eye of the night

Horror movie night with EXO


  • the one who watches all the movies without flinching
  • the one being wrapped up tight by Chanyeol and Baekhyun
  • do not find any ghosts/monsters scary
  • say all happy “good night ~“ to his fellow members


  • the one who is cracking up at every single scary moment
  • saying literaly all the time “C’me on ! It’s not scary” to the others
  • will probably play a prank on the others before going to bed and being hit
  • will imitate the most scared member later on 


  • will play his mum’s role and try to confort his children whereas he’s the most scared
  • actually will close his eyes for 80% of the night
  • being more scared from all of these boys
  • being the one who will scream like a girl


  • the one who screams and eat pop corn at the same time
  • will jump off of his seat and crash Jongin while screaming
  • will check ten times under his bed
  • will listen music before going to bed and will repeat “there’s nothing” until his roommate will say to shut up and sleep.


  • the one who screams for real and will laugh nervously saying “I saw it coming btw” 
  • hide his eyes behind a pouch 
  • the one who is holding D.O’s fingers so hard without noticing
  • screaming “WHAT’S THAT !” to every single screamer 
  • the one who will also make fun of Suho or Chanyeol and not assuming he was scared as fuck.


  • the one who is laughing at his members more than movies
  • will sometime squeal
  • stealing pop corn from Chanyeol
  • sleep immediately without thinking at anything


  • the one who is .jpg all the time
  • being tired from these boys over reacting
  • will ignore Chanyeol before going to bed when he will call him “Kyungsoo-yah” almost 30 times. 
  • probably think he’s being too old for that


  • the one who is always asking questions for anything
  • will also scream and swear in Chinese 
  • will probably don’t understand all the story but eventually will ask later on
  • being the victim of Chen when he will blow on his neck before going to bed. 


  • covers Vivi’s eyes
  • laughs off his ass and screams like a baby at the same time
  • will act manly before going to bed but will hold on Vivi’s hard and check all the corners of the room. 
  • will sleep with the light on

Maybe it’s my past
it’s being touched by trespassers of my consent
it’s being eaten alive
by someone’s eyes-
someone 5 times my size.
it’s being left behind
in strangers’ houses 
crying my eyes out at night
(while you’re out having a good time)
just being a mere responsibility
thrown around
from hand to hand,
from house to house.
My tears meant nothing
My screams 
were childish
That heaving in my chest
was just me being
That’s why I’m so fucked up
Much less than I ought to be
but still enough
to never stop craving attention
to never stop craving affection
no matter how much I already have.
that’s why swallow my words
and suck up my tears
because my problems aren’t big enough
because I need to be tough.
I don’t want to be dramatic
because “I’m a big girl”…
I know my past does not define my future,
but maybe
it explains the state I’m in.

-iri.i ©

March 24 2017

Nothing At All - Alfie Solomons Fan Fic:  Chapter 14

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WARNINGS:   mentions of violence, mature, sexual content, NSFW

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Chapter 14 - Understanding Often Comes Too Late  

 Aylona awoke to a room bright with light causing her to squint red, swollen eyes tightly closed.  The previous night scenes playing back in her mind as she watched the dappled sunlight spread it’s warm glow about the room.  She felt no such warmth inside, but instead a hard knot in her stomach and with a groan rolled over in the bed.  And came face to face with a sprig of daisies upon the pillow; the sweet scent filling her senses.  Her heart squeezed and an image of Alfie standing over her while she slept swam before newly tearful eyes.   No note accompanied the gift this time, and it pained her to think she had rendered such a man as he mute. 

She tried to summon a flash of anger to protect her from the pain, but it was regret that stuck like a ruthless residue.   A stain on her character in how she had come to him in the night, and then cruelly pushed him away; and worst of all that he had seen through her.  Full knowing it was a punishment, he had welcomed her into his arms, willing to take whatever she offered.   Alyona held the daisies beneath her nose, willing their scent to be a soothing balm upon her troubled mind.  But remorse now pierced her heart like a dagger and the room had lost its sunny disposition; as though the anguish of her mind had hung the world in odorless, shrouds of gray.  She lingered within the downy comforters until the heartache had wrung her dry and there were no more tears to shed.   With their last conversation still an echo in her ears, the knot inside drawing tighter, she made her way to the bakery;  fearful and nervous regarding what the day might bring.  

After suffering through several hours at the bakery, the anticipation of their meeting a punishing thing in her mind, with some dismay faced the truth:  Alife had not come into work that day.  


