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Utahraptor ostrommaysorum sketch protrait redux ! The previous version had too small a head so I had to completely remake it. Utahraptor had a big honkin’ skull ! The design is still based on black vultures, ratites and the eyes is based on an eagle’s.

Support the Utahraptor project of Jim Kirkland while you can ! I also want to thank @a-dinosaur-a-day for launching Raptormonth and for the reblogs of my art. That’s the best way to help my work being noticed. :)

Art by me, Shin Red Dear

  • Voldemort: The Boy who Lived... come to die
  • Harry: Die?😉🔥 Only quitters let death catch up!😤🏃🏻 Chosen One⚡️👐🏻 Rip Dumbledore💙😭 Keep fighting!😵 Gryffindor quidditch 🔱❤️ Captain😅😅 The Prophet is for Pussies 😤😤 Merlin #1✌🏻👐🏻 Friends💛
The Rules of Chopper Base

Seeing as it’s gone next week, have a few silly thoughts about life on Atollon!

The Rules of Chopper Base - by Phoenix Squadron

  • We only have 1 training A-Wing, so be careful with it!
  • Don’t claim the krykna ate your mission briefing notes - they can’t get past the perimeter!
  • Don’t leave your helmets lying around
    • It’s not regulation, and Lieutenant Bridger will steal them. 
  • Don’t ever claim a maneuver is impossible while Phoenix leader is in earshot.
  • Don’t ask if Phoenix Leader and the Jedi are going to get married
    • Don’t ask when Phoenix Leader and the Jedi are going to get married 
    • Don’t ask if Phoenix Leader and the Jedi are already married
  • Don’t play chance cubes with Lieutenant Bridger.  He always wins.  Cheater.
    • No-one can prove anything! - Ezra
  • You are no longer allowed to go on missions myself or commander Sato haven’t assigned.  Especially any “supply raids”.  We do not need more alcohol. - Phoenix Leader
  • Asking Hobbie “what’s your actual job?” stopped being funny after the second time Lieutenant Bridger made that joke.  Please stop.
  • Never ask Lieutenant Wren about art.  I will never be able to forgot early-modern colour theory now!
    • I thought you said you were interested in my artwork? - Sabine
  • Don’t bother complaining to Commander Sato or Phoenix leader if that kriffing astromech electrocutes you.  Apparently it means “he likes you” or something.
  • Don’t try and flirt with either Lieutenant Bridger or Lieutenant Wren.  You will be reassigned to somewhere horrible.
    • Ezra is 17!  What is wrong with you all?
  • Don’t insult AP-5 where he can hear you.  He’ll stock your A-Wing with the worst ration bars.
  • Stop asking  Lieutenant Bridger what happened to his promotion.  It makes him look like a kicked loth-kitten.
  • The dokma are cute.  Yes, fine.  Now can we please talk about something else?
  • Our hidden base is very impressive.  Do Not boast about it over the comms!  What is wrong with you all?
  • Yes, Lieutenant Wren is amazing at everything, but don’t be jealous.
    • Did you write this, Sabine? - Ezra 

Okay so this is my little zine I made!

I googled many different ways to deal with dysphoria (since I don’t really know how to deal with my own dysphoria xL) and I found these 6 to be the best (in my opinion)

I was not going to write about it, but people have asked my opinion about the movie, about the fans, about the pairing… and as someone who literally has a blog dedicated to batjokes, I have something to say about the “lego shippers”.
First of all: can y'all just chill? like, the two sides of this “discourse”?

For old-school shippers like myself: let the people have fun with the fluffy stuff and little hearts and cuteness. They do not need to read the comics or answer a questionnaire to be admitted into a fandom. Some people are just enjoying the hype and the enthusiasm can even pass someday, while others may be seduced by the dark side of the fandom and become interested in other versions or even the classical material. Who knows? Everybody starts somewhere.
For the newbies: we don’t need lessons on how the joker is an evil f#$ker in the comics (we know it. we REALLY know that) or how his relationship with batman is problematic™. Newsflash! That’s why we like it!!!!! We did not romanticize the relationship with marriage or summers on the beach. We like the tension, the intensity, the dependency…

We already have all the receipts. We save them, frame them and make edits and arts with them so if you want to have a good experience and don’t want to get dragged by old-school shippers, just stay on your lane and let people have fun (even if it’s intense/violent stuff you don’t like but that doesn’t hurt anyone in the real world, you know, that one off the internet).

A day at the beach with bangtan!

I’m really tired of snow and just want to see the sun T_T

@jeongkug since there’s jk and jm :-) (and I know you really like black hair jm)

she tells me,
“your eyes, they shine bright like the galaxies;
their many colors dazzle like stars,
and they hold so many secrets, so much beauty.
but my eyes, dark and void of color,
are like the black holes,
sucking the light out of everything,
ugly and selfish.”

and i object.
“black holes?
yes, your eyes are exactly like black holes.
not because they are ugly or selfish,
but because when i look into them,
i can never look away.
i’m in awe of the vastness and complexity they hold.
their gravity is so immense that they catch me off guard
and suck me into their universe –
your universe.
and though the galaxy is large and bright,
the black hole lies at the center.
you are at the center of my heart
and i am hopelessly caught up in yours.”