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This will never get old

I loved how in an episode about memories, there were SO MANY Easter eggs. Like, the motel looked like It’s the Great Pumpkin Sam Winchester and they mentioned Dean eating all the Halloween candy. Callback to Dean manning the flashlight. The grenade launcher, of course. The ending that was reminiscent of Eye of the Tiger. Just so many little call backs. I need to go back and watch the episode again to pick out all of them. 

Just imagine

You are in Jensen shirt and shorts at home. You think you are alone at home since Jensen is filming for supernatural. You decide to blare out Eye of the tiger and lip syncing and dancing and Jensen comes back from filming and is watching you smiling. You see him and you both look at each other then shrug at the same time and dance together. (Gif is not mine)

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Fighting Tigers

Daddy Dean- Fighting Tigers

Pairings: Dean Winchester x daughter reader.

Request: From jiggysupernatural: 
“Heeey, I was wondering if I could have a daughter dean imagine?? Like, maybe they get into an argument and dean says something that upsets the reader so she goes into her room crying, then he apologises???xo And can you just make it really fluffy, I’m in great need of some daddy dean xo”

Word count: 2127

Y/N = Your Name

Y/E/C = Your eye colour

Summary: Your Dad (Dean) has been away longer then he promised whilst on a hunt. You worry about his safety but after a nightmare you overthink and believe that maybe he hasn’t come home because he doesn’t love you anymore. However, when you find your Dad being sewed up by Bobby after the nightmare you as run back to bed and away from him but he is following closely behind the to confront you on the issue. 

A/N: First of all, a big thank you to the beautiful user behind jiggysupernatural for the great request. I was unsure about doing a Daddy Dean but after help from ri-spn, (who was the one who introduced me to SPN and also happens to my best friend) we thought of a good plot and ran with that. Sorry it took a while to write out and hopefully this is fluffy enough for you. Every time I try to write something fluffy i feel like it just turns depressing somehow hahaha its surprisingly really hard. Also i might have had a bit to much fun getting gifs of Dean. As always please be patient with my rookie skills. Lots of love xxx Oh and this Gif seemed fitting but I didn’t know where to put so i’m just gonna leave it here:

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Three days he promised. That was a week ago. No phone calls, no texts, no nothing. Your Dad was completely off the grid. This worried you. You stopped playing with your toys and watching the TV. Drawing wasn’t appealing, nor was exploring Uncle Bobby’s car yard. Nothing could distract you from the worry your young mind possessed for your absent father. You missed your Dad tremendously. Without his presence in your life, everything seemed duller.

You missed how he made you feel safe and loved, through constant hugs and kisses. How he would dedicate all his time and attention on you when he was home from work. He would do anything you wanted, take you out for ice cream or bowling, the beach or the movies, or the Zoo, that was your favourite. You walked among the enclosures hand in hand seeing the exotic animals. Occasionally getting lost because he couldn’t read the map but the two of you didn’t mind as you ran around the zoo chasing each other. When your feet got sore or you were too short to see over all the people, he would put you on his shoulders and carry your around. I just want him to be home, you thought. He shouldn’t be away for so long.

You knew your father’s job was dangerous, you had seen the scars he possessed. However, he never would tell you the details of what he did or where he went. However, you knew that the longer the job was, the more battered and bruised he was when he finally came home. He was never phased by the intricate pattern of raised scars on his tan and worn skin. When you asked where a new one came from he would brush it off and tell you he got it fighting a tiger. 

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You would fall for it and be awestruck with the fact your Dad actually fought tigers. But you weren’t surprised, your Dad was pretty tough. You copied his tough attitude yourself, when you got hurt you would try to be strong like him. When he would find you with a bee sting or grazed knees he would always make a fuss over you asking if you were okay. He would wipe your tears away and pull you in for a tight hug whilst planting a gentle kiss on the top of your head. He would inspect the wound and patch it up. He always managed to make you laugh somehow whilst attending to you. You would forget about the pain and laugh with him, which won you a wide smile on your father’s face.

Now it seems that image of his smile was slowly slipping from your memory. He had been away for longer then he said and it was all you could think about. Every time the phone rang you thought it was him. You anticipated hearing your Dad’s faint gruff voice over Bobby’s ancient phone, but it was never him. Bobby would just look at you with sad eyes and shake his head to confirm what you already knew.

