eye humping

Me: *Watches William Tell* Hmm, this film is pretty boring and uninspiring–

Enter: Conrad Veidt and his magnificent waistline.

Me: –but it certainly has its merits and I really ought to keep watching *chin fists hearts for eyes humps the screen*

Masturbating is a great alternative in the absence of somebody to actually have sex with. Yet jerking off can be a bit expected and even a chore, which might explain the recent success of the Fleshjack, a fancy tube to stick your dick in. But who wants to go shopping when horny and spend €50 on a piece of plastic? Many cheap tricks and domestic solutions are to be found, as tried and tested on the following pages. How practical!

There’s nothing quite like the feel of a 100%-cotton white crew sock from the GAP. They’re really durable and quite form-fitting. They’re also very discreet, and can be tucked under the mattress for safekeeping. They make an excellent gift for your dorm-bound buddies at university. Hurry, someone’s coming! 

This is a good, homemade masturbatory device for real do-it-yourselfers. All you need is a Pringles can, some foam rubber, a sturdy, non-lubricated condom, a 1.5-inch rubber cockring and a pair of scissors. When you’re done, just pop the lid back on, and the device – now ingeniously disguised as a can of chips – can be hidden away from prying eyes.

This piece of organic British beef from Tesco is probably the closest you’re going to get to penetrating real flesh. Just be sure to leave it out for an hour before using, so it can reach room temperature. Other cuts will do, of course, but the test panel found this sirloin steak to be the right size for wrapping around a good piece of meat. When finished, grill on both sides and bon appétit

Fucking IKEA… literally. This two-seater is covered in hard-wearing, easy-care grain leather – a very practical choice for families with children. The cushions, filled with high-resilience foam and polyester fibers, provide you with the sensation of fucking an ass that has maybe seen better days. On the other hand, if you like ’em loose, then just close your eyes; humping Ektorp is actually almost like the real deal.

The 1800-watt Electrolux ZSH710 Cyclone Power vacuum used here provides some powerful suction – just make sure it doesn’t suck your dick off completely. It’s probably okay as long as you keep it at a lower setting. If the hose provided is too small for your erect penis, look for a girthier one in the plumbing department of your local hardware store.

All that’s required for this last trick is a banana. Bananas can be found literally everywhere, and there are over a thousand different varieties, so there’s bound to be a perfect fit for almost any dick length. There’s some debate from banana-peel-wanking enthusiasts about whether bananas or their larger cousins, the plantains, are better for jerking off. It’s a matter of personal choice, really.

Good Gracious, Ass is Bodacious: Mickey x Ian

Word Count: 2164

Warnings: Smut, Vulgar Language 

“Another day, another dollar.” 

That’s what they said, right? Mickey wasn’t really sure anymore. At this point, money was money, it didn’t really matter how he got it. He had a kid at home, a wife, and a sister to provide for while his shitty father was off getting arrested for the twentieth time. Mickey wondered when they were going to finally just keep him in the god damn place. It’s not like Terry ever did anything for them. And his brothers could take care of themselves. Hell, Mandy could take care of herself, Mickey just didn’t want her running off and becoming a prostitute or a stripper, or anything to that degree.

It was pretty funny, now that he thought about it. The fact that he didn’t want Mandy to become a stripper, and yet, here he was. Standing outside of Fairy Tale, local gay bar/strip club/whatever the fuck you wanted to call it. First day of his new job, but he heard it was going to pay well. He had the tattoos and the rugged looks that would bring around some of the old men that were into the ‘bad boys’. If they only knew how bad Mickey actually was.

Mickey gave himself another moment to breathe, before stepping through the doors. Some strange techno music was pulsing through the club, vibrating in his chest. He already didn’t like this. The floor felt sticky under his shoes, and the room smelled heavily of booze, sweat, and cologne. 

Without stopping to greet any of his coworkers - most he’d met the day before while ‘training’ - Mickey headed into the back to change into his ‘uniform’ and put that gloopy shit on his eyes. God he hated the eyeliner more than the piece of fabric this place called a uniform. He would walk around fucking naked if it meant he didn’t have to clog his eyes up with that black shit.

So, with the uniform on, and the eyeliner in place - “You’ve gotta smudge the edges, sweetheart.” “Who the fuck you callin’ sweetheart?” - Mickey walked out onto the floor for his first shift. For a little while, he was supposed to just get comfortable with the atmosphere, dance - more like hump the fucking air - on a platform, and then later he was supposed to start giving lap dances. Mickey wasn’t sure how comfortable he was going to be with all of this, but he was a Milkovich. Milkovich’s could get through anything.

Mickey walked around for just a little bit, side stepping anyone who came too close to him. He wasn’t ready to act super flirty towards some saggy old man. From across the room, he could do it. He kept a smolder on his face, trying to stay ‘in character’ as they liked to call it. Finally, deciding it was now or never, Mickey stepped onto a vacant platform and started rolling his hips to the beat of the music, arms behind his head. Hips still rolling, he began to slide his hands sensually down his body. He kept his eyes to the edge of the platform, not wanting to really make eye contact with anyone. This whole thing didn’t feel like him. He was not this person. He was supposed to be confident, cocky, an asshole. But here he was, about to act like someone’s bitch for the next few hours.

