eye development

realized I never mentioned that one of my headcanons is, unlike most depictions, erik actually has POOR eyesight. not that his eyes aren’t attuned well to the dark, they are. but his right eye is affected by his deformity and he doesn’t see from it very well — also he is prone to migraines that do nothing to help his temper and also make him sick where he even collapses (as opposed to the heart condition in Kay) . I’ve always gone with the idea that his deformity wasn’t just cosmetic but actually afflicts him physically as well.

which is why sometimes he puts a page very close to his eyes when he can’t make out the words, hunches over his compositions and relies on his hearing for a lot of his senses. unlike in the dark, his eyesight is actually terrible because of the one eye. and in modern AU he definitely wears glasses. I should probably write a meta on his health issues but i’ll do that another time.