Every time you heard a car travelling down the motor way, you would run to the porch and sit and wait on the steps. Only to see the car you heard, continue to drive past. In recent days, you spent hours just sitting on the porch steps and staring at that road waiting for the familiar sleek black shiny car to pull in. When the sun was finally going down and the mosquitoes were emerging, Bobby would come and get you for dinner. Then you would go to sleep where you were flooded with dreams of your father being hurt and you being only just out of reach of helping him.

You woke up with a cold sweat coating the top of your lip and droplets falling down your brow. It was just a dream you told yourself, over and over as you sat up. You dreamt that you stayed at Uncle Bobby’s forever and your father never came home. Not because he was hurt but because he didn’t love you anymore. You remembered the sad dream and started to overthink the situation; that’s probably what he’s doing now, he has never left you for this long before you thought. You were crying again and became hot with anger with the idea your dream was true. This wasn’t fair you thought why didn’t he come home when he promised? Why didn’t he tell you what his job really was? Why couldn’t you just live in one place and stop moving around all the time? Why was he always leaving you? You sniffed away the last of your tears and got up to go downstairs. You pulled on your one of your Dad’s shirts for warmth. It brushed against the floor when you walked and you had to push up the sleeves so you could use your hands, but you loved it because it smelt of him. It smelt of home. You padded down the familiar stairs rubbing your weary eyes shut. When you got to the bottom of the stair case you turned to walk into the kitchen. You opened your eyes to be greeted with the sight of your father swigging on a clear bottle filled with a brown liquid. Your uncle Bobby was beside him dabbing his right shoulder and then putting down scissors in which he used to cut the string, that sewed up a large gash. Your eyes bulged with the surprise of your father sitting so casually in the kitchen after being away for so long. You were going to run to him but you remembered the dream and how he didn’t keep his word. You were angry at him because he didn’t even give you a phone call to say he was alright, instead he had left you in the dark. So, you planted your feet at the bottom of the stairs instead of running to him, now all you wanted to do was run back to your bed. But then your soft Y/E/C were caught in his forest green ones. When he first saw you he smiled but after reading your body language, he could see something was wrong. His smile fell and he looked older. 

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He didn’t like you acting out of character, usually you would scream out his name and run into his arms. He was looking forward to this and was smiling the whole way home thinking about seeing your eyes sparkle once more when you would see him. So much so, he didn’t feel the pain of the wounds when he drove a little faster so he could see you sooner. He did feel bad for leaving you for so long, he didn’t mean to but he was captured and had escaped only today from the monster he was hunting. 

“Bug?” He questioned, “Where’s my hug sweetheart?” he half smiled. You were battling an internal conflict of wanting to be in your father’s warm embrace but you were so angry at the same time. You already had one foot on the first step when you looked back to your father with glassy eyes and a wobbling lip belonging to a small pout. You then quickly ran up the stairs crying, still furious with your father.

Dean was shocked and quickly put the liquor bottle down and gingerly stood up. He grabbed a tea towel and held it to where Bobby had finished sewing him up and followed you up the stairs. “Y/N” he called, but you didn’t respond. You had crawled under the covers and were crying, still wearing your father’s shirt. Dean walked into your room and switched on the light to see you hiding under the covers with small sniffles escaping from it. He knew something was terribly wrong, the last time you did this was when you found out your Mum wasn’t ever coming home again. You heard the door squeak as it was closed and saw your father’s shadow growing and growing as he came closer to you. You felt your mattress dip as a warming hand was placed on your blanket, patting your back, “Shush sweetheart, you alright…Y/N, what’s wrong baby” he soothed. Your sobs started to slow with your father’s encouragement until you could finally reply, “Y-You were away for so-o long Dad-dy…you sa-id you-‘d be three d-days and you didn’t come h-home for another w-week. I was so s-scared”. You then started to bawl again and Dean felt a wave of guilt crash on him, “Baby I’m so sorry-” he began, but you snapped at him, “You should have c-called. I thought you-u didn’t l-love me anymore” you sobbed. Dean was shocked and he couldn’t take it anymore. He peeled away the covers you were holding and scooped you up. He sat you down on his knee and he looked straight into you red puffy eyes, “Listen to me Y/N there is no way I’d ever stop loving you. You are my whole world sweetheart. I’m so lucky to have you. I don’t know what I do without you in my life. You’re all I think about and I do everything for you, including my job. It’s hard for me too when I leave you behind. I hate it! But I have too sometimes because I can’t take you with me, it’s too dangerous. Do you understand darling? I’ll always love you” 