The building Alfie exited was in a very, very secret location and it had taken him the better part of the day to travel to this meeting.  Had night not been falling, the three large men that accompanied him were of sufficient size to block out the light of the day.  This was not a task for the as yet untried Ollie, evidenced by the blood he now wiped from his brow and mouth.  Given the amount of time that had passed, Alfie new he’d have to prove the worth of his crowns before these men.   With no small amount of satisfaction at the outcome of more than a few polishing the floor with their prone forms still fresh in his mind, a slight smile also split his face.  More importantly he had learned what he needed, though it gave him no similar satisfaction.   The Russian gangs had not participated in any robbery of the Eden Club, and more worrisome – it had been quite some time since any new crowns had been earned.  The legend of Alfie Solomons was a tough one to best.   It also meant that someone was playing a very dangerous game with very dangerous men.   And Alyona was caught right in the middle.

“When you find these men, you know what must be done, ya?”

Alfie nodded his understanding.  The stakes now considerably raised, dread crept down his spine settling into an already pained hip, and his limp while walking towards the vehicle was more pronounced.  An itching had begun at the back of his neck and a deep sigh escaped him as he realized he could not halt that pain, any more than the approaching train that was coming.  The darkness engulfed the men as they drove away and once again it was with stony silence that Alfie watched the landscape blur past.   It was better to not think of such things as happiness, or the bliss of warm, soft skin when one must concentrate on the necessary violence about to erupt.   Those who had the misfortune to deal with Alfie Solomons soon learned the hard way it was not an excellent poker face he presented… he quite literally knew no fear.

At least not concerning the matters of violence and death.

Love and loss?  Now those were completely different matters.

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Main Battle Tank T-72AG upgraded.

-New multi-fuel diesel engine series 6TD (6TD-1 1000 HP or 6TD-2 power 1200 HP);
-Increase of level of protection through the installation of additional armor modules on the front of hull and turret, built-in dynamic protection and side screens to the front of the case (also possible to install KOEP “VARTA”);
-New aiming devices and observation: sighting system 1А43 (with a new eye-1Г46 rangefinder and ballistic computer 1В517М), sighting system PNK-4S Agat(with a new eye TNK-4C);
-New sighting system gunner: TO1-1 “Buran” (with night gunner’s sight TPN-4) or TO1-КО1Е (with night sight TPN-4E);
Standard upgrade option provides for the preservation of the 125-mm gun 2A46M (but is possible to install a gun caliber 125 mm KBA-1)
-Commander’s hatch is mounted remotely controlled 12.7 mm anti-aircraft machine-gun installation of the closed type;
The possibility of equipment T-72AG upgraded satellite navigation system.

Frenemies//Part 5

A/N: Overjoyed with the amount of love this series is getting thank you so much guys! 

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Spencer sat on the small couch unable to take his eyes off of you. Just last night you we’re sleeping in his arms, your head resting on his chest. Remembering the small details was the only thing was keeping him sane at the moment. 

After the shock of finding you on the floor in a puddle of your own blood. After the breakdown, in the hospital in front of everyone in the team came the guilt of not being there to protect you. But the only thing he could feel was regret, regret for not admitting his feelings for you sooner. 

How many more nights like the one before could there have been? Would he even get the chance to have another? The doctor explained to everyone just how lucky you we’re, how the three bullets could made far more damage than they had done. 

Now was the tough part; waiting for you to wake up. Spencer closed his eyes for just a couple of seconds, finding some kind peace in the darkness of his own thoughts. It wasn’t long before he heard you scream, “NO, STOP!” 

Spencer rushed to your side, “Y/N! Hey it’s okay, it’s Spencer.” 

You slowly opened your eyes, blinking quickly trying to make sense of the blurry figure in front of you, “Hey you” Spencer said as tears filled his eyes. 

“Spence” your voice was barely a whisper, “Spencer what happened?” 

“Stephen Meyers was in the kitchen, he shot you, twice in your leg. Morgan, Morgan got there before me and Hotch” 

“I’m sorry, I should’ve seen him, I should’ve been more careful” 

“No, no don’t please don’t blame your self, Y/N. You’re going to be okay and that’s all that matters” 

Spencer leaned down to kiss your forehead, “Woah, take it easy love birds!”, Morgan said as he walked in holding two styrofoam boxes. 

“You know it’s gonna be while before y'all can even get it on that cast is going to make it difficult” 

“Well I’m going to take a wild guess and say Morgan knows more than he should” you said slightly embarrassed. 

“Oh it is not just Morgan honey”,you heard JJ say, “Or just me it’s everyone including Garcia, she’s expecting some answers” 

“Either way I won the bet” Emily said playfully punching Morgan. 

