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Congenital cataract is the leading cause of treatable blindness in children worldwide. Surgical management of congenital cataracts is a challenging task because of the elastic capsule, high pressure of the posterior chamber, and elevated inflammatory reaction due to irritation of the iris. There are two approaches to performing primary capsulotomy and anterior vitrectomy using the microincision vitrectomy system for the management of congenital cataracts: through the limbus and through the pars plana.
This video is of Surgical procedure of pars plana approach:
An infusion cannula is inserted through a limbal port incision. A vitrectomy cutter is introduced through the pars plana incision, 2.5 mm posterior to the limbus. A central anterior capsulotomy of 5.0 mm diameter is created with the vitrector. Lensectomy is then performed. A posterior capsulotomy of 4.5 mm diameter is created with the vitrectomy cutter. Limited anterior vitrectomy is performed. The microcannula of the pars plana incision is removed without suturing. Another 2.6 mm limbal incision is made at the 12 o'clock position. After the ophthalmic viscosurgical device (OVD) is injected, IntraOcular Lens (IOL) is implanted into the capsular bag.

So my new eyedoctor has me using this stuff instead of visine etc because its supposed to work well but i think my vision goes worse after using it.
I basically woke up blind in my right eye a couple weeks ago just to find out i have cataracts in both eyes due to excessive prednisone use over the years for my ulcerative colitis.
The cataract in my right eye is in my direct line of sight so that eye is VERY foggy like being in a smoke filled room.
I have insane light sensitivity too and am about to get glasses just to be able to see to read on here and drive!
I need surgery to be able to really fix my vision.
OK enough about that! Just a rant guys!

My father kissed me in the womb right
where my palm meets my left pinky.

My July-cousin and I fell on the same patch of heaven’s grass
on the same leg and branded ourselves
with the same cylindrical melanin-scar.

I have five dimples and two raindrops
making quiet room on my smiling upper lip–

the only birthmark my canvas of a body hasn’t housed
yet, are the words my grandfather found
when his wife needed to see heavens’ gates
for the second time.

I don’t say it for the sake of poetry
but when she was gone, he cried so much
his eyes clogged with cataracts;
his body exhumed the fact that her cold bedside
was a part of the family now.

I have written nothing about the time he left me,
how writing was a pipe dream rusting under the breaths
of his wife and four children
until his depression clenched his chest
so hard his mind begged for air.

He forgot his wife and four children for seven days.

Writing brought them back; he could not bear
to lose them in his head yet.

Years that followed turned his bedroom into an office.
His plastic table stacked with photographs,
handwritten pages until leather-bound.
I remember his frail hands clasping
a pairs of yellow scissors, eyes scrunched in absolute focus.

He taught me what real loss looks like,
what fear would sound like if it opened
its doors to love banging for dear life.

He gave me my heart, my words.

See, if I sit still for too long,
I confuse my pulse for earthquakes;
this is the birthmark my grandfather gave me.

When I rubbed his cold feet
as he let his last breath go, he left:
his love for ghazals in my throat
his thirst for strangers’ stories in my ears
his beating heart, echoing still in the corridors
of my body.

Sometimes when I wake up in the middle of the night,
my knees shake, toes twitch. It takes a while
for me to realize: it isn’t another earthquake.

—  Birthmarks, Orooj-e-Zafar

What is a Dilated Eye Exam?

Dilation is an important part of a comprehensive eye exam because it enables your eye care professional to view the inside of the eye. Drops placed in each eye widen the pupil, which is the opening in the center of the iris (the colored part of the eye). Dilating the pupil allows more light to enter the eye the same way opening a door allows light into a dark room. Once dilated, each eye is examined using a special magnifying lens that provides a clear view of important tissues at the back of the eye, including the retina, the macula, and the optic nerve.