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You continued to rub your eyes and nodded before another sob racked your body. You weren’t crying because you were angry now, you were crying because you were so scarred of losing your Dad and you had missed him so much. “Oh hunny sh-shhush… I got you now, Daddy’s home, I’m so sorry sweetheart” He comforted you once more as he pulled you in for a warming hug. The kind you had missed so much. The kind that you arranged your pillows at night to be like, but it wasn’t the same. Even wearing his shirt, the smell was off as it mixed with Bobby’s musty house. You let your sobs slow once more as you held onto your Dad’s shirt whilst his strong arms wrapped around you. In between soothing your sobs, he kissed the top of your head, pulling you in closer. He hated seeing you in pain, it broke his heart even more knowing it was his fault. “Silly Daddy’s phone ran out of battery, that’s why he couldn’t call you. I forgot to pack the charger” he chuckled through his lie, in hope of raising your spirits. “That was very silly Daddy” you croaked into your dad’s chest, which brought a large smile to your father’s face as it reached his eyes. You sat in his arms until you were feeling drowsy and warm again,

“Hey Daddy” you yawned,

“Yeah Bug”

“What happened to your arm?”, Dean had forgotten about the pain in his arm now that he was with you.

“Oh um…you know fighting tigers as usual baby” he lied

“He got you pretty good” you admitted

“Huh, I guess he did. But you should see the tiger.”

This brought a giggle out of you as you leaned back and sat up on your father’s knee. You started playing with the zipper of his jacket as the sniffles slowed. Dean pushed away the hair falling in your eyes and just stared at you with deep love. He was so proud of you. He never thought he would ever be this lucky or happy in his life and it was all due to you.

“Can we go to the zoo again soon?” You asked, still staring at your Dad’s zipper as you pulled it up and down.

“Of course sweetheart anything you want.”

“Good. I need to tell off the tiger that you fought again. No one messes with my Daddy”

Dean chuckled again, you were truly a Winchester girl. You fell back into your Dad’s chest and he automatically enclosed you again in his arms. You fell asleep soon afterwards. Dean gently picked you up and laid you down on your bed, tucking you in whilst you cuddled with your teddy. He planted a soft kiss on the top of your forehead, closing his eyes. He then crept towards the door and turned off the lights before pulling the door shut. You were already dreaming peacefully. This time no nightmares filled your slumber. You instead were dreaming about fighting tigers with your Dad. 

Wait, You Can’t Go In There (Castiel)

Request: This is part of a birthday fic challenge by @splendidcas, prompt is: Wait, you can’t go in there.

Word Count: 1295

Warning(s): slight language

Authors Note: This is an alternate universe I’ve imagined, so here’s the rundown: leviathans are the main problem, Bobby and Kevin and Charlie are here and alive, and they are living in the bunker. Thanks!

I wake up to the sound of “Eye Of The Tiger” blasting throughout the bunker. I groan and shove a pillow over my head. 

“Rise and shine, sweetheart!” Dean yells, coming into my room. He flips on the light, and I groan louder. I hear him laugh. 

“You may want to stop making sex noises, Cas is gonna get jealous,” he says. I shoot up to look at him. The smirk on his face is as annoying as ever. Bitch. I throw my pillow at his face. He catches it, much to my dismay, and tosses it on the bed. 

“You know, you could just tell him you lo-o-o-ve him,” he sings, sounding like a schoolgirl. I give him my best bitch face as I get up off the bed. Dean walks out as I grab a shirt, but not before shouting something back: 

“Happy birthday, by the way!” How did I forget my own birthday? I think as I get dressed. I walk down the hall to see Bobby standing there, waiting for me. He smiles, and gives me a hug. 

“Happy birthday, kiddo,” he says. I smile back at him, and we walk into the kitchen. 

“Thanks,” I reply as he hands me a cup of coffee. I sip some, then head to the library. Sam is in there, typing away at his laptop. Probably looking for anything weird. I pick up my laptop and sit down next to him. Bobby brings in a plate of food for me, and I eat hungrily. He looks over at me. 

“Happy birthday Y/N,” he chuckles. I respond with a thank you, then finish my food. Kevin and Charlie both come in, wishing me a happy birthday as well. I thank them, then get to work. I search for any omens to start with, then move to leviathan activity. I’ve just started to look for angel activity when Castiel pops in. Speak of the devil, I think, and his brother actually is the devil. I can see that he’s talking to Dean and Bobby, and I can’t help but wonder what it is they’re discussing. Before I can think of anything, Cas walks over to where Sam and I are sitting. 

