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why this scene is so wonderful

I was looking for metas about this scene, but I couldn’t find anything, so decided to say several words myself.

Firstly, I made one gifset and captioned it as glare of death and people wrote that Bucky looks like he’s about to cry or has already cried. Tbh, I think it’s both. Great thing about this scene, to my mind, is not if he’s feeling anger or pain, but the fact that he’s definetely feeling something here!

As I remember, we only see two moments where Bucky is feeling something. First one is this:

Here, he’s angry af. Before this moment, we see hydra agents shooting wildly, but WS is calm, he casually walks and shoots for like two or three times only. But when Nat breaks his glasses(sorry, don’t know what they’re called), he becomes crazy and starts shooting without aiming properly. He feels anger and frustration.

Second one is a bit of confusion and hesitation:

(not my gif)

Throughout the whole movie, what catches our eyes is how calm ws is. He isn’t running, he never is in a hurry. Of course, he kills people, fights like an assassin, but he is always laid-back and really relaxed.

But in the final scenes, he acts like a crazy. WS’ actions are so brutal. Although he is sent to missions to kill people, I don’t think that winter soldier is allowed to make them personal. I mean that he must finish the missions succesfully, but he must know show his personal attitude towards it.

But here

He slaughters hydra/shield agents in a way that is screams to be really personal to me. He freaking shot that pilot and didn’t even care to throw away the body. He’s just to eager to get to Steve. Yes, it is his mission, but so was that causeway scene and his actions in these situations are so different from each other.

Considering all of these, I believe that in that scene he is not unemotional. WS is about to finish his missions, not only because hydra ordered him, but because Steve makes him feel things that causes him pain and confusion and uncertainity.

Is he angry? Yes. Is he ] eager to kill Steve in the most brutal way? Hell, yes. Is he also feeling pain? He IS! I think that he’s torn between too many emotions and that reflects in his eyes. They are deadly, but at the same time a bit red and look like he’s gonna cry.

To be sure I have to look once again at this moment:

He looks so childish and it feels like he’s suffering. But then:

See how he narrows his eyes for a second? Yes, he’s in misery, but that eye narrowing thing also tells me that WS is also furious and wants to visiously kill his oponent.

P.S. Please, add your thoughts ‘cause I’m so interested in the interpretation of this scene.

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Langst prompt: someone's walking by Lance's room and hears him sobbing mournfully and saying odd cryptic/depressing things but the door's locked. they go for help and when they get inside and Lance is midway through season ten of the most depressing space soap opera that he binge watched all day and they're just done. Also Keith ends up watching too just because he's the one you least expect to get interested in space soap operas and they just cry together at breakfast over the series finale.

Hunk was tinkering with the Altean version of the rubix cube as he walked down the Living Quarters hall, trying to stay as quiet as possible. Allura and Keith had called him out infinite times, asking him not to walk down the hall, especially when they had those rare days off that many of the team spent sleeping. Today was one of those days, and instead of stress baking and training, Hunk was trying to fix the retro gaming device up to Altean energy so Pidge could play a videogame. 

As he passed Lance’s room, he was halted by a sudden wail that surprisingly cut through the door. He turned, worry rising in his gut as he rushed to the door. Damn. The door was locked. Allura or Coran were the only two that could open a locked door, and were the only two that could open locked doors, aside from the paladins and their respective rooms. Pressing his ear against the door, he tried to overhear the commotion in the Red Paladin’s room. He tensed as a sob cut through the silence.

“ILIA NO! You can’t!” He wailed, his voice loud enough to be heard clearly through the door. Hunk paused, unsure of what was happening, but he by the second sob, he was running down the hall to find Allura or Coran. 

Hunk found Coran helping Keith fix a minor issue with the Black Lion. He came to a stop, gasping for breath as he gestured wildly in the air in an effort to relay the story via hand motions. 

Keith raised his eyebrow and turned to Coran. “You think he finally lost it?” He asked, and Hunk shot Keith a deadly glare.

“No! I’m to crazy, Keith! Look, Lance is in his room crying, and the door is locked, and I’m so worried!” He gushed as he turned to Coran.

“Please, we need to help him!” He wailed, finally falling on the floor as sobs of distress overtook him. Keith stared at Hunk in confusion. Why was he crying? Lance was the one who was supposed to be crying, right? 

