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Batfam head cannon:

Jason was one of the chaperones for Tim’s Junior prom, he spent the night slipping Tim condoms and giving him big thumbs up and winks, but when every Tim wasn’t looking he’d make threaten eye contact with Kon and mouth death threats if clone boy touches his little brother, by the end of the evening Tim has like 20 condoms and is deeply embarrassed while Connor is a nervous wreck and Jason feels like this a job well done

I love you

Kon el x reader

Warnings… idk
Small little cute thing.

You had met lots of people in you life… but not many of them meant anything of importance.

Not like kon had. The moment you saw him, you knew he was diffrent.

You saw it in his blue eyes. You saw it in the way he carried himself and you sw it in the way he talked.

As of right now, you were wrapped in him arms while to both of you were sitting in the couch in your apartment.

No matter what you were doing, he always watched you from the corner of his eyes when he thought you wernt looking.

He was in love with you since the day he met you. Never in a million years did he think he would have been so lucky to end up with someone as loving as you.

“What are you thinking about?” You looked up and saw him looking down at you.

Those killer eyes which complimented that bad boy smirk made your knees weak.

With out answering you leaned upwards and placed a kiss on his lips.

He pulled away and smiled at you. “What’s that for? Feelin a little-”

“Oh my god no shut up” you can’t help but laugh.

He raised a brow and turned his body so he was facing you and not the tv.

“Did you just tell me to shut up?”


“Oh I think you just did….” With that he pushed you back and sat on top of you as he started to tickle your sides.

“I dont know,y/n…I think I just heard you tell me to shut up”

You try to speak but can’t due to the fact you are being tickled so fiercely by your boyfriend, you can’t utter a word over your laughing.

Kons eyes sparkle in glee. There is no better music to his ears then the laugh of the one he loves and adores.

“I love you” he whispers.

Live A Life Without - fic

Characters: Tim Drake, Damian Wayne, Jon Kent, Conner Kent
Summary: Jon and Damian are going to die, they think. But not if their older brothers can help it.
A/N: I just have a lot of Conner and Jon, and Tim and Damian feels. This file on my comp is literally titled garbage. I like the headcanon that Kon doesn’t like Jon at first, so that’s an ideal here, as you learn quick. I just want more bro-fics with these four dammit, and of Kon and Tim being ultra protective of the babes.


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(If your accepting prompts) could you try writing your ideal situation for when Tim takes off his mask off for Kon for the first time

(I’m always accepting prompts, always always, and to be clear I don’t think this is the “ideal” but it’s what came into my head)

Kon hovered over a run down apartment building in East Gotham. He hated this city, in Metroplis everything was clean straight lines. You could always find your way around, Gotham the streets doubled back on themselves, and it was dirty. He wasn’t sure if he was developing some kind of super smell or if Gotham really did always smell like week old trash and wet dog. Kon has been doing this for nearly 3 months now. Dating Robin, if thats what they’re doing, if you can be dating a boy who’s name you don’t know who’s face you’ve never fully seen. Some times Robin would just show up on a roof top some where Kon hadn’t known he’d be that night and they’d hang out, more often they made out or fooled around. If you don’t talk about something it’s easier not to define what it is. Sometimes he’d get a note with a scribbled address slipped playfully onto his person, once in the bottom of his boot, tonight into his jacket pocket. he never saw Rob do it, and still didn’t know how how he’d gotten one into the waste band of his uniform with out Kon noticing. He nearly died when Bart noticed it first and pointed it out. 

At first the mask had been fun. There’d be a wild thrill in meeting a boy in a mask. A thrill in being two teenaged boys with out restrictions or limitations. No worries about parents walking in or disapproving. Well at least Kon didn’t have parents he didn’t know if Rob did or not, Batman wasn’t his father he’d made that clear once. At first the mystery had been part of the fun, the boy he was kissing could be any one, be doing anything when they weren’t together. It was the kind of fun danger Kon suspected normal people got from riding roller coasters. At some point though Kon stopped wanting Rob to be any body behind the mask. Now he wanted one boy behind the mask, with a name, and his own bed room that wasn’t in one of a dozen boring safe house apartments. He wanted to know where he went to school, if he went to school, Kon wanted to pick him up off the street and fly him to a roof top dinner date. He’d thought he didn’t like, didn’t want that lovey dating crap. He was Superboy after all, too cool for holding hands and bikes built for two. He’d gotten what he wanted, they skipped the romanic stuff, but no matter what else came off the mask stayed on. Kon had agreed to that the first time he’d kissed Robin, the mask wasn’t coming off and he wasn’t gonna get his real name, they weren’t going to define what they were. He’d agreed because he thought thats what he wanted, but after everything else came off the mask was still there, the last and biggest barrier between them. Kon thought that taking that mask off and seeing Rob’s eyes for the first time would be more personal and intimate than anything they’d done together. He’d tried to take it off, but no matter what they were doing Robin would gently but insistently stop him, they didn’t talk about those moments but Rob had to know Kon wanted to see him with out the mask. The first time he’d realized he wanted more Robin had been kissing his neck and Kon had wanted, needed to say his name, but it wasn’t there. Robin wasn’t his name, wasn’t any body’s name, it was a mask, a codename, a costume. You can not love a codename, a costume, a mask. 

