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jokes aside seriously you can’t show me a show where these two kids are clearly represented with the rivals to friends to lovers trope, starting off roughly and then coming together as they gain trust in one another, are placed as literal FIRE and ICE opposites, have a constant bantering that sounds a lot more like flirting than anything else, one can recognize the other from a wayyy long distance after not having seen him for MONTHS, hold hands for no reasons while staring soulfully into each other’s eyes, get defined as “space ranger partners”, one of them is dying to confront the other about a bonding moment and doesn’t give a shit about anything else concerning the previous mission, YOU CAN’T HAVE KEITH LOOKING AT LANCE LIKE HE’S THE SUN, and expect me to believe that this is only platonic. like come on. for real.

Some rising sign features
  • ♈ ARIES:
  • -Sharp and distinctive features
  • -noticeable eyebrows
  • -prominent bone structure
  • -straight posture
  • ♉ TAURUS:
  • -muscular and study frame
  • -dark hair and eyes (not necessarily brown)
  • -graceful stride
  • -small ears
  • ♊ GEMINI:
  • -slim frame
  • -paler complexion
  • -restless eyes
  • -small and delicate facial features
  • ♋ CANCER:
  • -round face
  • -high cheekbones
  • -lanky build
  • -rounded eyes
  • ♌ LEO:
  • -bright complexion
  • -strong and broad
  • -dark eye colour
  • -defined facial features
  • ♍ VIRGO:
  • -small nose
  • -youthful appearance
  • -plump lips
  • -bright eyes
  • ♎ LIBRA:
  • -dimples
  • -oval faces
  • -angular jaws
  • -sluggish posture
  • ♏ SCORPIO:
  • -intense eyes
  • -sharp features
  • -powerful appearance
  • -pale complexion
  • -sparkling eyes
  • -athletic build
  • -clumsy mannerisms
  • -bright appearance
  • -sensitive skin (possible rashes, bruising etc)
  • -noticeable teeth, whether perfect or crooked
  • -upright and tense posture
  • -may appear fresh and warm
  • -high, well defined forehead
  • -dreamy, light coloured eyes
  • -light coloured hair
  • -broad hips and shoulders
  • ♓ PISCES:
  • -soft, round, dreamy eyes
  • -soft and fine hair
  • -small statures
  • -elegant appearance
The Signs As Beauty Products

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Aries are eyeliner because they are bold and definitive. Eyeliner defines the eyes, making them eye-catching, like Aries.

Taurus are face masks because they are relaxing and soft-natured. Face masks are good for our skin, and show the caring side of Taurus.

Gemini are nail files because they can be harsh, but usually rough us up the right way. Nail files keep our nails nice, but they aren’t too soft, like Gemini.

Cancer are blusher because they are soft and sweet. Blusher gives us a slight colour, usually quite warm colours, like Cancer.

Leo are mascara because they are bold and lively. Mascara defines our eyes and makes us look more awake, making us seem energetic, like Leo.

Virgo are face wipes because they are refreshing and cleansing. Face wipes clean away hard days and leave us feeling renewed, like Virgo.

Libra are lipsticks because they are colourful, but humble. Lipstick makes us colourful, and gives us a fun look, like Libra.

Scorpio are eyeshadow because they are humble, but mysterious. Eyeshadow adds subtle colour to our look, like Scorpio.

Sagittarius are hair-dye because they are fun and ever-changing. Hair-dye can make us feel new and keep us unique, like Sagittarius.

Capricorn are lip gloss because they are lovely, but shy. Lip gloss is sometimes glittery and is quite soft and sweet, like Capricorn.

Aquarius are nail varnish because they are bright and unique. Nail varnish allows us to express ourselves in colour, like Aquarius.

Pisces are body glitter because they are fun and dreamy. Body glitter gives us a subtle uniqueness, like Pisces.

—  (fɒs fin), noun, Physiology | Known as the phenomenon of "seeing stars" as a result from rubbing your eyes, phosphene is defined as a luminous image, which is fabricated by a mechanical stimulation of the retina, such as adding pressure to your eyeballs, e.g.: sneezing; laughing; blowing your nose; or experiencing low blood pressure (standing up too quickly). An ironic and beautiful word, phosphene is the state of seeing light without light penetrating the eye.

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Yamaguchi Glows Up™ gradually over the summer and Tsukki doesn't notice until he doesn't see Yamaguchi for 2 weeks straight whenever Yama takes a vacation. His jawline gets a lot more defined, his eyes become sharper, his hair gets longer, he gets more prominent cheekbones, his freckles pop out more, he gets broader and taller, his voice drops slightly. He's hot af but he still has his adorable and bubbly personality and bright smile and Tsukki nearly dies on the spot the 1st time he sees him

The best part is when Yamaguchi gets like Hot but he still references really bad memes from 2009

~ Mod Han

Can we all just agree that Megatron and Zarkon are basically the same person?

I mean, come on:

They have the shark lines on their face, the pointy thing that comes down in the middle of their face, the spiky helm, the glowing purple eyes, the defined cheekbones, they’re both evil alien warlords that may or may not have destroyed their own planets (looking at you, Zarkon), they both have AWESOME voices, they have legions of drones under their command, have a super loyal subordinate but also a traitorous one, etc. etc. etc.

