony says maybe they are 
  • They kiss a little 
  • they kiss some more
  • Sirius bounces out of the room to tell Lily and James that yes they are dating they are boyfriends now 
  • Que eye rolls from the flatmates who are semi competent at romance
  • Anyway Lily and James share their tiny room 
  • and they love it
  • but they fight. So much? 
  • Not about anything Sirius like they just like a good fight 
  • “James Potter are those your socks underneath my pillow again.” 
  • Lily Evans will you refrain from storing your wand in my boots!”
  • They are both messy af though so that isn’t an issue
  • Remus and Sirius though -Remus is so messy? You wouldn’t think it because he has his shit together and he meets deadlines and all but… he does not do tidy. Sirius is a complete neat freak though so he’s always pairing up Remus socks and doing his laundry and making the bed the second Remus is out of it and it drives Remus mad. 
  • “Sirius where the fuck are my shoes? And that book about muggle electronics?” 
  • “On the shoe rack and on your bookcase.” 
  • “What the hell are they doing there?! how am I supposed to find anything if you keep moving it into ridicoulous places???” 
  • “??? it’s literally in the right place Moony you are being ridiculous.” 
  • Anyway Sirius does most of the cleaning around the flat, Lily and James do the cooking (Sirius and Remus can. not. cook. Everything is burnt or raw. If left to their own devices they would eat toast, biscuits, crisps and apples. Sometimes peanut butter by the spoonful.) 
  • Remus does the grocery shopping because he can budget and he is excellent at writing lists. He loves his lists. 
  • Sirius is horrified the first time he does Lily’s laundry. 
  • “That is a thong, Sirius. Please put it down.” 
  • He is actually quite concerned. 
  • The main flat arguments they have are over:
  •  1, Lily and James make up sex (at least three times a week after a meaningless fight. Sirius and Remus are convinced they fight just to fuel their sex life.)
  • 2. Remus leaving his socks everywhere? Like everywhere? He comes home and leaves them in the sink, on the sofa, balled up in the corner, in the bed - anywhere. 
  • 3. People using Sirius’ shampoo. 
  • 4. Taking the bins out, which they all hate. Other than that they are pretty clean. 
  • 5. James’ repeated attempts to adopt stray animals. 
  • “James dear, that is fox. It is wild. It does not need rescuing. Please put it back outside.” 
  • “BUT… IT’S SO CUTE.”
  • 6. James getting up at 5.46 everyday so he can be out running before the other runners, and smirk at them whilst they warm up. 
  • 7. Sirius overly load rock music and Lily’s overly load pop music and especially Lily and Sirius’ frequent sing/dance offs. 
  • Idk I just really like thinking about the marauders and Lily squished into a tiny flat in London for the first year out of Hogwarts and yeah things are starting to get scary but it’s OK for now and they are happy and in love and everything is good.