Coran, who was infinitely better at human interaction than Keith comforted Hunk and helped him get off the floor. Opening the comms, he called for Allura and Shiro to meet him outside Lance’s room, and the threesome set off.

Lance let out another loud wail as he threw himself backwards in the bed, hands thrown into the air in disbelief. Ilia had finally confessed to going behind J’Ald’s back, and the master chef-turned-assassin was clutching his heart in horror as he realized the enemies that he had killed were all in vain, as the spy had been right beneath his thumb all this time. 

“WHY DID YOU DO THIS TO ME!” Lance screamed as Ilia continued on with her massive monologue, the obviously fake look of shock worn on J’Ald’s face so painful it made the scene only worse. He threw his pillow at the screen just as the door opened and Allura, Coran, Shiro, Hunk, and Keith tumbled into his room, worried looks plastered across their faces. 

“Lance, are you okay?” Shiro asked, concern covering his face. Lance’s face turned as red as a tomato as he realized what they had thought was going on, seeing as his face had tears on it, he had been sobbing and wailing, and the door was locked.

“Oh. I.. Uh.. I.. I’m.. It’s.. Uh..” Lance stuttered, his face somehow only growing a darker shade of red as he struggled to explain his situation. He had woken up that morning and had the intense urge to watch a soap opera, and that’s how he found Mischievous Times in Willipimia, or the horribly acted and most depressing space soap opera possible to exist, a fifteen season show that he had somehow come to be on season 10 of in just one day. Don’t ask, really, you don’t want to know.

Hunk scooped him into a bone-crushing hug, tears streaming down his face. “It’s okay Lance! It’s going to be okay! You can talk to us if you need to, man.” He pulled back, his face the epitome of a caring, worried friend. He couldn’t help it. He honestly had tried to stop the laughter that boiled up, the worry turning to confusion as the giggling turning into full fledged laughter. 

“I- I’m so sorry. I just.. I’m… How do I even say this? I’m watching a soap opera.” He blurted the last line, his face surprisingly able to darken further, and their faces immediately turned from worry to a face that Lance could only describe as ‘100% done with his shit.’ 

“You’re… Watching… A soap opera.” Shiro bit out, his voice on the edge of laughter as he realized the hilarity of the situation. Lance nodded, pulling his pillow away from where he had thrown it, and Allura’s eyes widened with disbelief and pure disgust as she realized what show it ws.

“Mischevous times in Willipimia? Really?” She asked, her voice incredulous and completely and utterly done with his existence as she threw her hands up in complete disgust and walked out of the room.

“I.. Lance, if you ever feel bad, just remember you can talk to us. And if you ever need to watch… a soap opera again, just remember you might want to tell us before so we don’t get worried.” Shiro said, amusement filling his voice as he walked out, Hunk following. Coran simply shook his head and walked away.

Keith was left, standing alone in Lance’s room, staring at the Red Paladin. “Can.. Can I join you?” He asked, and Lance’s eyes widened in surprise for a moment before making space on his bed for Keith, who joined him quietly. 

“Ok, so..” Lance began as he launched into a description of what had happened so far as he pulled the small divice into his lap.

“NO!” Keith and Lance screamed in unison. It was three in the morning, and they sat in a pile of blankets in the bridge as they had been kicked out of the living quarters for their loud wailing, and Lance ran a hand through his hair in anguish as he stared at the credits that scrolled down in some alien language that he couldn’t understand. 

“I can’t- that- Ilia!” Keith stuttered out, eyes wide with shock as he turned to Lance, who’s face mirrored Keith’s own disbelief.

“He- Medor!” Lance blurted, and Keith nodded, eyes widening as he turned to stare back at the screen. 

“It’s over.” He said, and Lance dropped to the ground, disbelief in his eyes as he let out a groan.

“Nooooooo.” Lance whined as he pulled the blanket over his face, accidentally pulling Keith down with him. The boys paused, suddenly aware of how close they were. Lance could feel the curls of Keith’s breath against his face, and red crept up his cheeks. He turned away, and took a deep breath. 

“Thanks” He said suddenly, turning to Keith. “Thanks for watching that with me.”

Idk this wasn’t really langst… And I apologize I’m trying to double task but hey! Thanks again for the ask!

