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I loved how in an episode about memories, there were SO MANY Easter eggs. Like, the motel looked like It’s the Great Pumpkin Sam Winchester and they mentioned Dean eating all the Halloween candy. Callback to Dean manning the flashlight. The grenade launcher, of course. The ending that was reminiscent of Eye of the Tiger. Just so many little call backs. I need to go back and watch the episode again to pick out all of them. 


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Summary: Sam and the reader have a one night stand. After he leaves, she finds out that she is pregnant with his child. A few years pass, Sam returns to find that he has a child…

Request: Can you do a fic where Sam gets the reader pregnant during a one night stand and when he passes through the same town some years later he realizes that he has a kid?

Pairing/Characters: Sam x Reader, Dean Winchester 

Word Count: 2789

Warnings: angst, fluff, LIGHT SMUT (unprotected sex), language, unplanned pregnancy, mention of death

A/N: this is for all the sammy girls out there ;) 

Hunting was no place for a kid, but your parents thought differently. They had trained you like one of the X Men. You were never allowed to do normal kid things like going trick or treating on Halloween or “Field Day” as your parents called it. Instead they’d load up the car and catch wind of cases. They’d go as far as using you as bait for a vampire nest. On your birthday, instead of giving you what someone at your age desired, you’d get a gun or a machete. Parents of the year, right?

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Jensen Ackles - Eye of the Tiger


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Hello there! I see you’re taking requests. I was wondering if you could to a SamxReader where she finds a kitten on the side of the road and wants to bring it home. Dean isn’t too happy but Sam thinks it would help with her anxiety and their PTSD after hunts? Fluff and Sammy/kitty cuddles? Thank you! ❤️ AKF

Pairing: Sam x Reader
Warnings: PTSD symptoms, Dean doesn’t like cats. Fluff. Kittens.
Word counting: 700 and something

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You stared down at your hand for a long moment as the warmth spread all over the kitchen air and the coffee machine work.

“Hey.” Sam entered the room, watching as you poured some of the coffee into your mug.

“Hey.” You muttered. 

“I missed you in bed. Can’t sleep?” He kissed your forehead. 

“Nightmares.” You groaned. 

He sighed. 

You were one to have nightmares all the time, and Sam was always worried about you. 

“We’re out of coffee.” You noticed. 


“I go.” You interrupted him. “It’s okay.”

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music gets old but family doesn’t

pairing: dean x sister! reader sam x sister! reader

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A/N: between learning i got a idea and thanks to @random-superwholock-images and of course @evyiione that they helped me. 

You love listening to music. You and Dean have the same music tastes. You always sing out loud in the impala. Sam on the other hand is not happy about it but he learned to deal with it a little. When you and Dean are together you always put up the same number in the impala. It’s your favorite song “Eye of the tiger” by Survivor. But  the little annoying thing is that you hear it too much.

Dean grins and turns up the music expecting you to start rocking it out as usual but you groan instead.

“Dean change the song.” You complain, causing both brothers to look at you.

“You feeling okay ?” Sam asks as he turns down the music.

“We’ve been listening to this song on repeat for three days. Turn on some Journey, AC-DC or something. If I hear this song one more time I’m going to throw the car radio.”

“Wow ! Calm down !” Dean put his hand in the air defensively. “I’m changing it.” Dean quickly changed the song. Sam looked over at you and still saw annoyingness on your face.

After a while a little smile came on your face. Dean saw that you were smiling “Why are you laughing ?”

“Oh, I just remembered your beautiful performance on Eye of the tiger.” you giggled.

Sam turned around to face you.“What did I miss ?”

“Oh yeah you were getting us a room. But what you missed is that Dean was dancing on Eye of the tiger. It was so funny !”

“Oh stop it! ” Dean yelled through the car. You and Sam were laughing and you saw that Dean was not happy with it.

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Concert night (Dean x Reader)

Dean pulled up to the flag attendant while you sat fidgeting in the passenger seat of the impala.
“That’ll be ten dollars, sir.” He handed him the money. “Follow the flags and have a great night.” Dean nodded with a smile before pulling away. Once the car was parked you swung open the door and ran to the trunk. Dean followed more slowly.
“Calm down sweetheart, we’ll see your country music boy.” He popped the trunk and brought out two lawn chairs and a cooler. You sat down in yours before reaching into the cooler for a beer.
“I know that Dean! I’m just so EXCITED!!!” The beer can hissed as you cracked it open. Dean opened one for himself and took a big swig.
“You’ve been rambling on about it for the past week.” He chuckled.”Just admit you’re smitten for him, (y/n).” You blushed.
“Well he is pretty good looking but….I have my sights set on somebody else.”
“Oh? Another country hot throb?” You shook your head.
“A Winchester.” He froze. His eyes darted to you. You smiled wide. “But I’m not going to tell you which one~.” You glanced down at the watch on your wrist. “The gates open in five minutes.’
“Easy tiger. we have seats, they’re not going anywhere.”
“Don’t care.”
The concert officially started at 7. Before Luke Combs came out there was one act before him. They were okay but you were just ready to rock out to one of your favorite artists. Neither Sam or Dean really cared for country music, unlike you, who loved it with a passion. Which is also why most of the time you’re in the impala you have your earbuds in so they can listen to what they want and you can do the same. The lights dimmed and you looked at Dean to find he was watching you with a smirk. You quickly looked away and heard the band start. The spotlight came on and Luke came out on stage. You screamed with the rest of the crowd as he began to sing “Hurricane”, the song that brought him into stardom. You sang along with every word to every song he played that night. He brought a little girl up on stage and she sang with him, Dean left once or twice to go get you both another beer, and before you knew it he was saying his thank yous and the show was over.
“So, you think it was worth the three hour drive to come see him?” Dean asked on your way back to the car.
“Totally worth it!” The impala came into sight in the parking lot. “Hey….Dean.” You both slowed your pace a bit. “Thanks again for buying these tickets for me.” He smiled and gast his gaze to the ground.
“No problem, (y/n). We needed a night out anyway.” You sighed.
“You’re it.” Dean laughed.
“I’m what? The bomb? Because I am.” You laughed with him but shook your head.
“No, you’re the winchester I’m smitten with.” Dean stopped dead in his tracks while you continued toward the impala smirking like a bastard.

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October Drabble 19


“You already in you PJ’s?” asked Dean as he took a look at the clock. “It’s only 8.”

You rolled your eyes. “Yeah, so? I like being comfy,” you answered. Music was playing quietly in the background and there were some snacks on the desk in your room. You planned for a quiet evening with a good book. Hopefully, Dean wouldn’t destroy your plans.

“I see.” he just answered and smiled at you. Just as he turned around to go your music player began to play “Eye of the Tiger”. It made him stop in his tracks.

“I love that song,” he said enthusiastically. You smirked at him and turned the music up.

“Then come on and dance with me,” you suggested as you began to swing your body with the music.

Dean hesitated for a second but then joined you with a grin.

The End