So let’s talk about this.
This is the last version of Toby Rogers in Kastoway’s lineup, Age 30.
He looks messed up, really messed up.
I’m assuming Kino doesn’t know much about medical wrappings and drawing randomly wrapped body parts looks cool but if that’s a head wound, he’d have a lot more bandages. Google head trama if you want some idea of how much the head bleeds.
So this is obviously more for aesthetics and let’s assume kino meant to represent that as a head wound.
Next we have this crazy thing on his face.
My first impression was that his right eye was either severely bruised, or the blackened area is a representation of sleep deprivation. There’s something else going on with the other eye and I really can’t tell what it is. Personally, it looks like the plastic lens they tape over your eye after Cataract surgery. Which makes sense, since in Kino’s last update he mentioned Toby having cataracts.
Now to the crazy muzzle. I assumed it was similar to Will’s muzzle advertised last season on NBC’s Hannibal. Looking closer the black markings look like an arrangement of letters and numbers.
Then it hit me.
He’s in a straight jacket, he looks overly paranoid/concerned, complicated muzzle, possible head injury or even SURGERY.
I think Toby was kidnapped by SCP for experiments.
I have to check the database again so correct me if I’m wrong, but most monsters and creepypastas have SCP entries. If Toby was caught he’d be a perfect test subject. They could test his connection to Slenderman/the Operator, the fact that he is technically a zombie due to Slender’s influence, any possible psychic link to other followers/proxies or in general, any psychic abilities at all.
Having Toby as a test subject would open doors to Slenderman’s powers possibly, and it could go beyond that depending on what you perceive. (Personally I tried connected the big three ARGs. Physical human proxies taken after death[MH)], God-like servants suck in Slender’s dimension[T12], other assorted scary things that are either under his influence or in cahoots with[EMH]).
I think this is Toby in SCP containment.
What are your opinions?

This weather is driving us crazy down here,got me new eyes (cataract) 😎love and kisses to all ,and Mr. Gilmore stay warm😁😁😁 

Cool that you got your eyes did!… hope it was issue free for you. You are such a great supported Natasha, i really appreciate it.

Sleuthing’s Big ass Mod wish list for FO4 because they can’t use the creation kit to save their fucking life.

(warning, personal opinions and wants will be in this list)

Aesthetic Mods.

More variety of Ghouls. I actually like the black eyed 4th-degree burn victim thing they did in FO4, but I’d still like to see different types instead of the same 3 designs over and over again. So how about a mix? Some ghouls are bald, some ghouls have all their hair, and some only have patches and tufs. They have black eyes, Black eyes with grey iris, blood shot eyes with blue iris, milky white cataracts eyes. Some who look burnt all over. Some who look like rotting zombies with parts of their muscle and cartilage exposed. Hell if you’re feeling creative some who look closer to the ferals!

Uniforms for the Minutemen. I know they’re supposed to represent the common people, and I know they KIND of have their own outfits. But come on Preston looks so pimp in his colonial coat, You get your own General outfit so why are my fellow Minute peeps stuck in their shitty lowkey cowboy cosplay?

Story Mods (that are probably to hard to make because voice acting problems)

Sole was always a Synth. This is for pure roleplaying reasons, but I’d love more options and custom quests that let you explore this idea. It’s so hard to do story stuff since Sole is voiced but dammit I want it so bad. Some of the stuff Kellogg says, and that teaser between Sole and DiMA would easily be worked with. Hell Just added terminal entries in the institute could add to the experience.

Evil Institute. Lets face it, the institute would have been more appealing and cool if Bethesda hadn’t attempted to pull their punches right at the end for some weird shitty attempt at grey morality. So how about we actually see where they keep and tortured surface dwellers? Rooms Where they strip Synths of their identities? Terminal entries where it’s clear Shaun is using you because the gen 3s can only survive with his/your DNA. BEING ABLE TO BRING UP THEY CREATED THE FLIPPING SUPER MUTANTS IN THE COMMONWEALTH. Also can I blow up the institute without being forced to feel sad about Father dying? You don’t even need to have dialogue just have an animation where Sole flips him off when he tries to guilt trip you before u leave him to die.

Let me tell Child Shaun he’s a Synth:

You want grey morality Bethesda? Well you sure missed a big opportunity with this! Why couldn’t we tell Shaun he was a Synth? That kind kills the idea of ‘freedom of choice’ when Sole is gonna keep that from him. Where’s the option to tell the child but still assure him they’re family now? That they’ll love him no matter what because dammit he’s a living being and Father was a bastard for bring him into the world just to be some weird self indulgent pet project.

