eye of sauron lol


Fun late Valentine’s batman Lego movie date with the boyfriend

Had to work 10 to 3 but it ended up not being so bad because me and sky were talking most of the time on express and it was pretty chill for the most part. Tyler came to meet me when I got out and we just headed to the movies from there on the train. Thankfully we went at 415 so even though it was Friday it wasn’t packed at all so we could totally just sprawl out on the seats. (I like the Boston common theater bc you can atleast put the arm rest up and cuddle!!)

The movie was pretty good and totally hilarious. Def doesn’t beat the original but I really liked it. Batman is def one of my fave fandoms so it was cool seeing the Lego spin on it. Also loved the fact that the eye of sauron gremlins and Voldemort were included lol def a must see!

After that we just chilled at my house. I made the princess pasta Tyler got me and it was bomb. (So glad my bf knows I’d rather have pasta and peanut butter than traditional Valentine’s Day gifts lol I also left him an assortment of cheesy gifts but one of them was 2 scratch tickets and he won 25 bucks so that was good!!) We had a nice sit down dinner and talking to my mom and then we watched gotham but then I totally just knocked out during kimmy Schmidt so then we went to bed.

Tyler had work early this morning so he left for work and I went to the gym around the same time. Always sucks leaving eachother but hey one day we won’t! (I hope!) My brother actually went out with this girl he’s been seeing last night so i caught him before he left and he said it went well so yay about time

Otherwise the gym was the usual and then I went to get coffee and go grocery shopping with my mom at shaws. After running around doing all that and getting ready it’s now basically time to go back to mgh alas but hopefully it’s chill. Hospitals are always more chill on the weekend that’s one thing I notice both from working at one and being a patient