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Third Eye Sigil

So, I have the psychic abilities of a very dull rock. I sometimes read about all of these talented people astral traveling, lucid dreaming, dream-walking, spirit-talking…and I’m just sitting there like “MY FACE IS TINGLING IS THAT A GHOST OR A MIGRAINE INCOMING?” It’s always a migraine.

Honestly, nothing is going to work as well as meditation for developing your psychic abilities. But, might as well use everything in your arsenal to help out, right?

                                         “ MY THIRD EYE IS OPEN.”

In order to charge this sigil. I decided to do something a bit more intricate than the usual burning routine.

NOTE: The following steps are completely optional.


  • Pen
  • Paper
  • 1-2 Lemon slices
  • Bay Leaf 
  • Rosemary
  • Salt
  • Rain Water
  • Anise Seed
  • Mint
  • Cleansed container


  1. Draw the sigil on a small piece of paper. Focus on your intent. 
  2. Pour  the rainwater into your cleansed container
  3. Add some salt
  4. Place the sigil in the rain water, still focusing on your intent. 
  5. Add lemon slices and other herbs

Sleep with the container nearby. The water and acidity of the lemon should  eventually destroy the sigil. Paired with the herbs, it should be nicely charged. 

Results may vary from person to person. Good luck!

Dear James,

WE FUCKING SAW THAT!  Was that the only way of taking the transmitter? Was it that difficult to do that without stealing a touch? Was it? Was it, James?

If It Takes Writing a Musical For Us To Meet- Lin X Reader

A/N: i hope that you guys like this since it’s my first cast fic!!

“Good performance, Y/N. I have to applaud you on how much emotion went into Satisfied.” Daveed teased me and I rolled my eyes.

“Your personality goes from Lafayette to Jefferson so fast it’s jarring. Now I don’t think Jefferson wears a soldier uniform in act two so I would suggest getting changed.” I smirked, trying to completely ignore what he was implying.

“Well we both know what we know.” He sang with a shit-eating grin on his face and he went to his dressing room quickly.

I groaned and went into my dressing room and changed quickly into the outfit I was wearing in Take a Break.

I got in my position and I waited to hear Lin’s voice as my cue.

“And there you are, an ocean away. Do you have to be an ocean away? Thoughts of you subside, then I get another letter, I cannot put the notion away…”

I waited for the music to change, listening to Pippa, Lin and Anthony sing and in Anthony’s case, rap.

“My dearest Alexander, you must get through to Jefferson, sit down with him and compromise don’t stop ‘til you agree. Your fav'rite older sister, Angelica reminds you there’s someone in your corner all away across the sea. In a letter I received from you two weeks ago I noticed a comma in the middle of a phrase. It changed the meaning. Did you intend this? One stroke and you’ve consumed my waking days. It says:

”'My dearest Angelica.’“

“With a comma after dearest. You’ve written:

”'My dearest, Angelica.’“
“Anyway, all this to say I’m coming home this summer at my sisters invitation, I’ll be there with your fam'ly if you make your way upstate. I know you’re very busy, I know you’re work’s important but I’m crossing the ocean and I just can’t wait.”

“You won’t be an ocean away, you will only be a moment away…”

I smiled widely as I heard Pippa sing and I got down the stairs and hugged her tightly.

“Angelica!” She laughed.


“The Schuyler sisters.” Lin smiled and I let go of Pippa.


“Hi.” He smiled, this cute grin on his face.

“It’s good to see your face.”

I walked off the stage after bowing, exhausted.

But we still had ham4ham to do.

“See! Lin has a crush on you as well!” Daveed practically yelled, barging into my dressing room.

“I thought I locked it.” I mumbled and he sighed.

“He practically was about to cry after the Reynolds Pamphlet!” Daveed pointed out.

To say that yelling at him for cheating on Eliza didn’t hurt me- especially since he actually looked genuinely upset after my part- would be a lie.

“Yes. I know, I was on stage as well.” I reminded him and he looked at me, surprised.

“You were upset as well?”

“Because he looked upset!” I defended myself before realizing that wasn’t helping my case at all. His smirk grew.

