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The Force is with Me, drawn in PS.

[Caption: A realistic digital painting of Chirrut Imwe from Rogue One. Portrait is from the waist up. Chirrut is wearing a dark sci-fi stylized suede tunic with leather straps and a molded sci-fi-armor gauntlet on his wrist. His blind eyes are cataract-blue with no pupils. His hair is shaved close to his scalp. The background is soft purple with a blazing white-gold sun.]

Our Bodies Break Light

Traci Brimhall

We crawl through the tall grass and idle light,
our chests against the earth so we can hear the river

underground. Our backs carry rotting wood and books
that hold no stories of damnation or miracles.

One day as we listen for water, we find a beekeeper—
one eye pearled by a cataract, the other cut out by his own hand

so he might know both types of blindness. When we stand
in front of him, he says we are prisms breaking light into color—

our right shoulders red, our left hips a wavering indigo.
His apiaries are empty except for dead queens, and he sits

on his quiet boxes humming as he licks honey from the bodies
of drones. He tells me he smelled my southern skin for miles,

says the graveyard is full of dead prophets. To you, he presents
his arms, tattooed with songs slave catchers whistle

as they unleash the dogs. He lets you see the burns on his chest
from the time he set fire to boats and pushed them out to sea.

You ask why no one believes in madness anymore,
and he tells you stars need a darkness to see themselves by.

When you ask about resurrection, he says, How can you doubt?
and shows you a deer licking salt from a lynched man’s palm.

I have way too much time on my hands...

So I’ve been screwing around with something called FaceApp on my phone for the past few weeks which has a very fun ‘old’ filter that ages your picture. As some of you know I’m working (still…) on a TMFU fic that takes place several decades after the events of the movie and I need to imagine what an older Illya would look like (the answer is ‘Robert Redford’, always… but I digress). This is where FaceApp and my boredom step in…

The original Photo:

Lookin’ fly. Classic Illya. Then…

Old Filter:

Okay, this Illya is way too old, even for my fic, but still…Grandpa is hot, Like if my grandma came home with this I’d be like ‘Get it Grammy, Damn!!!!’. 

Please ignore the weird shit going on with those eyes. He might have cataracts.

So because this had such fun results (and because I have no life), I had to try other filters…

Young Filter:

Ever seen a 6′5″ seven-year-old with an Adam’s apple? Now you have! Look at that baby face. Little Illya def has been wearing a suit since he was a toddler.

Female Filter:

It’s small because there is no way I’m paying for the full features of this dumb app. Female Illya def looks like a fake profile on a Russian mail order bride website. (I’d still message her.)

Male Filter: 

Extra-side-of-Male Illya looks like Armie Hammer and Gerard Butler got it on and birthed an adult man. He looks like a generic bad guy cronie that dies in literally every action movie.

Spark Filter (AKA beautify):

Of course this did next to nothing. Illya is already gorgeous. This is just him with some nice highlighter from Sephora.

Smile Filter:

Can’t stop LOL. Why does this filter seem the most wrong? Illya would never smile like this and if he did and it was caught on film he would hunt you down and destroy the evidence.


Anyway, thanks for reading this whole post if you made it this far. I promise I’m not completely pathetic (but I did do this for the other TMFU characters so if you REALLY liked this, let me know and I’ll post the others.)

yoongi scenario | keep the wolves away

Your mother warned you that when the wolves came knocking, you weren’t to answer the door. But the boy at the door doesn’t look much like a wolf, and he’s bleeding and wet. You can’t simply leave him outside…

genre: angst, fluff, fairytale!au
word count: 2.8k
prompt: write a story including these three things: a very old letter, a wolf, a family heirloom >> based on this
tw: character death

It happened long ago; once upon a day, back when you were unbound by age, and unburdened by worry. You remember being left home alone, shrouded in the forest quiet. It was then you met him - the wolf, who wandered to your home. With his eyes of molten gold, and his teeth of glinting silver, he stole into the space of your memory, and kept up residence there. His name was Yoongi.

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anonymous asked:

Question tax: came for Lucifer the bunny and stayed for everything else. Could you do one of those breed diagnosis for Golden Retrievers? Thanks!!

Sure, since you asked so nicely. But before I say much, please note the disclaimer.

