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A New Stark

Tony Stark x Reader

Starksgiving | A Very Stark Christmas

Summary: Tony had been full of surprises on Thanksgiving, Christmas, and every day in between. It’s finally New Years Eve and you’re finally marrying the love of your life, but there’s one last surprise.

Characters: Tony Stark, Natasha Romanoff, Wanda Maximoff, Bucky Barnes, Phil Coulson, Nick Fury, Steve Rogers, lots more sprinkled in there

Word Count: 3447

A/N: HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! Here’s to hoping 2017 is a lot nicer than 2016…

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How to apply perfect winged eyeliner in 7 easy steps:

Step 1: Do the first eye perfectly.

Step 2: Do the second eye okay, but not as great as the first.

Step 3: Remove the liner from the second eye and try again.

Step 4: Completely mess up the second eye.

Step 5: Repeat step 3-4 about 10 times.

Step 6: Scream in frustration.

Step 7: Sell your soul to Satan.

Voila! You now have perfect wings!
I hope this quick step by step was helpful.



I made a tiny step-by-step tutorial on how I did my eye makeup on my last ootd post. It was a quite simple look so there’s not that much explaining to do. I didn’t wear contact lenses for this look either so it should be really easy to achieve the same result. 

I’ll try to explain it from pic to pic this time, so… 1. Me without eye makeup (obviously (-‿◦)). 2. Put some lilac eyeshadow on the inner and outer corner of your eyes and smudge it so that it doesn’t look so harsh. 3. Over the lilac eyeshadow put some pink and black eyeshadow and blend them together. Put white eyeshadow in the middle of your lid. 4. With a black kohl liner draw on some tiny cat wings at the outer and inner corner of your eyes. After that draw a line underneath your eyes to make them look a bit puffy. 5. Draw over the inner and outer khol lines with a black eyeliner to make the eye look more intense. 6. Final step: Just drow on your eyebrows (mine were turquoise for this look (^ω^)) and make some tiny dots under your eyes (。・ω・。).

I hope it was easy to understand and that you have fun trying it out (☉ᴗ☉).

Dust Translucent Powder Under Your Eyes to Prevent Fallout

There’s nothing more annoying than creating an amazing eyeshadow look only to realize you have a whole heap of fallout on your cheeks so try this technique!

Step 1. Apply a large amount of loose powder underneath the eyes

Step 2. Apply your eye makeup as usual

Step 3. Allow the loose powder to catch any eyeshadow fallout

Step 4. Dust away the powder with a clean makeup brush

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