“What bet?” you said confused. 

“We all bet on how long it would take for you guys to finally make up, well more like make out. It was just a matter of time” Morgan couldn’t help with laugh. 

“Or a matter of an ‘accidental’ hotel reservation with one bed” Emily said winking at you and Spencer. 

Happy Birthday, mattmurdocksgirl!

March 25 - “Are you going to eye fuck me all night or do something about it?” Matt Murdock/Natasha Romanoff for @mattmurdocksgirl

“The guy must have balls of solid vibranium,” Sam said in an undertone to Clint, who spluttered a laugh into his beer; but he also nodded in agreement.

“I haven’t even seen him have a drink. Normally it’s only drunk guys who are ballsy enough to stare at Nat like that for more than about five seconds, and he’s been at it for a solid ten minutes.”

“Are we taking bets on his life expectancy? Because if so, I’ve got twenty bucks says less than twenty minutes,” Scott said behind them, making Sam start snickering as well.

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Daryl’s bike breaks down by the side of the road. AU

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Warnings: None (1928 Words)

Daryl’s bike shuddered, the engine spluttering its last breaths like a dying man before he slammed his boots on the tarmac and heaved off the seat. With a groan he pushed his Yamaha to the side of the road, avoiding any potential incoming traffic although at this time of night in rural Georgia a passing car was unlikely. Very fucking unlikely, Daryl snorted pulling off his helmet and throwing it on the grass.

He closed his eyes, savouring the coolness of the night before batting away the tendrils of hair that always seemed to find a home over his eyes when he was riding. When he pulled his phone from his pocket it was just as he suspected, no signal. Perfect.

He cast a long hopeful look around the surrounding fields for any signs of hazy light that would indicate a house, or even better a town, in walking distance. There was nothing.

He couldn’t remember the last time he’d been stranded in the middle of nowhere like this. Since he’d moved to LA he hardly ever made it back home to Georgia. Why would he? There was nothing here except the shithole house he’d grown up in and his ex con big brother. But his manager had decided to book a gig near the one horse town that birthed all of Creep’s band members and he’d had no choice but to accept it.

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anonymous asked:

Am I the only one who feels like when Shawn is gone for a long time Aaliyah goes into his closet and steals a sweater and wears it just to have her brother close to her that day. Or just when she's had a bad day and wears one and facetimes with him later and he sees it and messes with her about stealing his clothes and she lies and says that she just found it laying around and put it on, cause siblings don't want to admit they miss each other. Idk I just thought about this and it hit me hard💙😂

Omg no, me too! I’ve thought about this so many times. 

Like when she’s lying in bed at night with tears in her eyes, because she misses hearing his voice or some brotherly advice or getting a hug or joking around with him or when he’s driving her to hockey, she’ll sneak into his room, put on his favourite hoodie and just cuddle up in his bed, just to smell him and feel close to him. 

Though I think Shawn would know, I think he would absolutely know. I think Shawn would be able to look at Aaliyah while facetiming and just know she missed him like hell and that’s why he would joke around with her, because he knew she was hurting and he was trying to cheer her up. I agree with you that most siblings never really admit those things, but I think Shawn would know and joke around with her to cheer her up and make her feel better. 

I think the two of them has some sort of secret languages together, you know? Like normal things to say instead of “i love you” or “i miss you”, so they just both know without using the words. 

mira-jadeamethyst  asked:

[hears the music and creeps outside to listen too]

*Morality forgets the world*

“Like a piece to the puzzel, that falls into place. You can tell I felt from the look on my face. We’ve been spinning in circles with the moon in our eyes, no room left to move between you and I… We forgot where we were, lost track of time as and sang to the wind as we dances through the night…”

*He takes a final breath*

“and we sang ayo ayo ayo ay, and the voices rang like the angels sing. I’m sing ayo ayo ayo ay. And we danced on into the night… And we danced on into the night….”

*Morality opens his eyes and blushes*

Missing Piece

It’s been a while since my last fic, so here is the latest. Fair warning, it’s long. :)

Robert just couldn’t put his finger on it, but there was something off about Kym. She just hadn’t been herself lately. She had been completely exhausted after the season of Dancing with the Stars wrapped, and on top of that, the renovations at the studio had hit a snag. Things were moving slower there than anticipated, and Kym had been more stressed than usual about it.

He needed to get her mind off of things. Robert took the day off of work to get a jumpstart on the weekend. They would have 3 whole days together. Just the two of them. Whatever Kym wanted in those 3 days would be hers. She was his princess, his love… his life. He would give anything to see her smile and that sparkle in her eyes.

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