eye fish lens

all 8 movies, but every Expelliarmus bass-boosts it, Stupefy rotates the camera 2 degrees, Wingardium Leviosa pitches the audio up, Accio adds a content-aware filter, Expecto Patronum adds a fish-eye lens effect, and Avada Kedavra makes the Thomas the Tank Engine theme play.

y’all know that homestar runner cartoon “fish eye lens?”

well im pretty sure the video game version of a fish eye lens is the roguelike genre

because when your game is a roguelike, you don’t need to know how to balance, design levels or enemy encounters, or do anything well! 

you just randomly generate a level and call the game “tough” 

“A large, inquisitive, and almost dangerously playful female humpback whale calf measures me with her pectoral fin,” explains Matthew Draper, who took this photo in Tonga. “This image was captured on a very wide fish-eye lens, which doesn’t quite show how close she really is. By measuring how close I am she can determine if her tail is going to come in contact with me as she swims past.”

Photograph by Matthew Draper, National Geographic Your Shot

anonymous asked:

What do each of you think about the anime (what was right or wrong, etc.)? I really love the fact that Bones gave all the female characters mature and actually realistic voices, even Kyouka sounds realistic for a girl of her stature and age imo.

We know you said ‘each’ of us, but we doubt you want to wait Approximately Forever for your answer, so we’re going to answer, collectively, sorry. XD Since some of us can write Approximately Forever about the anime vs. the manga, we’ve divided things into two basic categories:

Things We Liked:
-The ability “rings” and title screens
-The scene of Fitzgerald’s money rapidly decreasing
-Details from the manga they did include, such as: small baby Moby Dick, the technology/computer screens, Tom and Huck (the last one is plot-related, but they were very cute)
-Season 1 Episode 1
-Dark Era, Odasaku
-Fukuzawa’s guitar riff aka one of the best things tbh
-Opening and ending animation/songs (except for naked Aku in S2 sorry Aku)

Things We Didn’t Like:
-First light novel timeline (Why Was Atsushi There)
-The weird fish eye lens animations and other weird animations in general
-The number of butt shot / orphanage flashbacks / “I killed 35 people”
-Yosano’s stripping
-Why no OST from PV1
-Minor character things: Chuuya’s missing hat chain, Agatha Christie cameo (and Fyodor’s first cameo in that same scene), Lovecraft trying to eat a wall
-Cut/changed details: Akutagawa’s cough, shin soukoku’s combined ability, costume changes, Dazai not laughing at Chuuya’s “turn-in feet,” Atsushi sassing asking Akutagawa during their battle with Fitzgerald if he wanted some tea, Dazai not eating dog treats, Tanizaki and Atsushi’s “east” and “west” idiot scene in the helicopter, Poe sweating at the ADA party while he tries to acquire a drink, Kunikida not showing up to Dazai on the roof with Q’s curse, Dazai’s face when avoiding Mori like the plague as Mori told him to not hang up on him, and last but not least… they cut out our symbol…Dazai’s shifty eye face

Skat (Skatrunde) - Photo by German photographer Umbo, (Otto Umbehr) (1902-1980). Umbo is considered one of the most important Bauhaus photographers. The picture was taken in the end of 1935, when he was commissioned by the Berlin AEG to test a new ‘Himmelskamera’ (meteorological camera). This special camera was equipped with a fish-eye lens, generating pictures with 180-degrees-views.