He did get quite a few tips once he loosened up. The key was making eye contact. And practically humping their faces when they walked over. He didn’t like the way their fingers felt in the waistband of his uniform, but he was starting to get desensitized to it. Maybe he could do this. After about another hour of dancing on the platform, Mickey’s eye caught on someone. Someone who wasn’t old, and saggy, and was actually really, really attractive. But, Mickey had always liked red heads, he couldn’t deny that.

And then he realized who it was.

Ian fucking Gallagher.

His sister’s boyfriend was traipsing through the crowd, eyes locked on Mickey. Mickey would have run, hid, but it was too late. Ian had seen him. Mickey ran a hand over his face, and turned in the opposite direction to continue gyrating his hips, hoping Ian would just walk right past him. His heart was in his throat at this point, and he didn’t really know what to do.

A finger hooked in the back of his uniform, and he felt the money being slid in. Mickey cautiously turned around, only to see that the owner was the very person he didn’t want over here.

“You do lap dances? I got money.”

Mickey could barely hear his voice over the music. But, he gave a dreadful nod. They weren’t supposed to deny anyone dances, and if someone found out he had on his first day, he could very well get fired. So, he took Ian’s hand and lead him over to the seating area.

“It’s twenty for a song.” Mickey told him, as he sat the male down.

Ian dug out his money, and handed it over. Mickey lifted his waistband away from his skin, to let the boy slide the money in, fingers brushing against Mickey’s side. Goosebumps ran over Mickey’s skin, and for the first time that night, he didn’t mind being touched.

With the next song starting, Mickey straddled Ian’s waist and began grinding, humping, really anything. He wanted to get this over with. Sure, Mickey had always been attracted to the red head, but Ian had started dating his sister. He wasn’t about to steal his sister’s boyfriend… especially when he had a wife himself. Not that he cared much for her. The one night stand had spurred everything into place, it was no one’s fault but his own.

He was trying to not focus on the feeling of Ian’s now very obvious erection pressing against him. Trying to ignore the soft moans that fell from the man’s mouth. Ignoring the way his hands ghosted against his sides. Ignoring the fact that two songs had passed, now three.

With heavy breathing, Mickey slid out of Ian’s lap, and brushed his fingers through his sweaty hair. “Gotta pay for the extra two.” He tell’s him, pulling the waistband away from his sweaty skin. Damn he’d just had a work out.

Ian didn’t say anything, just forked up the cash. His fingers purposefully brushed Mickey’s skin this time, and Mickey could definitely tell. Ian leans forward, lips brushing against Mickey’s ear. “Let’s go to the bathroom…see if we can work out another price.” His breath was hot against Mickey’s skin, and he was compelled to follow the man wherever he went.

“Okay.” Mickey breathed, taking a hold of Ian’s hand again. He lead the taller male into the seedy bathroom. Who knew what kind of diseases were slopped on these walls. The thought didn’t deter him, as he lead Ian into the only free stall. It seemed a lot of men were getting it on in there. That didn’t deter Mickey either. Of course, he would have preferred to just be able to hear Ian, but knowing that there were others around to hear them kind of turned him on even more.

“Two hun-” Mickey cut Ian off with a kiss. He didn’t give a shit about the money anymore. This was about them. The unspoken sexual tension that always arrived when the redhead came over. This was about getting the man to fuck him, the way he fucked his sister. Yeah, Mickey was no stranger Mandy’s ‘attempt-to-be-quiet’ moans. It was like a daily thing now, and Mickey just had to listen while they fucked, and he took care of a kid. So many days had Mickey wished to be the one Ian was pushing around and fucking hard. Today was finally that day.

Their tongues tangled feverishly, Ian’s hands traveling down Mickey’s back until they cupped his ass, eliciting a soft noise from the other’s lips. Mickey’s hands were pulling through Ian’s hair, trying to memorize the way it felt between his fingers. He was suddenly being lifted, and pressed against the stall wall. Mickey’s legs wrapped tightly around Ian’s waist, as the other grinded him into the hard plastic covering.

“Just fuckin’ fuck me, already.” Mickey huffed. He was tired of all of this grinding and shit. They’d been going at it for at least fifteen minutes now, including the lap dances from earlier. Mickey didn’t think either one of them could get any harder

Ian shifted, letting Mickey drop to the floor on his feet. Mickey’s hands went to slide off his tight uniform, while Ian’s worked at his own pants. Before he knew it, he was lifted back up. He clung to Ian tightly, while the other rolled on a condom. In seconds, Mickey’s back was flush against the wall, and a cock larger than he had imagined was pressing into him. He rested his head against the wall, his eyes squeezing shut, as groans fell from his mouth. The stretch was not his favorite thing. ‘Course, Mickey did have toys, so this wasn’t the first time something was going in his ass, but Ian’s dick was a lot bigger than he had anticipated.

Not to mention, the lube on the condom was definitely not enough.

All trivial things, as Ian bottomed out, eliciting a moan of pleasure from Mickey, as the boys cock pressed against his prostate. He was thankful that Ian was being nice enough to let him adjust to the stretch. He wondered how obvious it was, but all thoughts left him as Ian began thrusting.

Mickey tightened his legs around Ian’s waist, his bottom lip tight between his teeth as the stings of pain vanished from his body. It all felt fucking amazing, now. The tip of his own cock was brushing against Ian’s abs with every thrust, and fuck did it feel good.

