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pearl is a cuttlefish and not a squid: a theory

so among the recent criticism of pearl recently I’ve come to a conclusion that pearl isn’t an inkling, but a cuttlefish i present my evidence

#1: Her hair

despite the hair in splatoon being presented as different hair styles pearls hair is still slightly different than that of the inklings

notice how, despite its short length, her hair is straight and then curves at the ends (kinda like a bob) its similar to the shape of your generic cuttlefish appendage. Her hair also follows the tentacle/limb rule where the number of hair tentacles + arms and legs equals the number of tentacles that species would have in real life. Which for a cuttlefish is 8

plus her color palette consists of pink and white, which are both colors a cuttlefish can be. And yeah she has spots on her hair like an inkling (unlike an octoling which have solid colors) but cuttlefish can also be spotted

#2 Her face

one of the most notable things people have noticed about her is her “unusual” face shape; large forehead, slightly different eye shape than a regular inkling (which i wouldn’t make exceptions that inklings are younger and more likely to just be similar because youth because Callie and Marie have eye shapes that, while are slightly different, are too similar to say otherwise shape). And because we haven’t seen an octolings pupils until now we can make conclusions that within the splatoon world cuttlefish, octolings, and inklings all exists having similar eyes with different variants. If we assume pearl is in fact a cuttlefish this variant would mean slightly narrower eyes since her eye shape is different despite having that connecting black outline they have.

(her eye shape could allude to that U shape the space between a cuttlefish’s eyes makes)

Another variant among the inklings, octolings, and cuttlefish being teeth. Both Marina and Pearl have different teeth than any other cephalopod we’ve seen within the splatoon canon

#3 The fact that she’s in a duo with an octoling

as cool as it is to see an octoling getting along with inklings it would still seem a little out of place to have one soul non-inkling, it would make sense for her to be in a duo with another non-inkling possibly as a sign of the inklings trying to make peace with the octarians since the turf wars. 

It would also add to another difference between Marian and Pearl and the Squid Sisters, to have a duo that is entirely non-inkling “take their place” as the main musical group for the game

#4 The intro

(credit to @birdi-boo for pointing this one out)

the chair pearl sits in during her intro has a pattern that looks like that of a cuttlefish

conclusion: she’s a cuttlefish your honor