Kon pulled up the window to the apartment Robin had told him in the note. He slide inside and saw Robin sitting on the couch, his cape was off dropped over a chair. Rob’s face broke into a huge smile that made Kon’s stomach do flips. He got up and crossed the room to Kon cupping Kon’s face in his green gloved hands and kissing him. Rob’s kisses were always soft, never pushing or demanding to be more than a kiss. “Hey handsome” He said with a smile that broke Kon’s heart, he knew he couldn’t take one more night like this, one more night with out saying it. Kon bite his lip “I don’t think I can do this” Robin pulled away with a confused look “what? why?” 

“Because I want to be your boyfriend?”

Rob turned away “shit. Kon… you know I can’t” 

“yeah I know, and I know its stupid to be in love with a boy I know nothing about, hell I don’t even know what color your eyes are, but I like you, I think I love you, and I know you can’t do that and its stupid and not fair for me to even ask you that, but you know I can’t keep doing this, ever time we’re together it hurts more, so this is it, goodbye.” he turned to leave trying to fight back the tears rolling down his cheeks. Robin looked at the floor and whispered “they’re blue” 


“my eyes, they’re blue” Kon had imagined Robin with every color eye, but he’d never really thought they’d have the same eye color. “well I’d really like to know that for myself” Robin looked up at the ceiling tears starting to run down his face now “Kon, shit you know its not that easy”

“why not”

“You don’t have a secret identity, hell a year ago you didn’t even have a real name, you wouldn’t get it, every one you know, they became friends with a superhero intentionally, they knew the risks and did it any way. The people in my life Kon they didn’t sign up for this. Besides its bigger than me, I tell you me I give away Batman and Nightwing and Oracle I can’t do that”

Kon nodded “yeah I understand, thanks for letting me know I had a blue eyed boy, I’m just gonna… go” he turned slowly and walked toward the window, his hands were on the frame when Robin said “Timothy Jackson Drake” Kon turned around “What?” 

“my name, my name is Timothy Jackson Drake” and with that he reached up and pulled off the mask, blue blue eyes met Kon’s and they were beautiful. He crossed the room half walking half flying and swept Timothy off his feet kissing him deep and slow. When they broke apart he whispered “Timothy” and thought there really couldn’t be a more sexy sounding word in the world, the boy in his arms giggled “most people just call me Tim” Kon kissed him again longer this time and whispered “Tim” which some how sounded even better. 

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#8 for timkon :> i love ur bloge btw ilyily

((Thank you! I love you too!))

Kon finds him on a rooftop, typical of a week night winding down into the calm early hours of the morning. The city is barely silent, but it feels like it’s breathing deeply, getting ready to rise for the sun that will shine up onto the buildings in an hour’s time.

He’s brought coffee with him– decaf, Tim knows, because Kon attempts to make sure he doesn’t have any more caffeine past midnight, but still knows Tim likes the taste.

“Quiet night?” He asks and Tim snorts as he takes a sip of the coffee, smiling when he tastes the caramel Kon got in it too.

“Typical,” Tim says in reply with a shrug. “You keeping an eye out?”

“Ear,” Kon taps at his right, giving Tim a half smile. “Just in case you get wrapped up in something you can’t handle.”

Again, Tim snorts. “Oh, what I can’t handle, hu?”

Kon smiles wider, watching Tim do the same before they’re both breaking out into laughter, bodies curled up half over the open air of the city, both knowing they were safe if they happened to fall.

Tim looks up, eyes still crinkled with mirth, and stares at Kon who’s still trying to get himself under control. He shakes his head, leans in towards him to cup his cheek, gloved thumb brushing skin. “You know,” His voice is soft, the first ray of bright orange casts itself through the edges of Gotham. “Your smile isn’t as bright as it used to be.”

Kon looks to him– looks, and his expression doesn’t change. He’s still smiling, still happy, but Tim knows better. It doesn’t reach his eyes. It doesn’t make him glow. Kon’s hand covers his own, head turning to give the inside of his palm a kiss. Tim can’t feel his lips through his gauntlet, but he can still feel the heat.

“As long as I’m here to smile,” he says and lets his words die, lets his statement stand alone. Kon kisses Tim’s hand again and Tim knows well enough.

The sunrise is coming faster, the darkness growing dim. Tim sighs, pulling away from Conner and getting to his feet. His cape billows with the wind. “Take me home, Superboy.”

Kon rolls his eyes as Tim falls back, footing gone, disappearing over the edge of the building, arms outstretched in invitation. “Whatever you say, Boy Wonder.”  He whispers to the wind before flying down to follow.