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ok but i just thought of something really cheesy but imagine penny trying to scare you and never getting it right like he just couldn't figure out what your biggest fear was and then one day when y'all were supposed to hang out he'd prank you by playing dead cause he thinks he's ha-ha so funny and suddenly he smells that you're scARED BECAUSE YOUR WORST FEAR WOULD BE HIM BEING DEADDDDD

You crossed your arms and rolled your eyes as Penny stood in front of you, blood and other nasty fluids leaking from his eyes, nose and mouth.

“Are you serious? Right in front of my salad?”

“Are YOU serious? All of this and you’re not even the tiniest bit afraid?” He growled in frustration and wiped everything off with a dishrag, tossing it in the sink.

Taking another bite, you squinted your eyes and muffled out, “I’m not scared of that. I just think its messy.”

He huffs and grabs himself some human jerky he keeps in your pantry, “I’ll get you one day.”
Today is the first day off you’ve had in a long time and you wanted nothing more than to hang out with your clown boy. He wanted you to meet him down at the sewers so here you were, making your way through the tunnels to get to his hideout spot.

“Penny! You here?” You called out and looked around, feeling a bit uneasy. Something felt really off. The air was colder, the atmosphere felt tense, and aside from the sound of the running water, it was quiet. He was never this quiet. Usually when he heard you call, he’d always call out to you; silence filled the room and you began to panic. You made your way towards the well, afraid he went back to sleep without telling you. “Penny, this isn’t funny! Did you leave?”

Turning the corner, you gasped when you saw him laid out on the floor. He looked pretty beat up and you could see his blood floating up from his wounds. “Penny!” You cried out and grabbed him by the shoulders, trying to shake him awake. His body was cold and stiff, his eyes remaining closed as you tried your hardest to wake him up. “Please don’t leave me…”, a whimper fell from your lips as you cradled his body close to you, wondering what you were going to do now without him.

No less than three minutes passed by before Penny peeked and eye open, looking up at you as he could finally smell some fear in you. He couldn’t lie, he was smug that he was finally able to scare you but he felt bad it had to be this way. “…Darling…”, he coughed out as he feigned weakness, reaching up to try comfort you, cupping your cheek in his hand. You gasped and held him tightly, nuzzling his cheek.

“What happened? I’m so sorry I wasn’t here to help you but I’m here now.” You sniffled.

“Listen…” Your boy was torn. Should he confess to you that this was all a joke or risk actually getting killed by you for pulling this off?

“…it was this group of kids,they were so cruel..”

Signs from my experience

Aries: Extremely passionate and hardworking. Confident, but not in a snobby way. Gets loud if they get excited about something. Loves music more than anything. Don’t mess with them, they won’t hesitate to start a fight.

Taurus: Quiet around people they don’t like but loud around those they love. Their way or no way. Earthy, loves nature. Artistic. Will get heated over things they care about easily. Hates change.

Gemini: Loves to laugh. Weird, but in a nice way. Tries to act tough but is really soft. Just wants to have a good time. Loves their friends more than anyone. Constantly jokingly flirty. Really nice eyes. Very creative. Penny pinchers.

Cancer: Sarcastic but lovingly. Likes to go on romantic dates. Cute laugh. Great fashion sense, looks good without even trying. Actually does cry easily. Loves to binge watch Netflix. Can get mean.

Leo: Likes rock music and bands. All over the place. Messy to others but to themselves they’re organized. Likes to make people laugh. Good ideas but messy executions. Not afraid to tell it like it is. Nostalgic.

Virgo: So kind and loving. Likes to help people. LOVES school. Responsible and organized. Gives the best hugs and always smells great. Very family oriented. Plans out their entire future.

Libra: Balanced and prefers company rather than alone time. Don’t waste time on arguments. Happiest when surrounded by a large crowd, loves to be center of attention. Romantic.

Scorpio: Very hard getting them to open up to you. Wont admit how they really feel about someone to you unless you’re extremely close. Smart and serious. A little bit annoying at first but they grow on you.

Sagittarius: The embodiment of the feeling you get when you go to an breakfast diner. Very old soul. Laughs at silly things. Will forever take care of you. They’re trying their best and they’re getting by.

Capricorn: Great listeners, go to them if you want to rant or want advice. Always looks on the positive side of the situation. When they love you, they really love you. Very sensitive.

Aquarius: Will go from screaming at you to telling you they love you in less than five minutes. Craziest people, and when given a challenge, they’ll take it. Extremely unpredictable. They’re out there, but have hearts of gold.

Pisces: The funniest people ever, make the best jokes that will leave you laughing forever. Can be adorably awkward. Really beautiful eyes. The feeling you get when you eat chips and soda with friends. Loves horror movies. 


n: i’m not a fan of the hug.
c: then you haven’t been hugged properly. a hug is like an emotional heimlich: they put their arms around you and give you a squeeze and all your fear and anxiety goes shooting out of your mouth like a big, wet wad and you can breathe again.

heeeeere’s penny! my idea of how pennywise might look in the book, that is. I’ve been reading the novel lately and saw that people are making their own designs based on his description in the book, so i wanted to give it a try too!

more info and pics under the cut! (warning for body horror)

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Inspired by Katie’s Eyebrows

Winn is the first one to point it out to her, and when he does and she finally sees it, she’s not quite sure how she’s missed it.

“She does this thing with her eyebrows whenever she calls you her friend.” He wiggles them in an approximation of Lena’s expression. “She doesn’t do it when she’s talking to me though. Or James. Or Alex, or Maggie.”

“Lena is my friend, Winn, I thought we’d gone through this already.” She rolls her eyes. “Multiple times.”

“That’s not what I’m saying, she’s not evil, unless we’re playing video games or hacking-” Kara gives him a hard look, “-hacking cough,” and it’s probably the fakest cough she’s heard in her life, but at least she has plausible deniability if someone asks if she knows what they’ve been up to.

“Sorry,” another fake cough, “choked on air, you know how that goes! No? Okay, anyways.” He clears his throat. “Like I was saying, Lena could be an evil mastermind if she wanted, but she definitely doesn’t. She just,” he wiggles his eyebrows again, “moves her eyebrows funny when she talks to you.”

Kara frowns and doesn’t respond, resolving to look closer the next time she sees Lena.

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Being in love with your mortal enemy is only acceptable when you’re under a spell.

Update: In the two and a half months or so since I read Carry On, my Word document of fanfiction is now just under 30,000 words long. … Though now that uni is back I probably won’t be writing as much (that said, I’ll probably think of some great new idea overnight that I can’t wait to start writing). Maybe I should write shorter fics. Anyway, here is 7.5k words of fluff.


‘I think I’ve finally got it,’ Penny announces while we’re at the breakfast table.

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