eye lid primer

Does concealer work as an eye primer?

Using concealer as an eyelid primer seems relatively harmless, it really won’t cause you any harm, but will it actually work?

Concealers are great at covering dark circles, blemishes, acne, scars, broken capillaries and redness, heck they even do a fabulous job at covering visible veins and discolouration on the eyelids, but that doesn’t mean they make great eye primers … Concealers (especially those designed for under the eyes) often contain oils to help them blend over the skin easily and look natural so if you want your eye makeup to last they won’t help oily eyelids the slightest. Eye primers are designed to mattify the eyelids and “zap” any oils so that eye makeup doesn’t crease, smudge, run or fade and make colours appear brighter. Using a product that is creamy and oil based to prep the eyelids simply won’t work; and using a concealer as an eye primer can actually cause your eyeshadow to crease, not stay put.

Those who don’t have super oily eyelids and use a dry concealer may find this works but If you want your eye makeup to last and your eye shadow to appear more pigmented there are plenty of great budget friendly options, none of which include concealer. Try: ELF Essential Eyelid Primer.

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