“This ain’t no kiddie show, Red. Harder.” Mickey demanded. If he had any control in the situation, he’d be moving himself to grab more depth and speed, but he didn’t. He was stuck in between a wall and rock hard abs, not that he minded.

It seemed that Ian answered his prayers, because with a little chuckle into his ear, the red head began pounding into him at a faster pace, his hips shifting to thrust harder into Mickey’s sweet spot. This had the noriet in bliss, feeling that he really couldn’t be stimulated any more. Moans flowed past Mickey’s lips, he was unable to hold them in.

His orgasm had hit him hard, unexpected. Ribbons of cum coated Ian’s shirt, and for a moment Mickey felt bad, but then he didn’t. He was almost embarrassed for coming undone so soon, he felt like he was a virgin, with a quick shot. If his face wasn’t already red from the exertion, it definitely would be now.

Even though Mickey was finished, Ian kept pounding into him. Mickey’s body was slowly curling into itself, his hands gripping tightly at the back of Ian’s neck as his prostate was over stimulated. It felt good, but it was also a really fucking strange feeling. Mickey leaned forward, and pressed his face into the red head’s neck, breathing through the static shocks that shot up his spine with every thrust.

Before he knew it, Ian’s thrusts were becoming erratic, hips stuttering as he hit his crest. Mickey could feel Ian’s cock twitching, as he pumped his seed into the condom. After a moment of catching his breath, Ian let Mickey down, yet held a steadying hand on the male’s waist. Mickey hadn’t realized how off-kilter he was going to feel, but he took it in stride, leaning against the stall wall he had just been pressed up against.

There was a sort of silence between the two, as they cleaned themselves up, and righted clothes…if you could call Mickey’s uniform ‘clothes’. Not to mention, most of his money from the night had landed on the floor, so he had to go about tucking it all back in. It wasn’t much of a problem, but he was probably missing some of it by now.

“Two hundred enough?” Ian broke the silence between them.

Mickey shrugged, holding a hand out for the money.

Ian pushed Mickey’s hand away, and stepped towards him, fingers hooking in his waistband. He slid the money in, before dipping down to kiss Mickey. Their tongues tangled, teeth clashed. It was raw, unbearing, and definitely not meant to be seen by anyone. When they finally pulled away  from each other, Ian stood straight, radiating confidence.

“Where’d all the money come from?” Mickey asked the taller male.

“Job.” Ian shrugged, before moving around Mickey to open the stall door.

“Since when do you have a fuckin’ job?” Mickey huffs, as he follows Ian out.

“Since I got one…Don’t tell Mandy about this.”

“I won’t, if you won’t.”

Sehun Smut - Let Me Teach You

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Genre: Smut

Pairings: Sehun x You

Words: 2073

Warnings: Rough sex, Grinding, Dirty Talking

Summary: Sehun teaches you his sexy dance in Artificial Love.

Author’s Note: This is the first smut I ever written so bare with me… hope its not that bad!


His hips…that stare…everything about him on that performance made you shiver. You have watched that video hundreds of times but seem to never get bored of it and it’s been a long time since Sehun paid some atention to you. You don’t blame him, after all, your boyfriend was an idol, and apparently, a really busy one. 

His dance, the music, the lighting, everything was so perfect. It just made you imagine the last time you had been with him. The way he touched you, the way he kissed you, the teasing that always made you even more soaked wet for him. He knew how to play you, and you knew he loved it as much as you. 

You haven’t told him that you have been craving him sinse the last time you two had sex and how you were missing his touch like crazy, you knew he had other things to care about other then your desires. By this point, the back of your phone was burning, and your fingers were sweaty, just like your entire body that was asking you for your biggest addiction, Sehun. 

You were so mesmerized by what was happening in the video that you didn’t even noticed Sehun arriving home and spotting you immedeatly in the leaving room. 

You felt a sudden presence behind you, and when you were about to stand up from the chair you were sitting in, a strong hand layed on one of your shoulders and kept you sitting. His other hand played softly with your hair as you felt his wet lips on your neck. 

- Stalking me again, baby? - He whispered softly in your ear, still behind you, and holding your shoulder tight.

 - “Fuck”. - You thought to yourself as you tried to hide your phone, in a hurry, under the table.

It was the second time Sehun caught you watching his dance. You got away with the first time but still never recovered from the embarassement. And now you were a blushing mess as Sehun ran his hand from your shoulder, down, slowly through your arm and taking your phone away from you.

You finally got the courage to look at him in the eyes… those hungry and lust-filled eyes. 

 - This is not what it loo- You tried to explain, but Sehun gave you this smile that was enough for you to know he wasn’t going to be fooled again so you decided to shut up and wait for him to do domething about it.

He ran his tongue around his lips and made you gulp, your cheeks were burning at this point. 

- I know you like that dance. - He stepped back looking at the screen of your phone while the video was still playing. - I promised to dance it just for you.

- You did. - You whispered really silently, making sure he didn’t heard you. You felt guilty for being so needy when he was busy, but you couldn’t help yourself either. Since he said he would give you a “special” version of Artificial Love’s dance you have been dreaming about it.

- How about now? - He started to slowly unbotton his super sexy black shirt, that looked amazing on him, causing your breath to get out of control. He stopped on the fourth button and got closer and closer to you, till he softly grabbed your chin to meet his lips with yours.