These posts are about the breed from a veterinary viewpoint as seen in clinical practice, i.e. the problems we are faced with. It’s not the be-all and end-all of the breed and is not to make a judgement about whether the breed is right for you. If you are asking for an opinion about these animals in a veterinary setting, that is what you will get. It’s not going to be all sunshine and cupcakes, and is not intended as a personal insult against your favorite breed. This is general advice for what is common, often with a scientific consensus but sometimes based on personal experiences, and is not a guarantee of what your dog is going to encounter in their life.

Originally posted by clowny69

From an orthopedic viewpoint, this breed commonly develops elbow and hip dysplasia to varying extents. All breeding dogs should be screened for these conditions.

Golden Retrievers are notorious for cancer. They’re not quite as bad as Boxers, but they’re pretty damn close. In particular Lymphoma seems common in this breed, and lymphoma can occur at any age, not just necessarily older dogs. Osteosarcoma, Mast Cell Tumor and even Haemangiosarcoma occur fairly reliably. They are the more common cancers in this breed.

The most common reason for me to see Golden Retrievers in clinical practice are skin conditions, and very specifically hot spots (moist dermatitis).

Seriously, these hot spots can get so bad that sometimes I’ve had to shave 30% of the dog. Hot Spots are severely infected skin which are both very painful and itchy. They occur when there is persistent moisture trapped against the skin, and they spread rapidly because the presence of a hot spot causes more fluid exudate, so they spread rapidly if ignored. I had so many Golden Retrievers present to emergency last New Years because of hot spots that their owners thought they could leave until their regular vet opened, only to have them spread from ears to chest and cause a huge amount of discomfort for the dogs.

They develop a couple of eye conditions, of which cataracts  and progressive retinal atrophy (PRA) seem to be the most common. Blindness isn’t the end of the world for a dog, but sometimes this occurs concurrently with cognitive dysfunction (Dog senility) and that can be distressing and disorientating.

The breed is reported to be prone to von willebrands disease, a blood clotting disorder, but honestly I’m yet to encounter this in clinical practice.

Many breeders are now screening their dogs for subaortic stenosis, a congenital heart defect. There are not many congenital heart murmurs I’ve encountered in dogs, but for me, for some reason, Golden Retrievers are over-represented. Many of these dogs exceed their life expectancy (so far), but they are being carefully monitored by a specialist and we’ve not put any of them under anaesthetic.

I also have a few of these patients on the go who have idiopathic epilepsy, which often develops in middle aged dogs. They’ve all been very responsive to standard therapy so far. This condition requires lifelong medication, so owners of these dogs have been very glad they took up health insurance. 

These dogs are also big enough to get bloat (Gastric dilatation volvulus), especially the larger males who gobble their food.

Speaking of food, obesity is a common problem for this breed, and it’s associated impact on joint health. It’s very easy of overfeed and under-exercise these dogs. They’re often very loving and it’s tempting to give them lots of treats, and the weight gain can sneak up on people due to their fur.

The breed also seems to be prone to anxiety, and no matter how nice their reputation I simply can’t trust them in the clinic, especially for drawing blood. They drop into neurosis very easily, and as a surprising fact it’s Labradors and Goldens that are responsible for the most dog bites that send vets to hospital.

gettingintovet  asked:

I actually wanted to know what you've experienced with the Siberian Husky in Australia health-wise? As far as I know they're quite sturdy, aside from a zinc deficiency. I lost my girl a few weeks ago to a liver infection that progressed to sudden liver failure, I heard liver problems can happen in all breeds, but I just wanted to know if you'd seen in before in huskies?

General Disclaimer: These posts are about the breed from a veterinary viewpoint as seen in clinical practice, i.e. the problems we are faced with. It’s not the be-all and end-all of the breed and is not to make a judgement about whether the breed is right for you. If you are asking for an opinion about these animals in a veterinary setting, that is what you will get. It’s not going to be all sunshine and cupcakes, and is not intended as a personal insult against your favorite breed. This is general advice for what is common, often with a scientific consensus but sometimes based on personal experiences, and is not a guarantee of what your dog is going to encounter in their life.

Now, onto the Siberian Husky.

Structurally they’re pretty sound overall. Hip screening has done well for this breed.

