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The signs as shit that happens in Tales from the Borderlands
  • Aries: Rip a guy's heart out with your bare hand while your best friend makes it rain 10 million dollars
  • Taurus: Slap your friend's ass because a dead CEO possessed your robotic arm
  • Gemini: Just scoop that general's eyeball out with a spork. Just fucking do it.
  • Cancer: Blow a crime lord's head off while cool sunglasses fall from the sky and onto your face in a freezeframe
  • Leo: Serious finger-gun shootout with all of the Hyperion accounting team
  • Virgo: Bro that's bro bro for bro bro bro bro bro bro bro bro bro bro bro bro
  • Libra: Get arrested for shooting a diamond pony statue at a VIP tour and then watch it bleed
  • Scorpio: Here's a tiny broken flying and perpetually screaming robot that can shock people and then die, have fun
  • Sagittarius: That's it. Peel that face off like a serial killer. You're sick.
  • Capricorn: Escape certain death via contact-activated-dopamine-injecting CEO wheely chair
  • Aquarius: Order a robot to push over an Atlas statue by its butt cheeks
  • Pisces: All the money you saved for the Mystery Vault Hunter is for Claptrap

i have noticed a wave of new content for these two and the ship in recent weeks and its honestly a goddamn blessing

not that these are particularly shippy but they’d been in my math notebook for a while so i just figured i’d redraw them when i had some time before finals