“I have a plan for how you should tell him.”

“Absolutely not.”

“Why not?” I heard someone else ask. I turned to see Anthony leaning against my foot, grinning.

“Diggs how many people did you tell?” I asked, glaring at him. He held his hands up in surrender.

“Literally everyone knows besides Lin and you.”

“And me? I am quite aware that I have a crush on Lin.” I pointed out and I groaned, mentally hitting myself.

“See? I knew I was right.” Daveed grinned.

“Okay whatever but what do you mean by ‘and you’?” I asked him.

“You see everyone knows that Lin has a crush on you but you both are completely oblivious to the fact that you both like each other.”

“Lin doesn’t like me.”

“His exact point.” Anthony pointed out.

“I need to get ready for ham4ham.”

“See you later Y/N.” Daveed called and he walked out, Anthony joining him.

The night was wrapping up and Daveed took the microphone.

“Now I’m not sure ‘bout you guys but I would love to hear our ensemble member Y/N sing Helpless with our dear Lin Manuel Miranda.” He said and I could practcially hear the smirk in his voice, even though I wasn’t looking at him. The fans screamed and I sighed and smiled awkwardly at Lin.

Pippa had this huge smile on her face and I knew that if Renee wasn’t sick, she’d be loving every second of this. Daveed handed a microphone to me and I glared at him.

“I am going to murder you.” I told him and he smiled sweetly.

“Go get ‘em.”

The music started and I started singing, keeping all the lyrics the same until it was the talking part.

“Y/N L/N. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”


“That’s my last name. Thank you for all your music.”

“If it takes writing a musical for us to meet, it will have been worth it.”

“I’ll leave you to it.” Pippa smirked.

“One week later and were texting each other nightly, now my life gets better every message that you write me. Laughing at our cast mates because they want me to share them.”

“I’m just saying if you really loved us you would screenshot them.” Daveed said and I heard laughter throughout the cast and the audience.

I continued singing as normal and Lin grabbed my hands and he started rapping.

“Y/N, I don’t have a dollar to my name, an acre of land, a troop to command or a tolerance for pain. All I’ve got is my honor, a dollop of fame, a couple of broadway musicals and my top notch brain- insane this cast brings out a different side of me. Pippa confides in me, Daveed tried to fight me- no stress my love for you was never in doubt, we’ll get a place in New York City and we’ll figure it- and as long as I’m alive I swear to god you’ll never feel so…” He smiled and he closed the space between us, kissing me gently. I heard everyone cheer and the music turn off although it’s not like you could even hear it anymore anyways.

“Helpless.” I finished, out of breath from the kiss.

🌿✨ Fairy Altar Tips! ✨🌿

hello loves! I wanted to make a short list of things to include in a springtime fairy altar. Spring has always made me feel drawn to their gentle magick, and i hope to obtain some of it in my own atmosphere. here are some simple things to include in your own fairy shrine:

♡ handfuls of soft grass (remember to say “thank you”)

♡ flat stones found around your neighborhood, either as they are or painted in pretty pastel colors

♡ small jars filled with fine glitter

♡ tiny crystals and tumble stones (rose quartz and tiger’s eye are lovely fairy-drawing choices, for example)

♡ a small mason jar or goblet of fresh water

♡ sticks you’ve found, either as they are or decorated with tied lace, pastel colored threads, acrylic paint, leaves, tied herbs, anything you’d see fit for a fairy wand ~

♡ tiny handwritten notes (write anything you wish)! anointed with flowery oils and placed under dried lemon/orange peels or in tiny jars

♡ fresh flowers of your choice (from the store or picked from nature - not somebody’s yard, unless you have permission)! ~

♡ rosemary, salt, lavender, and nutmeg in small pretty dishes or sprinkled around

♡ a little fairy/animal figurine (or a small photo of such)

happy spring! 🌦

Coffee Rush

@bands-and-shietz requested-

56- “Okay, who gave Y/N coffee?”

57- “Why’re you like this?”