Interestingly, aside from coat maintenance issues, I see a lot of UV light associated issues.

Pannus is relatively uncommon in other local breeds, but seems to pop up more in the husky. I also see more auto-immune skin disorders like pemphigus foliaceus and I do see zinc associated dermatosis, but honestly many owners of these dogs decline biopsy, so I’m not always certain which condition is being treated, just that this combination of treatments is working today. 

Occasionally I come across one with multiple eye conditions, like juvenile cataracts, glaucoma and progressive retinal atrophy, that have necessitated removing the eyes for the dogs comfort, even after diligent care and management by specialist ophthalmologists. But hey, and dog can still enjoy life with no eyeballs.

It may also be coincidental, but I’ve need more unexpected neurological conditions conditions in huskies, like polyradiculoneuritis. It’s not considered a breed disposition, but it’s what I’m seeing in practice.

Mental health has been the biggest downside to this breed, in my experience. They are beautiful dogs and are highly intelligent, but many people get them because they want ‘the look’ or because they want to believe that what they actually own is some sort of wolf. They are sometimes not prepared for the mental needs of such an intelligent breed, and this can result in unconfident or poorly trained dogs.

Some of them have just had something not right in their psychology. They’re one of the few breeds of dog I’ve had switch so suddenly from happy, tail wagging, hand licking posture to lunging at my face and back again. They have not been like other breeds in this respect. Any dog can take a dislike to you but it’s only the huskies I’ve seen switching back and forth so rapidly.

Liver infections and liver failure can happen in any breed, and it sounds like what happened to your girl was just unfortunate and unpreventable. That doesn’t make what’s happened any easier to deal with, but I don’t think there was anything extra you could have done.

For people who suffer with physical disabilities, wishing to be able-bodied is often a huge desire. However, there is a rare and controversial mental disorder called Body Integrity Identity Disorder (BIID) where the sufferer strongly desires to become disabled, in one way or another. One such case involves a woman called Jewel Schuping, who claims she had a lifelong dream of becoming blind.

“When I was five my mom would find me walking around the halls with my eyes closed. I have just always felt comfortable without any real vision”. It didn’t stop there: When her mother gave her the usual warning that staring at the sun would make her go blind, Jewel said she would spend hours doing so. As a teenager, Jewel would walk around with blacked out sunglasses and a white cane in order to fully immerse herself into her bizarre fantasy. By the age of 20, she had become fluent in braille after studying it for 2 years. 

In 2006, she met with a psychologist who agreed to help her fulfil her lifelong dream. Over the course of six months, he began inserting eyedrops laced with drain-cleaner into his patients’ eyes. Eventually, her eyesight diminished to nothing, with her left eye suffering a “corneal meltdown” by collapsing on itself and having to be removed - while her right eye developed glaucoma and cataracts, and a webbing of scars.Her furious family have disowned her after she initially told them it was an accident - but she insists she has no regrets.

Ways To Advance Your Roleplaying Experience Pt. 2: Character Design - Creating a Compelling Look

One of the fun parts of creating your own characters is designing their appearance. It’s easy to rush past this part, and many people do, but you’d be surprised how many roleplaying elements can be lost when you don’t take the time to design your character.

Both how your character reacts in different areas as well as how people interact with them can be greatly influenced by their appearance. For example…

original: Patty was a small thief boy with choppy hair and tight, non descript clothes.

Now that is a pretty generic and simple description, and you can easily play with just (and there’s no harm in that!). However, with a broad description like that, everyone may picture your character differently from how you picture them and proceed to react, respond and just generally interact with you differently based on those ideas. Below are a few detailed descriptions that can all fall under Patty’s original and general description.

