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A baby is a baby, it is not a fetus.

A baby grows, develops a heartbeat, and even moves around in the mothers womb. Anyone who says it’s not a baby until its first breath is ill minded and I’m tired of this non-sense. It’s a child, a small infant with finger nails, eyes, nose, ears and organs.

The only reason abortion clinics sell this shit is because they want you to believe it’s not a baby. Not a small human who carries your blood through its veins.

Please take a moment and think, I am human. The child that one day grows inside me will be a human who grows within me as I nurture it. I will give birth to him/her and hear their crying as they take their first breath into this world. I will watch them grow up from a small newborn to an adult one day.

It just makes me so sad that anyone could kill a life that is suppose to be in the safe confines of their mothers womb.

Eye and Ear Clinic Presents Peter Hutton

When: Tuesday, November 4 2014, 6:00 PM to 8:00 PMLocation: MacLean RM 1307 Join Eye and Ear Clinic for an evening with legendary experimental filmmaker Peter Hutton. Peter Hutton will be screening present and past works on 16mm, a Q&A will follow the screening.