You were extremely tired, you had zero sleep last night, you were too busy binge watching ‘A Series Of Unfortunate Events’ on Netflix, It’s a good show!

You stumbled tiredly into the kitchen, craving one thing called Coffee. Rubbing the sleep from your eyes you picked up the empty coffee jar only to grunt in annoyance, “damn you, Sam” you muttered angrily under your breath.

You searched through the cupboards, there wasn’t a single ounce of Coffee in this place! You were so caught up in looking for the coffee you ended up carelessly stubbing your toe on the corner of the table leg. 

Hopping around clutching your injured foot you sat on the bench, you groaned in pain and frustration, resting your head in your hands. Your thoughts were intruded by a familiar flutter of wings, looking up you saw Castiel stood in the middle of the room.

“I sensed you were in distress, is everything okay?” He asked, you smiled lightly at his concern “I’m fine Castiel, I was trying to look for coffee and stubbed my toe, it’s fine” you said with a yawn at the end. 

“You’re tired” he deduced causing you to laugh, nodding your head you stood up, walking towards the empty coffee mug that was placed on the side, lifting it up you turned to Castiel “yes, I’m tired, and there’s no Coffee here to make me un-tired” you smiled sarcastically, placing the mug back where it belongs.

“I don’t understand how a beverage could make somebody not tired..” Castiel spoke in confusion, you laughed quietly “it’s just an energy booster, lord knows I need a strong one” you mumbled the last bit quietly. 

Castiel overheard you, walked over to the mug and filled it with coffee, you stared at the mug in disbelief, “how on earth.. How?” You asked when he handed you the mug, he smiled lightly “I’m an angel..” He trailed off, you chuckled and thanked him. 


You ran into the library wearing a blanket around your shoulders like a cape, you ran into Dean who almost fell from the impact. He looked at you weirdly. “Y/N? Why’re you bouncing?” He asked, his hands placed firmly on your shoulders to try and stop you bouncing on the balls of your feet.

Sam walked up behind Dean, “okay, who gave Y/N coffee?” He asked turning slightly to Sam who shrugged. You wriggled out of Dean’s grip and ran away from them, you could hear them calling after you and their footsteps were trying to catch up with yours.

Sam and his long moose legs caught up to you, he wrapped his arms around you waist and lifted you up into the air. Raising your arms you giggled “the cape worked! I’m flying!” You laughed, you could feel Sam chuckle slightly as he carried you towards the library. 

You were sat on one of the chairs, Dean and Sam on either side of you. 

“Okay, Y/N? Who gave you coffee, hmm?” Dean asked, his eyebrows raised. You furrowed your eyebrows in concentration as you stared at him, “holy crap your nostrils are huge!” You exclaimed causing Sam to laugh out loud, Dean shot his brother a glare before turning back to you, “why’re you like this, sweetie?” Sam asked, still chuckling from what you said to Dean. 

“Castiel gave me coffee because I didn’t sleep last night because I was watching ‘A Series Of Unfortunate Events’ last night and that’s why I couldn’t sleep last night” you rambled quickly, Sam and Dean shared a look before Dean called Castiel who appeared instantly.

“Cas, what coffee did you give Y/N?” Dean asked, Castiel turned to look at you bouncing slightly in the chair, “she said she needed a strong one, so I got the strongest coffee. Death Wish Coffee” he said “I don’t understand what the problem is” he trailed on confused. 

“The problem is, the coffee you gave her has made her into a freaking human torpedo” Dean grumbled, “is there anyway you can flush it out of her system?” Sam asked, Castiel nodded and walked towards you. Placing his fingers on your forehead you were out like a light, causing you to almost fall out of the chair but Sam caught you.

“Thanks Cas” Sam said gratefully, he then lifted you bridal style and carried you to your room.

“Never give her coffee again” Dean pleaded, Castiel nodded.

A little background: In an earlier session our fighter found a room full of about 20 porcelain dolls and proceeded to set the room on fire immediately. Our barbarian found another like room and wouldn’t let the fighter touch any of them and took 13 of them to sell at a later point. Since then the barbarian was hearing voices of children in his head.