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thirstykurapika  asked:

Sorry if i am bothering you with more draws ;w;, but i just wanted to see how pairo would look in your style and what is your take on an older pairo? ^^

You’re never bothering me, I love it! :D

The only problem is that I have no idea of what my style is

When it comes to Pairo i wonder if would have got be fully healed if he’d lived

So let’s talk about this.
This is the last version of Toby Rogers in Kastoway’s lineup, Age 30.
He looks messed up, really messed up.
I’m assuming Kino doesn’t know much about medical wrappings and drawing randomly wrapped body parts looks cool but if that’s a head wound, he’d have a lot more bandages. Google head trama if you want some idea of how much the head bleeds.
So this is obviously more for aesthetics and let’s assume kino meant to represent that as a head wound.
Next we have this crazy thing on his face.
My first impression was that his right eye was either severely bruised, or the blackened area is a representation of sleep deprivation. There’s something else going on with the other eye and I really can’t tell what it is. Personally, it looks like the plastic lens they tape over your eye after Cataract surgery. Which makes sense, since in Kino’s last update he mentioned Toby having cataracts.
Now to the crazy muzzle. I assumed it was similar to Will’s muzzle advertised last season on NBC’s Hannibal. Looking closer the black markings look like an arrangement of letters and numbers.
Then it hit me.
He’s in a straight jacket, he looks overly paranoid/concerned, complicated muzzle, possible head injury or even SURGERY.
I think Toby was kidnapped by SCP for experiments.
I have to check the database again so correct me if I’m wrong, but most monsters and creepypastas have SCP entries. If Toby was caught he’d be a perfect test subject. They could test his connection to Slenderman/the Operator, the fact that he is technically a zombie due to Slender’s influence, any possible psychic link to other followers/proxies or in general, any psychic abilities at all.
Having Toby as a test subject would open doors to Slenderman’s powers possibly, and it could go beyond that depending on what you perceive. (Personally I tried connected the big three ARGs. Physical human proxies taken after death[MH)], God-like servants suck in Slender’s dimension[T12], other assorted scary things that are either under his influence or in cahoots with[EMH]).
I think this is Toby in SCP containment.
What are your opinions?

PDX Gothic

- You take a right on Burnside. You take a left on 10th. You take a left on Stark. You take a left on 8th. Burnside has disappeared. You are back on the east side somehow. The one ways lead you nowhere. You catch a glimpse of the minotaur’s tail as you take another left. 

- The NE 7th Ave MAX stop has always been closed. Sometimes, the train doors open when it stops at the platform for that brief second. Nobody looks at the doors. Nobody ever looks at the doors. The NE 7th Ave MAX stop has always been closed.

- You decide that this year, you’re going to be brave and jump off the rocks at High Rocks. You leap, and you are falling towards the water. You continue falling. The rocks really were very high. For you, summer is eternal, just like you’ve always wished in the back of your head.

- “The rain keeps it warm in the valley!” You own coats made of rain. Blankets made of rain. The rain is good. The rain is warm. The rain is getting warmer, or you are getting colder. You stopped asking years ago.

- You are looking out over the Hawthorne Bridge. Or are you on the Burnside Bridge? Or the Steel Bridge? You look around you to find nothing but bridges connecting to one another. You live in the city of bridges, after all.

- The fog this morning smells like skunk. You begin to feel very sleepy. Suddenly, the line of tourists at Voodoo doesn’t seem like such a steep price to pay for a maple bacon bar. You want to wake up from this hell.

- You thought that the woman at Saturday Market with the cataract eyes and tattered clothes was just another member of the homeless population when you dropped change in her jar. Now you’re left with a chicken foot and all of this blood.

- The gardens at The Grotto are beautiful. The statues at The Grotto are beautiful. You cannot take your eyes off of them. You are seeing from their perspective now.

- You can see anything from Rocky Butte. You can see Washington from there. You have looked for too long. You have seen too much. You make the walk back to your car sullen at the knowledge of the bridge between this plane and the next. It was much more exciting when you hadn’t seen it.

- Everybody likes to talk about who and what lives in Forest Park, but nobody likes to talk about who and what comes out of the park. Too many things come out of the park.

The Only One

After a lot of thinking and rethinking and a bit of research, I have completed the first chapter of my Hades!Harry series. Thanks to @twistofpayne for the help and @harryisthebaneofmyexistence WE DID IT! Here are the next parts.

Disclaimer:This has little to no relevance with the mythology so please don’t use it for educational purposes.

Also as I said, I have not done an in depth research so if I’m making a major mistake feel free to point out.


