eye ear oh


hey so i finally made a parasona!!! his name is maxim and he’s a medium to that asshole galaxy cat u see there, and basically he can do cat things and stuff??? like see in the dark n climb shit stuff like that

his (currently unnamed) spirit uses they/them btw



For those who missed it yesterday – behold, the 50k Q&A that made my little brother giggle waaaay too much!

I took an hour+ of footage, and condensed it down to 14 minutes of funny guff. It’s like sweetened condensed milk for your eyes and/or ears.

My oh my, how times change. Back at 50 followers, I gave everyone a post with my cat, but here at 50,000, I’m… well… 

ok, yeah, I’m giving everyone a video involving my cat. That’s true.

I guess not so much has changed, huh.

Blonde Yoongi (=`ω´=)

anonymous asked:

hello yes i am italian and i can tell you that iero in italian is pronounced ee-a-r-ou but i mean he's like fcknig american so yeah eye-ear-o seems legit

i mean like yeah i doubt that eye-ear-oh is like, the original pronunciation of the word but it’s how frank himself says it so that’s what i go with

the JP Sega blog finally put up their wallpaper previews and


Gaara Hiden: Flirting
  • Arranged Fiancee: This is so awkward. But this is the elders' wishes... Maybe I could try flirting with him a bit.
  • Gaara: Hello.
  • Arranged Fiancee: Oh, good morning Lord Kazekage. *Pause* So, is that sand in your pants or are you just happy to see me? *Instant regret*
  • Gaara: I always have an amount of sand in my clothes. It's much easier to form my sand armor if I'm in battle. It's quite convenient really. Though I'm not sure if the sand is able to convey emotions as you asked, so I'm afraid I'm unable to answer that portion of the question.
  • Arranged Fiancee: Oh, okay...
  • Kankuro: Gaara, I don't think that's what she meant.
  • Gaara: Hm? What did she mean?
  • Kankuro: *Leans in and whispers in Gaara's ear*
  • Gaara: *Eyes widen* Oh. Well then. You have beautiful...birthing hips?
  • Arranged Fiancee: ...
  • Kankuro: *Facepalm*
  • Gaara: That wasn't the correct answer, was it?
Vague MTMTE 48 Spoilers?

While I’m still freaking out about MTMTE 48, I’m going to wait until others have read it to talk about anything too specific so for now:

Hello there, gorgeous new(?) background character that either I’ve never noticed before or who wasn’t introduced until this issue. Their name is Kindle and I think that’s absolutely adorable.

Cool Au: Louis and Harry crying during their first dance and Louis tries to hide his tears by smiling ear to ear, cupping Harry’s face