“Y/N, I need you to come with me,” he says. My heart jumps up into my throat, and it takes me a second to respond. This sentence could have a thousand meanings. 

“Um, where?” I ask. He looks as if he doesn’t know what to say. Dean clears his throat, and steps forward. 

“To the library,” he continues for Cas, “the one in town. We need to see if they have any more info on those godforsaken leviathans." 

 "Oh, got it,” I respond. I shut my laptop and get up. Cas hands me my jacket, and I feel my cheeks heat up in response. As we are about to leave, I try to grab the keys to Baby. 

“Don’t even think about it,” Dean whispers, suddenly at my side, swiping the keys away. I groan, and he smirks at me knowingly. Punching him in the shoulder, I walk outside the bunker with Cas. He offers his arm so he can fly us to the library, and I gladly take it. Jesus Christ. Suddenly, we are standing outside of the library. Quickly, we head in and get to work. I start pulling books from shelves and bring them to the table to skim through, while he secures a computer. Together, we begin to read. Hours pass by before I decide this is ridiculous. 

“Why do we need to do this?” I ask, frustrated. “We should have everything we need at the bunker, and enough knowledge from the last time this happened!" 

"I, uh, um,” Castiel stutters. I can tell he doesn’t know what to say. I grab his arm without thinking. 

“Let’s go waste some time somewhere else,” I say, smiling. He smiles back at me, and suddenly we’re in a coffee shop. I buy a drink and we go sit down at a table away from most of the other customers. We start to talk about the leviathans, but the conversation quickly turns to other things. I talk about the new pistol I want, and he talks about wanting to learn to shoot. I offer to teach him, and he looks down at the floor smiling. Is he blushing? 

“I’d like that a lot, Y/N,” he says, looking back up at me. I nod at him, sipping my coffee. The conversation turns from different types of combat, to hunting stories, to childhood memories. It ends with us laughing so loudly that people begin to stare at us. After a few hours, we head outside. 

“That was a lot of fun,” Cas says. I look over at him to see him offering his arm. I take it, but grab it a little tighter. He looks down at me, and I smile. 

“It was a lot of fun,” I reply, “even if we did waste half an hour.” I hear him chuckle softly. Then, we’re in front of the bunker. I start to head inside, when he stops me. 

“Wait, you can’t go in there,” Cas says hurriedly, looking down at his phone. I look at him in confusion. 

 "Why not?“ I ask. He looks taken aback that I would question him, which irritated me. He puts his phone in his trenchcoat. I put my hands in the pockets of my jacket, waiting for an answer. He stares at me, then looks at his hands. He’s fumbling with them, and I can tell he doesn’t know what to say. Finally, he looks back up at me. He takes a step toward me. 

"There are two reasons you can’t go in there,” Cas says. My heart starts to beat faster. He takes another step forward, getting closer to me. 

“One,” he continues, “is because Sam and Dean have told me to keep you out of the bunker. Two, I…” he slows here, “don’t want my day with you to end.” He takes one last step, and is only a few inches away from me. Oh my God. I look up at him, and slowly lean in. He leans too, and I close my eyes as our lips connect. I clasp my hands together behind his neck, and he wraps his arms around my waist. I drench myself in this moment, the emotions, the feeling of his lips against mine. I’ve been waiting for this moment for so long, and now it’s here. When we pull apart, he looks at me intently. Once again, he isn’t speaking, so I take the opportunity. 

“Best birthday present ever,” I say, giggling a little. He smiles back at me, and responds: 

“Best day ever for me.” I blush, and realize we still have our arms around each other. Neither of us go to move though. I see him start to lean in again, when I hear the door of the bunker opens. 

“Hey, Y/N, Cas, come on ins-oh shit,” I hear Dean say. I look around Cas to see him heading inside, Sam and Bobby staying in the doorway. I hide behind Castiel, a little embarrassed about being caught. I hear Bobby laugh, then Sam speaks up. 

“Come inside whenever, the surprise party is set up. Looks like we’re the ones surprised though.” Bobby laughs harder, and Cas and I join in. I move to go inside, but I grab his hand as I do. Cas squeezes my hand and we walk inside. We go in to see a party set up. I smile and head in, ready to celebrate with my friends, and my now boyfriend. All I can think is, this is the best birthday ever.