The first thing you realise, it’s dark. Second, you can’t move and your whole body is paralysed. You try to move, you can’t but you feel the soft sheets underneath you. You try to breath in but the air is too heavy filled with a sweet but strange scent, making your lungs feel tight and struggle to take in air. You try hard to remember something, anything, but it’s all blank. You squeeze your eyes trying to sort out your mind, to remember to breathe, to calm your heart down from the struggle to break free from your own weight, but nothing. You squeeze your eyes harder to remember the warmth of the sun, the birds chirping, the stream gurgling at a distance, crunch of the grass beneath your feet and the soft petals of blossoms brushing against your ankles, but nothing. Helplessly, you fall into the dark abyss again.

You wake up to the sound of a crash, eyes flying open, body jolt sitting upright but you regret it instantly as your eyes shut against the bright light of the room and your whole body aches. Hands shielding your eyes as you squint them open. You blink to adjust your sight and to remember where you were. Your memory is hazy but you remember playing in the meadow with your friends, though nothing came to your mind to solve the mystery of your whereabouts.

The room is well lit with numerous lamps, white walls, tiled floor, filled with furnitures of gold, everything about the room gives a taste of royalty but nothing gave you an idea of where you could be. You lightly move your feet to stand barefoot on the cold hard floor, nothing like the lush green you are used to walk on. Your body hurts with each movement but it is bearable as you drag yourself to the door.

The world outside is very different from the room you were in. Dark with few torches along the hall, the wall pitch black and steep, if you look up to find the roof, you couldn’t. The floor beneath you still cold and hard but the white tiles are now replaced with black marble. Something about this place gave you chills but also a sense of peace. It could have been worse, as your mother would always say. You were still exploring the place when you heard a noise, frail but shrill voices of old women arguing in hushed tones. You turn the corner to see three grey heads, cloaked in white, one hunched back, one tall and lean and one short and plump.

“Excuse me” you cleared your throat and said.

They shush each other, nudging and pushing to stand facing you.

“Yes, Pers-” the fat one is about to say but gets smacked by the lean one.

“Yes, your Majesty” the lean one says at last with her head bowed down.

You are confused with the honorary name but you got more important things to ask.

“What is this place? How did I come here?”

“What, why, where it’s all the game of destiny. Nobody but she knows everything.” croaks the hunched one leaning on her shaft.

“But we are destiny! Who’s the ‘she’ you’re talking about, sister?” the lean one squeaks to the woman at her right.

“Oh!” she responds.

“Shut up, you old hag!” the fat one retorts to the hunched one who gets offended and comes at her fists flying.

“Who did you call an old hag?” and they started bickering again.

You blink watching their fight trying to catch the flying words in the chaos.

“Shush, you people!” You say, hands lifting to calm them down.

“Yeh said you’re destiny. So shouldn’t you know why and how I came here then?” You ask, head turning to each of their wrinkly sunken faces, trying to find their webbed grey eyes.

“Oh, why? Because he brought you here!” The fat one exclaims looking at you. You are about to ask who but the lean one speak up.

“And he wouldn’t want to see you out here” the others agree to her shaking their heads.

“But who are yeh talkin’ about? Who’s this ‘he’?” You are desperate and annoyed and your voice makes that clear.

“He!” the lean one says clapping her hands and pressing them to her cheeks with a dreamy smile and faraway look in her cataract eyes.

“The most charming one in this realm” she coos swaying.

“In all the realms!” the hunched one corrects hissing through her sparse teeth.

“And he is such a sweetheart” the fat one followed.

“Oh you know, yesterday I saw him with Cerberus, watching him tear some kid’s limb apart and he had that smile and…by the name of Styx” all of them did an exaggerated sigh.

“Ladies, focus!” you yell at them, your annoyance knows no bound now.

“What is it child?” the fat one snaps and you jump back at the reaction. “I’m sorry your Majesty” she apologize instantly looking down with guilt but when you hear that word again your dam breaks.

“What’s with that anyway? How am I your Majesty? Who brought me here? Why am I here? Will anyone tell me anything?” you scream with face flushed and heart throbbing in your head.

“He be the one who brought you here, he be the one you seek. Your Majesty should meet your Majesty. That’s what your fate read” saying this all of them disappear in a whoosh and you stand there puzzled.

You think for a bit what they said though it makes no sense to you. They did say something about meeting the Majesty so that would be the King though you are just shooting in the dark here. But anyhow meeting the King does sound better than trying to talk sense into some deranged old people.