The kiss didn’t last long as he got back to your phone. You tried to look over him to see what he was doing, but decided to remain on the chair after a failled attempt on peeking.

He left your phone under the table as soon as “Artificial Love” started to play. Listening to that song again brought the memories of Sehun’s super sexy dance that you were just watching before he came, and now, Sehun was in front of you, with naked chest and hungry eyes.

Sehun bit his lip before starting the dance. And as soon as he started you held yourself as much as you could to not moan or sigh at that beautiful view.

- S-Sehun … - You begged. It was amazing seeing him performing on stage but the feeling of him dancing right in front of you was too much for you to handle.

He smiled at how needy you were and stopped dancing to get back into kissing you. This time he grabbed your wrist and helped you to get up.

- This is too boring don’t you think? - He stopped the kiss, cupping your face with his big hands. - I have a better idea. 

Your heart was racing at this point and dying to feel his heat once again, confused at what is plan was. He grabbed your phone, this time to increase the volume of the song, who was still playing in the background, then, he grabbed your hips and leaned his head so your forheads were now touching as he looked down at you.

-Let me teach you. - He finnaly said. His voice was so deep it sent shivers down your spine. - Let’s dance together.

He turned you around so your back was feeling the heat of his bare chest and crossed his arms around your waist as he guide them to grind on him at the rhythm of the music. You closed your eyes as you let him guide you, and let out a little moan when he leaned to kiss your neck. Even if you wanted to learn the choreography it was impossible at this point, cause’ all you were thinking about was the friction between your hot bodies.

The song was almost at the end and you were now facing Sehun, still grinding and looking each others intensly in the eyes as you danced in the most dirtiest way, even more dirtier then in the performance. He promised you it would be a “special version”.

You felt Sehun growing down there as he rubbed on you. He left a sigh next to your ear, sending vibrations through your entire body. He wasn’t holding it anymore, he was just as crazy as you were. But he wanted to finish the song who seemed to be going on for ages. He liked to tease you, but today, this dance was messing with all his thoughts. His moves weren’t rithmic anymore, he was just craving you and holding himself to not rip off your clothes.

Suddenly, the entire room was filled with silence and desire. The song was over, the dance was over and the only audible sounds were your desperate moans.

You looked at him, glad that the turture was over and he smirked at you with dark, scary eyes. Sehun picked you up grabbing your thighs around his waist and slammed your back on the wall to get some support, you whined at the sudden impact.

He attacked your lips once again, taking off your clothes in hurry and sending them flying somewhere. His kisses were now more slopy and needy as you helped him to take off his shirt leaving him just with his pants. Sehun slid your body down so you could feel how hard he was for you, making you whine his name between hot kisses.

- The dance is over but we are not. - Sehun stopped kissing you to recover his breath and to give you a devilish smile while he took you to the coutch, laying you on your back.

He, then tried to take off your bra as you did the same with his pants til you were now only in your panties as Sehun positioned himself between your legs and started to give you rough kisses and bites all over your new exposed skin.

He opened your legs slowly and poke you with his fingers, over your panties. You squirmed under him just at his little touch and looked up to see him smirking as he rubbed two fingers up and down your folds, still panties on.

- Baby, you are dripping wet for me. - He said smiling at your desperate reactions. Sehun took his final remaining clothes, making his member jump straight and you leaned your head back at the sight of pre-cum dripping down his cock. You didn’t even knew your name anymore.

You were needing him inside of you like crazy and had enough of his teasing so you reached for your panties and tried to take them off but Sehun didn’t let you.

-I will do it. - He held your hand and looked at you like a hungry lion to his prey. You obeyed and let him do is thing, yet when you were expecting him to slide your panties down he’d rip them off in anger.

You left a little scream in surprise. Sehun had never done something like this before, he was always pretty domminate but not to the point of even tearing your clothes like that.

As soon as what was lef from your panties was on the floor, your boyfriend placed your legs on his shoulders, finally feeling your taste and having the chance to devour you.

You grabbed his hair with your hands as he was between your legs, and tried to keep him away as you moaned loudly because of how much pleasure he was giving you just by using his mouth.

-You taste so good Y/N… - He’d get his lips out of your pussy to go place them into your lips again, as his member was now poking at your entrance, making you both sigh in anticipation.

Sehun was planning to eat you for longer, he loved your sweet, he loved to make you feel good but he wasn’t holding it anymore. He needed to be insinde of you.

You two were kissing so rough that you had his saliva dripping down your chin. He caught you in surprise by placing the tip of his member in your entrance suddenly, and slowly sliding it into you.

-S-Sehun… d-deeper… - You begged for his mercy between kisses.

He didn’t think twice and started to go deeper and faster into you as your moans grew louder together. He stopped suddenly, and flipped you over, so you were now on all fours, while he slammed his dick hard into you. You were now screamming from intense pleasure as he slid off and on on you. 

- You feel so good, baby… - He said between grunts and panting. You loved the way he dirty talks, and as he continued to whisper naughty things to you he’d make your orgasm come closer.

Sehun leaned to grab your breasts and to kiss your neck as he felt like he was getting closer. To this stimulation, your walls clenched around him as you started screaming your boyfriend’s name, not caring who might hear you.