The party just found a jar full of eyes, all of the children in his head have been talking about not being able to see. He proceeds to sit down holding one of the dolls and move the arms while the rest of the party looks at him is confusion.

Child in his mind: What are you doing it feels like you’re touching my soul!

Barbarian: (finally connecting the dots) oh no…. Oh no… The children voices I’m hearing aren’t children we can find. The children are the dolls! (Is screaming at this point at our fighter) You burned like 20 children alive!!!

Fighter: (also screaming) No! Why!? So many children!! (Proceeds to puke in a corner)

Cleric: (starts screaming and trying to get over just puking from them breaking a jar of eyes accidentally)

Monk: (also screaming) What have you done!?!?

Monk, Fighter, Barbarian: (Begin praying to their various gods for forgiveness)

Cleric: (Proceeds to cry in a corner)

✨ INKTOBER - Day 4 - Potion Brewer ✨

My little Abby, using a theme from the 31Witches created by @ochibrochi again :3 I’ve been drawing her all day and night for my school project but I wanted to draw her again! 

Courage Charm

Originally posted by ivanv

This charm will give you the courage that you need! This spell is best performed on a Monday although any day will work.

⭐ Gather basil, thyme, mustard seed(s), black pepper, tiger’s eye, a jar, and what you will use for a charm.

Optional ingredients: Neroli, agate, fluorite, yarrow, tea leaves (peppermint is best but any will do), iris, and/or clear quartz.

⭐ Charge your items with your intent and place them in the jar (do not place the object that you’ll use for the charm in the jar yet). As you place each item in the jar say, “[Item] give me courage, give me strength, help me to be courageous throughout the day.” 

⭐ Hold the item you’ll use for the charm in your hands. Close your eyes and visualize the object being a source of courage. You can do this by envisioning an aura around it, tell the object to give you courage when you need it, etc.

⭐ Place the item in the jar and let it sit under the light of the moon overnight. 

⭐ Carry the charm with you and rub it or touch it for courage!

with words, i build myself a different ending: there are still fireflies in my eyes, i smile when i talk to you, i don’t keep a jar full of regrets tucked beneath my bed. i wish for forever on dandelions and shooting stars. i’ve broken an arm but not my heart. i sit up straight and arch my back forward, i speak with kingdoms on my tongue and i’m not afraid of myself. my life is carefully mapped out with a ballpoint pen; i know who i am and who i’m going to be. i’ve just started flying, one hand stretched toward the sun, and i don’t yet know what it means to fall.
—  a.c. | check out my chapbook unmythologize!

my feminist rage literally fuels me I was struggling to open a new pickle jar and my dad said “give it to me I’m a man” and I looked him dead in the eye and suddenly opened the jar without a problem I’m like the feminist hulk

“Feeling Unwelcome” Curse

(written for nightshadeandroses)

This spell is made to make your target feel uncomfortable and paranoid, and essentially force them out of a space.

You’ll need:

Glue the googly eyes to the inside top of the jar, and around the inside of the jar if you can manage it. In the jar, put your fire salt. I recommend heating them on the stove first, like pomegranateandivy suggests, just for the extra kick. Put the representation in the jar. Bury it face up in the salt. Shake the jar a bit, and focus your energy on “turning the heat up”. Imagine them squirming, pulling on their collar like an interrogation. Screw the lid on, letting them know that eyes are on them, always.

Keep the jar someplace safe. Shake every time you want to revitalize the curse. Empty the jar and pry off the eyes when you decide the curse is up.


Summer day in the Mystery Jar

Photography credit: my friend Tomas

Finally got to finish planting my long-planned terrarium. This was a pleasantly low budget affair. I snatched the jar and the little tree for a couple quid at a market, and the different mosses from a trip to the forest. I had my eyes on some ferns too but quickly ran out of space. That jar is tiny, about 10cm in diameter. That little golf cart? 5 millimetres.

The Shack’s made from some leftover polymer clay. Sculpting and painting it took about two days. (A fair amount of which was spent worrying that I’d melt everything when baking them in the oven.)

Now I wanna make more terrariums…