The question is, would they be best friends or mortal enemies? >:D


walking in on Bellamy getting changed in his tent.

“Hey Bell, Clarke’s- holy shit.” Upon seeing Bellamy in only his boxers, you curse at yourself for being so awkward and stupid. No wonder Clarke insisted only you go get Bellamy for her; she had been trying to set the two of you up since forever. 

“Clarkes holy shit?” He repeats back, looking at you with a smirk and you find your eyes trailing the defined lines of his abs. God, is he beautiful and god, he knows it. 

“What? No, Clarke’s, um, looking for you.” You reply, averting your eyes from him as he dares to walk closer to you. You swallow the lump in your throat as you look him in the eyes. 

“And what are you looking for?” He teases and you look at him with a raised eyebrow. 

“You.” You try to remain cool but you laugh loudly at yourself and try to ignore the soft, fond way Bellamys looking at you. Your breath hitches when he places a hand on your cheek, his other hand holding his shirt. When he leans in and places his lips on your neck you start to think that maybe Clarke does know what she’s doing.

It sucks knowing that you’re not good enough and are so easily replaceable.

Chin up to anyone that has ever felt this way💕

  • Aries: Prominent nose, large forehead, strong eyebrows, close-set eyes, and bright cheeks.
  • Taurus: Bow-shaped lips, thick neck and limbs, thick hair, and nice smile.
  • Gemini: Long limbs, high cheekbones, symmetrical, sparkly eyes, thin, usually tall.
  • Cancer: Usually brunettes, short, small eyes, full lips, and petite noses.
  • Leo: Thick hair, knowing look, large cat eyes, small waists, and big smile.
  • Virgo: Tend to be fair skinned, clear skin, and delicate features.
  • Libra: Dimples, symmetrical features, and high cheekbones.
  • Scorpio: Dark and hypnotic eyes, glowing skin, and permanent scowl.
  • Sagittarius: Nice jawlines, pronounced forehead, wide smiles, and tall.
  • Capricorn: Dark and small eyes, dark hair, and high cheekbones.
  • Aquarius: Large eyes, thin, well defined features, and usually have either very long or very short hair.
  • Pisces: Tend to be short with delicate, butter-like features. Many have the potential to become obese.

Ah yes, a tutorial that I’m actually confident about. I actually love, love, LOVE drawing eyes and expressions and I doodle eyes everywhere!

For me, the most important part of drawing the eyes is the upper arc because that’s what really defines different eye shapes, but as for the bottom arc, you can sort of mix and match and play to get different expressions. Same goes for the pupil, ofc. I hope this was helpful!

The Signs' Summaries

Aries: A wild child with a heart of gold. They are stubborn but quick to think. They may be a little lazy and hot tempered but they are loving and humorous people.

Taurus: A calm and kind being with a warm touch. They are subtle and gentle with others’ feelings. They can be a little slow and a teensy bit careless but they are forgiving and forgetful people.

Gemini: A intelligent and energetic mind with the creativity like no other. They are quiet voices with loud minds and a social life anyone would wish for. They can judge too soon and be a little impatient but they are kind and open minded people.

Cancer: A gentle being with a warm smile. They are thinking of the now and have many dreams to hope for. They can be a little misunderstood and a teensy bit tearful but they are genuine people.

Leo: A bold and confident child with luxurious eyes. They define their standards and dare to become more. They can be a little jealous and a bit irrational but they are protective and considerate people.

Virgo: A soft and intellectual being with a gentle mind. They are dreamy and careful. They can be arrogant and judgmental but they are watchful and attentive people.

Libra: An open minded and quick witted child with a loud laugh. They are kinder hearted and fair. They can often be careless and arrogant but they are listening and humorous people.

Scorpio: A rigid and faithful being with mysterious eyes. They are compassionate and quick witted. They can often be jealous and naive but they are loving and intelligent people.

Sagittarius: A sharp and graceful being with a soft laugh. They are passionate and gentle. They can often be judgmental and arrogant but they are faithful and protective people.

Capricorn: A strong and wise mind with a respectful aspect. They are careful and brave. They can often be stubborn and ignorant but they are confident and watchful people.

Aquarius: A creative and dreamy child with a colorful mind. They are helpful and spontaneous. They can often be ignorant and loud mouthed but they are wise and kinder hearted people.

Pisces: A passionate and caring child with a happy laugh. They are smiley and humorous. They can often be jealous and arrogant but they are compassionate and gentle people.

Why ARE so many the larger male engines in Thomas the Tank Engine so… oddly attractive-looking?

They’re not typical cutesy kids show characters. 

Look at their big, sensitive eyes.  Their defined lips.

Who the hell would they be trying to appeal to with this kind of thing? The moms who have to watch the show with their kids?  The fairly small portion of the older fanbase that isn’t a straight male?

Maybe I’m out of my mind and it’s just elements of the model series carried over to CGI.

But, still, I want to know the reasoning behind this.

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