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maggie is finally meeting alex’s family for dinner, which means sitting across from alex’s mother, who is trying her hardest to make up for years of neglect. and alex’s father, who has essentially just returned from the dead. she’ll be in the middle of this family built on love and support, despite their secrets. maggie knows the danvers don’t care that alex is gay, so her nerves will come from a place of inadequacy. she’ll wonder if eliza will look at her with wary eyes, scrutinizing every little detail of this woman she’s heard so much about. and she’ll wonder if jeremiah will see the way she looks at his daughter, and realize that maggie is in this for the long haul. she’ll wonder if they look at her and see someone worthy of alex, because even she isn’t sure how she got so lucky. but she shouldn’t worry, because every flare of nerves alex will meet with an encouraging smile, a quick squeeze of her hand, a bump of her shoulder….just to remind her that she’s there. to remind her that there’s a reason why maggie is at this family dinner, a reason why kara hugged her so tight she almost broke a rib…maggie is more than enough, maggie is loved, and she’s already family.

findmyflower  asked:

Please help me. I have developed a bit of an obsession with Lin's nose (especially the way it looks in profile). Like, can we talk about it, please? It is so distinct and so beautiful and complements his facial features perfectly. I mean, of all the things to gain an obsession with, I just had to go with his NOSE of all things? -iputmyselfintothenarrative

You have come to the right place, my friend.

It’s a good nose on a good face.


You guys remember when I did those blind contour drawings?

We should.  Totally do that again.

Basically just submit an /official/ (not fanart) Higurashi image.  So anime screencap, promo art, manga panel, etc.

(If you’re not sure what a blind contour drawing is, basically you look at an image and draw it.  But you ONLY stare at the image.  You can’t look at your drawing.  If you do look at your drawing, you have to stop drawing.  It’s a good way to train your eye to spot detail! /according to my teacher/)


Makeup Mondays:

Winged black eyeliner from the Dior Fall 2016 Couture Runway


“My name is Hercule Poirot and I am probably the greatest detective in the world.” - Agatha Christie, The Mystery of the Blue Train