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We Unexpectedly Got Married 1/?

Pairing: Jongkey

Rating: PG-13

Summary: Kibum’s asked to return for another season of WGM and Jonghyun is asked to appear in the show for his first time. But what neither is expecting is that they’ll be paired together! 


“We should call him back for a season two.” A woman scratches the top of her head and contemplates what the producer had just said. “Should we really?” She questions and the man nods. “The audience loved him and Arisa together, the ratings spiked.” He emphasizes his point by jutting his finger up to the ceiling. The woman nods, an arm crossed under her chest. “Okay,” She gestures to the phone placed beside him. “Call him.”


Kibum yawns, his feet sliding across the light brown carpet, the fibers tickling his toes. He stretches his arms above his head, his shirt rising up just over his navel. It was another morning with no schedule, he could sit back and relax the day away until tomorrow. His brunette hair ruffled atop his head, loose strands dangling in his eyes. He steps into the living room, Comme Des and Garcons rushing to his feet. They claw along his legs and bark loudly calling for his attention. “Aigoo.” He huffs as he bends down to scoop them both up. Their fur brushes along his forearms and he nuzzles his nose into their heads. The sun was shining high up into the sky, each ray gleaming down into his apartment room and gracing him with its warmth. Today was going to be a good day, an exceptional one at that. It was going to be—vrrrr vrrrr vrrrr. His phone vibrates on the table centered at the middle of the living room. Kibum looks back at it with a raised eyebrow. “Who could be calling?” He went through a list in his head and one stuck out—it had to be his manager calling to say that he had a sudden schedule change. Vrrr vrrrrvrrrr, Kibum stares the phone down hoping it’d shut off, this was his day off, but the phone continues to ring. “God damn it.” He drops the dogs to the floor and they land softly onto the carpet. He storms over to his phone swiping it up and answering without looking at the caller ID. “Hello?”

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Hellooo :3 "Can I kiss you?" - Jongkey?

Kibum met Jonghyun through his job at the local pet store. Jonghyun had trained Kibum on his first day, and through their mutual loving of dogs and animals, they became really good friends. On Saturdays, they worked the same shift, stuck in the sticky-hot back room restocking dog food and whatnot.

“I’m thinking of getting Roo a friend. Maybe a boy, maybe they could be in love.” Jonghyun said, staring aimlessly at the shelves stacked high with supplies.

“You could do that, or you could help me for once.” Kibum said, struggling with a heavy bag of dog food.

Jonghyun hummed, jumping off the shelf he was sitting on and grabbing the other end of the bag.

“I’m just worried that Roo is lonely when I’m not there. You have two dogs, right? How do they get along.”

Kibum rolled his eyes at his friend. “Comme Des sleeps all day and Garcons is super hyper, but they get along for the most part. Of course, they’re both boys though.”

Jonghyun gasped, eyes widening. “You’re right! I’m so insensitive! How do I even know if Roo likes boy dogs?”

Kibum burst out laughing then, tears nearly filling his eyes and threatening to spill as they tossed the bag on a pile of other food. Jonghyun just looked at him cluelessly. “Jonghyun, you’re really a trip. Can I kiss you? I don’t think dogs work that way, but thanks for making me laugh.” 

“Yes.” Jonghyun replied, and Kibum chuckled again.

“No, Jonghyun I really don’t think dogs can be–”

“I meant ‘yes you can kiss me’.” Jonghyun interrupted, staring back at Kibum and the younger’s face reddened at the words.

“Jonghyun I was kidding…”

“Well, Kibum, I’m not.” 

They were silent for a while before Jonghyun sighed. “Forget I said anything.” He mumbled, walking toward the door to the actual store.

“No, Jonghyun! Wait!” Kibum called after him, making him turn around.
“It’s not that I don’t want to kiss you or anything, but…”

“But what then?” Jonghyun snapped, and Kibum looked down at the floor.

“I was just caught off guard is all. I didn’t know if you were joking or not. Kissing you would be nice, I’ve thought about it before.” Kibum rambled, his face reddening even worse at the confession.

“Then kiss me, you idiot.” Jonghyun said, smirking at the younger.