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Alpha!WS has gone AWOL while in a rut and you're the omega sent out to retrieve him. Your heat hits during the mission, but the meds you were supplied with help you to cope, even if it doesn't suppress the heat itself. You encounter the WS and do the only thing you can - run. You hear his footsteps pounding behind you as he gives chase and you make it to a safe house but he catches the door before you can slam it shut with his metal hand and throws it open. He stalks through the door way (cont)

his huge silhouette a dark contrast to the light spilling into the hall. But as he slams the door the light disappears to give way to the electronic lamps lining the walls. You step back slowly figuring your escape route, but as you go to move again he lunges forward and grabs you slamming you against the wall his hands gripping your arms. He leans in and inhales your scent, ripping a growl from him and you use it as an opportunity to fight back and you manage to escape his grasp (cont)

Finally managing to enter the panic room, you hit the emergency lock and the metal door clinks shut just in time for the WS to slam his metal fist against it. But for now you’re safe. Hours pass and your eyes are glued to the security screen in front of you. The WS continues to pace back and forth outside the door, like a predator awaiting it’s prey. Your meds have worn off and the waves of your heat have you groaning in agony. Every cry, sending the him into a frenzy on the other side (cont)

as he bangs against the door in a desperate attempt to get to you. Soon it becomes to much and you hit the intercom “Soldier?” His head snaps up at your voice “Remove your mask” he hesitates but soon complies “I’m going to open this door, but I need you to step back” his fists clench but he does as you ask and you hit the door open button as another wave hits you. As the separation disappears he has a murderous and hungry look in his eyes and you move towards him now unfazed. (Cont)

He is shaking with restraint as you get closer, until you are toe to toe. Despite knowing the danger you are in and how foolish you are being, all you can think about is alleviating the pain, so you reach up and pull his lips down to yours. He freezes, but only briefly before grabbing you and lifting you up to wrap your legs around him. You both crash into the panic room and over to the makeshift bed where you undress frantically and end up fucking hard, fast and desperately until sundown.


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The violinist da Cristina


Edwardian Young Lady by Ayu & Ana
Via Flickr:
We are still preparing a second clothing collection, but in a meantime we finally finished our special design dress. It is mostly made by hand, it has over two hundred of beads, handmade jewelry, over 16 square meters of lace fabric and over 30 meters of lace trims. The dress is inspired of a true period clothing from Edwardian Era. Absynthia is Or-doll Eris on Spiritdoll Proud 1st body small bust option ws Face-up by Himi*Mo Eyes by Gumdrops Wig by Volks Outfit and jewelry by us - Ayu&Ana Design

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My eyes lit up when you mentioned Quaker post-WS Bucky... any headcanons you feel like sharing? I'm from a Quaker background and I feel it influences so much of my (and my family's) thinking but it's hard to articulate because the past two generations have been non-religious and haven't framed it that way. But their tolerance and non-violence definitely feels Quaker to the core. It's ok if you don't feel like sharing, I just don't come across many Quaker-identified ppl and you've made me think..

oh my god. So this is the ask of my dreams and I’m gonna get WAY in depth here because I have a lot of feelings.

first and foremost, I have to rec from winter, a boundless spring by @notcaycepollard because it features quaker!Bucky who is soft and gorgeous (just like the fic). Also, Vanessa is a member of Quaker Club along with me and @yawpkatsi and now you if you want to be!! Join us, we are small in numbers and (thanks to me and lisa) high in kinks. 

Second, I’m used to people not knowing what being a Quaker is all about, so I’m going to just provide a teeny bit of info. The Quaker religion, like many religions, is different everywhere you go. I grew up in the old, Philadelphian Quaker church. Rumor has it that the Californian Quakers even have guns. Quakers believe in non-violence and passivity to the point where it can actually be harmful. My mother used to tell me to ‘turn the other cheek’. I am just recently unlearning that but I still to this day have a problem watching/ being exposed to lots of violence (the marvel movies are about as hardcore as I can get). Quakers also never posses or own weapons of any kind, even child’s toys. As a child I was not allowed to even play with a water gun. 

So let’s bring post-WS Bucky into this. 