You resume your aimless wander in the poorly lit halls of the place you still don’t know anything about. Did they say something about Styx and limbs tearing? No, you don’t even want to entertain the idea of that possibility and just hope that it is one of the lost human kingdoms.

You take turns after turns but it feels like you are just going around in circles, everything looks the same. Black steep walls and huge golden doors. You know you are lost and there is no one in sight so at last you give up sitting in the middle of the corridor with your legs crossed waiting for someone, anyone to walk by.

You cannot say if you fell asleep, though it won’t be a surprise even if you did as all you were doing was to stare into the flickering flame of the torch, but a raspy voice startled you out of your trance.

“Oi, this ain’t your bed” you opened your eyes to see a black curtain in front of you but as you looked up you realise it is someone’s feet, that someone being a guy whose face is hidden in the shadow as he is staring down at you. You jump back away from his feet.

“I wasn’t sleeping here” you mutter unsure to how true is that statement and stand beside him. You look up to him to find that you only reach upto his chest. The first thing that catches your eye is his hair. Where all the other men you have seen got long locks, his hair is cropped short. It does seem a bit odd but also the way his small curls popped from the sides made you want to reach up and play with them. But then you saw him smirking at you and the frown you had from seeing his hair deepened.

“What’re yeh doin’ here?” Your forehead crinkles further trying to remember and then gasped when it all came back to you.

“I was lookin’ for the King” you say with your face lighting up. He chuckles a little at your reaction and you feel stupid.

“And what would you have t'do with him?” he asks looking at you and then you see his eyes which strongly reminds you of your spring blooms and the fresh leaves making you feel homesick.

“Are yeh fine?” He asks hands raising to support you but you step back instantly.

“Yuh, just got a bug I guess. I’m sorry but who are you?” you ask with a small grateful smile to the seemingly genuine and hopefully more sane stranger in front of you.

“Does it matter?” he says non-chalantly and your smile disappears with an overcoming sudden urge to slap that smirk off his face.

“Well I’m not talkin’ to a stranger in a strange place with no memory of getting here!” Your voice gets unexpectedly louder with each word but he does not even flinch and just smirk and roll his eyes at you. Your jaw drops at his attitude but you really do not want to pick up a fight right now.

“Can you take me to the King or not?” you huff folding your arms on your chest.

“Ah well, I don’t think he’ll be very happy to see you” he shouts behind as he already started walking away and you unwillingly have to chase his tail.

“That’s not for you to decide. Just take me to him” you say between pants. He’s got really long legs to walk that fast.

“Okay, but why would yeh wanna meet him?” You consider for a moment if you should be honest to him but you cannot really come up with any good reason why not to.

“I think he knows why I’m here” he snickered turning around to see you pouting and ‘offended’ written all over your face.

“Oh umm.. d'yeh think he’s the one who brought you here?” he asks continuing with his striding. You think for a moment, you don’t know if you have really considered this and it sounds very unlikely too.

“Why would you say that?” you ask back instead. He shrugs slowing down.

“He’s crazy, he can do that”. You are taken aback at his audacity, for whatever this place might be, nobody calls their king crazy to the face of a visitor. But then you somehow end up giggling.

“You’re quite the gutsy one calling him that?” To this he does not answer but just shrugs before coming to a halt in front of a door. He looks at the door up and down as if looking for something.

“What is this place anyway?”

He turns to face you with a wide smirk and that combined with the mischievous shine in his eyes makes you worry a bit. He holds the door open for you to enter. You see a familiar room with white walls and golden furniture and you debate in your head if it is the same room

“Hell” he says but before you could turn to look at him and ask what he meant the door closes on you and you can hear the locks clicking on the other side.

You shout for help, to let you go, but nothing. At last you fall to the ground exhausted and betrayed.

You sit in the bright light of the room yet surrounded by darkness. Your mind keeps on reeling, playing and replaying everything that happened trying to make sense but nothing does. All you know is you are in a strange place, most probably Elysium, with loons who cannot talk straight for Uranus’ sake.

You would have cried but are too exhausted to even do that and at last climb into the bed, which you now realise have white and golden satin sheets, and let your sleep take over you hoping to wake up in your own bed.