- Ahh, so thight… - Sehun closed his eyes and humped you one last time, stronger, harder and deeper then before, as you came all over him just seconds before he did inside of you.

You fell on your your belly, still panting as he kissed your back, smiling in satisfation. He reached for some tissues and cleaned the cum that was still dripping down your pussy. You moaned one last time at the cold feeling and hugged him when he layed next to you.

- I am sorry that I have been busy recently… - He kissed your nose, making you smile.

- It’s ok. I am proud of you. - You knew you had the best boyfriend in the world and you never complained about the time he spent working because you knew how focuses he is and how much he loves what he does.

- I am always thinking about you when I am not with you. - Your eyes grow big as you sit to look straight at him in the eyes. You knew Sehun loved you, but he didn’t tell you that very often, he was more into showing his love for you through his actions.

- Sehun… - You smilled at those words and he pulled you back in his arms, to cuddle with you a little more as he kissed your head.

- We should dance more often … - He said making you both laugh and gave you a last kiss, soft, short and loving.


I hope you like it sweet anon ~~ 

If it wasn’t as you whished you can still request me another one and be more specific, I would love to write more for you :)

I write for BTS, B.A.P, Got 7, Monsta X and Infinite as well if you would like to send me some requests.


~Bye I am going to shower myself in holy water //

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The ASLR are all setting around having a good time and then one of them starts asking about thier love/sex lifes.

“Sex life? What’s that, can I eat it?”

“Well technically-”

“Shush, Sabo. Kinglet, it’s basically code. When someone asks about your sex life, they want to know what you’ve got up to sexual.”

“Oh, okay. I haven’t done anything.”

“Slept with some people,” Sabo and Ace both proclaim at the same time, to Luffy’s evident confusion and Riskua rolling eyes.

“Dry humping.”

“Wait, what?!” 

While Sabo is the one to shout, all three heads snap around. The look on Ace’s face is weird, like someone burnt Striker down and forced him to clean up the ashes or something.

“What do you mean what?”

“What do you mean when you say you’ve gotten that far?!”

“Wow, double standards much, Sabo.”

The blond flails, arms windmilling as he shakes his head. 

“No, it’s not that! You do what you want, I-” he cuts off, looking to Ace almost guiltily before he turns back to her. “Just… Are you in a relationship that I don’t know about?”

“No? It was just in the moment, and I realised I wouldn’t be able to go any further than that unless I completely trusted the guy I was with. So not much has happened since; didn’t see the point in starting anything I couldn’t finish.”

“…Oh, okay. That’s, yeah”

Science Fair part 9

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Bucky high school AU request, where he and the Avengers are basically the popular crowd but not arseholes and the Reader is kind of nerdy and just keeps to herself and her small group of friends but catches his eye? xxx - anon

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A/N- Sorry I’ve been a bit inactive but I’ve been sick as I’m sure most of you know. It feels like ages since I posted a part to this and I hate to keep you lovely people waiting so I made myself stop wallowing in self pity and actually write something. Hope you guys like it!

Part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6, part 7, part 8

Your hand was practically shaking as you walked into school, you pressed up against Bucky’s right side and his hand was firmly in yours. “You can still back out of this if you want,” Bucky whispered to you as you walked through the gates and up to the building.

“No,” you shook your head and squeezed his hand tighter, “I want to do this.”

Any overwhelming anxiety you had been feeling was worth it to see Bucky’s brilliant smile at your words, it was enough to give you a small confidence boost as you went inside the building to your locker like always. You had put a little extra effort into how you looked today knowing that everyone’s eyes would be on you and you didn’t want to be subjected to any more negative attention. In the holidays you and Bucky had decided to go public with your relationship, you had realised that the secrecy would only further add to and aggravate your issue and neither of you were willing to sacrifice each other again.

As you moved through the halls it seemed like most people instantly clocked you. Or more accurately, clocked bucky, saw he was holding hands, saw you. It was nerve wrecking. Most people didn’t seem all too fussed if you were honest. From what you could tell the general census was surprise, there were a few jealous glares and mean stares from the usual bitches but apart from that nobody else was concerned.

“That wasn’t so bad,” you commented though your voice shook a little bit and grabbed your books out of your locker.

Bucky gave you a soft smile, “No,” he agreed and the bell rang, “I’ve gotta get to class, I’ll see you at break?”

You nodded and Bucky smiled once more, leaned over to give you a quick kiss then jogged off to his lesson. You blushed furiously when you noticed a few people had been watching and had something akin to astonishment on their faces as you silently made your way through the halls to your class.

“Somebody’s the talk of the school,” Florence slid up next to you in English class with a sly grin on her face.

“What?” you balked.

Florence had  a cheshire cat grin on her face, “I heard from somebody who heard from somebody else that Mr. James Barnes was seen with a new girl in the hall of E building making out against the wall, practically dry humping.”

Your eyes widened, before you could input Florence kept talking.

“I was about to find him and kill him, then I heard someone say that they’d never even seen this girl before, which was when I realised they must have been talking about you,” she smirked evilly.

You rolled your eyes and shoved her shoulder, “Flo,” you whined.

Florence laughed, “So, really? Dry humping? In public no less!”

“We were not dry humping. Bucky just kissed me, very quickly, in the hallway. You know how rumours are.”