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French Boudoir da AyuAna
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New dress set for SD13 size bjds. We wanted to create some with a historical feeling, very feminine, soft and sophisticated. So… what else could be better than vintage night dressing? ;) Solvejgia is Sadol Yena Love60 ws Face-up by Sadol Eyes by Mehi Art Wig by Leeke World Outfit by us - Ayu&Ana Design

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What about David confessing to Jasper when Jasper takes him to a lake at night and they star gaze. Jasper: "I'm glad I took you out here David, because everything just feels right and comfortable when I'm with you." David: "I'm glad too.. Because I get to see how lovely you look when those stars are in your eyes."

i don’t know if this is for the ws thing or not but either way i’m fucking sobbuinghbi


Eastern Wind da AyuAna
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New dress set for SD13 size bjds now up at our Etsy store (link in bio). Etiude also had no new clothes to modeling since a long time, so here comes the changes! ;) Etiude is Little Monica Chloe ws Face-up by Pauli’s Studio Eyes by Doll Bakery Wig by LeekeWorld Outfit by us - Ayu&Ana Design

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Handler Sarah paints the “nails” on the Winter Soldier's metal hand as well as the regular nails on his human hand. He loves it. His favorite color is bright blue with sparkles. His second favorite is neon green with sparkles. The other handlers think this is the dumbest thing Sarah has done yet, but the Winter Soldier hasn't gone AWOL on a mission since she joined the team, so they roll their eyes and agree through gritted teeth that yes, his nails are very pretty when he asks what they think.

I mean.. last time someone disagreed they got a black eye. 

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Training! {Rin Matsuoka X Reader}

Originally posted by anime-angel-lover

Fandom:Free! Iwatobi Swim Club

Characters:Rin Matsuoka

Word Count:750

Request:RYYYYYYYY! Since you like Free! could you maybe sometime write something where Haru (or Rin, if you’d rather write for him, since you have his jacket) teaches the reader to swim, ‘cause she’s really bad at it?

Notes:I can’t have my first Free! fic not be Rin based,also side note-I can barely swim XD <3 Ryan

The bright lights glaring above the pool…

The crispness of the cool blue water…

The sounds of the rippling of the pool…


The lights fade…feeling very cold…the ripples turn into frenzied waves…black

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I read the expert from the wing fic that Bucky's wings cut tony and tony doesn't want to tell but what happens when Bucky finds out what he been doing to tony because that's all I'm thinking about and I know it's going to end in heart break

I haven’t decided how to further that moment between them yet
But I would imagine Bucky would be devastated to find out and that it could also really set his mental/emotional health back because the first time he really TRIES to be comfortable being an omega/being around an Alpha, he ends up hurting Tony. In this fic bucky already feels like a monster (idk if body dysphoria is the right phrase here) because in his head when he has good days he is still Bucky from the forties, cute and swaggering and an omega that every alpha on the block had their eyes on. But in reality he is Bucky/WS who has spent seventy years as a killer, is going to live for basically ever thanks to super serum and has had his body drastically altered and his wings– which are supposed the be beautiful and a way to express emotion– turned into weapons.

So he has huge issues reconciling who he used to be with who he is now, and this moment with Tony would really wreck him.

But at the same time, it’s a really good chance for Tony to invent something (a thick oil maybe??) that he can coat the wings with that blunt the edges of the feathers to they still shine (because tony thinks the black and silver is gorgeous) but aren’t lethal. Then Bucky doesn’t have to be afraid to move his wings or present out just in case he slices someone.

So it could completely be a bonding moment between them!


Prince the Cat da AyuAna
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Recently Ana has participated in DoA Celebrations - couture contest “The Un/Lucky Cat”. She’s choosen the lucky cat <3 According to her concept the luckiest cat is the one with loving home, so her burmese cat Prince has wonderful owners, his life is full of purrrres and his only enemy is the red point, which always dissapears in his paws… And… she won!!! So extremly happy, happy, happyyyyyyy!!! Now we can show You the photos of the winning clothing set that Ana created ^^ Our cat was Nicolai as Prince the Cat - SWITCH Uhui:R on DollFamily-H 62cm boy body ws Face-up by Titytetee Eyes by Vings Wig by Amadiz Studio Outfit by Ana from Ayu&Ana Design

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Through no fault of his own, Bucky is triggered into WS! mode. You and Ivar of course work together to bring your soldier home. When you do, he's still as the WS. Ivar sees the leer in Bucky's eyes when he looks at you. "You want to fuck her, don't you soldat?" He smirks.


Ivar is pinned to the wall before he can digest it. “I want you too, Viking. With her. On your knees for me, krasavitsa suka… (Pretty bitch)

“You don’t come until she cries.”


Black World da AyuAna
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New dress set for SD16 size bjds. Morion is Dollmore BellaAuden ws Face-up by Eff Eyes by Vings Wig by LeekeWorld Outfit by us - Ayu&Ana Design