(if you wanna reblog and add your own wish list be my guest.)

As expected, Satori is the landlady of the other SA residents. Also offers her own personal therapy sessions, but nobody actually attends aside from like, two people. Writes in her spare time. 

Koishi retains her wanderer nature, and only visits home once every few months, at the very least. Sometimes she’ll disappear for a year, and the only way Satori can be sure nothing’s happened to her is that she’ll receive (blank) postcards and/or souvenirs in the mail. When Koishi does visit home, she can be considered that “unknown tenant” that nobody sees, but for some reason knows they’re there.

Best Foods to Promote Good Eye Health

Our eyes allow us to see all the beautiful treasures of the world. A sunset, fireworks, the people we love, all would just be sounds and touches without our eyes, so if we’re lucky enough to have our sense of sight it’s important that we take care of it. While not sleeping in your contacts and wearing sunglasses are good starters, there are also ways to promote healthy eyes from the inside out, and like all things Cheap Vegan, you can afford to do it on a budget. Here are some great foods and habits to keep your eyes healthy and strong.

  1. Omega-3s Chia seed, Cauliflower, Cloves, Mango, Berries, Winter Squash, Flax Seed
    Besides being amazing for your brain and overall health, omega 3s help protect against dry eyes, macular degeneration and even cataracts. 
  2. Lutein and Zeaxanthin Leafy Greens, Avocado, Peas, Broccoli
    These foods helps protect your eyes against things like cataracts and macular degeneration.
  3. Vitamin C Bell Peppers, Citrus Fruit, Kale, Broccoli, Strawberries
    This also helps protect against cataracts and macular degeneration and also boosts your immune system!
  4. Vitamin ACarrots, Pumpkin, Sweet Potato, Spinach, Cantaloupe
    Besides also protecting against catacts and macular degeneration, vitamin A also helps promote good health on the surface of the eye, mucous membranes, and skin by helping them create barriers against infection. It also helps against dry eyes.
  5. Not smoking
    Like most heath issues, smoking only exacerbates and ups the likelihood of problems in your eyes. Not only that, but the cigarette smoke can dry eyes out and lead to itchiness and redness in eyes.

This one-eyed fish was being bullied, so the vet gave it a prosthetic eye

Kiwi, a pet fish from Missouri, lost his eye to a cataract — and was subsequently picked on by his bowlmates. “They figured out which eye was not working,” Kiwi’s owner, Julie Morgan said, “They’d go up behind him, biting his tail. He had chunks of his tail taken out.” To help the lil’ guy, Kiwi’s vet created and successfully implanted a prosthetic eye. But considering what we know about fish, was this action even necessary?

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The migrants on rafts began landing on the rocky shores of Lesbos a year ago. In a pretty village of colorful fishing boats, one of the first people they saw was Efstratia Mavrapidou, 89, who was born here. She’s fragile, her eyes clouded by cataracts. But she made her way to shore by cane.

She wanted to be there to embrace the migrants crowded onto those rafts, especially the young mothers who wept as they clasped tiny, sea-drenched babies.

Many were war refugees from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. They reminded her of her own mother, Evanthea, who fled Turkey via the Ayvalik archipelago nearly a century earlier, crossing the same stretch of the Aegean Sea on a crowded wooden fishing boat.

Many here have roots in Smyrna, or modern-day Izmir, where ethnic Greeks once flourished during Ottoman times. Kemal Ataturk’s army drove out at least a million of them after the Greco-Turkish War, which lasted from 1919-1922, as the Ottoman Empire collapsed. They arrived in Piraeus, Thessaloniki and Lesbos traumatized, hungry and homeless.

“There was no place to live in the village when our mothers arrived on Lesbos,” says Maritsa Mavrapidou, 85, who’s related to Efstratia by marriage. “They cleaned out some empty sheds where olives had been stored and slept there.”

We meet in the small, orange-scented stone home of her cousin Militsa Kamvysi, 83. Her mother fled Smyrna, too.

