eye of heru

“Eye of Horus” is the cultic expression for every offering item, not just water. Every offering item was thus represented as a substance that restored something that had been lost, that returned something that had been stolen, that renewed something that had been used up, that replenished something that had been reduced, that put together something that had fallen apart - in short, it was the symbol of a reversibility that could heal everything, even death.
—  Jan Assmann, “Death & Salvation in Ancient Egypt” p.357
Modern Myths- Kemetic edition

Aset, mother to those who have none, who’s orphanage overflows with love and care for every one of her beautiful children. She meets with Hera for coffee once a week.

Taweret, a midwife, who ensures mothers have the safest experience possible, who tirelessly cares for and watches over the newborns with a big, beautiful smile. None cry when she is there.

Bast and Anup, racing through the streets at night, feeding abandoned strays, giving them love, something to live for. Their no-kill shelter has the highest adoption rate in the world.

Wepwawet, opening the doors to new jobs, new love, new opportunities for all those down on their luck.

Hetheru, watching over young couples, protecting all from domestic violence, the doors to her women and children’ shelter are always open.

Sobek, Sekhmet, fighting illegal animal trade, poaching, and saving endangered habitats all over the world.

Wesir, eyes heavily lined with kohl, protects kids at their first raves, their first metal concerts. They have fun, and they are safe, and that’s all that matters to him. The kids love the old man with too many rings, because the sparkle in his eyes never goes out.

Heru-wer, a comedian who gives free shows at homeless shelters, and for returning veterans with PTSD. They can’t remember the last time they laughed so hard.

Heru-Sa-Aset, once a young warrior himself, graduated class president, served in the armed forces, and then returned as a young politician, eager to help his family with their various missions.

Geb, a grounded farmer, who’s booming laugh seems to make the sun shine brighter. All of his farm hands are criminals, looking to make a new, honest life for themselves. As they plough the land, new, fertile soil is turned in their hearts, and new life begins to grow.

Hapi, world’s first and foremost expert on hydrology and converting water currents into clean, sustainable energy. Oceans and rivers have never been cleaner under his watchful eyes.

Wenut, the swift, caring for tired old race horses and greyhounds. Her pastures are ever green, and the horses and dogs play all day, every day, as she watches with a smile.

Please, add more! There are so many wonderful Netjeru that I didn’t add!

I started thinking about the Egyptian and Norse pantheons interacting and…

You bet that Nephthys and Sigyn get together to talk about their husbands. Also Sekhmet, Bast and Mafdet all hanging out with Freya, Nut with Frigga and Ra and Odin eyeing each other warily. Heru sa Aset and Balder would probably get along fine. Older Horus and Thor. OSIRIS AND HEL. Anubis eyeing her warily and AMMIT WALKING RIGHT UP TO HER AND NOSING AT HER TO GIVE HER PETS.

“In the story of Ausar and Auset, we are taught that Auset was able to reclaim all parts of Ausar’s body except for one part, his phallus.  It was she, using her magic, that re-crafted his lingam and through their sexual union, they brought about the light of the world, Heru.  Therefore, we find that the missing part of Ausar exists with Auset.  It is SHE who makes him complete and it is through her that he is resurrected back to the spirit realm as represented in our bodies by the First Eye, Heru.  Ausar’s resurrection was the rise of his erection in order to connect with the Heavens within Auset.  Ausar and Auset were connected through the passion of their bodies, the desire of their hearts and the psychic and spiritual merging of their minds toward complementary goals of manifesting love and light into the world in order to subdue the depravity caused by their brother Set, the egotistical manifestation of division.  Heru represents the product of power brought about their sexual union.  He is the Eye.  He is the height of intuition, intelligence and spiritual knowledge.”

-The Serpent of Shakti

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For some reason I have always wanted tats on the inside of my hand, and now that I have my own equipment….
The Eye of Horus on the palm has been done over twice already, but since the skin is so thick the ink doesn’t stay too well. This time I just went over the outline. The one on my index is an Ankh, Egyptian for eternal life; middle is a “Pagan” symbol to cause sleep (I have fibromyalgia & don’t sleep so good); third is a Native American symbol (Medicine Man Eye) for wisdom; pinky finger has the Norse rune of protection & watchfulness, Algiz. All will need to be gone over a few more times before they get any substance.

The Eye of Heru is rolling its eyes as this white dude.