eye of the raven


and then i saw them. those burning red eyes…


they’re all sweaty and gross after training but they still find the time to be cute

pynch headcanons

a few pynch headcanons cause i miss em

  • adam, only half awake and still groggy: “ro…”
    ronan: “holy gay i am shit”
  • anyways so adam just calls ronan “ro” most of the time and its gay and never fails to make ronan feel Gay Feels
  • they totally facetime while adam’s at college. they usually just sit in front of the computer and like not talk though. they just chillin. 
  • ronan tryin to figure out his most recent dream object and adam homeworking like a nerd
  • when they see each other again they’re attached at the hip. adams always got his hand in ronan’s pocket or ronan has a hand around adam’s shoulders or mostly both
  • stealing clothes oh my god. ronan is always so self satisfied when adam wears his hoodies. his ultimate gay dream, fulfilled
  • ronan: “you know what i like about you, parrish?”
    adam: “what?”
    ronan: “your beautiful blue eyes”
    adam: “my eyes are brown”
    ronan: “they remind me of the ocean”
  • adam has mastered every type of selfie ever. bathroom selfies. bad lightning selfies. im taking a test leave me alone selfies. ronan has asked for them so often its impossible for him to be bad at it
  • in return adam gets recordings of ronan singing which he definitely does not listen to every night.
    adam, turning his headphones up to the highest volume: ronan’s not even that good smh

I made stupid Duel Monsters Telegram stickers. Actually wanted to make a seperate Duel Monsters pack, but until I don’t have about 10-20 I will put them in my personal pack. If I ever get enough done, I will share the link for the pack, if anyone is interested ^^ But I won’t use humanoid monsters, this would be too simple :P