Over the past year, the grandmothers spent months going to the shore, offering migrants clothes from their own closets and homemade cheese pies.

“If the newcomers got off the boat and we saw that they were seasick, we helped them,” Maritsa Mavrapidi says.

“We hugged them,” Kamvysi says. “We loved them.”

For These Greek Grandmas, Helping Migrants Brings Back Their Own Past

Photos: Kainaz Amaria/NPR

“A tall and evil shape, mounted upon a black horse… The rider was robed all in black, and black was his lofty helm; yet this was no RINGWRAITH but a living man … his name is remembered in no tale, for he himself had forgotten it.”
—The Return of the King


  • NAME: Unknown, supposedly Mordu
  • AGE: About 3000 years around the time of the Battle of the Morannon in the Third Age . ( prolonged life with sorcery )
  • PLACE OF BIRTH: Supposedly Númenor and/or the lands around Umbar
  • GENDER:  Cis Male
  • SPECIES: Human | Black Númenórean; Most likely descendant of the King’s Men
  • PROFESSION: Lieutenant of Barad-dûr
  • PERSONALITY TRAITS: Witty ; Intelligent; Strong-Willed; Practical; Two-Faced; Cruel; Sardistic


  • HAIR COLOR: Black | Though it has faded to white in places, especially the temples.
  • EYE COLOR: Bloodshot, cataract blue.
  • HEIGHT: 6′72″
  • WEIGHT: 194 lbs
  • DISTINGUISHING MARKS: His body is littered with scars. From torture or battles. In places, chunks of his skin are simply missing.
  • SELF CARE: Necessities
  • TYPE/BUILD: His limbs look too long. Although he’s well built, muscular and wiry.
  • DESCRIBE THEIR VOICE: His voice is dark, it has an almost unearthly tone to it, something that makes your hairs stand on end when you hear it. Apart from that he trills and seems to make a point of speaking well pronounced and fluent. ( I have a post for that in my headcanons )


Mordu served Sauron from his early youth on. He hails from a family of Black Númenóreans and Melkor cultists who came to the shores of Middle Earth years before the island was destroyed. Young and eager, he joined the army with the age of 16 and came to Mordor, where he witnessed how Barad-dûr was first arisen.
Headstrong and resolute he showed great interest in the dark arts and with little remorse and a deep seated cruel streak, he quickly arose amongst the ranks of the Dark Lord and gained the permission to be taught by Sauron himself. Influenced by the darkness and the taint that comes with serving the Úmaia, his descent into madness begins.
Even by Orc standarts he is seen as a cruel man and that callousness and his quick witted mind brought him the title of Lieutenant of Barad-dûr by the time he was about 80. With the years and the void lingering at the edges of his mind, he begins to forget about his past and even his name, until he is nothing but his purpose. Namely the Herald of Tar-Mairon. He does not use the title ‘Mouth Of Sauron’ for himself, as Sauron forbids the use of that elven-given name by his servants.

( more to come eventually )


You may call me Jester or Alexander ( I prefer they/them pronouns ), I’m a tol potato who loves video games and all sorts of fantasy related stuff. Occasionally I squeal over Batman and Mistah J and contemplate the insanity that is life. Feel free to talk to me whenever, I’m a slow fudge and struggle lately, but I am always stoked to talk to you lovely guys and gals and everything in-between :D


i may not have anything polished that i can post @tm but at least i can always slam out the Good Stuff™ when its late