She chuckled and nodded, “I know, I know. By the end of the day the story will probably that you gave him a blow job.”

Your face went bright red, “Florence!” you yelled indignantly and Florence only cackled in response.

“Are you Y/N?” someone came up to you between your lessons.

You squinted at them and nodded slowly, “Yes. Why?”

“Are you the one dating Bucky Barnes?” the guy with her asked.

“Um, yeah.”

The two of them stared at you without saying anything, you were certain any moment they would start making ‘ooh’ sounds as if they were seeing some kind of exotic animal at the zoo. Your eyes darted around and you began to shuffle backwards, “Okay, nice meeting you,” you nodded at them awkwardly then quickly spun on your heel and sped away.

“Hey babe,” Bucky greeted when you met up with him at break.

“Hi,” you smiled and breathed a small sigh of relief when you saw him.

“What’s up?” he asked.

“Nothing, just people looking at me like I’m in a zoo,” you waved off his concern.

Bucky only frowned further, “Is anyone being mean?”

You shook your head, “No,” that wasn’t a lie, “It’s just more attention than I would like, but I knew this would happen when we agreed to do this so I’m fine.”

He nodded, “Okay, but tell me if anyone does. I can get Clint and Natasha to beat them up and come up with a legitimate reason that won’t get either of them expelled for fighting,” he told you conspiratorially.

You laughed, “I don’t doubt that.”

“So, you and Bucky?” the guy who sat next to you in maths piped up half way through the lesson.

You paused your pen above the paper then continued writing, “Yup.”

He hummed and slouched back in his chair as if he was pondering a big life question, “That strangely, fits,” he settled on after a few minutes.

You glanced up at him, “Thanks,” you gave him a small but genuine smile.

Just as you went back to the work he spoke up again, “So, like, how far have you gone?”

“Robert,” you groaned in annoyance, this was going to be a long lesson.

“Y/N,” Natasha called you as you walked past the Avengers table in the canteen at lunch.

You stopped in your tracks and spun to face her, most of the other Avengers had also stopped their conversation to look over at you. “Yeah?”

“Come on, sit. You’re dating our resident broody guy, that gives you the right to sit with us cooler people. Sorry you got saddled with Barnes,” she looked at you in faux sympathy.

You looked over and saw Bucky sitting on the other side of the table and made eye contact with him, his eyes looked hopeful but you could also tell he understood if you declines. Looking around you saw that lots of the other tables were half tuned in to what was happening at the Avengers table. “Thanks, but I don’t want to ditch me friends,” you declined.

“They can sit here too!” Tony interjected loudly, “But they’re hot right?”

“THey can sit here either way,” Sam cut in over Tony.

Bruce nodded from where he sat next to Bucky, “We don’t mind, I’m sure your friends won’t either.”

You licked your lips and gave in with a sigh, “Alright, I’ll go get them.”

They all cheered triumphantly as you trekked over to the other side of the canteen to your usual spot, “Hey, girls,” you greeted.

“Hi,” they gave you a big smile each, “Ditching us for your boyfriend I presume?” Clarisse teased.

You shook your head, “Nope,” you popped the p, “Because they’ve invited all of us over to their table.”

They gaped at you, “No way,” Florence broke the silence.

“Yes, way. C’mon, bring your lunch.”

“Don’t have to tell me twice,” Clarisse quickly got up and practically sped over to the avengers table.

You were sat on Bucky’s right, next to you sat Florence who was talking animatedly with Bruce about some science thing that you couldn’t keep up with and Clarisse was in a heated debate with Sam and Tony over how to pronounce bologna.

“You doing okay?” Bucky asked you, his arm slung over your shoulder.

You nodded, “Yeah,” you smiled, you were actually calm for a change. For so long you had rolled your eyes at the Avengers but now you could see they were all pretty nice and friendly people, it was no wonder they were all so popular. You actually felt comfortable sitting at the table and it seemed the news of you and Bucky had already died down, you could get used to this.  

“Good,” Bucky smiled and kissed you sweetly.

“Get a room,” Clint threw a piece of bread at the two of you with a look of disgust on his face. You smirked and picked up the piece of bread and threw it back at him hard, it hit him in the face and he let out a startled squeak.

In retaliation he threw another piece of bread at you but his aim was off and he ended up hitting Tony in the back of the neck instead. Soon enough, everyone on the table was chucking bits of food they could hold in their hands at each other and you laughed as you tried to dodge the food that was being thrown about the table, even tossing a few pieces of broken up crackers yourself until a teacher intervened and told you to break it up.

Bucky walked you home, your hands held tightly together and your fingers interlocked. “I’m glad we decided to do that,” you spoke up.

“Are you?” Bucky sounded relieved.

You nodded, “Yeah. I’m not so nervous about it all anymore, it turned out way better than I was expecting.”

“Honestly? Me too.”

“You thought it would go bad?” you raised an eyebrow.

Bucky shrugged, “I wasn’t sure. I didn’t think it would all come out so smoothly though, I thought there would be some kind of negative spin on it,” he thought aloud.

You huffed a laugh, “It’s only been a day, Buck, don’t get too ahead of yourself,” you cautioned as you approached your street. You didn’t want to think about it but there was still time for people to reveal their true thoughts, either way after today you could say that you were ready for whatever they threw at you.