You wake up to something cold, something wet touching your skin and you squint your eyes to see blurry silhouette working on you. After a few moments when you can focus you realise you are getting a sponge bath from two cloaked women. You clear your voice and ask them all the questions running in your mind but they don’t pay you any attention to the point where you are convinced that they are deaf. They wouldn’t even look at you as you lose your mind interrogating the walls while they just concentrate on soaking your pale skin with the soft sponge. You at last give up on them and try to take in the feeling of being cleaned after what feels like ages.

You breathe again feeling relaxed and your body unknotting under their skilled hands. You were lost in your own world when you heard the heavy footsteps approaching your bed. Your head whipped in that direction to see the familiar smirk which made your hand itch to slap it off. You were too busy fighting off the pain of betrayal to realise the tears threatening to roll down from your eyes. And seeing him you felt like he is actually enjoying your pain.

“'lo li'l one. Hope you had a good sleep” He approaches the bed as those women bow their head and back off and you assume he must be a God, then.

“I did in fact. I had to. ‘Cause somebody locked me in here with nothing better t'do” you say looking away hiding your glassy eyes from him.

His chuckle makes you turn back to him with wide eyes and tears still rimming them. Seeing your grieve strikes something in him as he straightens up looking a bit more sincere.

“I’m sorry, love, but that’s the order. You aren’t to leave this room until the King says otherwise.” He says with genuine concern in his voice as he leans to catch a tear rolling down with his forefinger slightly brushing your cheek. You consider for a moment if you have any choice but to accept his apologies, not like you can fight him if he were to try anything and to be honest you still have no confirmation of where you are.

“You’re King is crazy.” You say with your voice cracking to your dismay. You want to look into his eyes and let him see how hurt and angry you are but with your tears blurring out your vision it becomes quite a chore.

“I know, li'l one.” He says with a dry chuckle and for once you believe that your tears did have an effect. “But he’ll learn his way through, I promise” His eyes shine in sincerity but you are not even looking at him anymore when you think you might just be walking into another trap.

“I’m in Elysium, aren’t I?” You say in a meek shaky voice still looking away. A minute pass by before he says anything.

“Oh what gave that away?” The change in his voice from all the overflowing concern to sarcasm made your head spin. You slapped away his hand still brushing over your cheek and look at him with those teary eyes, subconsciously expecting to uncover his caring side again.

“Well, now that yeh know it, you shouldn’t expect anything less from that loon, yeah?” He says his smirk widening as he eases back in his chair.

“Who are you?” You ask with all your spite and might to not break again.

“Who d'yeh think?” He offers playfully putting up his huge feet on the bed which makes you cringe.

“I don’t know anyone who’d talk about the Lord of Death so disdainfully”

“D'yeh know anything about him?” He bursts out laughing stressing on the ‘anything’ to make you realise that actually you don’t. Though you are the daughter of his siblings and he is the King of one of the three realms, you don’t know a thing about him. In fact, nobody knows anything and thus everyone pretends to know everything with rumors flying all over, of him being a sadist, a womanizer, a cruel heartless creature and what not. Though being born and brought up amongst them you know better than to believe any of that.

He takes in your prolonged silence before letting out a long sigh.

“Yer lucky you don’t” he reassures you though you feel like there is part disappointment and part sadness in that statement. But knowing the reason of neither of them, you push that thought back.

“Are you Thanatos?” You reason out in your head, wondering if the man in front of you is Death himself. You clear your throat of the overwhelming emotions from a minute ago and blinking away the remaining wetness from your eyes to see him jitter a bit as he breaks the gaze and frowns as if to consider it.

“That sounds borin’ and too much calculations, really” he says still frowning at the wall behind you. “Though I like t'make ‘em scream, yeah.” He says at last looking at you with a smirk stretching over those red lips, somehow sending a sense of serenity through you.

“Why am I here?” You ask getting up now that you have come to realise that you were still lying down when he sat beside your bed with legs raised on it. You lean forward hugging your knees as your cheek press against them to look at him. He takes in a deep breathe looking down at his fidgeting fingers for a moment before raising his hand in the air as if to surrender.

“What t'say? Our King is crazy.” You would have been annoyed with his constant eluding if his face wasn’t so comical while saying it and you end up laughing your head off as he joins you in.