i. It was the color of the trees and flowers that lined my ankles, the color of cold water as I pressed my face to it and of misty dreams on summer hills.
ii. The way he walked in – dashing smiles and devil’s spine; a gypsy tale at the bottom of his decanter.
iii. And that was the first time these cataract eyes learned adjust to a little extra brightness.
iv. Trailed footprints and cypress ash on my floor despite the compulsive in me; little ghost trails to show friends I was alive.
And he was good at that, disappearing acts and resuscitations.
v. The shade that dragged through our Sunday morning, when I woke up to apologies sent from my lips to my thighs; it was the golden hue of the afternoon when we’d lay in bed and you’d recount our last night’s love affair.
vi. One that I couldn’t seem to remember.
vii. You told me you’d paint me lilac, the perfect color for rebirth and that is how I let myself become the setting for a starless night.
viii. He possessed electric kisses, raging eyes and spurs in his hands.
ix. I loved the hard worn spine of books coming undone, the smell of crumbling pages in my fingers, and romanticized tragedies so bad, I let him write my story.
x. People have always said I had hair long fawn tousled hair like my mother. You had a thing for braiding and I had a thing for home; in return I let him tie it to the bed while he fucked me even though, I lost a few of my mother’s gift.
xi. When he told me he loved me the first time, it was like being offered fresh grapes in the palm of his hand, but all he let me taste were its bitter skin.
xii. You always had to show me your fire burned brighter than mine.
xiii. I dreamt that I loved you, so I called my trauma fetish and kink
xiv. Tuesday, he came home with cherries. I popped one during awkward silences, one during sex, one when I found his receipt, one when I noticed the lipstick stain on his lapel
xv. I tried to be her.
xvi. I tied the knots tighter.
xvii.I wore make up that dimmed hell’s fire.
xviii.I pretended to cum so hard because I was too afraid to call you up and say, “I’m just as good as her.”
xix. But come Monday, I was your lavender child because….
xx. He says I’m more attractive with startled eyes and red flesh
xxi. But love is when his bullet ruptures my flanks.
xxii. His demeanor changes faster than the leaves of a tree. Faster than it takes his fingers to slip off my panties from underneath my dress.
xxiii. There were no meadows; no valleys; just a ravine that told me why I couldn't wear that dress I wanted.
xxiv. He rewarded me the pulp, only after he cleaned out my body and made a canyon where I could stow away our “dirty secrets”
xxv. Mom, I think I made a mistake, these grapes taste more like marbles.
xxvi. I burn my sheets after sex and when I tell my girlfriends all they wonder about is how much ice cream we used. How can I tell them that I don’t want to be reminded of last night’s coup d’état?
xxvii. I’ve started learning Morse code just so the mail man could understand I am no longer a woman but a deer carcass.
xxviii. It’s the shade of my eyes when I look at my father and tell him I’ve found the man of my dreams.
xxix. The sudden intake of breath when my younger sister wants to meet him.
xxx. I’m learning the language of submission to earn safety.
xxxi. Guilt is a one way street, for me at least. He drops me off at the junction of “You’re just being slutty” and picks me up at “Yes sir, I am a whore”.
xxxii. “Safe words don’t mean a thing when you love to be punished.”


(dedicated to and inspired by inkskinned.)


To “cure” cataracts, ancient doctors used a needle to poke the lens of the eye down into the vitreous fluid—the gel that fills much of the eyeball. 

This was called “couching” and it was used throughout the world for thousands of years, though… it’s wasn’t the most effective or pleasant procedure. Nonetheless, it inspired some pretty remarkable artwork.

Here are some images of couching from around the world. And if you’re still curious about the process—and how doctors perform cataract surgery today—check out my latest video.

Image Credits:
WMS 990 Monk performing eye operation Wellcome L0041072
Wikimedia Commons/Wellcome Images
Augenoperation 1195
Wikimedia Commons/British Library MS Sloane 1975, f. 93.
Couching for cataract. Wellcome L0021165
Wikimedia Commons/Wellcome Images
Operation for Cataract. Wellcome M0007416
Wikimedia Commons/Wellcome Images


Props to yeoldeshipper for noticing this.  

Oh yeah, btw, this is how Lucas expresses his “brotherly” concern for Maya’s health. He’s screening her eyes for cataracts and making sure her lips aren’t chapped. 

This moment also proves that Lucas is dating Maya because he feels “sorry” for her, because he’s “forcing himself to”, because he’d rather be with Riley and is “settling” for Maya.  

Guys if you could please pray for my grandpa. He had an operation for his eyes (cataract). Also for my aunt, she is pregnant and she’s bleeding non-stop. It’s so dangerous for my little cousin and I don’t know if the doctors need to get her out but she’s just a few months old. I don’t know :( we need your prayers. Thank you