“I guess,” he agreed reluctantly, not wanting to think about that either. He didn’t know how anyone could have any kind of negative thought towards you but he supposed he was a bit biased in that opinion.

He walked you up to your front door and leaned down to kiss you softly, you stood on your tiptoes and threaded your fingers through his hair. Bucky lightly grazed his teeth over your lower lip teasingly before he pulled away and you glared at him half heartedly to which he only laughed, “i’ll see you tomorrow, doll,” he winked and you watched his retreating form saunter down the street and out of sight.


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pairing: jongkey

genre: ugh, smut?

Rating: NC-17

Getting ticket in a first row was an achievement.

Jonghyun couldn’t actually believe when the ticket came in mail and he opened it as if it was most precious thing ever.

Well, for him it was.

A ticket for Key’s first concert was a goddamn achievement.

It got sold out in 2 minutes, and Jonghyun still couldn’t believe his luck.


On the day of the concert he wore his best; black, tight jeans with ripped knees, a white dress-shirt with black collar and his favorite hat. A pair of fake glasses, too.

Damn boy, you look hot.

The venue was filled within half an hour and Jonghyun was one of the firsts to enter it, thus he had even better place to stand.

When Key, or rather Kim Kibum, appeared on stage, Jonghyun died a million deaths. The man was gorgeous, sexy and everything he could think of.

(of course it wasn’t his first time seeing Key live, no, no, he attended each and every performance Key gave. Fanboy much, ha?)

If there was a song Jonghyun was anticipating, it was ‘Hold on’. A collab song which was so perfect and Key’s voice suited it so well, Jonghyun felt like crying. Truth be told, during the music break, when Kibum was dancing wildly on stage and the crowd was mimicking him, Jonghyun couldn’t tear his gaze away.

When the music slowed down and Key stopped jumping and kneeled. Right in front of Jonghyun. The mic was slowly lifted to his mouth and when the first words sounded, Key looked directly into Jonghyun’s eyes.

Looking for light I can’t find the way out

Their eye-lock didn’t last longer than the first line of the verse, but it was enough for Jonghyun.

It was enough to have his heart stopping and tears welling up in his eyes.

He couldn’t really recall few next songs, because his head was nothing than a mess. Wild screams of fangirls around him were mute in his ears.

He came back to his senses a few songs later, when the vcr was playing at the screen.

The soft piano sounds hit his ears and he recognized the song, but he couldn’t really recall Key mentioning it in any way in his pre-concert interviews.

‘Crazy in love´ was flowing from the speakers and Jonghyun could see Key in the vcr, half-naked, writhing in bed, playing with white sheets and panting into the camera, although audio was muted and the song was all he could hear.


It all ended with Key running his hands down his body, and when he was about to grip his groin, the screen suddenly blackened.

Fuck, fuck fuck, I’m hard

What appeared on the stage later was almost too much for him.

Key walked out of the backstage in a goddamn suit jacket and a harness on his chest. His black leather pants not being much of a help either.

Was that.. a whip in his hand?

Jesus Christ.

He knew Key liked to shock, to be different, to show everything the other artist wouldn’t even think of showing.

But this.. this was too much.

The music started and Jonghyun realized the song was in English. Key was dancing surrounded by other dancers singing his lungs out.

A big throne was brought in and fuck if Key hasn’t climbed it and almost humped himself on it. He was brought to the middle of the stage, right in fucking front of Jonghyun. Key was basically thrusting his hips into his face.

Suddenly he felt a grip and his arm and someone pulled him backwards. He was too shocked to even object and before he could even realize, he was sitting on the goddamn throne, in the middle of the stage, in the middle of the concert.

Baby we’re about to blow

Jonghyun finally looked up. He felt Key’s whip on his arm. He saw Key’s fierce face, getting dangerously close to his own. His eyes were screaming sex and dangerous.

Everything seemed to stop.

Key, no, Kibum, slowly climbed him and sat astraddle of him, his crotch pressing into his own. Jonghyun’s glasses were thrown off by Key and landed somewhere on the stage.

Everybody knows we were born to shine

His face was so close, their foreheads were touching, lips almost brushing. He could feel Kibum’s breath on his face, his chest brushing against his, their groins colliding.

You and I both know, from our head to toe

Key continued singing, his lips getting closer and closer to his own.

We were born to shine

If Jonghyun recalled correctly, now would be the moment when-

“Fuck” he gritted.

Kibum started pushing his hips downward, forward and into Jonghyun’s own.

We were born to shine

Their eyes were locked, Kibum was gripping at his shirt’s collar and Jonghyun could swear he heard the material ripping.

We were born to shine

They were basically humping on stage, with 20,000 people present.

Jonghyun couldn’t halt his hips and they were both pressing into each other, their crotches grinding into each other.

till the end of time

Their mad dance ensued. It was only the two of them.

Staring into each other’s eyes, rocking, humping, teasing.

Only the two of them.

Born to, born to shine.

Kibum’s voice was husky and Jonghyun hear it double, both from the speakers and from Kibum’s lips, dangerously close to his own.

Jonghyun could hear the music slowly dying out and the moment the lights started flickering, Key pressed their lips together, only to cover their faces from public with Jonghyun’s hat a second later.

The lights went out and Jonghyun expected Key to run off.

Nothing like that happened.

Their kiss continued, ten times hotter and fiercer.