“Are yeh hurt?” He asks after both of you calm down. You look at him puzzled to see him roll his eyes at you.

“You fell on your way here, it was hard” he explained and the wheels in your head clicked as it became clear why you felt like you were broken in the beginning. You shake your head in response to which he sighs. You feel a cool wave hit through your body seeing his face relax acknowledging your safety. But the trance breaks soon when he stands to leave.

“Don’t let th'King lock you up again” he says holding the door before slamming it behind him and you cringe at the bang but it somehow instigated a feeling of reassurance.

Days passed though you had no idea as to how many with the windows being eternally clouded with dark fog and you got accustomed to talk to him. He visited you at all the odd hours but was always welcomed.

You ease around him bit by bit, with him talking all the gibberish in his slow slurry raspy voice and giving his signature sneer. You end up telling him all about your life above, about your mother and the shack you lived in and your friends and your followers and he listened to you attentively. As much as you liked to reminisce in the memories of the warmth of the sun and the smell of the flowers, your main motive was not to get him to talk much because despite of how much you liked to hear his slow monotone, his lofty answers weren’t really your favourite.

In all your encounters, you were always too busy in your ranting to notice the soft look in his eyes or the curl on the corner of his lips. He would barely ever say anything but whenever he did it always agitated you and you whined which to your further annoyance amused him a lot. But while talking with him you felt a sense of belonging, there was something soothing about him and you would forget all the questions that were bugging you.

To your surprise, you started looking forward to his visits because without him all you had to do was to be pampered by those cloaked women or observe the room you were caged in, which by this time was etched in your memory inch by inch.

“Your Majesty has been invited to the Royal diner” the meek voice woke you from one of your expedition of learning a crevice of the room.

Hearing this you were both excited and upset. Your long wait to meet the King was at last over but Thanatos wouldn’t be there to annoy you today. You dressed up with the unnecessary assistance of the cloaked woman, who came in with the news, and rushed out being guided by her.

After numerous head spinning turns through the dark corridor you at last reach the diner which was well lit with candles and a long table full of delicacies. You don’t think you saw this much of variant gourmet even in the parties in Olympus. You are ushered to the smaller of the two seats at the head. Turning to look at the empty seat beside you which surely belonged to the King, you question your position on the table. Your eyes wander around the long table, taking in the bright faces of all the Underworld Gods and you frown when you don’t see those green eyes or that smirk.

But when everyone’s attention turn to the back your eyes follow their gaze to take in the tall figure clad in a black cloak and his infamous helm. He stands beside you gesturing everyone to settle down and you look up to him from where you reach upto his chest. You cannot see his face until he turns to face you but when he does you gasp. Even though his face is shadowed by the helm, you would not miss those green eyes and neither the smirk now forming on his lips.

As expected, Satori is the landlady of the other SA residents. Also offers her own personal therapy sessions, but nobody actually attends aside from like, two people. Writes in her spare time. 

Koishi retains her wanderer nature, and only visits home once every few months, at the very least. Sometimes she’ll disappear for a year, and the only way Satori can be sure nothing’s happened to her is that she’ll receive (blank) postcards and/or souvenirs in the mail. When Koishi does visit home, she can be considered that “unknown tenant” that nobody sees, but for some reason knows they’re there.

The Love Games 2016 - Entry Four!

Title: A Gift of Love (However Small)

Rating: M

Pairing/s and Character/s: Katniss Everdeen/Peeta Mellark, Sae

Any trigger warnings and/or spoilers: none


      Summary: Canon compliant post-Mockingjay, per-epilogue.  The Mellarks celebrate the new-old holiday of Valentine’s Day with a special little gift

A/N(s): The title comes from a cross-stitch sampler that hangs in a relative’s house, which reads “A gift of love however small, is what I cherish most of all”




It’s the warmest February in District 12 that anyone can remember. Even Sae, who has spent more than 75 winters on the planet and who has a remarkable memory, tells me she’s never seen anything like this.

“There’s a fair wind blowin’. Change is comin’, Katniss, I can feel it in my bones,” she says. We’re drinking tea on Sae’s porch, in shirtsleeves despite spring being more than a month away. The lawns all around Victor’s Village are already turning green, and a group of children play tag, shrieking joyfully under a low grey sky. 

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