Jonghyun was lost. He was kissing Kibum on stage, their hardened lengths were pressed together, on the verge of exploding.  

The thin string of saliva connected their lips when Kibum backed away and he just grinned at him.

“Backstage, now.”

Shifter verse with alpha Steve and omega Tony but instead of Tony having heats Steve has rutts and so for about a week every month or so Steve has this inescapable need to be within zero feet of Tony. He just has to have Tony all to himself 24-7 and Steve is just this quivering whimpering mess of puppy dog eyes and gentle humping. Tony is just lying in bed with Steve working on the schematics for whatever while Steve clings to him and smothers Tony with kisses love bites and cuddles galore.

All Hearts Come Home For Christmas

“Gemma, who the fuck is that?” Louis hisses as he watches her wave back with a big smile.

Her brows furrow for a second as she looks at Louis. “What? That’s my brother, you dork. Told you he’d pick us up, didn’t I?”

Well fuck. Apparently, Mr. Handsome over there is Gemma’s brother. And Louis is spending a week with him. Pretending to be his sister’s boyfriend. Shit.

(Basically: Gemma brings ‘her boyfriend’, Louis, home for Christmas and her brother is really hot.)

larry stylinson


Fuck!.. A Chandler Riggs smut

The season reading ran longer then usual since Y/N came late, not that I’m complaining considering she came in her pajamas. That and todays reading was kind of a rehearsal, we were on set running through the scenes. So we were fighting while she was in boxer shorts and a tank top, it was causing my jeans to get tight. 

She always had that affect on me no matter her clothing or the contact she had with me, she can make me hard with just her smile. Although that smile usually leads my brain to naughty thoughts about her mouth. What can I say I’m a 14 year old boy, this happens often. To often I might add, sometimes at inappropriate times like now.

She was bent over picking up her script that she dropped trying to keep her purse from spilling out its contents while practicing a fight move. Her ass looks amazing in those boxers, all I wanted was to grab it and do other naughty things to her. So, I thought to my self, whats the harm.

I walked up behind her getting close to her and put my hand on her hip, making her jump and look back at me through her hair that fell in her face. “Need help?” I smiled at her and leaned down keeping myself pressed against her ass picking up some papers that fell lose. “You know it kind of sucks you got a part as a terminus member, that means I might have to kill you, and that sucks since your cute.” She smiled and crouched a little making her rub her ass on my crotch, instinctively I started to grind on her. She jumped up turning fast on her heel and looking at me through amused eyes.

“Were you humping me, Candler?” She walked towards me with a glare and a playful smirk, making me smile and shrug my shoulders. “I think you were. Especially since I felt your boner.” I now had my back pressed against a train cart on set with her right in front of me, closer then my crotch needed her if she’s not gonna do anything to help. “I’m not sure if I can let you get away with that, Riggs.” Before I can question her motives she crashed her lips against mine and rubbed my cock through my jeans. I moaned into the kiss and grabbed her ass squeezing it pulling her closer to me. She moaned and started undoing my pants slipping her hand into my pants, and wrapped her delicate hand around my cock and pulled it out. She began jacking me while biting my bottom lip, god this girl knew how to use her hands.

I moved my hand from her ass to the front of her boxers, slipping my hand into them and rubbed her, loving her lace underware. She moaned leaning her head back, exposing her neck for me to kiss and mark her lightly by sucking on her pulse point. She stopped jacking me making me groan at the loss. I turned us around putting her up against the cart and pulled off her boxers and panties. I slid my hands to her thighs telling her to jump, i held her up letting her wrap her legs around my waist. “A little help here, can’t keep you up with one hand.” She chuckled making me blush and reached between us, grabbing my cock and putting my tip at her entrance. I thrust in as deep as I could holding still, enjoying the feel of her around me.

She moaned begging me to move, wanting to feel something more then just me inside her. I pulled out just leaving the tip inside her then slamming back in making her gasp and dig her nails into my back. I started thrusting in and out at a fast pace pinning her against the cart and kissing her sloppily. She moaned biting my lip and clenching her walls around me, making it hard for me to hold my approaching climax.

I pulled out and started fingering her while rubbing her clit, trying to out last her by keeping her pleasure going and limiting mine. She moaned to lost in her pleasure to realize I pulled out, keeping her going while I calmed down enough. When the feeling to cum subsided I slid my fingers out and thrust back in going at a faster pace then before, feeling her spasm around me telling me she was close. I hope.

I picked up pace slamming in harder feeling my stomach tighten, she gripped me tighter and started yelling my name. “Chandler! Oh god, fuck I’m cumming!!” I reached down and rubbed clit (something I saw in a porno, sew me) pushing her further over the edge, making her squeeze my cock harder. Feeling her so tight around me pushed me over the edge, slamming in and holding still while I came spilling my load inside her.

When we came down from our highs I let her legs slip from my sides so she could stand, keeping her pinned so she wouldn’t fall. “Wow! Um did we just do that?” She asked me between pants of breaths. I nodded while putting my dick back in my pants and buttoning them up. She put her clothes back on just as Norman Reedus (Daryl) rounded the corner smirking at us. “Hope you guys at least used a condom, oh and they need Y/N in hair and make up.” He walked away leaving us looking at each other like we just saw a Hydra dragon. “Fuck!”

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